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Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean 21/11/2014

A lovely cleanser

Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean I’m a huge fan of the brand Soap & Glory, and have used many of their brightly-packaged, effective body products. The brand also makes facial skincare products, which I also like to sample. I am currently using the Peaches & Clean 4 in 1 Wash-off Deep Cleansing Milk, which I got in a set at Christmas. The product costs £8 from Boots (for 200ml of product) – this is pricey, but it’s often on special offer. Also, I find that I only need a relatively small amount each time, and it is lasting me ages even though I’ve been using it every day. The bottle is clear plastic, meaning it is easy to see how much you have left. The label is the typical Soap & Glory retro-style label with Fifties women. At least, it is on mine – looking at the updated packaging in Boots, it seems the skincare range has been modernised slightly and the bottle is now cream-coloured with a more modern label design. The bottle has a pump dispenser, making it easy to get the cleanser out in a hygienic and simple way. A couple of pumps is enough to cleanse my face. I rub the cleanser over my face, adding a little water to help it lather. It has a pleasant peach scent but doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I remove the remains of the cleanser with a cotton wool pad, and follow with toner and moisturiser. If I have been wearing heavy eye makeup I sometimes use a specific eye makeup remover first; otherwise this is the sole cleansing product I use. I only use it at night, as I have another product for the ...

Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy 20/11/2014

Not all THAT happy!

Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy As I’ve mentioned (frequently!) in previous reviews, I’m a huge fan of the store Lush and I enjoy sampling all of their different products. Recently, they released a number of different hair products, which I have been working my way through. One of these is the Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner, or “scented hair perfume”. This is normally quite pricey, but I managed to pick up a bottle in the post-Christmas sale. Usually it is priced as follows: £9.25 100g £18.45 250g £30.50 500g The product is scented with the same smell as the Orange Blossom fragrance. I love this perfume, which makes me think of Mediterranean summers. When I first smelled this product, I thought it smelled just like Orange Blossom, and I thought it would be an ideal scent to put on my hair. The conditioner contains rose water, orange blossom water and especially almond milk which all help to condition the hair. It also contains jojoba and neroli oils which are uplifting citrusy oils that help you feel happier and spread a little cheer as you go about your day. I used the conditioner as normal, after shampooing my hair. It is a cream colour and I found it to be quite runny, so I had to use rather a large amount on my dry hair. I left it on for a short while before rinsing off. It was easy to rinse off but I didn’t feel as though my hair was conditioned properly. I often find this with Lush conditioners though – they don’t ‘coat’ the hair so it doesn’t seem like it has done any good, until your hair dries ...

Lush Sikkim Girls Body Cream 17/11/2014

Gorgeous body lotion

Lush Sikkim Girls Body Cream I’m a huge fan of the store Lush and recently I’ve been excited to try out all of their new Christmas products. Among the new items are two body creams. One, the Sikkim Girls Body Cream, was inspired by the perfume of the same name which was released just over a year ago. This cream costs a whopping £24.95 for 100g. I wasn’t prepared to pay that and ended up buying a tub from eBay for about £15 – still expensive, but a bit more manageable. It is one of the first preservative-free body lotions from Lush, with cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, organic hemp oil, illipe butter and extra virgin coconut oil – all of which are designed to moisturise and condition. The cream is scented with the scent of Sikkim Girls perfume, a fragrance inspired by the ‘Sikkim girls’ of India – women whose swaying hips and mysterious allure seduce men. Darjeeling tea, vanilla and jasmine help to create a lovely rich spicy scent, unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before (apart from the perfume itself of course). The cream also contains frangipani absolute and tuberose absolute to add an extra exoticness to the cream. As it contains honey, it is not suitable for vegans, but like all Lush products it is suitable for vegetarians. Opening the tub, I saw a very thick cream, white in colour, with a very strong scent. The scent is just like that of the perfume, and is very pleasant though it won’t appeal to everyone. To use the cream, I use my fingers to scoop a little out and smooth it over my body. It ...

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush 14/11/2014

I have a crush on this scrub!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush As a huge Soap & Glory fan, I’ve been trying to sample all their products. I particularly like their body scrubs, which are extremely effective. A while ago I tried the Sugar Crush scrub. This scrub was originally part of the S&G Spa range, and my tub was clear plastic with a blue lid and label. It has since been redesigned: it is no longer called “Spa” and the packaging is pink. However, as far as I can tell it is still the same product. It costs £8, but is often available as part of a 3 for 2 offer in Boots. The scrub is described as a “smashed brown sugar body scrub”. It contains sweet lime and almond oils, as well as macadamia grains and glycerine. The lime gives it an amazing, refreshing citrus smell which really helps me feel more awake in the morning. It also has a sweeter, nuttier base aroma thanks to the almond oil, which also makes the scrub quite moisturising. Soap & Glory recommend using the scrub one to four times a week depending on how much you need it. I tend to use it around three times per week. In the shower, I scoop some of the product out of the tub and scrub it on to my body, concentrating on my legs, arms, and (in particular) knees and elbows. The scrub isn’t too harsh, but it is very effective and I notice a difference immediately. After use my skin smells lovely and feels very soft and moisturised – I do have to apply a little moisturiser but not much. The scrub makes a difference after just one use, and regular use has given me soft smooth ...

Argan Oil Conditioner 13/11/2014

Excellent conditioner for the price

Argan Oil Conditioner I am signed up to websites such as Groupon and Living Social and occasionally purchase a bargain. One such was a haircare package including shampoo, conditioner, protection spray and hair mask. Today I will be reviewing the conditioner. The packaging is brown and green which isn’t the most obviously appealing but it does fit in with the perception of argan oil as being a natural, ‘earthy’ product. What I do like about the packaging is the shape and form. It has a flip top lid, meaning that it is easy to open and close even with wet hands. The lid is actually on the bottom, meaning that even when the product is running out, gravity ensures it’s still easy to get it out of the packaging. The tube is a 250ml one and the conditioner contains Moroccan Argan Oil extract. Argan oil seems to be a big thing at the moment and it supposed to be really good for your hair. It is claimed that the conditioner helps to rejuvenate and rehydrate the hair, leaving it shiny, smooth and healthy. The conditioner is easy to use: after rinsing off your shampoo, simply apply a small amount to wet hair, leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse off. It is white and has a thicker texture than the shampoo. It has a faint pleasant smell but this doesn’t really last on my hair. This conditioner seems to do a really good job. It doesn’t irritate my scalp, but keeps my hair moisturised without making it oily. When used alongside the matching shampoo, the results are superb. I colour my hair and have not noticed ...

Lush Shoot for the Stars Ballistic 12/11/2014

Lovely ballistic

Lush Shoot for the Stars Ballistic Every year I get excited when my favourite store, Lush, release their limited edition Christmas products. This year, one of their bath products was a ballistic called Shoot For the Stars. Brightly coloured with a shooting star pattern, the ballistic was large and very attractive. It was scented with the same sweet, toffee-like honey scent as the Honey I Washed the Kids soap, which pleased me, as I love this smell. It was designed to turn the bath water into lots of different colours. Suitable for vegans, the ballistic was made with a base of sodium bicarbonate (to help it to dissolve and fizz) and citric acid. It was scented with Brazilian orange oil and bergamot oil, as well as a secret perfume blend and it also contained different lustres to make it look pretty in the bath. As usual with ballistics, I ran the bath first then got in and dropped the ballistic into the water, so I could watch it fizz uninterruptedly. The ballistic dissolved and emitted lovely colours, yellow, blue and pink. After a while, when it had dissolved completely, the water had turned a rather lovely purplish colour. The scent, albeit fainter, was lovely. After my bath, I felt relaxed and happy. The ballistic didn’t dry my skin out, although I did need to apply moisturiser afterwards. I could smell the honey-toffee scent on my skin, although it was fainter. The product didn’t irritate my skin at all. The ballistic is £3.25 which is a bit pricey, and there are others I like better – such as the ...

REN Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream 10/11/2014

Superb night cream

REN Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream A while ago, I got some samples from a magazine consisting of miniature REN skincare samples. REN is a company with a philosophy of “clean skincare” and combines the latest technology and product testing with 100% plant and mineral derived ingredients, free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients. The full-size products can be bought from their own website at, or from a number of other outlets. I got a tube of Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream, which I gather from the website has been renamed V-Cense™ Revitalising Night Cream. It is quite pricey at £32 for 50ml, so I am glad I managed to pick up a sample! However only a tiny amount is needed at once so it does last a long time. The cream has been “formulated to recharge, revitalise and intensively hydrate the skin overnight”. It is designed to help reduce and slow the signs of premature ageing by including antioxidant protection and smoothing fine lines. It also helps skin to feel softer, firmer and smoother, as well as hydrating and replenishing. Or so it claims. I thought the cream had a light, slightly medicinal scent. It was fairly thick but a bit tricky to squeeze out of the tube. The cream was white and easy to apply; it seemed to blend into my skin well. It felt luxurious and rich on my skin; it felt too heavy for a day cream but perfect for a night cream. The product didn’t irritate my skin at all. Overall I was impressed with the product. I didn’t have to apply much at all and ...

The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Eau de Toilette 05/11/2014

Atlas Mountain Rose fragrance

The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Eau de Toilette Not too long ago, I was buying some things at The Body Shop and I came across this product in the sale. It was a 10ml purse spray of the Atlas Mountain Rose fragrance and it was only £5, so I popped it in my basket. The spray is clear glass, so it’s easy to see how much of the product you have left. The label is pink with a distinctive design consisting of a house and some roses. The design is common to all products in the Atlas Mountain Rose range, which includes a normal fragrance as well as a shower gel and body lotion. The lid of the product is silver, and it is secure – I’ve carried around this purse spray in my bag constantly, and the lid has never come off. The spray mechanism means that it won’t spill in your bag, either. The fragrance is a floral one, inspired by roses. I thought the rose smell was lovely – really evocative, and not at all artificial. It reminded me a little of Turkish Delight, and made me think of hot, sultry summer evenings. In the past I’ve thought that Body Shop perfumes don’t have the best longevity. This one is no exception – it only seems to last for a couple of hours on my skin, although it does last longer when sprayed onto clothes. However, in the summer I don’t necessarily want a strong, long-lasting perfume anyway – a lighter fragrance is preferable. In addition, this product is easy to carry around in a bag in order to reapply. I did find that I used this spray up quickly. However in its defence, it was pretty small – also, it’s a ...

The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach Bath And Shower Gel 04/11/2014

Fuzzy peach shower gel

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash 01/11/2014

A good face wash

Lush Smugglers Soul Perfume 29/10/2014

The soul of a smuggler in a fragrance

Lush Smugglers Soul Perfume Being a fan of Lush and their sister company Gorilla Perfume, I was interested to learn that they were bringing out a new range of perfumes. Most have only been out for limited times as yet, but one has been released in store and online – Smugglers Soul. This fragrance was inspired by the legends of smugglers that abound on the British coast, particularly in Lush’s hometown of Poole, located by the sea. Lush describe it as “deep, dangerous and intoxicating” – exciting stuff! *Packaging* The fragrance comes in a variety of forms. The body spray is black plastic, the solid is a metal tin, and the liquid perfumes are glass bottles. I particularly like the glass bottles as they remind me of apothecary bottles. If you have seen some of Lush’s previous perfumes you will be familiar with the style of label, which is continued here – a drawn picture of a bearded smuggler. *Price* Solid £9 (12g) Body Spray £20 (300ml) Small Liquid £18 (10ml) Large Liquid £54 (50ml) *The Fragrance* Smugglers Soul contains two kinds of sandalwood oil to give it a rich incense-like scent. It is mysterious and uplifting, rich and incense-like. It also contains Madagascan Vetivert Oil which adds some sweetness to the mix. In addition, lemongrass oil is included which helps freshen the scent and add a citrusy tang. I was intrigued by this combination of ingredients and thought that Smugglers Soul sounded like an interesting scent. *My Experience* I have tried this scent a few times in Lush stores. On ...

Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Oil 24/10/2014

Excellent, but extremely pricey!

Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Oil I received a 5ml pump dispenser bottle of this Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil in a beauty box recently. When I found out that it normally costs £58 for 30ml, I was very pleased! The oil comes in a purple tube with a silver lid, inside a purple box. The packaging is simple and a bit clinical, but the colour makes it look a bit more interesting. Importantly, the product has not been tested on animals. It contains no parabens or sulphates, and is suitable for normal to dry skin. Personally I have slightly oily skin, but I wasn’t going to turn down a freebie! The product is described as NUDE’s signature treatment oil. It is made with a blend of pure omega oils and is designed to help create a “beautiful, dewy” complexion. You are meant to warm 2-3 drops between your hands and press onto your skin after cleansing. As only a very small amount is needed, the product does last absolutely ages. The oil has a bit of a strange smell, but I got used to that, and it does go away once you apply it. It is a dark colour too, which I didn’t like, but the colour doesn’t transfer to the face, and I soon got used to it. The oil blends in well and doesn’t make my skin feel greasy. As I mentioned, only a tiny amount is needed. It keeps my skin moisturised for hours, and I’ve used it both underneath and instead of moisturiser. Over time it seems to have made my skin look brighter and more refreshed. I’ve been feeling quite tired lately, and coupled with the weather changes I expected my skin to be ...

Lush Gorilla Perfume Exclusive Miniatures Set 20/10/2014

A lovely set to work out your favourite

Lush Gorilla Perfume Exclusive Miniatures Set My favourite store, Lush, makes beautiful and unusual fragrances under the name Gorilla Perfume. Many of these are available in-store, with some exclusively online. Several are available in sample sizes, and you can also buy two miniature sets each containing eight of the sample size fragrances. This set is the second one, including many of the perfumes originally called ‘B sides and rarities’. These are scents from Lush past and also from B Never, Lush’s sister company which closed a few years ago. They are: Love, Cocktail, 1000 Kisses Deep, B Scent, Ladyboy, Smell of Weather Turning, Ginger, Superworld Unknown. I will discuss each of the fragrances in turn. *Love* On first application, I loved the fresh apple scent. Apple is a very unusual smell to have in a perfume, so this is a really unique fragrance. Over time, the scent dried down and the spicy cinnamon aspect of the fragrance became more prominent. The perfume lasted for ages on my skin – a good few hours – and I also found that it lingered on my clothes. I kept getting whiffs of apple – it reminded me of mulled cider! It’s the sort of smell you can enjoy all year round – the freshness is ideal for summer, while apples can also evoke autumn and cooler weather, cinnamon being reminiscent of Christmas. *Cocktail* When I first smelled Cocktail I wasn't sure about the scent. It was a bit fresh and clinical. However when I applied it to my skin I started to like it more. I could smell the aroma of ylang ylang with a ...

I Love... Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath & Shower Creme 17/10/2014

Cheap and cheerful bubble bath

I Love... Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath & Shower Creme After Christmas I found that lots of lovely toiletries I like were on sale. I came across a number of I Love… toiletries on sale in Argos, of all places. I got two sets of mini bubble bath and shower crème bottles; each set was only £3.99 which I thought was a bargain. I like the I Love… range, which I’ve tried a few times from Superdrug. The clear plastic bottle showcases the product inside which is a very pretty deep shimmery red. This also means that you can easily see how much of the product you have left. The black lid is a flip-top one so you don’t have to mess around with unscrewed lids that might get lost. This particular “flavour” is raspberry and blackberry and it really does smell delicious. The product contains extracts from these fruits, as well as a “unique skin softening vitamin complex” which helps to moisturise the skin and keep it soft and supple. I Love… products are soap free, paraben free and pH balanced. I poured some of the bubble bath in while the water was running. I found that I could smell the delicious scent during this time and a reasonable amount of bubbles were produced. I am used to using Lush bubble bars and while the amount of bubbles here didn’t compare, there were a good few, covering the water well, though they weren’t particularly high. The water didn’t change colour, which is a shame as it would be lovely to bathe in such a beautiful deep red. During my bath, I was disappointed to find that I couldn’t really smell the scent at all. ...
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