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+ - Ed Sheeran 05/09/2017

Ginger guy with acoustic guitar....what more do you want ?

+ - Ed Sheeran When i heard a first song from this album. I was confused. Normally i dont tell everybody "Did you hear this song ?" "Do you like it ?" "He is realy good yeah ?" No i dont. But when i heard this album, i must this album commend to everybody i know. His voice is original. At the concert he use just a guitar. Really good work with a loop pedal. He can do what like 60% of musican can do. Do music just with their voice, instrument a play own song. Ed sheeran can. And thats why this album works and its a masterpiece. If you like this album. The best thing you can do is go to his concert. There will be the best atmosphere. I will be there to. Ed Sheeran is future.
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