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Lush's Christmas range is online! Yay!

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Lush Marathon Bubble Bar 16/12/2014

A lovely relaxing bubble bar

Lush Sparkler Bath Bomb 15/12/2014

Sparkle in the bath

Lush Sparkler Bath Bomb Recently I tried another item from the Lush Christmas range – the Sparkler bath bomb. In fact, this bath bomb more strongly belongs to Bonfire Night – it wasn’t explicitly described as such, but the description of “A crackling and fizzing Rose Jam-scented bath bomb that makes bath night fireworks night” leaves one in no doubt that this is what was intended. I purchased it from the branch at Victoria Station last Sunday – I was off out for the day and decided to pop into Lush and get something for my bath last night. The bath bomb is long and bright yellow, resembling a firework or a Christmas cracker. It is suitable for vegans and cost me £3.50. This is expensive, but in fairness it is no more than the price of a glass of wine (in fact in London, it is considerably less!). The bath bomb is Rose Jam-scented, an amazing rose scent that is used in lots of Lush products. It’s a sweet rose scent that I love. The bath bomb contains sodium bicarbonate and citric acid – these are the ingredients that help it to fizz and dissolve. Sodium bicarbonate in particular is used in cooking – if I can put it in my food, I am happy to put it on my skin! To create the lovely scent, the product contains rose oil, Egyptian geranium oil and Sicilian lemon oil. The bath bomb also contains popping candy and gold glimmer lustre. When I use a bath bomb like this, I like to run the bath first so that I can get in, drop in the bath bomb and watch it fizz. This was no exception. It fizzed satisfyingly ...

Maybelline Maybeline Fit Me Foundation 12/12/2014

A good, well-priced foundation

Maybelline Maybeline Fit Me Foundation A while ago I sent off for a free sample of the then new Maybelline foundation, Fit Me. I soon received a tube of the stuff in Shade 115, Ivory. Though it’s a small tube, I only use a tiny amount per application so it’s lasted me absolutely ages. I tend to take it away with me on holidays and weekends away, as it is easier to transport than a large bottle of foundation. Maybelline introduced the Fit Me range as a range of base products to perfectly fit your skin tone. It consists of 3 steps: Step 1: Fit Me Foundation unifies the skintone. Step 2: Fit Me Concealer corrects the appearance of imperfections. Step 3: Fit Me Powder mattifies and sets for a natural, non-cakey looking finish. So far I’ve only used the foundation and the powder, because despite the claims of suiting every skin tone, even the lightest concealer is far too dark for me. The foundation I have is ever so slightly too dark, though it is still wearable if I blend carefully; only the powder is a perfect match. The Fit Me packaging is square and black. The foundation comes in a tall square-edged bottle, clear so you can see exactly how much product you have left, with a black lid. It costs £7.99 which I feel is a really good price. Maybelline state that this foundation contains no oils and no waxes. It is designed to provide natural coverage that makes your skin look fresh, a lightweight foundation with a translucent base. I apply the foundation with either my fingers or a foundation sponge. Either seems ...

Boots Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara 10/12/2014

Get dolled up with this mascara

Boots Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara As I have dyed brown hair but naturally pale eyelashes, I have to use mascara every day or else I look very odd indeed! I’ve tried lots of different mascaras, from budget brands to high end varieties, with mixed success. The latest mascara I’ve tried is the relatively new Doll’d Up Mascara from the Boots Seventeen range. I suspect that the range is aimed at teenagers rather than older women, but a mascara is a mascara, right? This one costs £6.29 (and it’s often on offer) and comes in two shades, Brown/Black and Blackest Black. I have it in Blackest Black. The tube is attractive and curved; it’s black and red with the name of the product on the side. I really like the design – it’s eye-catching and stylish. It has a thin curved brush designed to give you “doll-like” lashes. The mascara is easy to apply and dries quickly with no problems with smudging. I usually go for one coat for everyday and two for evening. The style of the brush makes it very easy to get product on even the end lashes. The look I end up with is slim, defined, curled and long lashes. For extra volume it’s best to apply two coats. The mascara makes several claims: 24 hour curl and volume benefits: I’m not sure about the 24-hour claim, as I rarely stay out that long anymore (if ever!). However, I am impressed with the longevity of the product. If I am going out in the evening, I will usually apply a second coat to increase impact, however I am pleased with how well the mascara lasts without flaking or ...

Gift in a Tin Tropical Spa Gift Tin 08/12/2014

A lovely gift idea

Gift in a Tin Tropical Spa Gift Tin Ages ago I got a Living Social voucher to get a bath bomb set from the website Gift in a Tin ( I can’t actually remember how much I paid, but it certainly wasn’t £16.99, which is the full price. I think I paid around half price for my set. I chose it because I love toiletries (as you will know if you have ever read my other reviews!) and this gift reminded me of Lush. The premise of the website is that it sells easily-postable gifts in tins – these are not limited to bath products, they include candles, chocolates and other items. However, I chose the Fruity Spa tin. The tin is a cylindrical cardboard tin with a metal lid, containing three bath bombs wrapped in tissue paper. They were well packaged and arrived in the post completely whole, with no breakage or damage. The bombs are all made with pure cocoa butter, and are fragranced with various tropical and citrus fruits, including mandarin, nectarine, orange and grapefruit. The products are all made in Britain which is a nice bonus. Properly speaking, only one of the items was an actual bath bomb: the largest one, which was cream in colour, studded with what looked like mini bath pearls and some sort of stuff that looked like toffee. It fizzed pleasantly in the bath and the smell was really strong, although the water didn’t change colour. The bath pearls slowly melted and the toffee-bits floated to the bottom – I’m still not sure what they were for, they definitely weren’t real toffee! The ...

Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm 04/12/2014

Amazing lip balm

Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm I love the store Lush and am currently trying to sample every single product that they make. Actually, I say “currently”, I’ve actually been trying to do this for years and still haven’t managed it – who knows when I will complete my task?! Anyway, back to the review. Lush make a number of lip balms and I have tried several. They are high quality, though expensive - £5.75 for 80g – and I find they do last a long time. The balms come in little silver tins which are very handy and convenient to carry about with you, as they will fit in even the smallest of clutch bags. The only problem I find is that occasionally the lid can get stuck – so I try not to screw it on too tightly! It isn’t the sort of tin which will come apart in your bag, thankfully. Honey Trap has a yummy selection of ingredients to soothe and moisturise your lips. Lush describe it as their thickest and richest lip balm. Honey and oatmeal soothe and moisturise lips: honey also has antiseptic properties. White chocolate nourishes and hydrates, as does Fair Trade shea butter. Wheatgerm, olive and almond oils also nurture and moisturise, while beeswax and carnuba wax help to form a protective barrier over your lips. The presence of beeswax means that the balm is not suitable for vegans, but like all Lush products it is suitable for vegetarians. The balm is a pale cream in colour and smells absolutely amazing, of sweet honey and chocolate. It is easy to use a finger to get some out and smooth it on your lips; only ...

Stila Lip Glaze 03/12/2014

A good product, but a bit expensive for me

Stila Lip Glaze I went through a phase last year of subscribing to a lot of beauty boxes and I am gradually working my way through my stash of products. While most of the items I have are toiletries, I also have a number of makeup items, of which this Stila Lip Glaze is one. Stila is an American brand created in the 1990s. It is available at Boots and at a number of beauty stores online; I’ve also seen it on the ASOS site. This lip glaze costs £15. The lip glaze is apparently one of Stila’s top sellers and comes in a variety of shades. Mine is “piñata” which must be a limited edition shade as I can’t see it on the Boots website; however there are lots of other shades to choose from. This is a pretty pink shade. The packaging is an easy-to-use twist pen style. When you first use the pen you have to twist the bottom 10-15 times to activate, then 1-3 times after that each time you want to apply some lip glaze. The packaging is handy to carry and doesn’t cause mess. It is clear in colour, which is good as it means you can easily see the colour of the product inside, and see exactly how much you have left. However, it also shows you just how little product you get considering the size of the tube! The Stila name and logo is printed on the tube in a minimalist style. On the lips, the glaze feels slightly sticky, but not overly so. I actually prefer sticky glosses anyway as I find they have better staying power. The gloss has a lovely smell and taste, which is rather fruity. Apparently each ...

Maybelline Color Show Brocades 02/12/2014

Beautiful colours, but longevity lets them down

Maybelline Color Show Brocades I picked up a couple of these Maybelline Color Show Brocades nail polishes when they were on special offer in Boots. Normally they are priced at £2.99, which I think is a good price for nail varnish anyway, but on offer they were even cheaper. The new nail polishes have been made with a transparent gel-based formula “combining bold, crisp color with a runway-inspired wardrobe for your nails”. It comes in lots of bright and attractive colours, apparently inspired by catwalk runways and New York’s global role in fashion. I didn’t actually get the brightly coloured varnishes – I got glitter ones instead! I bought a rose gold, a silver and a red glitter. I love glitter varnish and I thought the colours looked gorgeous, particularly the rose gold which I thought was really unusual. As with all glitter varnishes, I used a base coat before applying and a top coat afterwards. The varnish was easy to apply, with a decent-sized brush that didn’t drag, and it dried in a reasonable amount of time. I used two coats to get the best coverage, though one would have sufficed for a subtle sparkle. As the varnish itself is clear, this would be a nice product to layer over another colour. The nail varnish – all three colours – looks beautiful once on. However, unfortunately it peels really easily. Within a couple of hours of application I found it was peeling. I have problems with glitter varnish anyway – I do find that it chips more quickly than standard polish – but this was ridiculous. I ...

Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel 01/12/2014

Charming shower gel!

Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel *Originally written in spring 2014* One of my favourite stores, Lush, releases a number of limited edition products every year on various occasions. One of these occasions is Valentine’s Day. Now I don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day, but I make an exception when it comes to sampling Lush’s limited edition products! One of their new items this year was the Prince Charming shower gel. Suitably named for the occasion, it contained marshmallow root, Fair Trade vanilla and fresh pomegranate juice – yummy! It was suitable for vegans and also contained grapefruit, sandalwood and geranium oils. The gel was bright pink in colour and reasonably thick, though it was still easy to get it out of the bottle with the flip-top lid. I thought the shower gel smelled amazing – it was very sweet but the sweetness was offset by the citrusy sharpness of the pomegranate juice. I thought it was a revitalising and refreshing scent, ideal for a late winter-spring morning. I only needed to use a small amount of gel at a time, as that was all that was needed to produce a good lather with my shower puff. The gel didn’t irritate my skin or dry it out, but I did need to use some moisturiser afterwards. The lovely scent lasted on my skin for a few hours after use. I was impressed by this and it was a very positive experience being able to smell the refreshing scent throughout the morning! I also tried using the shower gel as a shampoo. While I wouldn’t want to routinely replace my normal shampoo with this, as ...

Lush Close to You Massage Bar 26/11/2014

Want to be close to this massage bar!

Lush Close to You Massage Bar *Originally written in Feb 2014* One of my favourite stores, Lush, releases a number of limited edition products every year on various occasions. One of these occasions is Valentine’s Day. Now I don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day, but I make an exception when it comes to sampling Lush’s limited edition products! This year, one of the limited edition products was a massage bar. Unsurprising considering that these bars are meant to be used by two people – one gives the other a luxurious massage with the oils and butters in the bar! However, they can just as easily be used by individuals as solid moisturisers, and that’s how I came to buy and use this new Close To You massage bar. Inspired by Jammie Dodgers, the bar is round and pink with a cream heart poking through. As you use the bar, you discover that the cream fills the inside of the bar, and is a sumptuous fondant centre. The bar is a luxurious one, and melts fairly quickly: definitely one to use for a luxurious moisturising session, not an everyday product. The bulk of the bar is made up of incredibly moisturising ingredients: organic shea butter, murumuru butter, and almond oil. It also contains organic agave syrup, cornflour to help prevent you getting too greasy, and fair trade vanilla absolute to give it a delicious sweet scent which I love. In fact it has the same scent as Rock Star Soap and Creamy Candy bubble bar – two of Lush’s most popular products. It is suitable for vegans and costs £5.50 – pricey, but fine for an ...

Lush Starcraft Cleanser 25/11/2014

Lovely cleanser

Lush Starcraft Cleanser A while ago I purchased a bottle of the Lush cleanser Starcraft from the Retro section. This cleanser comes in a bottle and I got 95g for £5.95. This is pricey, but I hoped that, like all Lush products, it would be worth the money. Starcraft is a slightly runny liquid, white in colour, and it comes in a clear plastic bottle, the same as other Lush products. This is handy as you can see exactly how much you have left. The description states that it will “lift your skin to a higher dimension”. The cleanser is made with oat milk and almond oil, honeysuckle and lavender. It is suitable for vegans. The instructions state to smooth over the face and remove using a warm face cloth or damp cotton wool. I did this and found it felt soothing and cooling on my skin. There was no irritation at all and though the product was runny, the small opening to the bottle meant that it was easy to control how much came out. I didn’t need to use too much of the product. I then removed the cleanser using cotton wool, following with toner and moisturiser. The cleanser was easily removed and I thought it did a great job of removing all makeup and making my skin feel really cleansed. Regular use of this product kept my skin clean, clear and healthy and it looked in great condition. I have no complaints to make about Starcraft – a highly effective cleanser that I think would suit even sensitive skins. The only real issue is the price – that, and the fact that it will be hard to get hold of now. ...

The Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector 24/11/2014

Superb lip balm for the cold weather

The Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector I suffer from dry lips so I always use a lip balm of some description, and I have quite a collection. I got this Hemp Lip Protector from the Body Shop. Normally it costs £4 for a 4.2g stick, but I got a bunch of stuff online using a discount voucher. The Body Shop have a considerable hemp range, all products of which come in dark green packaging. The range contains Community Fair Trade hemp seed oil, which comes from hemp plants grown in England and produced by a co-operative of small-scale family farmers. The lip balm is designed to restore very dry lips and protect them in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it is ideal for winter. It is dermatologically tested. The balm comes in a stick, so it’s handy to use and carry around, no smearing lip balm on your finger to apply it. It has a faint hemp smell but it isn’t as strong as I feared it might be. It is best to apply the balm fairly lightly so it doesn’t go on too thick. However, only a small amount is needed to make lips feel soft and smooth. It does feel like a barrier to the elements, and having used it all through last winter I can confirm that it does a really good job of protecting lips from the cold. It goes on invisible, provided you don’t apply too much, and is also a good base for lipstick, as it keeps lips in good condition so your lipstick goes on without dry skin or clumps getting in the way. Overall, I highly recommend this lip balm, especially in the forthcoming colder weather. I’ve a good mind to go ...

Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean 21/11/2014

A lovely cleanser

Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean I’m a huge fan of the brand Soap & Glory, and have used many of their brightly-packaged, effective body products. The brand also makes facial skincare products, which I also like to sample. I am currently using the Peaches & Clean 4 in 1 Wash-off Deep Cleansing Milk, which I got in a set at Christmas. The product costs £8 from Boots (for 200ml of product) – this is pricey, but it’s often on special offer. Also, I find that I only need a relatively small amount each time, and it is lasting me ages even though I’ve been using it every day. The bottle is clear plastic, meaning it is easy to see how much you have left. The label is the typical Soap & Glory retro-style label with Fifties women. At least, it is on mine – looking at the updated packaging in Boots, it seems the skincare range has been modernised slightly and the bottle is now cream-coloured with a more modern label design. The bottle has a pump dispenser, making it easy to get the cleanser out in a hygienic and simple way. A couple of pumps is enough to cleanse my face. I rub the cleanser over my face, adding a little water to help it lather. It has a pleasant peach scent but doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I remove the remains of the cleanser with a cotton wool pad, and follow with toner and moisturiser. If I have been wearing heavy eye makeup I sometimes use a specific eye makeup remover first; otherwise this is the sole cleansing product I use. I only use it at night, as I have another product for the ...

Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy 20/11/2014

Not all THAT happy!

Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy As I’ve mentioned (frequently!) in previous reviews, I’m a huge fan of the store Lush and I enjoy sampling all of their different products. Recently, they released a number of different hair products, which I have been working my way through. One of these is the Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner, or “scented hair perfume”. This is normally quite pricey, but I managed to pick up a bottle in the post-Christmas sale. Usually it is priced as follows: £9.25 100g £18.45 250g £30.50 500g The product is scented with the same smell as the Orange Blossom fragrance. I love this perfume, which makes me think of Mediterranean summers. When I first smelled this product, I thought it smelled just like Orange Blossom, and I thought it would be an ideal scent to put on my hair. The conditioner contains rose water, orange blossom water and especially almond milk which all help to condition the hair. It also contains jojoba and neroli oils which are uplifting citrusy oils that help you feel happier and spread a little cheer as you go about your day. I used the conditioner as normal, after shampooing my hair. It is a cream colour and I found it to be quite runny, so I had to use rather a large amount on my dry hair. I left it on for a short while before rinsing off. It was easy to rinse off but I didn’t feel as though my hair was conditioned properly. I often find this with Lush conditioners though – they don’t ‘coat’ the hair so it doesn’t seem like it has done any good, until your hair dries ...

Lush Sikkim Girls Body Cream 17/11/2014

Gorgeous body lotion

Lush Sikkim Girls Body Cream I’m a huge fan of the store Lush and recently I’ve been excited to try out all of their new Christmas products. Among the new items are two body creams. One, the Sikkim Girls Body Cream, was inspired by the perfume of the same name which was released just over a year ago. This cream costs a whopping £24.95 for 100g. I wasn’t prepared to pay that and ended up buying a tub from eBay for about £15 – still expensive, but a bit more manageable. It is one of the first preservative-free body lotions from Lush, with cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, organic hemp oil, illipe butter and extra virgin coconut oil – all of which are designed to moisturise and condition. The cream is scented with the scent of Sikkim Girls perfume, a fragrance inspired by the ‘Sikkim girls’ of India – women whose swaying hips and mysterious allure seduce men. Darjeeling tea, vanilla and jasmine help to create a lovely rich spicy scent, unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before (apart from the perfume itself of course). The cream also contains frangipani absolute and tuberose absolute to add an extra exoticness to the cream. As it contains honey, it is not suitable for vegans, but like all Lush products it is suitable for vegetarians. Opening the tub, I saw a very thick cream, white in colour, with a very strong scent. The scent is just like that of the perfume, and is very pleasant though it won’t appeal to everyone. To use the cream, I use my fingers to scoop a little out and smooth it over my body. It ...
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