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Married female aged 59, hubby 65. He occasionally metamorphs into Victor Meldrew and if he keeps it up I'm going to advertise him for sale on ebay! Updating the interior of our home so looking forward to checking out various product reviews.

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Dulux Paint Vinyl Soft Sheen 30/12/2013

Dulux Vinyl Soft Sheen - 'mixer' range, colour Grey Steel 3

Dulux Paint Vinyl Soft Sheen Have used Dulux mixer emulsion paint and pre mixed colour emulsions on our walls many times over the years without incident. Purchased 5 ltr tin of Dulux Vinyl Soft Sheen emulsion to be mixed to colour Grey Steel 3, (trade emulsion purchased & mixed from B&Q - some of their stores only use the trade paint for mixing whilst others use the 'domestic' range). Freshening up existing paintwork on the walls of our living and dining rooms, same colour as before so only 1 coat necessary. Left 1 week before putting pictures etc up, in different places than before so wanted to make sure the paint on the walls was fully dry and hardened. Started to notice that wherever we had put our hands against the walls, to hold up the pictures while deciding where to place them, there were 'shiny' fingermarks left behind, not dirty, but a brighter sheen texture than before and clearly visible. Used a clean, soft, damp white cloth to give a couple of the patches a wipe over.............only to get the same effect but on an even larger scale! This paint clearly states 'washable' on the tin so I approached Dulux to find out what the problem is. First they said it is only 'wipeable' and needs time to 'cure' as well - when pointing out that it states 'washable' (& I'd only wiped it anyway) and NO mention of 'curing' time on the tin (not the same as drying time), breaching Trades Description Act on both counts, they have tried to backtrack on their 'only wipeable' claim and brushed over their 'needs ...
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