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published 05/06/2009 | DeniseKelly40
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I have three kiddies now aged 7,4,1. Was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last year so have been unwell for a while. Finally able to get back to reviewing. Will re-rate anyone who rates me if I miss you drop me a message. x
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"Here Comes the Bride!"

Planning a Wedding!

You got engaged, congratulations! Now the fun starts trying to plan and sort out your wedding, never mind paying for it. Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, one day you will never forget. I got engaged last year and I decided to get married a year later. I wanted a very small wedding as fuss and lots of people irritate me. Don't get me wrong I like people to show me attention but the thought of having hundreds of people all wanting to talk to me petrified me. So a small wedding it was to be. I decided to only have close family and had roughly 30 guests there to celebrate my special day. I am glad I stuck to this decision no matter how many times I felt pressurised or guilty for not inviting certain people.

So first things first and that is to decide a date and venue. This really is personal choice, there are so many options. It can be a traditional wedding in a church or you can go abroad and get married on a beach. Other places are on a cruise ship, in a hotel (maybe Las Vegas), in a castle or anywhere you wish really. Some resorts do packages for your wedding so some of the stress is taken away from you. Do be warned in some countries to get married legally you will have to be there for a certain amount of time. I got married in a castle just a ferry ride away from my home. It comes partly as a package as I didn't have to organise someone to marry me. I just had to decide whether I wanted a civil or religious service. I was given a list of people who would provide me services (e.g. florist, make-up people, hairdresser, decorations etc). This was particularly useful for me as I had no knowledge of the area at all however it was hard to tell people over the telephone, email or a letter exactly what I wanted. Some people have been fantastic others have just provided me with lots of stress.

All my guests stayed in the castle (well nearly all you always get the one who wants to be different) so luckily enough I didn't have to pay for many of the rooms. It is part of the deal that I booked all the rooms in the castle if I wanted a band. I only had one choice of band which I felt cheated by but I had no other choice. They ended up a good enough band and had different dances to get everyone involved as they went through the steps. Everyone enjoyed the sword competition they had. As I did they said they could not sell this room as the noise would be too loud. Personally I felt like I was slightly ripped off as an average room costs roughly £180 per night. On the day they gave me discount for the room that wasn't occupied and I only had to pay the deposit which was £70 which I was pleased enough with. Anyway nothing I could do about it, they are a business and need to make a profit at the end of the day. The castle also provided me with food but the rest was up to me to book.

Secondly I went shopping for my dress and my bridesmaids. I must have visited about 20 places and couldn't find the perfect dress. I then went to a local bridal shop (which I had been avoiding because I didn't want the owner to see the dress I picked as she was a friend) and I found the most perfect dress ever for me which I felt really good in. Next on the agenda were bridesmaids and my flower girls dress. Again I went to quite a lot of bridal shops and couldn't find something different but not too costly. Eventually I got gorgeous dresses hat were plain but very elegant. I then ordered my flower girls dress online and got the dressmaker to order it. I have to admit the dress turned out to be very cute and I was extremely pleased. To get some bargains you could try the local paper for second hand dresses, department stores (e.g. Debenhams and Marks & Spencers). Maybe to make the dresses slightly different you could alter them and put your personal touch to it. The most expensive dresses aren't necessarily the nicest. Also if you have chosen a designer dress check on eBay if you can get it cheaper and I found this was often the case.

Once the dresses are chose you need to decide if you want to wear a veil or headdress. I found the internet (e.g. eBay) did veils considerably cheaper. In the end I chose one in the shop as it was easier as I could try it on with my dress to see what it looked like. Also I was able to try on my tiara so I knew what everything looked like together.

Your jewellery has to be chosen carefully as sometimes your dress will be detailed enough. I went for a peal and crystal necklace. I had tried one on and never bought it, then when I went back to find it there was none left. I was bitterly disappointed. I didn't let it annoy me though and decided to make my own necklace, earrings and bracelet. I found it was considerably cheaper and I was able to make exactly what I wanted. I also made my bridesmaids earrings.

The last thing you need to check is do you need a hoop for underneath your dress. The person I bought my dress off kindly let me borrow hers which was a great help as I did not have to buy one. Make sure you wear the hoop when you go to the dressmakers.

I then chose my men's suits which I got from Debenhams and they really looked the part. I got the men to have matching cravats so they tied in with the bridesmaids. I only hired my suits as I felt that it would be cheaper. Debenhams suits were ok but as with all hired suits you have got to expect flaws in them. The men's waistcoats had pulls in them which seemed so important at the time but on the day I never even noticed.

Next for me was to send out the invitations as I needed to know numbers for the castle. I just bought me2u bear invitations out of Birthdays as it was the cheapest option and I had already decided I had wanted a butterfly theme so I got heart and butterfly confetti and put it inside the invitations. You can have invitations made but they work out very expensive but the cost might work out better if you have lots of invitations. As I only had a few guests I was able to handwrite all my invitations with little hassle.

I then chose the favours I had on my table. Again you don't need to do this I have been to weddings where there were no favours at the tables and people never even noticed. You can be as creative as you want with these. Some people have trinkets with chocolates, photo frames, cameras, sweets, denotations to charity, really anything goes! I chose to have personalised sweets. My partner and I had our names printed onto chocolates and love hearts. I then put them into a favour box with feather butterflies on the top. I made the boxes myself which I have to admit took ages and I only had roughly 30 guests but I was so proud that I had made them. As I had decided on a butterfly theme I then got butterfly place cards which you put on your wine glasses. These looked really well on the day. You can decorate your room in lots of different ways for example having table runners, candles for the table, chair covers and balloons. Again the sky's the limit however if you are sticking to a budget you will have to decide what is most important. You can pay people to do all these different services but it works out very expensive if you try to do it yourself it cuts the cost considerably. The castle bought a helium tank for me and then I bought the balloons and they blew them up for me.

Picking the flavours of your cake can be fun. I got a few samples posted over and I loved trying all the different types. You need to make sure that you get a big enough cake for everyone to have a piece. On my design of my cake I kept it simple again and just had sugar craft roses with the same feather butterflies I had on my favours. The cake makers also put a few diamantes in. I have to admit it looked really well and tasted great. If you are any good at baking you could make your own cake or even buy one and decorate it yourself.

I had problems with communication with my florist as I was told one thing by the owner's mother and another by the owner it was a nightmare and I was so worried that my flowers would end up horrible. I had no idea on the flowers available to me. I was over at their shop one day and picked from pictures but that was all I was able to get over. I had a clear idea what I wanted but found it hard to explain. If you have a picture of what you want it always helps. I wanted my bouquet to be slightly different so again I stuck to the butterfly theme and put the small feather butterflies into my bouquet. To be honest I was worrying about nothing as on the day of my wedding when the flowers arrived, they looked so different and I really loved them.

When you have chosen your hairdresser you can get a trial run of your hair so you know what it will look like on the day. I personally didn't but this was through no choice of my own. My hair turned out perfect but I had asked my makeup person who they recommended and the hairdresser I chose was not on the list of the castles. So it was all through word of mouth.

I booked a makeup person as my sisters were threatening to put on their own makeup and black eyeliner which I really did not want to happen. Thought saying this I am really extremely glad that I booked her. I took the biggest spot ever on my wedding day and I never get spots and she was able to cover it up really well. I never would have been able to cover it up so well. Plus my bridesmaids looked really well with their makeup done it really finished everything well. I wasn't going to get fake tan as I never wear it but my cousin had done a very light fake tan and it really looked well in the pictures.

When choosing your photographers do be careful I have had an awful time with the ones I booked. As they live over the water I can not just go into their office to look at the photographs I want to order. Instead they sent me a contact sheet with pictures that were so tiny you couldn't see peoples faces so you don't know if they are smiling or not. I still haven't got my album so fingers crossed that it turns out nice. To be honest I really don't have a clue. I rang my photographer and explained that I couldn't see the faces and they told me that it would cost £50 to have them printed slightly bigger and she didn't have the facilities to do anything else. She did suggest that I came over to her office which would have cost me a fortune. I am really angry about how I was spoken to and the whole service I have been provided. On my wedding day they were cheeky to my guests (particularly my grandmother) who were taking photographs telling them 'They were paid to take photographs' which I think was awful!

The same people also done a video and they took my evening music for after the band home with them to put on my video and ended up playing my first dance song four times. I was so cross as I had paid them good money to do my video and they had taken my music for after the band so I had to do without. Also they put me on the video scoffing cake and my husband told me they were filming and I said oh don't worry they wont put that on or I'll cry. They had filmed this so they knew I said it and they put it on and edited out me saying I would cry if they put it on. I think they done it on purpose. Unfortunately I had already paid them upfront as they requested it so there was nothing I could do.

The last thing you would need to do is book your transport to your venue and then your honeymoon.

Sorry this review is so long there is just so much to plan for a wedding!After all is booked the most important thing is to forget all your plans and enjoy your big day! After all it is all about getting married to the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. As long as you remember this you will have a great day!

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  • rojm published 05/07/2009
    Congratulations glad I didn't have to do all this when I got married
  • Maxlarndison published 17/06/2009
    Fab review. Amanda
  • Collingwood21 published 10/06/2009
    I didn't find planning mine all that enjoyable - it was a bit of a chore really, and quite stressful at times. Planning the honeymoon was much more fun!
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