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Canon EOS 600D 29/12/2011

Canon EOS 600D 18MP Digital DSLR with 18-55mm Lens.

Canon EOS 600D Moved up from a Compact Digital to this Canon 600D and not disappointed at all. For the first time since owning a camera I've been able to take some amazing shots of everyday things in the garden and surrounding areas that look professional and bring a new dimension to amateur photography in my opinion. If you're thinking of moving up a gear from compact digital to Digital SLR then go for this one you will love it, my only advice is do your homework on the price before committing to purchase. If your moving from a digital camera to this, you'll instantly notice the difference, as the picture comes out very high defintion, and great quality! I would recommend this product to any beginner photographers! Hope this helps! Bradley:)

HTC Wildfire 11/12/2010


HTC Wildfire Hi, i bought my Htc wildfire about 5months ago, I haven't yet had one problem with it. The phone has touch screen technology, Android apps which allows you to download apps, and games. Some of the apps/games are free and some you must pay for, but they average on about £1.50. The phone also has a 5 megapixel camera which is farely good, it also has a flashlight which is quite powerfull considering its only a tiny litlle light on the back. It also has bluetooth, wireless, also has all the basic things like fm radio, alarm clock, stopwatch, music, google maps, google mail, camcorder, calculator, calender,and internet. the phone mesures at about 7cm by 4.5cm. I have it in Black, but i think you are able to get it in red. May i also advice you to buy a cover to go around the phone which you can buy of ebay. and they also make the phone look rather groovy :) Thanks for reading my review on the Htc wildfire. Please comment on what you think of my review. Thanks ...

Arriva Trains Wales 11/12/2010

Dirty arriva trains wales.

Arriva Trains Wales hi, I have been on arriva trains wales many times, and if you have then you will know how much the toilets smell, stale stuff behind the windows, and chewing gum under the seats. Apart from all of that arriva trains wales aren't too bad. They are usually on time, and if there is any diruption to your journey they quite often give a arriva trains wales voucher, and since that hapend to me, i got £50 in ticket worh. One thing i have learnt in the past is that by booking in advance, say 2-3months you will get it much cheaper, i got a single from Holyhead to London, which is a 4 hour journey and i got it for £21 first class! Thank you for reading my review, I hope it has helped :)

Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop 11/12/2010

The amazing Dell Inspiron :)

Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop Hi, i have owned this product for a whole year now, and nothing has gone wrong. The laptop has a lovely feel to it, and is a perfect size. I have this laptop in black but im pretty sure you are able to get it in Red. One thing that isn't so good is the battery life. On full battery charge it can last 1 hour 50 mins, which compared to other laptops isn't very good. When i bought this laptop a year ago the retail price was about £400 - £450, as does everything the price has gone down slightly. I am not quite sure about the amount of memory it has but i have 556 song, 423 images and a few programmes on my laptop and it seems to have loads of memory left. I bought this product from Pc world and i bought with it norton 360 which protects the computer from viruses and all sorts. Thank you for reading my review.

Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber-shot 28/07/2009

#### THE C905! ###

Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber-shot I have had this phone for about 4 months. About two months after i got it, somehow the reception went very poor and eventually i didn't have any reception. It is now getting repaired. Other than that it has been a great phone! GPS The C905 has GPS, which is a feature of which can give you directions somewhere or can tell you at what speed you are going. It is very clever! Unfortuanely you need reception to use this feature, of which at the mo i haven't. MEDIA The phone has a great screen for viewing pictures etc. And also plays music fine.And it has many games! CYBERSHOT It has a fantastic camera (8megapixel) That is what made me buy the phone! It has a wonderfull flash. It has photo DJ, which you can edit you'r photos. It also has a feature of adding a frame. I hope this review is helpfull for those who are thinkking of buying this phone. X

Virgin Atlantic Airways - VIR 28/07/2009


Virgin Atlantic Airways - VIR It is my first time to use this airline. It was very comfourtable. We had a fair amount of foot area. And the cabin crew were very smart and helpfull. On our way to Florida we had 2 meals. The first was a hot choice of pasta, meet & potato or something else....sorry cant remember. Any way it was fairly reasonable. But my little sister ordered a kids meal.Which was fish fingers & beans. The beans were all dry and fishfingers seemed to be cheap and nasty! Although on our way back ( at night time) we had food which was much nicer and then they switched the lights off and every one slept. They also on the flight back had a game console! where you could listen to music, or play games against other people on the flight! PS: the flight took 8hours from gatwick to orlando international. I enjoyed my experience with Virgin Atllantic!

Samsung Q310 ASS0 16/05/2009

Samsung laptop

Samsung Q310 ASS0 I think the samsung laptop is a very fast and good looking laptop. It is a good value for money. I have this laptop and i love it! It has loads of games on it including pinball, hearts , solitare etc. when i bought my samsung laptop it had all the necessary things on it including microsoft office powerpoint 2003, Microsoft office Excel 2003 Microsoft office publisher, Microsoft office word 2003 and loads more. Internet connection *************** ******** Its possible to connect to the internet by using Dial up, Wireless or by connecting it to the phone. The browser is mozilla firefox. You can also download internet explorer off the internet. It has all the other needed things like windows media player, windows movie maker and cyberlink DVD. ...

Samsung SGH J600 10/05/2009

The ok samsung phone

Samsung SGH J600 To buy or not to buy? - that is the question. Depends on your needs. For me as a 1st phone it has been OK. However as my needs have increased the phone has not kept up. When i bought it i thought it looked good and i liked the fact it had a touch pad. What i dont like about it now is that the touch pad sometimes doesnt work. I end up callin people without trying because of its sensitivity! The phone has many features including Radio, camera, Music player, Video, Sound recorder etc. It also has an internet browser. It does not allow you to listen to music and do something else at the same time e.g. take pictures. If i was buying a phone i would not buy this one.

HP Pavilion G60 10/05/2009

HP Laptop

HP Pavilion G60 My sister has this laptop. I go on it on many occations. there is many ways to connect it to the internet to. You can connect a modem to the back of the laptop or if you have wireless it should connect or there is even a way to connect to the internet through bluetooth! It has many games like , ink ball, free cell, Pinbal, Hearts, Minesweeper, Solitare etc. It has all the important proggrames you will need on it. It also has Email on it. Saving you to make a hotmail account or anything there is one already set and ready to use on there!! It has many things like calculator Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Publisher and Excel and many more things like flash player.! ...
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