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published 30/07/2008 | Funzo
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"10 essential items to take on your summer hols"

Im feeling kind of creative today, ( a euphamism for not wanting to do real work) and i am going on holiday very shortly so i thought i would share with you lucky readers my magnificent list of ten indispensable things that i take on holiday with me.

Now obviously there should be a caveat involved... what i take to a boarding holiday in the alps will be different to what i take to ibiza. However for the sake of discussion and the length of discussion i will tell you what i am cramming into my fake louis vitton suitcase for my trip to the south of france.

1) Insurance and E111 - sensible i know, but an absolute must. you simply cannot afford to leave these shores without the appropriate insurance. always go for quality in product as opposed to price and look at what it covers and how much for.

2) Phrase book - no matter what country i go to i always try to make an effort and speaka da lingo. I find the old fashioned British way of expecting Johnny Foreginer to undersand us and making yourself understood by shouting louder simply does help you. Learning simple numbers and please and thank you will help prevent you getting ripped off by Johnny Foreigner.

3) Guide book - a good one of these will mean you dont have to buy a phrase book but knowing where you are, the history and culture of where you are and what to do and not do where you are will help you enjoy where you are. Although sticking to these may mean you tread a beaten path and may prevent you from having your very own unique experiences.

4) Tea bags - i know, i know..... very very english but i do love a good cup of tea and sadly you just cannot trust Johnny Foriegner to even know how to make the tea, let alone what with. Agood vacum packed bag of PG pyramids limits and the world is a good place.

5) sun creams - obvious but tanning and not burning is important to my vain self. The lobster look is neither good nor healthy. I Always pack a some high factor - 25. a 15 and then for last few days either cooking or oil chicken fat.... joking but i do go down to a 4 for last day or so..... I cant say it works for everyone but it does for this bronzed adonis.

6) Two reading books - I love to read and can be vivascious with my reading. I generally do a tour of the charity shops beforehand and take an autiobiography and a novel - variety is indeed the spice of life and im generally scratching round for something to read by last two days and paying over the odds for an english newspaper (another little englander trait of mine - worryingly!)

7) My Havaianas - now for those that are not at the forefront of the industry. Havaianas are basically flip flops from Brazil. nothing special about them but for whatever reason the fashionishita have declared that these are the "in flip-flops". Luckily, being at the very cusp of fashion myself and in Brazil a while back i stocked up on Havaianas - about 30 different pairs all 80p each and i have one for every outfit - normally take 4 or 5 pairs with.

8) Disposable cameras - i have learnt the hard way with expensive cameras - i can count 5 off the top of my head that i have had lost, stolen, broken and drowned and i am prepared to be stuck in 1987 with my camera technology if it means i dont have to claim for yet another camera on insurance. I once read somewhere that you get more of a feel of a place by drawing what you have around you instead of pointing a camera and moving on. I cannot recommend this enough and although my drawing capabilities are that of a 5 year old you do appreciate and feel the place a lot more

9) cheap sunglasses - for the very reason of above - i have had too many expensice sunglasses trod on, sat on, broken, lost and stolen not to spend more than £15 on a pair. Like with fireman saying they will never forget the smell of burning flesh , i can never forget the sound of crunching £219 sunglasses under my backside.

10) finally and most importantly, what i never fail to take with me on any travel or holiday is, rather cheesily, my sense of adventure. Eyes and mind have to be open and be willing to experience and embrace everything around you (except the tea)

so thanks for reading and if there is anything that can be gleamed from the above, then please do enjoy your holidays.


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  • dawnymarie published 06/04/2011
    Great reviewed x
  • Mistee-Dreamz published 28/03/2011
    Only 10? I need 100s
  • ciaomeister1 published 09/10/2008
    ... and your Barclaycard for when it all goes tits up!
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