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Lush Smugglers Soul Perfume 29/10/2014

The soul of a smuggler in a fragrance

Lush Smugglers Soul Perfume Being a fan of Lush and their sister company Gorilla Perfume, I was interested to learn that they were bringing out a new range of perfumes. Most have only been out for limited times as yet, but one has been released in store and online – Smugglers Soul. This fragrance was inspired by the legends of smugglers that abound on the British coast, particularly in Lush’s hometown of Poole, located by the sea. Lush describe it as “deep, dangerous and intoxicating” – exciting stuff! *Packaging* The fragrance comes in a variety of forms. The body spray is black plastic, the solid is a metal tin, and the liquid perfumes are glass bottles. I particularly like the glass bottles as they remind me of apothecary bottles. If you have seen some of Lush’s previous perfumes you will be familiar with the style of label, which is continued here – a drawn picture of a bearded smuggler. *Price* Solid £9 (12g) Body Spray £20 (300ml) Small Liquid £18 (10ml) Large Liquid £54 (50ml) *The Fragrance* Smugglers Soul contains two kinds of sandalwood oil to give it a rich incense-like scent. It is mysterious and uplifting, rich and incense-like. It also contains Madagascan Vetivert Oil which adds some sweetness to the mix. In addition, lemongrass oil is included which helps freshen the scent and add a citrusy tang. I was intrigued by this combination of ingredients and thought that Smugglers Soul sounded like an interesting scent. *My Experience* I have tried this scent a few times in Lush stores. On ...

Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Oil 24/10/2014

Excellent, but extremely pricey!

Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Oil I received a 5ml pump dispenser bottle of this Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil in a beauty box recently. When I found out that it normally costs £58 for 30ml, I was very pleased! The oil comes in a purple tube with a silver lid, inside a purple box. The packaging is simple and a bit clinical, but the colour makes it look a bit more interesting. Importantly, the product has not been tested on animals. It contains no parabens or sulphates, and is suitable for normal to dry skin. Personally I have slightly oily skin, but I wasn’t going to turn down a freebie! The product is described as NUDE’s signature treatment oil. It is made with a blend of pure omega oils and is designed to help create a “beautiful, dewy” complexion. You are meant to warm 2-3 drops between your hands and press onto your skin after cleansing. As only a very small amount is needed, the product does last absolutely ages. The oil has a bit of a strange smell, but I got used to that, and it does go away once you apply it. It is a dark colour too, which I didn’t like, but the colour doesn’t transfer to the face, and I soon got used to it. The oil blends in well and doesn’t make my skin feel greasy. As I mentioned, only a tiny amount is needed. It keeps my skin moisturised for hours, and I’ve used it both underneath and instead of moisturiser. Over time it seems to have made my skin look brighter and more refreshed. I’ve been feeling quite tired lately, and coupled with the weather changes I expected my skin to be ...

Lush Gorilla Perfume Exclusive Miniatures Set 20/10/2014

A lovely set to work out your favourite

Lush Gorilla Perfume Exclusive Miniatures Set My favourite store, Lush, makes beautiful and unusual fragrances under the name Gorilla Perfume. Many of these are available in-store, with some exclusively online. Several are available in sample sizes, and you can also buy two miniature sets each containing eight of the sample size fragrances. This set is the second one, including many of the perfumes originally called ‘B sides and rarities’. These are scents from Lush past and also from B Never, Lush’s sister company which closed a few years ago. They are: Love, Cocktail, 1000 Kisses Deep, B Scent, Ladyboy, Smell of Weather Turning, Ginger, Superworld Unknown. I will discuss each of the fragrances in turn. *Love* On first application, I loved the fresh apple scent. Apple is a very unusual smell to have in a perfume, so this is a really unique fragrance. Over time, the scent dried down and the spicy cinnamon aspect of the fragrance became more prominent. The perfume lasted for ages on my skin – a good few hours – and I also found that it lingered on my clothes. I kept getting whiffs of apple – it reminded me of mulled cider! It’s the sort of smell you can enjoy all year round – the freshness is ideal for summer, while apples can also evoke autumn and cooler weather, cinnamon being reminiscent of Christmas. *Cocktail* When I first smelled Cocktail I wasn't sure about the scent. It was a bit fresh and clinical. However when I applied it to my skin I started to like it more. I could smell the aroma of ylang ylang with a ...

I Love... Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath & Shower Creme 17/10/2014

Cheap and cheerful bubble bath

I Love... Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath & Shower Creme After Christmas I found that lots of lovely toiletries I like were on sale. I came across a number of I Love… toiletries on sale in Argos, of all places. I got two sets of mini bubble bath and shower crème bottles; each set was only £3.99 which I thought was a bargain. I like the I Love… range, which I’ve tried a few times from Superdrug. The clear plastic bottle showcases the product inside which is a very pretty deep shimmery red. This also means that you can easily see how much of the product you have left. The black lid is a flip-top one so you don’t have to mess around with unscrewed lids that might get lost. This particular “flavour” is raspberry and blackberry and it really does smell delicious. The product contains extracts from these fruits, as well as a “unique skin softening vitamin complex” which helps to moisturise the skin and keep it soft and supple. I Love… products are soap free, paraben free and pH balanced. I poured some of the bubble bath in while the water was running. I found that I could smell the delicious scent during this time and a reasonable amount of bubbles were produced. I am used to using Lush bubble bars and while the amount of bubbles here didn’t compare, there were a good few, covering the water well, though they weren’t particularly high. The water didn’t change colour, which is a shame as it would be lovely to bathe in such a beautiful deep red. During my bath, I was disappointed to find that I couldn’t really smell the scent at all. ...

Kitsound Mini Buddy Penguin Speaker 16/10/2014

Adorable speaker that does a great job!

Lush Neon Love Soap 14/10/2014

Love-ly soap

Lush Neon Love Soap *It's taken me ages to post this- better late than never!* One of my favourite stores, Lush, releases a number of limited edition products every year on various occasions. One of these occasions is Valentine’s Day. Now I don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day, but I make an exception when it comes to sampling Lush’s limited edition products! This year they released a really good mix of products, including a shower gel, massage bar, bath product, and what I am about to review now: a soap, Neon Love. The full-size version of the soap, heart-shaped, pink and with the word ‘Love’ emblazoned in yellow, resembles a neon light; it was actually inspired by 12 Months of Neon Love, a collaborative art installation by Victoria Lucas and William Wheater which ran from Valentine’s Day 2011 for a year. When you purchase a slice, you can see the little white hearts buried inside. The soap is suitable for vegans and costs £4.25, which is pricey for soap, but like all Lush soaps it is good quality. It contains coconut oil and soya yoghurt to moisturise, as well as fresh passion fruit juice to add a tangy citrus quality. It contains cinnamon leaf, rosewood and bergamot oils to create a slightly spicy, fresh fragrance. I really like the scent of this soap – it’s refreshing and different. The soap lathers up well, but doesn’t become used up quickly – I’ve had my piece since before Valentine’s Day and I still have loads left. I’ve used the soap on both my hands and body and it works well: it cleanses ...

Lush Secret Santa 13/10/2014

Secret Santa

Lush Secret Santa My favourite store, Lush, released several limited edition items in time for Christmas. Included among them were several bath products. One particularly exciting item was the Secret Santa ballistic. Several months ago a super-exclusive fragrance called HQ was made available for an extremely limited time. This fragrance was designed to recreate the smell of a whole Lush shop, using the most distinctive elements of the unique scent to create an absolutely gorgeous fragrance. The perfume has since been made available via the Poole store, renamed 29 High Street. Both the original name, HQ, and the new name refer to the original shop on 29 High Street in Poole. This ballistic is designed to smell just like that fragrance. It has been made in the shape of a house, and is very cute: it’s yellow with the detail on the door made out in pink. It has a lovely scent, which really does smell like a Lush store, fresh and citrusy with a hint of sweetness and an undertone of patchouli and sandalwood. It is expensive at £5.75, but I understood the price when I saw it, as it is absolutely huge! The ballistic is suitable for vegans and contains sodium bicarbonate, which is the substance that helps it to fizz. It is scented with ylang ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, lime and tonka – all of them popular ingredients in Lush products. I thought that the ballistic looked big enough to do two baths at least, and I read that it should be possible to break it into pieces by banging it against the bath. ...

Lush Gorilla Perfume B Scent 10/10/2014

Make a beeline for B Scent

Lush Gorilla Perfume B Scent My favourite store, Lush, makes beautiful and unusual fragrances under the name Gorilla Perfume. Many of these are available in-store, with some exclusively online. Several are available in sample sizes, and you can also buy two miniature sets each containing eight of the sample size fragrances. I bought the second set, including many of the perfumes originally called ‘B sides and rarities’. These are scents from Lush past and also from B Never, Lush’s sister company which closed a few years ago. I have sampled all the perfumes in turn and I am going to review them all. The fragrance I am going to review today is B Scent. *Packaging* Each fragrance comes in a tiny 2ml glass vial and the bottles are laid out together in a recycled cardboard case. It is also possible to buy the fragrances in the following forms: - Solid £8 - Spritzer £15 - Atomiser £31 The concentrations are different depending on the form purchased, with the atomiser having the highest concentration. The perfumes come in the standard black packaging which is slightly dull, but fits in with the Gorilla Perfume ethos of concentrating on the perfume rather than the packaging. Some people on the Lush forum have found that perfume can leak from these black bottles, but I haven’t had any problems. *The Fragrance* B Scent is the original signature scent of B Never, Lush’s sister cosmetic company. Lush describe it as a light, feminine fragrance, and it contains lemon, bergamot, ylang ylang, fennel, jasmine, ...

Avon Beauty Balm 09/10/2014

An excellent BB cream

Avon Beauty Balm I got a couple of samples of the Avon Ideal Flawless BB Beauty Balm Cream in a magazine and decided to give them a go. I don’t often order from Avon – there’s no representative near me and it’s not very often I visit their website – but I’ve been impressed with the products I HAVE tried, so I was happy to give this a go. BB creams are everywhere these days, and this product – packaged in classy black – seems to be offering similar things to all the others, which is not necessarily a bad thing – it’s all about how well it works. I applied a small amount of BB Cream over my usual moisturiser for a good couple of weeks until it ran out. The product is described as a ’10 in 1’ beauty balm – 10 claims is rather a lot I must say! I will cover each claim in turn. - Infused with Vitamin E – obviously this is a claim I can’t directly test, but its presence suggests that the product cares for the skin and helps to protect it. - Infused with minerals and antioxidants – as above, I can’t directly test this but it reassures me that the cream is full of good things. - Hydrates skin – This is true to an extent. I have slightly oily/combination skin and so I wouldn’t want anything too moisturising. However, I still had to apply a thin layer of moisturiser before using this product. In fairness, using this caused no dry patches and I suspect my need to use moisturiser was due to the tiny amount of BB cream I needed to use so that my skin didn’t look too dark. The sample of cream provided ...

Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream 08/10/2014

Not a good product for me

Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of the Burt’s Bees brand. However, before I managed to properly work this out, I got hold of some Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream. Hand cream is an essential for me as I do get dry skin on my hands, and I’ve tried several brands in the past. Would this product confirm or belie my expectations? The product comes in a foil-like tube, a bit like a toothpaste tube, in yellow and white packaging like the rest of the Burt’s Bees brand. It costs £11.99 for a 90g tube, which isn’t cheap, but isn’t overly expensive either. I didn’t pay that much for it – I got it as part of a special offer after Christmas last year. The cream has the leaping bunny logo to show that it has not been tested on animals; it is 100% natural and contains no sulphates, parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals. These are positive points. It is made of sunflower oil and glycerine, as well as shea butter which is incredibly moisturising. It also contains ingredients such as macadamia nut, rosehip, lavender, neroli and borage. However I really wasn’t keen on the cream itself. It is very thick, with almost the texture of a thick mousse. It is yellow in colour and is best used as an overnight hand treatment, as it can be a little greasy. It is fairly rich, but unfortunately I didn’t feel that it really moisturised my hands intensively enough. The cream almost seemed to “sit” on my skin, rather than deeply penetrating my skin to deliver intense moisture. My hands did feel ...

Lush Pumkin Bubble Bath 07/10/2014

Cute seasonal bath!

Lush Pumkin Bubble Bath Another day, another Lush review. This time I will discuss the Pumkin bubble bar, a limited edition bar for Halloween. The Pumkin was inspired by a pumpkin, and was also a reincarnation of the Mumkin bubble bar from Mother’s Day (incidentally back again this year). He was orange and had green leaves, as well as two little (vegan) chocolate eyes. In fact the whole bar was suitable for vegans. Pumkin cost £2.75, which sounds pricey but is normal for Lush bubble bars. Personally I am happy with the price – it’s healthier than a glass of wine, and cheaper! Also, I find that with bubble bars I can easily get 2 or 3 baths out of 1 product. The bubble bar is scented with the Figs and Leaves soap, a refreshing, comforting scent that I really like. It’s a grownup scent and very relaxing. The scent is produced by the use of ylang ylang oil, orange flower absolute and gardenia extract. The bulk of the bar is made up of sodium bicarbonate, cream of tartar and cornflour, but it’s worth noting that the bar contains sodium laureth sulfate. This ingredient is used in most bath and shower products, as it helps them to bubble and lather, but it can cause skin irritation in some people, so it’s good to be aware of this. To use the bar I crumbled it under the running tap, only using about half. It produced lots of lovely bubbles and turned the water a bright orange colour. The bath looked very inviting and it proved to be so when I got in – the scent was lovely, warm and sweet and comforting, ...

Lush Love Locket 06/10/2014

Lovely Valentine's product (better late than never!)

Lush Love Locket *Found this review on my computer and thought I might as well post it!* One of my favourite stores, Lush, releases a number of limited edition products every year on various occasions. One of these occasions is Valentine’s Day. Now I don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day, but I make an exception when it comes to sampling Lush’s limited edition products! This year they released a really good mix of products, including a shower gel, massage bar, soap, and what I am about to review now: a bath ballistic, Love Locket. This huge ballistic was heart-shaped, pink in colour with a yellow centre, and a lock design on the side. It was inspired by heart-shaped lockets in which photos and secrets are kept. Lush say that you have to (crack) open the bath bomb to reveal the secrets hidden within! The ballistic cost £6.95, which is expensive even for Lush. However, it was so big that I was able to break it into three pieces, making each bath much cheaper. It’s still more expensive than other bath products, but it’s fine for an occasional treat. The bath bomb is suitable for vegans and contains sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, which keep it together and help it fizz. It is scented with jasmine absolute, vanilla absolute and neroli oil. Jasmine is noted for being a sensuous rich floral and is often associated with love and seduction. Vanilla is sweet and delicious while neroli is uplifting – all in all, a lovely selection of ingredients for a relaxing bath. Inside, the ballistic contains red ...

Lush Scent Calacas 03/10/2014

One of my favourite scents from Lush

REN Rosa Centifolia Facial Wash 01/10/2014

Good product, but pricey

REN Rosa Centifolia Facial Wash A while ago, I got some samples from a magazine consisting of miniature REN skincare samples. REN is a company with a philosophy of “clean skincare” and combines the latest technology and product testing with 100% plant and mineral derived ingredients, free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients. The full-size products can be bought from their own website at, or from a number of other outlets. One of the items I got was the Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel. This is described as a “detergent and soap free gel cleanser” that removes make-up, oils, dirt and pollution without stripping the skin. It also contains no sulphates. The product comes in 150ml bottles with a pump dispenser and costs £14, which is pricey but not as much as some products I’ve seen around. My sample size is a tube with a screw top, which does make it a bit tricky to get the product out. Instructions state that you should apply one pump of cleanser onto damp hands and gently massage over the face and neck, then rinse off with warm water. I have to squeeze mine out of the tube before massaging. It doesn’t lather as well as some products I’ve tried – probably because of the lack of sulfates – but it does a reasonable job. The gel feels very gentle on my face: it doesn’t irritate my skin or eyes at all, washes off easily, and doesn’t make my skin feel dry or tight even before applying moisturiser. As far as I can tell the gel does a good job of removing dirt and pollution; my ...
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