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JRCarter 1 Uni report completed and submitted...only two more to go....
jcneil Hi everyone, I am 30 and I mostly write music reviews on here, I also do the odd fragrance review. I used to write on dooyoo but have switched to writing on just ciao now. I will be trying to write a couple of reviews every two days.
Cdarcy81 Ciao for now guys and gals, you are a hoot! Wishing you all well, Merry Chirstmas when it comes and a peaceful and prosperous new year xx
top-reviewz I'm back! sorry i've been away for sooo long but i'm back now :) Appreciate all the ratings and I will do my best to return them :)
fluffy27 I'm going to try get a lot of reviews written in the next few weeks as I'd like to save up so my little girl can have a birthday party. So every rating is much appreciated! Thank you xx
sellerleygirl So that's an end of my foodie reviews then !! And no Ciao I do not "understand"!!!
sirodar Lets start our own review site - The premium fund will be £2400 and you can review as many cables as you like. Thanks for every read and rate. Please know that they are all greatly appreciated. :-) Si.
AnneLorraine1 Thanks for taking the trouble to rate my reviews. Sorry for my inactivity which is mainly due to a family bereavement.
carlz2001 Feeling a little happier with the site. Maybe my DIAMOND had something to do with it?! : )
sharper_fin I'm Shaun Finnie, a freelance writer from Yorkshire. I'm currently frustrated at Ciao nibbling away at their payment pot and also not being able to give as many E ratings as I would like each day. Thanks everyone for the reads and rates.
inkyscribbles check out puddlesofinkk for art work :)
jpeggy1 I am a student who loves music, and I love to tell people what I think of music...back after a while away to focus on university
Gozzil I've recently discovered review sites and I'm enjoying them! I suffer from a chronic illness and can't currently go out to work so I'm trying to make a little bit of money from my armchair, so thanks for the ratings and comments
misspurple7 Spring is springing!
xd-o-n-z-x Life got busy...but now I'm back :) Thanks for all the rates...much appreciated :) Thank you :) xx
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