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The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Eau de Parfum 24/04/2014

A lovely summer perfume

The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Eau de Parfum I'm a fan of The Body Shop, the toiletries and makeup store which prides itself on its fair trade and animal welfare policies, and ordered several items a couple of weeks ago when they had a special offer on a number of ranges. When my order arrived, I was happy to see that they had thoughtfully popped in a sample of their new fragrance, Dreams Unlimited. This is not something I'd specially wanted to try, but I've had Body Shop fragrances in the past and really liked them, so I was excited to sample it. This fragrance is purportedly "the inspiring new scent from The Body Shop". It is apparently 'inspired by life's possibilities' and is designed to uplift. The perfume contains top notes of citrus and green chilli, a heart of delicate white flowers and aquatic notes, and base notes of soft cedarwood. The bottle is a simple, clear, fluted design that reflects the uplifting image of the perfume. It's understated but attractive with a silver lid and pink writing. Another plus is that the clear bottle allows you to see how much of the fragrance you have left! The perfume also comes in a box with a blue design that fades from dark to light. If you look closely you can see that the design is made up of a number of positive words, which is a nice touch. I loved this scent from the moment I first smelled it. My first impression was of a citrusy, rather sweet, refreshing smell that made me think of summer. In this respect it was like The Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom scent which ...

Shakespeare Globe Theatre, London 23/04/2014

This wooden O holds all the world on its stage

Shakespeare Globe Theatre, London Today, 23rd April 2014, marks the 450th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare (as far as we know!). It is also the date on which the Globe theatre on Bankside, London, opens its doors for the new season. I am a huge theatre fan – some might call me a tad obsessed – and the Globe is one of my very favourite theatres. Essentially it is a reconstruction of the famous theatre of Shakespeare’s day. However it is far more than a tourist trap and museum piece – it is a vibrant working theatre that puts on some fantastic productions. ***About – The Original Globe*** In Shakespeare’s day, theatres were not allowed in the City of London: they were supposedly immoral and haunted by undesirables. Instead, theatres were concentrated in the East End and on the south side of the Thames. Shakespeare belonged to the troupe of actors associated with the first purpose-built London theatre, imaginatively titled ‘The Theatre’. This was located in Shoreditch, but after a dispute with the building’s owner the actors managed a moonlight flit, dismantling the entire theatre and rebuilding it in Southwark, where it became known as the Globe. There is a famous reference to it at the beginning of Henry V: “Can this cockpit hold The vasty fields of France? or may we cram Within this wooden O the very casques That did affright the air at Agincourt?” The Globe was up and running by 1599, but burned down in 1613 after a fire caused by cannons during a performance of Henry VIII, which set the ...

Lush Full of Grace Serum Bar 17/04/2014

Serum bar for dry and sensitive skin

Paladone Sinner to Saint Novelty Bath Soap 16/04/2014

Amusing novelty gift for the right recipient

Paladone Sinner to Saint Novelty Bath Soap I won some prizes from a website a while ago. One of the prizes I won was a 'Sinner to Saint' Scented Soap. I had never seen this before, but a quick check on Amazon showed that it is made by Paladone, a UK company, and costs £3.99. The soap comes in a cardboard box with the name of the product and the slogan: "Removes even the most stubborn sins!" The box has a see-through middle so you can see that one side of the soap is white, with the word SAINT embossed in red, while the other side is red with SINNER embossed in white. The SAINT side has a pair of angel wings and the SINNER side has a devil's tail trailing from the letter I. The cardboard box is itself encased in plastic. When I removed it and took the soap out of the box, it became apparent that the soap is actually made of two halves stuck together, one white, one red. It is about the size of a normal bar of soap. Washing with the soap is very straightforward, I'm sure no one here needs me to explain how it's done! I tend to use it as a hand soap and it lathers up well and doesn't dry my hands out, though it isn't moisturising like some soaps. The soap is scented with what seems like a light apple fragrance: this is faint but pleasant. The soap seems to be lasting well, and isn't going down particularly quickly. Sadly the soap loses its good looks quickly as the white and red writing wears off before any other part of the soap. Because of the red soap half, you get red water washing away in the sink, and red marks ...

Nicola Roberts Dainty Doll Loose Mineral Powder Foundation 14/04/2014

Good product let down by rubbish packaging

Nicola Roberts Dainty Doll Loose Mineral Powder Foundation Nicola Roberts was always my favourite member of Girls Aloud. Often overlooked in favour of media darling Cheryl and feisty Nadine, she seemed to have the most individual look with her own style. After first trying to fit in with the rest of the band's image by using fake tan, she soon started to embrace her pale look and now wears her pallor and her gorgeous red hair proudly. I read that Nicola was inspired to create her makeup range, Dainty Doll, after getting sick of struggling to find makeup that suited her skin. She said that her makeup artist had to get white makeup imported from Japan so that she could mix it with foundation in order to match her skin tone. Though I'm not quite as pale as Nicola, I'm pale enough that I also struggle to find makeup that's light enough (and like her I refuse to use fake tan). I was excited to find Nicola's new range available on ASOS and made a couple of purchases. The range includes items such as eyeshadow and lipstick, but I was drawn to the foundations and concealers. I purchased the mineral foundation in shade 001, Now That I've Found You. I'd long wanted to try mineral foundation, but I'd been unable to find a shade that matched my skin. I love the packaging for this makeup range. It is black with a picture of a red-haired girl in stockings. It's stylish, modern but with a vintage twist. The name of the brand, Dainty Doll, is written in gold. The foundation comes in a cardboard box and is described as "A lightweight loose natural ...

Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloth Wipes 08/04/2014

Appropriately-named effective face wipes

Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloth Wipes I'm a massive fan of the brand Soap & Glory. Started in 2006 with the aim of helping women pamper themselves without 'spending an arm and a leg just to moisturise one', the retro pink bottles and packages are a familiar fixture on the shelves of Boots and Harvey Nichols. They're also available online from retailers like ASOS. The stated aim may not be completely accurate, as the products are often more expensive than brands like Dove or Radox, but most of them are high quality. I got a pack of Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes inside the tote bag that was on offer in Boots around Christmas time, though they normally retail for just over £4. I don't tend to use face wipes every day, preferring to follow a cleanse, tone and moisturise routine to keep my skin in excellent condition. However, I find face wipes are ideal for taking on weekends away as they are compact and easy to use. They're also ideal for use on weekends or on any occasion when I feel too tired to complete my usual routine. In addition, I sometimes find that living with five other people, the bathroom can be in use when I want to go and do my thing and rather than wait for it to be free, it's easier to remove my makeup with a wipe and go to bed! I find the name of the product - 'Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes' - particularly apt as I am almost always 'off my face' when using them - it tends to be after nights out with my friends! These particular face wipes come in a pack of 25 wipes, or 'cleansing cloths' as they ...

BeneFit Posietint Poppy-Pink Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain 07/04/2014

Versatile pink cheek and lip tint

BeneFit Posietint Poppy-Pink Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain I bought a mini Posietint from the US Benefit site last year as part of a larger order. Posietint was designed to be a lighter alternative to the famous Benetint. Whereas Benetint is a deep red shade, Posietint is girlie pink. The tint is designed for use on both cheeks and lips to add a splash of colour. ***The Brand*** Benefit was founded in San Francisco in 1976 by Jean and Jane Ford. Over thirty years later, it is a famous global brand and mixes quality makeup with whimsical retro branding. Benefit cosmetics can be bought in the UK from Boots, Debenhams, ASOS, individual boutiques and the website, They are quite pricey, with a mascara priced at around £15 and the well-known product Benetint priced at £24.50, but most of their products are great quality and last ages, or so I've found. ***Posietint*** It comes in a bright pink box with a lighter pink flower. The box contains instructions and a set of ingredients. Inside, the Posietint bottle resembles a nail varnish bottle in size and shape with a white lid and a pink metallic bottle (the mini bottle I got from the US is smaller and doesn't have the metallic finish the Glamour samples and the full size bottles have, but is otherwise identical). The box is pretty and rather striking, and would look really good on any dressing table. Unscrewing the lid reveals a small brush, very similar to a nail varnish brush, and a bright pink liquid. I was rather worried at first as it was so pink and I ...

Lush Dr. Peppermint Shampoo 04/04/2014

Call the doctor, I need to wash my hair!

Lush Okra Conditioner 03/04/2014

Not something I'll repurchase

BeneFit Ooh La Lift 02/04/2014

Could be good for someone with puffy eyes

BeneFit Ooh La Lift Benefit is one of my favourite makeup brands. It was founded in San Francisco in 1976 by Jean and Jane Ford and is now a famous global brand mixing quality makeup with whimsical retro branding. I love the packaging for Benefit products, but more importantly, the majority are high quality although they are rather expensive. I requested, and was lucky to receive, one of their mini kits for my last birthday called Realness of Concealness. This kit contained a number of products, one being Ooh La Lift. This product is described as an "under-eye de-puffer" and it contains raspberry and chamomile extracts to help de-puff and firm the eye area. Ooh La Lift normally retails for £16 and is available from Boots, ASOS, Debenhams, individual boutiques and the website, It comes in a clear tube showcasing the pale pink product inside, with a black lid and black writing. The tube I got in my kit is very similar, although obviously a lot smaller. Instructions for using this product state that you should apply the product lightly and blend to help to de-puff and firm the under eye area. I use the sponge applicator (similar to a lip gloss applicator) to dab a couple of dots under my eyes. The light pink liquid has a nice consistency, similar to the High Beam highlighter: it's neither too runny nor too thick. The liquid does feel lovely on my skin, giving a gentle cooling sensation. I use my little finger to gently blend the product, and it sinks in really easily ...

Soap & Glory The Wizard Of Flaws Magical Line Filling Wand 31/03/2014

It's a highlighter not a concealer

Bourjois Eau de Gloss Non Sticky Lip Gloss 28/03/2014

A lovely lip gloss

Bourjois Eau de Gloss Non Sticky Lip Gloss I bought a couple of Eau de Gloss lip glosses by Bourjois when they were being sold off by online retailer Fragrance Direct for only a couple of pounds. I like lip glosses and the Bourjois brand so it seemed like a good deal. ***The Brand*** Bourjois is a Parisian brand which has been around for almost 150 years. It is named after Monsieur Alexandre Napoléon Bourjois who created the world's first powder blusher in 1863. The brand originally created makeup for theatre performers but later branched out into makeup for the ordinary woman. The website, has some interesting information about the brand's history and several pictures of vintage makeup designs. Today, Bourjois aims to make Parisian style accessible to all by creating daring looks that don't break the bank. ***Price and Availability*** I believe these lip glosses are now discontinued from the main product line, but at the time of writing a number of shades are still available from Fragrance Direct for the price I paid, £1.99 (plus p&p) which I feel is very reasonable. ***My Experience*** I currently have this lip gloss in Cassis Hydratant, a fuchsia pink, and I used to have a lighter pink shade too. The lip gloss tube is clear plastic, elongated at the top with a little 'ball' on the top of the lid. The tube is very elegant and is also easy to hold when you're applying lip gloss. The basic premise of this lip gloss is that with 14% water content, it gives a fresh and thirst-quenching sensation ...

Benefit realness of concealness mini "fake-it" kit 26/03/2014

A lovely little kit ideal as a gift or as a tester

Benefit realness of concealness mini "fake-it" kit The USA cosmetics brand Benefit make a few special edition little kits containing a number of miniature products. For my birthday last year I asked for the Realness of Concealness kit from my friend, and was lucky enough to receive it. Here's my review of this cool product! ***The Brand*** Benefit was founded in San Francisco in 1976 by Jean and Jane Ford. Over thirty years later, it is a famous global brand and mixes quality makeup with whimsical retro branding. Benefit cosmetics can be bought in the UK from Boots, Debenhams, ASOS, individual boutiques and the website, They are quite pricey, with a mascara priced at around £15 and the well-known product Benetint priced at £24.50, but most of their products are great quality and last ages, or so I've found. ***The Product*** The Realness of Concealness kit is described as a 'mini "fake-it" kit', a concealing and highlighting kit. It comes in a little box, about 8cm by 6m, and just over 2cm thick. Inside are five mini Benefit products: Ooh La Lift, Lip Plump and High Beam (in mini lipgloss-style tubes), and Lemon Aid and Boi-Ing which are embedded into the actual case. I'll go into more detail about each individual product below. A leaflet, included inside the case and written in several different languages, explains what each product does and how to use it. This is very useful to have as it's not immediately obvious what each product is for! The Realness of Concealness kit is priced at £24 (I ...

Lush Almond Kisses Moisturiser 25/03/2014

Cover your face in almond kisses

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