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About me: Very grateful for the Es on my latest review :-)

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cwigham 31, single Dad. Gym-goer, video game player and seeker of adventure. You'll find me mainly scrawling about video games, kids stuff and anything else of note that passes my hand. Dooyoo? Not anymore I don't...
LiveMusicLoverLyn I live with my husband and dogs and have chickens and ducks. As well as writing and reading reviews I volunteer for a few canine charities and at a small Creative Arts Theatre. I have a beautiful grown up daughter and 2 adorable grandchildren.
ljackson24 Appreciate all rates and nice comments, thanks. Majority of people on here are lovely.
Candyperfumegirl Thank you for the kind welcome :) I have been writing reviews on another site for quite some time, so thought I would give it a try over here. Just trying to work out the site at the mo though!
beautybuff Finally worked out why my photos were so blurry, I was saving the thumbnail, should know better too with my supposed knowledge of photograpy! Doh. Better pics from now on folks x
afcbtim I have 3 adult children who seem to come and go all of the time, and 2 foster placements, along with 2 cats and a fish of indeterminate breed! Reviews also appear on Dooyoo same user name
EimearM15 I am a law student in Belfast. Love to review beauty products, books, gadgets and various other things that pop up! I try on a daily basis to eat healthy, take care of my skin, read plenty, exercise and have fun!
Bandersnatch111 So many fantastic reviews and I haven't got enough 'E's to give out! Do I get anymore allocated when I have been on here longer? P.S thanks for welcoming me to the site and rating my review. Really appreciated :) Allison
kojak123 Hi all! Kev here, new to Ciao. I was recommended to join from 'the other site'. Nearly blue now - can't wait, three 'E's a day isn't enough, some excellent writers on here.
ntg13 Really busy with assignment writing at the moment so probably won't be able to write any reviews for at least a week, will try to find time to rate still though!
Pam222 Hi there, Thanks for all of the rates. I am allowed a few more Es now, but there are so many E reviews onsite! I tried to load pictures on my latest review but Ciao said No ! Ohhh dear
vinta Good day all, my name is vinta. I will always return all the rates. Thank you my CIAO fellows for all comment, response and the rates!
Warpspeed Re-branded. Was originally Timbo3107.
anonymili What new torture is this now Ciao? Being forced to leave a comment no matter what rating we give? Way to encourage 2 word comments Ciao! Wow, a whole £2 in the PF LOL
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