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Monarch Airlines 24/08/2010

Delays...And an Airline Only for People with Very Short Legs

Monarch Airlines I was going on holiday from Birmingham Intl to Paphos Intl in Cyprus with Monarch, my flight was originally meant to leave at 7.45 in the morning but being told it would be delayed 45 mins the flight then didnt take off until 10.30am. We were originally told by Monarch ground staff that our delay was due to Air Traffic control issues, but it transpired that actually the plane we were meant to be flying on had broken down and was being repaired, we were informed of this by the pilot when we finally did get onto a plane. This added insult to injury as nobody likes being lied to especially when it is about the reason for a nearly 3 hour delay sitting doing nothing. When i got in the palne there was very little legroom and the seats werent all that comfortable, overall my experience with Monarch was poor and i will not be choosing to fly with them again in the future. My return flight was no better, I had to sit in the plane on the tarmac for over an hour before the plane finally took off, this was very uncomfortable as cyprus is extremely hot and the plane soon got very warm as the A/C can only do a certain amount of cooling with the engines turned off, a plane with over 200 people on in 40 degrees celcius heat soon gets very very warm without proper cooling. This second delay was also blamed on air traffic control issues, whether this was the truth I never did find out. I have flown with far cheaper airlines suvh as Easy Jet and Ryan Air that both offer far better service at a ...

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Bar 24/08/2010

Very Nice

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Bar Very nice, in my opinion one of the nicest chocolate bars out there, a good taste and nice and crunchy in the middle, i love kit kat chunky! The packaging is forgettable though, but as they say, dont judge a book by its cover. Despite being slighty bland the packaging is easily recognisable as a part of the kit kat brand which will make sure that many people recognise what the product is. Kit kat chunky isnt the cheapest chocolate bar in the world but they are nice and always made to a high quality so its worth the extra few pence or cents to buy this banded version as opposed to a cheaper shop own brand versio of a kit kat style chocolate bar. I fully recommend.
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