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The Body Shop Dewberry Bath and Shower Gel 24/08/2015

Retro shower gel

The Body Shop Dewberry Bath and Shower Gel A while ago I went through a phase of buying loads of stuff from The Body Shop. They always seemed to be having sales, and I took the opportunity to stock up on products. One of the items I bought was a bottle of the Dewberry Bath and Shower Gel. This is part of a “retro” range called Anita’s Favourites (Anita Roddick being the original founder of The Body Shop) and is packaged slightly differently to the other products. It still comes in the same clear plastic bottle with flip-top lid, but the bottle cap is black instead of clear, and the label has a picture of an old Body Shop store. The Dewberry products were really popular in the 1990s, and it brought back memories for me to find them again! The shower gel has that familiar fruity Dewberry smell, hard to describe unless you remember it from the first time round. It is purple in colour and lathers up really well on a shower puff. It cleans well and is non-drying, though it doesn’t actively moisturise the skin. I’ve been using this alongside the Dewberry Body Lotion, however, so I don’t mind that the shower gel is not moisturising. I can’t quite work out if the scent of the shower gel itself lasts on the skin, as I always add moisturiser straight away anyway. At full price the shower gel cost £4 which is normal for The Body Shop but expensive for mostly everywhere else. However, I’ve never paid full price for anything here, I estimate it cost me around £2-£2.50 as I used a discount code. I don’t know if this is still ...

Lush FUN - Blue 21/08/2015

Have fun - it won't make you blue

Lush FUN - Blue Fun is a Lush product that was released in 2013. Invented by co-founder Mo Constantine, it is a rather innovative multi-use product. Squashy like Playdough, it is popular with children as it can be shaped and moulded into a variety of different shapes. If you go into a Lush store, you can see all the different shapes that have been made using the different colours of Fun. A 4-in-1 product, it can be used in the shower or bath or as a shampoo, as well as a toy. Fun normally comes in 5 different colours: red, green, yellow, pink and blue. This review will focus on the Blue Fun. A 200g bar of fun costs £5. *Ingredients* All Fun bars are suitable for vegans and are made with a base of talc, cornflour and glycerine, which help to make it pliable and squidgy. The product does contain sodium laureth sulfate, which is the ingredient helping to make bubbles in bubble bath and which allows shampoo and shower gel to lather. Most products of this nature contain SLS, but some people are sensitive to this chemical, which can be a little harsh, so it’s worth being aware of it in case you prefer to avoid the product for this reason. Blue Fun is a lovely rich blue colour and has a lovely calming scent, the result of the lavender oil, chamomile oil and chamomile blue oil with which it is scented. *Maintenance and Storage* Fun comes wrapped in biodegradable cellophane, but I recommend removing it from there as soon as possible and keeping it in a Lush pot or other container. Some Lush fans ...

Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel 14/08/2015

Definitely a marvel!

Lush Angels on Bare Skin 10/08/2015

Angelic cleanser

Lush Angels on Bare Skin Angels on Bare Skin is probably the most popular cleanser that Lush make. It has been around for years and it’s surprising that it’s taken me so long to get around to trying it. It has a lovely name I think, so-called because it is meant to do your skin a lot of good. The cleanser comes in Lush’s famous black pots. If you collect five of these pots you can take them back to the store and get a free fresh face mask. The pot is simple but quite smart, I think, and I’m quite happy to have it on display on my bathroom shelf. The secure fastening helps to keep the cleanser fresh, which is important as Angels on Bare Skin contains minimal preservatives. The cleanser is suitable for vegans and is made from 100% natural ingredients, inspired by a medieval recipe. It contains ground almonds which, when mixed with water and applied to the face, helps to brighten and tone the skin. It also contains kaolin which is an ingredient that absorbs grease and dirt. Lavender oil, rose absolute and camomile create the lovely delicate calming scent. The cleanser costs £6.40 for 100g which a little bit more than most good cleansers out there, but it really is a lovely product. I normally use this in the morning, as I prefer a creamier cleanser in the evening. I use it in the shower, and get a small lump out of the pot, rub it to a paste in my palm then apply to my face. It is very gentle and doesn’t cause any irritation at all. The fresh lavender scent is calming and it is a very enjoyable ...

Le Couvent des Minimes Gardener's Hand Healer Cream 27/07/2015

Not just for gardeners!

Lush FUN Yellow 23/07/2015

Have fun with this

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle 21/07/2015

A superb leave-in conditioner

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle I got a mini bottle of this Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave-In Conditioner in a beauty box ages ago. I’ve used it several times since and thought the time was right to review. A full-size bottle of this costs £14; it contains 236ml of product which strikes me as a particularly random number! The bottle is red with black writing and a slightly gothic design, which I really like. The product is vegan, paraben-free and sulphate-free and it is designed as a leave-in conditioner which detangles, conditions and minimises frizz while also protecting against heat and UV rays. It has a pleasant smell which I like, but the smell is faint and goes away after a while, it doesn’t overpower your perfume. I am pretty low-maintenance with my hair – I tend to wash and condition it then leave it to dry naturally. This product fit easily into my normal hair routine, requiring just a few sprays on my wet hair before I brushed it ready for drying. I rarely used it as a complete substitute for conditioner, as my hair is quite dry – instead I used it to help style and calm my hair, and provide extra moisture. I can definitely tell the difference in my hair when I use this product. Even my wet hair feels noticeably smoother, and as it dries I can see that it looks more shiny, feels softer, and is clearly less frizzy, while also being easier to brush. It makes my not-really-styled-at-all hair look a bit more polished. I can’t confirm that it protects my hair from heat, as I haven’t ...

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Perfect 10 16/07/2015

The perfect hair dye for me

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Perfect 10 I’ve been dyeing my hair for several years now, ever since a former colleague described my hair colour as “mousy”. I wasn’t having that, so ever since I’ve dyed my hair, which is naturally dark blonde, a medium to dark brown shade. I’m impatient, so I prefer to go for the fast-acting 10 minute hair dyes on the market. For many years I used L’Oreal Excel 10, but this must have been discontinued as I haven’t been able to find it for the last couple of years. Since then I’ve been using this Clairol product. I always have trouble finding the hair dye I need on the shelf as the packaging always looks the same! This is no exception, there isn’t anything particularly standout. I use shade 4, Dark Brown, and it costs around £6, though I try to get it on special offer when I can. I usually purchase from Boots or Superdrug, depending on which one has the best price at the time I need it. The dye claims to provide high-gloss colour and healthy looking hair. There are the usual instructions about doing a patch test first. I must say that I have never done this and I have never had a problem but you do hear some horror stories about allergic reactions, so on your own head be it if you do decide not to test first! The box contains the two parts of the dye, an intensive conditioner, two applicators, some gloves and an instruction leaflet. *Using the dye* One thing I love about this ten-minute dye is that it is so quick – I can even do it before work, if I get up half an hour earlier, ...

Lush Bubblegrub Bubbleroon 08/07/2015

Cute little grub for the bath

Lush Bubblegrub Bubbleroon As you will know if you read my reviews regularly, I am a huge fan of the store Lush and always make sure to try their latest products. This cute little guy is called Bubblegrub and he was released as a limited edition Easter item. He is a solid bubble bar, which is a kind of product very popular at Lush. To use, simply crumble the bar under the tap while your bath is filling up, and you will be left with gorgeous-scented water and lots of lovely bubbles. Bubblegrub consists of 2 pieces stuck together, one is orange and one is green. I used one at a time in two separate baths. He has cute little eyes and antennae and it seemed rather a shame to use him! He costs £2.95 and is made with a base of sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar, with sodium laureth sulphate to help him create bubbles. It’s worth noting that some people can experience bad reactions to SLS, but personally I’ve never had a problem. Like all Lush products Bubblegrub is suitable for vegetarians, but isn’t suitable for vegans, possibly because of the chocolate-drop eyes. The bar also contains shea butter to soften, as well as sandalwood oil, tonka absolute and vetivert oil to create a lovely earthy slightly sweet smell. I found the smell warming and comforting, and I could smell it all around me during my bath. Depending on which piece I used, my bath was either a lovely forest green colour or a deep rich orange colour – both very pleasant. The water felt very soft and smelled lovely. The bubbles lasted ...

Lush Dream Steam Tab 06/07/2015

A dreamy home facial

Lush Dream Steam Tab As you will know if you read my reviews regularly, I am a huge fan of the store Lush and always make sure to try their latest products. Their range includes a variety of skincare products, including a range of toner tabs – solid toner that dissolves in wate, a bit like their bath bombs, but for your face. The Dream Steam tab is described as a steamer tab, as it is meant to be used as a kind of facial. It is inspired by the Dream Cream and Dream Wash products which are good for sensitive skin. It is suitable for vegans and contains rose absolute to calm, chamomile blue oil to soothe, and tea tree for its antibacterial qualities. When you buy it, you pop one in a paper bag to take home until it is time to use it. To use, fill a bowl with hot water, cleanse your face and drop the tab into it. It will fizz and dissolve. Pop a towel over your head and lean over the bowl – the heat and steam opens the pores in your skin to let the essential oils get in. The dissolved tab has a lovely gentle relaxing scent. In fact the entire experience is relaxing and gentle, a bit like having a home facial! I was there for a good 10 minutes with the towel over my head. Afterwards, my skin felt soft and conditioned, the tab hadn’t caused any irritation at all. My skin looked more radiant and brighter. After use I bottled the water and used it as toner for a few days. Overall I liked the steamer tab and I would recommend it as an occasional treat for the skin. However, it is quite expensive at ...

The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask 03/07/2015

Effective but harsh

The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask I often buy products from The Body Shop and one of my most recent purchases is the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask. The store produces many different skin care ranges all designed for varying skin types. The Seaweed range is designed for oily/combination skin, which is my type. The mask comes in a tub which has a blue water pattern, to fit in with the rest of the Seaweed range. A 100ml tub costs £12 but Body Shop products are always on special offer so I certainly didn’t pay this! The mask lasted me a good few months, even though I used it once a week. The mask is described as a “revitalising” clay mask designed to cleanse and control excess oil. It has a fairly strong, but not unpleasant, smell and is grey, like clay. After washing my face I apply a thin layer of the mask. It is easy to apply, with a slightly sticky texture ensuring that the mask sticks. You are supposed to leave the mask on for ten minutes, but unfortunately the mask started to make my skin itch so I only left it on for about five before washing off. I noticed that if I left it on for any longer it became really hard to remove – I had to scrub and scrub to get it off, leaving my face a bit red. On the plus side, the mask seemed to do a good job at refreshing my skin and getting rid of dirt and grime. My skin seemed to have fewer spots and blackheads. However, on balance I think the mask is a bit harsh for me. It dried my skin out if left on too long, and made my skin itch. I will use the mask until it’s used ...

Lush Gorilla Perfume Kerbside Violet Eau de Parfum 02/07/2015

Great perfume, but poor staying power on me

Lush Gorilla Perfume Kerbside Violet Eau de Parfum Being a fan of Lush and their sister company Gorilla Perfume, I was interested to learn that they were bringing out a new range of perfumes. Volume 3 of the Gorilla Perfumes range contains many exciting scents, including the one I’m going to review today – Kerbside Violet. Lush explain that this fragrance was inspired by “chance encounters and fleeting moments” – the idea that you can be wandering round a concrete jungle and spot a tiny flower growing through the cracks in the pavement. Quite a sweet idea, I thought. *Packaging* The fragrance comes in glass bottles, which I like as they remind me of apothecary bottles. If you have seen some of Lush’s previous perfumes you will be familiar with the style of label, which is continued here – a pretty picture of violets. The glass bottles are different shapes depending on the size, but they all have the same basic aesthetic. The exception is the solid perfume, which comes in a round metal tin – though it still has the same picture of violets on it. *Price* Solid £9 (12g) Small Liquid £18 (10ml) Large Liquid £36 (30ml) *The Fragrance* The scent contains violet leaf absolute, jasmine absolute, ylang ylang oil and rosewood oil. I naturally expected it to smell like violets – perhaps like Lush’s other violet perfume, Tuca Tuca. *My Experience* I have tried this scent a few times in Lush stores. It definitely smells like Parma Violet sweets at first – like the Tuca Tuca fragrance – but the scent does deepen and become more ...
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