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Diomed 4Head Headache Treatment 01/06/2011

4 head for your head.

Mikki Guillotine Nail Clipper for Cats and Dogs 18/05/2011

Off with his... nails!

Harvester Restaurants 16/05/2011

Harvest your hunger at Harvester!

Kleenex Balsam Tissues 27/04/2011

They kleen my nose.

Vauxhall Tigra 1.4i 27/04/2011

The Tigra Exclusiv is a car for those who don't like to drive!

Barney's Bar, St Albans 08/04/2011

Fooooooooood and drrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnkkkkkkk!!

Champneys Thai Royal Hand Cream 06/04/2011

Take your hands to Champneys.

Champneys Thai Royal Hand Cream I was recently given a set of hand creams by a friend, a Champneys set, personally I don’t usually buy Champney products as I deem them expensive, due to the brand name. But as this was a gift I thought I would enjoy the cream, the one I’m reviewing is the Thai Royal, it comes in a deep purple / plum dispenser with a gold stand / lid, the has a flip cap and you squeeze the tube to get the product out. The writing is a shiny gold, with the fragrance in white. Standard packaging I must say, although the gold and the plum do give this product an air of being a more ‘classy’ hand cream. The little tube contains 35ml, not really that much, and whilst I usually buy larger tubes of hand cream, I found this to be ideal for keeping in my hand bag. I actually think this size works very well and is a great size for women with no space in their bags, as this will definitely fit in. Due to the packaging you don’t have to worry about it going everywhere as the lid once securely on, works well. On the back it says this will last 24 months, which if I’m honest I never have a hand cream for that amount of time, but whilst having this over a period of about 3 months, I found the consistency of the cream remained the same and did not change or seem off at any point. The fragrance and cream itself were nice, I say nice, as I was unsure of what Thai Royal entailed. I was pleasantly surprised with the smell, sweet and a little spicy but not too much. I’m not overly keen on spicy ...

Kyoto Futons Metro Futon 01/04/2011

Feet up on my futon!

Sensodyne Total Care Toothpaste 01/04/2011

It's not great but i suppose it cleans my teeth!

Tesco Circus 12 Piece Set 03/03/2011

I can see spots!

Avon Senses Liquid Soap Range 24/02/2011

Senses soap for all from Avon

Avon Planet Spa Foot Socks 18/01/2011

Don't wear socks, wear moisturising socks for soft feet.

Halti Dog Collars 24/11/2010

The head collar that trumps all others.

Argos Lusaka Mocha Bed Frame 30/09/2010

Bed time is something to look forward to when sleeping on this.

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