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Cdarcy81 All will be fairly quiet on the reviewing front from me over the next 7 weeks as my little cherubs are on school holidays. I will do my best to keep up with rating but may be belated at times. Do feel free to give me a nudge now and again xx
top-reviewz I'm back! sorry i've been away for sooo long but i'm back now :) Appreciate all the ratings and I will do my best to return them :)
fluffy27 I want to review Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Madagascan Vanilla Yogurt - but it's not listed.
sellerleygirl Oh no, done it again published instead of saving to drafts!! Suddenly realising that having 11 grandchildren gives me loads of scope for reviews!!
sirodar My waffle will be on a Ciao break from 6th-14th July. Thanks to everyone for still reading and rating - why not read some of my old nonsense while I am away?! Go on - fill my inbox with alerts!!
AnneLorraine1 Thanks very much for taking the trouble to rate my reviews. Busy atm with theatre trips, family parties and fast approaching holiday!!!
carlz2001 Feeling a little happier with the site. Maybe my DIAMOND had something to do with it?! : )
sharper_fin I'm Shaun Finnie, a freelance writer from Yorkshire. Sadly my new full-time job means that I can't write my novels AND ciao reviews in my spare time so I'll be mostly absent from here for the foreseeable future.
inkyscribbles check out puddlesofinkk for art work :)
jpeggy1 I am a student who loves music, and I love to tell people what I think of music...back after a while away to focus on university
Gozzil I've recently discovered review sites and I'm enjoying them! I suffer from a chronic illness and can't currently go out to work so I'm trying to make a little bit of money from my armchair, so thanks for the ratings and comments
misspurple7 Spring is springing!
xd-o-n-z-x Saving like mad towards my summer holiday :) Thanks for all the rates :)
cwigham A strong end to the year video game-wise, plenty to get stuck into.
LiveMusicLoverLyn I love reading reviews and learning from all of you guys 'n gals on here. Thank you so much for the E's and lovely comments that I am sorry I do not get time to respond to individually. Love writing reviews and really need the dosh too!
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