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Un Coeur Simple - Gustave Flaubert 28/05/2017

Macaw of Duty

Un Coeur Simple - Gustave Flaubert Gustave Flaubert (1821 - 80) Publisher: Penguin Books Duration: 55 pages Price: 80 pence Translated by Roger Whitehouse Marion Laine a Film Director has created an adaption of the short story of its namesake: 'A Simple Heart' - (2008). The actress Sandrine Bonnaire played Félicité. Gustave Flaubert's travel correspondence while meandering in Brittany, is said to emulate 'highly oiled literary mechanics.' The workings were alleged to be auctioned for a princely sum - (over 500,000 GBP); enough for a lifetime supply of travel-friendly notepads. - - - This short story won't take up any time to read; with gratitude, the narrative is a testament to Flaubert's ability to be concise when necessary; for suffering should never be painstakingly time consuming. I rather like the French title: 'Un Coeur Simple' there's an unmistakable tenderness in hearing the French words - this is mirrored in the life of Félicité, who due to unknown forces has a lugubrious time. Such is the brevity of the anecdote, consumers can purchase 'A Simple Heart' accompanied with two other stories: 'Saint Julian' and 'Herodias' - known as: 'Trois Contes.' Analogies in the mid 1870s from short stories to novellas were rapidly receiving publication exposure - and after Flaubert's arduous task of writing 'Madame Bovary' in 1856 his most notable work as a not so experienced author you denote from a reader's perspective shorter narratives was manageable for the perfectionist. A nineteenth century James ...

Leviathan - Thomas Hobbes 22/05/2017

Inspired Minions

Leviathan - Thomas Hobbes Author: Thomas Hobbes (1588 - 1679) Originally released in 1651 Pacific Publishing Studios (2011) Paperback - 6.99 GBP Duration: 110 pages Consists of seventeen chapters - notably, the first of three Volumes. - - - As a creature who loves extended prose / analytical content; I found 'Leviathan' was somewhat disappointing. Now I don't blame the author, Thomas Hobbes for this mild irk, he wasn't complicit in the publication's decision to *not include a correspondence to his most honor'd friend Mr. Francis Godolphin.* I curiously read the document on the e-book of 'Leviathan' the same book PPS (Pacific Publishing Studios) explosively announcing it being an International Best seller... not only does the book have the highest of accolade, it boasts the book was a landmark bestseller which inspired multiples of millions worldwide. I'm sure it did, because Hobbes was a founder of modern political philosophy; in his dialogue with Godolphin (not in the book) he states: "I humbly Dedicate unto you this my discourse of Common wealth. I know not how the world will receive it, nor how it may reflect on those that shall seem to favour it (Leviathan). For in a way beset with those that contend on one side for too great Liberty, and on the other side for too much Authority, tis hard to passe between the points of both unwounded." Dear readership, you may denote Hobbes had his doubts about 'Leviathan' - and I can see why; social contract theorems are not exactly a subject modern living ...

Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema? 17/05/2017

Cannes Carats

Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema? I'm neither Madonna, a coffee machine, nor a new mother, this is why I can't express myself, I'm not being defeatist, I just don't fit into the 'express demographic.' My vocals are annoyingly monotone laced with an unfortunate Foreign Secretary pomposity; audibly, not suitable for expressing. Due to this unsavouriness, movie buffs have never invited yours truly to the 'Cannes Film Festival,' instead I've lived the experience through wealthy wannabe directors who annually make a bee-line to the South of France and comeback lobster red; claiming they mingled tirelessly promoting their movie concepts, showing their 22 minute synopsis and suchlike, rubbing thighs with the so-called well-connected who're usually on-board luxury boats in dim lit cabins, sitting in beige suits, anodyne in nature. I've also got wind of the 'darling' crowd-funding rituals which coolly need a manageable thirty one million Euros to bring the fantasy to screen. The movie world effect is a contagion unlike no other. I recalled witnessing a heterosexual set-designer arriving back to 'ol Blighty; all Gok Wan, eyelashes tinted and wearing flannel trousers. One of the drawbacks of over expressing I suspect, the end product is neither an improvement or warrants an audience. Ye-s, the 'Cannes Film Festival' employs a magnetic field of divine proportions... a festival that attracts the 'A list,' the 'whos who' of film, their kindred spirits and onlookers. They all can't be hapless romantics, flatulent ...

Don Quixote - Cervantes 09/05/2017

Father of Analogy

Don Quixote - Cervantes Translated by P. Motteux Duration: 768 pages Written period: 1605 - 1615 7.99 GBP in your local bookshop Free e-book online Format: Four books in one paperback; collectively each chapter is roughly six pages long. A note on translation: it was chosen that 'Don Quixote' was deemed an example of idiocy in 1687 by John Phillips - therefore, all English translations may not be what Cervantes envisaged. So, worth checking on the translator's original script if you're writing a thesis or submitting a paper. With respect to the professionalism of Motteux (the translator), I cannot confirm the accuracy of the 'Wordsworth Classic' for this copy had been translated in 1712; enough time for a generation of writing manipulators to misinterpret the original - cue the manga heading. Instead of the Latin raconteur quips which inevitably was Cervantes pen, there's a manga mode present - why Cervantes's 'Don Quixote' is deemed a graphic novel. Worth seeing Gustave Dore's illustrations on John Ormsby's translation. A note on Cervantes's intent: research, and experiencing humanism gifts you wisdom, alas, that's not faith. 'Don Quixote' gifts the reader a greater fidelity, the novel graphically illustrates the means to comprehending ourselves in myth / narrative. The author allows the flow of the chapters to underline our ills, wants and even captures guidance. Why Sancho; Quixote's Squire features so much, and has done so in culture / entertainment / games etc - almost as part of the ...

Daily Thoughts 02/05/2017

729 Not Out

Daily Thoughts I woke up today thankfully. It's alright, I'm well... although, I'm on a daily basis aware the planet we occupy is menacing. There's a fair few shady characters about nowadays and so I deem every review I post as an achievement, and why not call it a milestone? 729 reviews is a lengthily contribution, albeit, not compared to the prolific authorship of gold dot members.Numbers, premises, valuations, social mobility, ideology and morality are all relative, in retrospect we can question everything... this is what keeps us grounded; knowledge is universally good at underlining actuality. I asked members here to think of the 'hardest questions on the planet;' luckily, I did get some responses and for a few of you they may be of interest. I'm thinking of five or six at a max. If, you've clicked on this page by accident, click away immediately, trust me, you will not learn a thing. You don't have to rate or leave a comment, I'm not going to benefit from your kindness via remuneration hereby refrain totally. I'm having enough fun attempting to pen answers in response to the hardest questions on the planet. - - - "No election? Brexit.........Trump.......Le Pen........Fallon perhaps???????" Thanks to 'RICHADA' for this question a blockbuster of a tough-y... In this instance I went by the eight question marks and guessed it was a question. Ah, ye-s Sir, I don't believe the UK is having a General Election; my hunch is it's fake news. An opportunity for parliamentarians to go on holiday ...

Easter Holidays 2017 26/04/2017

Hopping Fad

Easter Holidays 2017 I missed the talks this year, well to put it bluntly... I wasn't invited on stage to present an Easter message to Christian followers who exclaim: "Christos anesti!" Or "Christ is risen" ; dependent on what scripts you chain yourselves to - sadly, this Easter I was unable to test Christian faith. Peculiar really because I had made an assumption that my last message made quite an impression at the 'King's Centre,' maybe created an earthquake. Heaven forbid, they could all be non-believers - who knows, perhaps I am not welcome now, perhaps Easter really didn't happen or better still was ignored. I did prepare of course, yes, for I am forever prepared for opposing deism large or small whenever possible; notably, there has never been such an important time for opposition, thus, I am ignored and remain so dear reader. - - - (1) Easter sojourns take a backseat of the knowledge a full moon generally causes travel chaos, which gyrates against 'richer fertility' you would've thought - this is archetypal of deism. Where-ever Easter falls, the festival is systematically moon orientated. In reality, 'moon is risen' rather than 'Christ is risen.' Unless of course, the myth about the man in the moon really symbolises the Easter egg - via shape alone I'd say it makes better sense than the egg being the body of Christ; at least you can put ergonomic logic to this case. Another reason why holidays take a backseat is: chocolate is notoriously naughty while in transit. What's the point of ...

Gaslight (DVD) 22/04/2017

Going Cukor

Gaslight (DVD) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production A 1944 version from John Van Druten, Walter Reisch & John L Balderston's screen play. Featuring: Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman and a youthful Angela Lansbury Music score by B. Kaper the Polish master Plot: Paula Alquist a British singer in Italy returns back to reside in her late Aunt's (who was also a singer like her Aunt) London abode where an unsolved tragedy struck, as a newly wed; and there her idyllic life slowly takes a minacious turn. - - - I naturally feel at kin with the French journalistic styled terminology called; ' film noir,' - I adhere to spicing up ordinary narratives, especially remakes of a theatre production - 'Gaslight' originally was a screen play. Any attempt to experiment with narrative (s) is a desideratum to the good, regardless of the outcome the consensus is always... progressive... even film failures have a place whereby the diligent director can ponder professional incompetence and frame by frame scarcity - albeit, how do you know what failure looked like if experimentation ceased? You wouldn't know, hence, worth the wager. Interestingly enough, film noir's inception graced Matinees in the rawest form of pessimism, absolutism and angst during the epoch of the early 1940s to the mid 1950s; undoubtedly, you'll see immense influences thereafter, alas, the stark potency of noir derived after the Second World War; unsurprisingly after living through the fear and horrors of psychological warfare. When George ...

Book early or wait for last minute deals: how will you arrange your summer holiday this year? 11/04/2017


Book early or wait for last minute deals: how will you arrange your summer holiday this year? Life must be difficult for a Travel agent, in one corner there's the public demands and in the other you're being diplomatic with the tour operator and their logistical arrangements. Pulled from left to right, trying to earn a crust... Not forgetting the unforeseen calamities of deranged acts of those who can't stand the free world being somewhat... free to go on vacation. - - - Nine and a half weeks There's an inexorable mood about me this year, I'm stubbornly inertia at best; yes, for I am nobly: vacillating; boldly keen to waste the travel agent's time, via expressing impossible dreams without compromises, during a leisurely lunch. I often exclaim: "Ah, I can see the print nodes where the photograph of a blue sky has been edited, Madeira has never been sunny when I've gone. And no cake either." If I allow myself, I can stop in the capital, transport myself beyond the chasing of tail capitalistic indoctrination and hear the mountains calling, the refreshing terrains of open space, I hear the swathes of Tuscan landscape calling out for me as well... a signora vocal in broken English says... "Chianti misses you, she misses your lips, your tongue and your ravenous appetite." Indeed, my consumption of the Tuscan grape gets around, gloriously bumptious vino stalk me in this region, imagine Harry Styles in a Barnsley Premier Inn lobby - envisage the carnage, the feverish, hormonal 'kidults' panting at the entrance, screaming, crying; getting pulled back by security. ...

KitchenAid 5KEK1522BOB 02/04/2017

Hums like Susan Boil

KitchenAid 5KEK1522BOB Three year guarantee (normally one year) Heat water from 50°C to 100°C in 10°C intervals. Perfect calefaction device specifically for specialty coffee blends Easy to change filters Available in John Lewis stores in the UK Price: 145 GBP - - - I'm an onerous consumer to please... after a while even the tick, tock of a clock gyrates annoyingly against my eardrum. Of course, I like clocks but I can't be in the same room as them if a level of concentration was required. Therefore, my attention to detail depends on the level of quietness and usually this scenario can play havoc with my consumerism habits. Shop assistants will get the question: "How quiet is this?" Y'see, I cannot bare a product overly vocal or complaining; technological items have to have a satisfactory click of acknowledgement, as if they're in agreement that they want to please me. Alarms are set to vibrate rather than call out; and timers tend to be harmonious chimes of eloquent alerting / informing that jacket potatoes need poking etc. This is why the artisan 'KitchenAid' kettle and I have got on famously... I got it in June 2016, during the time of the 'EU Referendum' - an epoch, whereby calmness was paramount. A chime instead of wine There's no misconception that the brand has gone out of their way to deliver on boiling water in the quietest manner technically possible. Suffice to say the kettle has the sound effects of an effortless lift, from ground level to floor 145. Replicating the experience of ...

What are the main changes do you plan to do for Spring? 25/03/2017

Unlicensed Planning

What are the main changes do you plan to do for Spring? AN 'UNLICENSED' DIALOGUE IN EXERCISING THE LIBERTY OF PLANNING FOR WORLD PEACE - FOR THE ATTENTION OF LITTLE BRITAIN'S PARLIAMENT. Only recently a neighbour beamed at me and said... "Spring is in the air;" and then extravagantly inhaled. I automatically extravagantly inhaled too and said... "Indeed-y it is;" Not that Spring air differs from any other type of air - for me, air is air. I then comprehended that I had been subjected to and took part in the 'Spring ritual' without really being aware of partaking, till after the interaction. How easy it is to fall prey to this ritual idiocy; worse still I am now writing about this 'Spring ritual' under the illusion of being 'quite interesting.' Ah but... no, this is not remotely interesting; in fact it epitomises my neighbour; whereby the subject range are either weather or hip conditions; sometimes both simultaneously; y'see they're allegedly interconnected... apparently. Oh dear, Now I've just mentioned my neighbour's hip condition without relaying the precise condition, if you're interested it's much better because 'Spring is in the air...' Thus, the season of Spring is a glorious remedy for pelvis joints... apparently. I therefore plan to collect Spring air and bottle it for those who have pelvis or joint problems during Winter, Summer and Autumn. - - - From the off, it seems I've digressed somewhat from my main purpose this coming Spring, of planning for World Peace; although, in truth the above statement underlines the ...

Candide - Voltaire 18/03/2017

The Candide Man Can...

Candide - Voltaire Written in 1759 Publishers: Boni and Liveright, Inc. New York - - - Synopsis : Candide is the start point of satire and optimism within literature, political rhetoric, amusing anecdotes and warped ideology. It's about youth, innocence, control and suffocating cultures - for those who know of my wicked sense of fun, you'll denote it doesn't please certain quarters... although, I haven't had the harsh critique that Voltaire has had from our contemporary civilization; then again secularism is forgiving. Candide starts his life journey from the Baron's castle of Westphalia, deemed the rich pickings of opportunism. Thus, what comes from such magnificence environs and alarming rituals is an unrivaled dehumanization process, that is normalized. Totalitarianism couldn't bare the mocking, suffice to say the grounded and the heavenly despots are powerless to the Candide wit. Our world has embraced populism as if it was an unbelievable offer on a 'Beefeater' menu. To entrust that the meal will be better than anything we've experienced prior to now is incoherent and yes, naive; for the 'status quo' is as ill-prepared as a piggie going to market. Every aspect of modernism has opted to cuddle Voltaire's 'Candide' and gift the novella a realistic juxtaposition. Usually individuals had the pleasure of replicating 'Candide' if you want to know what happened to these individuals they came a cropper, their reputations sent to the gallows and dungeons of insignificance. What suffers most ...

Do you see your garden as a haven, a labour of love or a chore to keep on top of? 11/03/2017

Ruling over Vegetation

Do you see your garden as a haven, a labour of love or a chore to keep on top of? Gardening is for those who talk to themselves, they usually go out in the garden to cover up their cultivated insanity, at least with vegetation you'll get an amiable response, not dissimilar to the language of soil; notably, if next door over hears at all, the common normal response is to remark: "oh, I'm talking to the soil." That's quite acceptable for most people understand the language of soil although as a non-gardener, I spurn the excitement of learning a new language and about gardening in general. Can't say it's a chore if it's something I ignore - unlike the gardeners who're thoroughly enthused at working on three acres of land for a price ; indeed, ye-s, it came with the abode and so I seeked professional green fingered folk with tree surgery qualification, I don't see it as shafting my responsibility. Now, if I cack handedly laboured on the land you can bet your bottom dollar my intellectual deficiency on gardening would cause seismic wildlife issues from far and wide, plus beyond the perimeter of being acceptable. I'd go further than that, it may even reach headline news because those who go out in the garden and converse with soil and vegetation tend to have efficacious binoculars too; their demographic is synonymous to being a 'green activist' and no sane being wants to dabble with those archetypal entities; they're... une force de la nature. My attention to detail is more than suffice; I know what I like and thats clean lines and eloquent trimmings - ...

Visit as a tourist or live as a local: how do you like to spend your time abroad? 04/03/2017

Age for Innocence

Visit as a tourist or live as a local: how do you like to spend your time abroad? My oversea gallivants would make a pimp blush; meh, best suited for an alluring audience willing to make a personal donation at a box office. What I will express is my observational travel prose, call it an aperitif for the main event. Meh, I'm not one for spoilers hence why I may adopt a perspective that'll intrigue and leave you suitably enticed; for the record, I'm well traveled and have lavished in luxury hotels like a refreshed Lenny Henry, apart from being Caucasian and not remotely witty. I enjoy early morning strolls regardless of location (just like Lenny Henry)and comeback to a watermelon breakfast. A comrade of mine who is a renown animator once stated to me: "If anyone was suppose to just walk on beaches, it would be you." As a gent who is a venerate and a master of movement I took it as a compliment. Well, we all project an image, although few know what image they ascribe... and movement is always present until your immobile, but your image is incessant. and goes wherever you go too - and locals either respond or not; language has little dwelling; acceptance comes from what you represent. On the outer perimeter of the Piazza della Rotonda in Rome there's a celebrated dessert vender, it is off the Pantheon tour route, the venue is populated with locals - I was offered a selection of desserts of my choice... I was only passing by, I had two without payment, the ice sauvezs were perfect for a hot and sticky evening; they were glorious, I made sure to pop in the ...

The Bible in 100 Pages - Phil Moore 24/02/2017

Cherry Picking

The Bible in 100 Pages - Phil Moore Published by Monarch Books Year: 2014 - - - You know when you're in for a good time when a joyous Christian walks up to you in a street on a Sunday and quickly comprehends they've discussed the subject of faith a month earlier with you. The joy drains from their face and I pretended to not recognise the delightful fellow. He said, "oh, I've spoken to you before..." I asked: "how did our exchange go?" And his reply was brusque, not dissimilar to Moore's book; 'The Bible in 100 pages;' "you told me faith was too personal to discuss." Of course, I never said suchlike, it was a total misinterpretation. The reality was, I made a direct inquiry into his faith of certainty by simply identifying his core feeling - I relayed he had a hunch, but that's not a bona fide certainty. Naturally, the exchange grated against common sense and didn't bode well with the Christian; of the knowledge their whole purpose is to recruit followers, and spread the word, this keeps their belief system alive; to achieve active followers; their goal is to prove that my 'belief system' is inferior. Alas, the best they can go on is via the route of faith... In a nutshell, the term faith is having absolute trust in someone or something... for the record the 'Christian' couldn't demonstrate his faith in the existence of an omnipotent entity. Fortunately for Phil Moore we reside in a weird and wacky world, whereby our curiosity reaches for pious orientated theory for amusement and consideration; written by ...

Aesthetics: Lectures on Fine Art, Volume I - G. W. F. Hegel 20/02/2017

Bold Hegel

Aesthetics: Lectures on Fine Art, Volume I - G. W. F. Hegel Published in 1865 Translated by T. M. Knox (1900 - 80) - - - Lectures have an abiding rawness unlike any form of instructional communication. Even how the lectures are devised, portrays an orator identity, deliverance of intellect has always provoked a reaction, usually of relentless praise. This is why I found Hegel's 'Lectures on Fine Art' written in print form metaphorically speaking like; early Spring chards of light, promising enlightenment and applaud worthy intrigue. As a follower of scholarly writings, I denote Hegel's structural prose is an example of ritualism and eighteenth century collectivism - my oh my, I am lucky; the Hegelian lecture has the nuance to be a pathway to understanding infinite beauty, from conception to composition finality. At this stage, it's worth claiming Hegel's lectures are for the converted Hegelian (s); as a contrarian via nature, I am drawn to give an alternative prose; nevertheless, I could be sprinting with my slippers on, I suddenly feel febrile. Lecture format The publication originated from Hegel in 1865, however, thanks to the documentation platform of modern day lectures, the layout resembles a 'Powerpoint' presentation, indeed, the glib of bite size compartments. I sure Hegel would somehow cordoned off the formulaic divisions as being man's habit to siphon extensive knowledge into residential cul de sacs. *When I refer to residential cul de sacs I mean mindful ones, not bricks and mortar ones*. The aim is to manage data as ...
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