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Diomed 4Head Headache Treatment 01/06/2011

4 head for your head.

Diomed 4Head Headache Treatment 4head - 3.6g - The Miracle cure to natural headache relief. I am always a bit suspicious when buying a new product, especially one that claims how brilliant it is, and natural without any prescription medication. However that is not how I was introduced to 4head. Sitting at my nan's one Sunday afternoon, I had a headache brewing (slight but had the potential to get worse). I asked for some paracetemol when my nan handed me a little pritt-stick type device and told me to rub it on my head. Rub it on my head I did and after 2 minutes, I started to get a weird sensation on my forehead, it smelt of vicks but felt like I had a layer of gel accross my head sticking out about half an inch, obviously this was not the case but I was totally bemused. I then went to a local superdrug and asked for 4head, I was told it was £7 approx. £7 I thought for a tiny little device was extortionate. Although I paid the price anyway as I thought this would be a great cut down on paracetemol. Surprisingly I brought my first 4head about 4 years ago (if not a little longer) and I am only half way through my second stick. I was gobmacked at how long it lasted. 4head really works, I never completely trust something 'hurbal or alternative' but I would reccommend 4head, it helps if you have a headache brewing and can nip it in the bud before it even starts and even with a full blown headache it can completely get rid of it. I suffer from migranes and strong headaches and ...

Mikki Guillotine Nail Clipper for Cats and Dogs 18/05/2011

Off with his... nails!

Mikki Guillotine Nail Clipper for Cats and Dogs I bought a dog and while I had done my research I wasn't entirely sure about dogs needing their toe nails clipped, but they do. My other half and I went to Pets At Home to have a look at nail clippers. The breeder had showed us the guillotine style clippers and told us these were easier. In Pets At Home we found a guillotine styles nail clipper by Mikki, suitable for both dogs and cats. The clipper cost £4.99 and I thought this was reasonable considering how long a product like this should last. But we'll see if it stands the test of time, and my dog. The guillotine nail clipper comes in a plastic and cardboard packet, which shows the product and has the directions and instructions on. The packet is fairly flimsy and most of the clipper packets were broken but the product inside was fine. Instead of the packet being clued is was merely stapled together, which I understand in this day and age with costs etc but it does look cheap and like I said, all the packets were broken. It isn't the type of thing you could buy for someone. The product itself is very sturdy and is literally 2 handles, it almost looks like a nut cracker but instead of the nut cracker at the end it has a small loop with a guillotine slice blade attached. You would be able to fit your fingers in the hole but perhaps a small child could, so I would suggest keeping this item away from all children. The opening / hole where the nail is placed to be guillotined off is a reasonable size for ...

Harvester Restaurants 16/05/2011

Harvest your hunger at Harvester!

Harvester Restaurants When my other half and I can't be bothered to cook and just want something cheap and cheerful we head to our local Harvester. Harvester is a chain of restaurants that can be found around the country, usually on the side of main roads and near hotel chains such as Travel Lodge and Premier Inn. The Harvester is a pub and grill and offers both a pub menu and a main menu, the other major thing that Harvester offer is the Earlybird deal which is now available 7 days a week. The Harvester also offers a young guest menu and the salad cart, which is free if you purchase any main meal and is help yourself, or eat as much as you like. The young guest menu is for children, there are also the options of having main meals from the menu as a young guest choice. The Harvester chain have every recently introduced free refills for soft drinks, I think this is a great idea as drinks can add up and a lot of other restaurants offer this now too. The Pub area is usually separate from the main restaurant and this is where many people wait for tables in the restaurant, I quite often find, eating in the Pub is better as you can ask for the main menu and not have the wait. I find the main thing that lets Harvester down is the no booking rule, don't get me wrong I do understand that they can make the most money by turning the tables round and having people lined up to come in, but I usually find the table waiting time is always 45 minutes plus. I can't be bothered to wait ...

Kleenex Balsam Tissues 27/04/2011

They kleen my nose.

Kleenex Balsam Tissues The softness of the Kleenex Balsam tissues is amazing!! I will only use these tissues now as since i discovered them, they have worked miracles on my poor delicate nose. I suffer with colds/flu/sneezing fits quite often and am always on the look out for a tissue that is NOT going to make me look like Rudolf. I often have to spend days at a time indoors due to the poor state of my nose. However since my aunt recommended the slightly more expensive (but well worth it) Kleenex Balsam tissues, i brought a box, started to blow my nose and the sore/redness decreased dramatically. These tissues do not feel overly soft, against your hand and the balsam on them do not make them feel sticky or wet. But they definitely work, i could tell between these tissues and any others on my nose, as these you can feel the thicker, softer touch against your nose. It is strange, as i said, you can't feel the difference when you get the out of the box, but they really are a lot better than other tissues. These tissues are highly priced but i would say well worth it, especially if you have sensitive skin and get really red/sore during cold and flu. They can help you avoid dry and irritable skin and also looking like a bit of an idiot. I would recommend these and will continue to keep a supply for when i next need them. For just blowing your nose on the odd occasion i would say you don't need to use these, and if you need a tissue to use frequently, like with a cold, flu or hayfever, ...

Vauxhall Tigra 1.4i 27/04/2011

The Tigra Exclusiv is a car for those who don't like to drive!

Vauxhall Tigra 1.4i The Vauxhall Tigra Exclusiv (this is the new shape convertible top specification). 18 months ago i was looking for a new car, as a young (mid twenties) woman with no children or prospects of having any in the near future i test drove the Vauxhall Tigra. To be honest i didn't need to test drive it, the minute i realised i could afford it i wanted it! However buying a car on a decision made by how great i'd look with a 2-seater convertible was not ideal and now 18 months later i am paying the price. The car itself looks great, my favourite feature is the boot and yet i also hate it. It is electronic and you press the button for just over a second and it automatically opens, great! Well not when it comes to closing it, if it's raining hard then the last thing you want is to be stood there with your finger on the button, and that is what you must do until it shuts. GREAT! The car is very clever and has loads of great features, heated seats, airbags, cd player, remote central locking, 17 inch alloy wheels, electric windows, fully leather interior, massive boots space (unless the roof is down) and best of all it is a convertible, with a hard top, so much less likely to be broken in to. How comes the insurance companies don't see that? My insurance is just under £550 a year, with an excess of over £500 due to the fact i'm under 25 (ok so that is my problem) but the fact it is a convertible WITH A HARD TOP bumps it up further. Rediculous! This car is great for ...

Barney's Bar, St Albans 08/04/2011

Fooooooooood and drrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnkkkkkkk!!

Barney's Bar, St Albans This restaurant / bar is located near the junction of Holywell Hill, down London Road, so right in the centre of town and all the excitement. Barney's Bar is not only a bar but also has a restaurant located to the rear of the establishment. I first discovered Barneys in my university days, my friends and I would often start the night here, grabbing a bite to eat and having some drinks before moving on. The atmosphere all evening is good, and of course on Fridays and Saturdays they tend to be busier and noisier but still a great atmosphere. There is often a live band on special occasions and at the weekends, but they do have a sound system and play music all the time. It is nice as the restaurant being at the back is quieter, it can be a pain trying to fight your way through all the drunks to get there but it is quite separate which does help if you want a quiet meal, you can also avoid the music as it on lower there. The Restaurant ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Barney's has been refurbished within the last 3 or 4 years, the restaurant and fitted booths and seats that don't move rather than the old fashioned chairs and tables they had before. It does look modern now without trying to look like a TGI Fridays. The restaurant offers a menu of 2 sides of an A3 sheet, there is a large variety, with burgers, wraps, sandwiches, combos, fish, steak and small dishes too. (There is a lot more on offer I really can't think of everything). I love the food as it's fresh, it is ...

Champneys Thai Royal Hand Cream 06/04/2011

Take your hands to Champneys.

Champneys Thai Royal Hand Cream I was recently given a set of hand creams by a friend, a Champneys set, personally I don’t usually buy Champney products as I deem them expensive, due to the brand name. But as this was a gift I thought I would enjoy the cream, the one I’m reviewing is the Thai Royal, it comes in a deep purple / plum dispenser with a gold stand / lid, the has a flip cap and you squeeze the tube to get the product out. The writing is a shiny gold, with the fragrance in white. Standard packaging I must say, although the gold and the plum do give this product an air of being a more ‘classy’ hand cream. The little tube contains 35ml, not really that much, and whilst I usually buy larger tubes of hand cream, I found this to be ideal for keeping in my hand bag. I actually think this size works very well and is a great size for women with no space in their bags, as this will definitely fit in. Due to the packaging you don’t have to worry about it going everywhere as the lid once securely on, works well. On the back it says this will last 24 months, which if I’m honest I never have a hand cream for that amount of time, but whilst having this over a period of about 3 months, I found the consistency of the cream remained the same and did not change or seem off at any point. The fragrance and cream itself were nice, I say nice, as I was unsure of what Thai Royal entailed. I was pleasantly surprised with the smell, sweet and a little spicy but not too much. I’m not overly keen on spicy ...

Kyoto Futons Metro Futon 01/04/2011

Feet up on my futon!

Kyoto Futons Metro Futon We have recently been looking for a double futon to go in our spare room, since my sister moved out last March, and I as the older one have commandeered the room for myself as a lounge. I decided on getting a futon, so I would no longer have to sit on garden furniture, but after looking around I decided these sofa beds and futons were more than I expected in price, so I did some research and looked on eBay. I am not overly a fan of eBay, but was not really aware that shops actually sold their products, new, through eBay. This particularly futon was the same as I had seen elsewhere online but for a fraction of the price. We ordered the futon from Sleep Solutions for £165 with a memory foam double mattress (or seat cushion), you could buy the standard mattress and the total would have been less at £130. This includes the silver frame and mattress, it is all brand new and boxed. Postage is £10.00 delivered by courier and a signature is required. The futon comes in two large boxes and is rather heavy. One is the mattress rolled up and the other is the frame. This is a 3 seater futon or a double bed, the futon does come unmade, you do have to assemble it. I am not in to DIY and even with the 1 a4 page of instructions (which were beyond basic) this was very easy to assemble. My mum and I did this in less than an hour. There are really only a few screws and bolts, the pieces are large and really quite obvious how to put together. The dimensions of the futon ...

Sensodyne Total Care Toothpaste 01/04/2011

It's not great but i suppose it cleans my teeth!

Sensodyne Total Care Toothpaste Sensodyne for sensitive teeth - if only!! I have been a user of senseodyne for three years now but i do not see how it reduces the sensitivity of my sensitive teeth. You may wonder why i still use it? That is because there is nothing better out there at the moment, there is clearly a market for this. The toothpaste comes in the usual toothpaste tube we all recognise, and is white with silver swooshes on the tube, along with Sensodyne written in navu blue and the added bonus of general whitening (which i have yet to discover whiter teeth). The small strapline on the front of the tube reads "specially formulated for people with sensitive teeth". Who do they test this product on? Sensodyne claims to reduce sensitivity and seems not to, and i know there is an underlying problem. I visit the dentist every 6 months and he has yet to answer this underlying problem and recommends i use sensodyne or an alternative. The toothpaste tube holds 45 ml, and also contains a 'how to use Sensodyne toothpast' section on the back, the points are: -Use 2-4 times daily (i brush mine 2-3, perhaps i should up it) -Sensitivity may be caused by an underlying problem, please see dentist -Not suitable for children under 7 -If using fluoride supplements consult your dentist -If irritation occurs discontinue use (does this mean irritation in my mouth or in general?) Not to rant about this product, but i would say it is not an effective as you think from the marketing and ...

Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 20/03/2011

Keep Mario in his kart on the track.

Mario Kart Wii (Wii) Mario Kart on the Wii is an updated version of the game originally introduced on the N64. I didn't like the N64 version but absolutely love the Wii version, there are improved tracks and circuits with choices of kart and driver. The added bonus of playing this on the Wii is people can go online and play others from around the world including friends (using their ID numbers) to set up online race-a-thons. The game comes with one steering wheel (not helpful if there is two of you) so either buy another (which can be sold separately) or use the nun-chucks (or may or may not already have). I prefer nun-chucks and my partner prefers the steering wheel, they are both easy enough to use, and neither gives any advantage. The only down side to actually playing Mario Kart in-house, is you can not play against more than three others unless hooked up online. Due to the Wii's mii, where you design your own profile, you can record scores on Mario kart and complete your every own score card for the different engine sizes and tracks. Great enjoyable game, it has an easy concept - RACE!! You can now pick this game up for approximately £15.00 - bargain.

Tesco Circus 12 Piece Set 03/03/2011

I can see spots!

Tesco Circus 12 Piece Set I recently moved out and had to buy all the basics including a dinner set. So whilst in my local tesco I took a look and saw these plates, I like a bit of ‘something’, I don’t like plain items and just like some jazz, these really stood out for me, not for being too over the top, but just a bit different and colourful. In this 12 piece set, you get 4 plates, 4 bowls and 4 cups. This set will cost you £25.00, you can also get a 16 piece set for £35.00. I really like this and apparently its the in pattern as now every retailer seems to have polka dots on their dinnerware. The reason a like tesco’s one is the price seemed reasonable and the quality of the items it rather good. I am clumsy and often drop things as well as bang things, often causing breakages and chips. I have lived my normal clumsy lifestyle since buying these 2 months ago and I can report the only chip is in one cup from me getting it out of the dishwasher quite roughly. I don’t know if the heat affected the strengh of the item but there is now a little chip on the inside of the rim. (Please don’t tell the other half). Like I said though, I find these items all relatively sturdy, they are not made to look or feel flimsy and I would definitely recommend them. I like the sizes of each of the items, the plates are large, but not too large which I sometimes find, you can fit a roast dinner on there no worries. The bowl has high edges and is more like a dessert/cereal bowl. The cups are just cups, ...

Avon Senses Liquid Soap Range 24/02/2011

Senses soap for all from Avon

Avon Senses Liquid Soap Range I am a fan of Avon and the Senses range particularly, if I am placing an Avon order I will always stock up on soaps and shower gels. This review is on the Senses Mystique Liquid Soap. It is red, but with a hint of pink. I would perhaps describe it as a light maroon. The bottle is transparent and holds 300 ml of soap. The bottle has a hand pump on top, so you don’t even need to use this a a refill. Which is very good as Avon especially the Senses range, has an added aie of class. I would be more than happy to display this bottle in my toilet and allow people to see where it has come from. The bottle looks quite elegant and even though it is a cheaper form of liquid soap, you wouldn’t notice especially as each bottle is colour coodinated with the soap inside and also has, different artwork on the label to fit the mood of the soap. This one has a lamp in the foreground with the Eiffel Tower in the background. It says the soap is sensual and romantic and just from looking at the bottle, you’d believe it. The soap comes with a plastic tie around the neck, so the pump cannot work prior to the tie being broken (during transit). Or in case you wish to store the product before using it. The smell of this soap is light and fruity, it isn’t too sweet. This soap and most of the others in the Senses range are on sale for £0.75 per bottle, that is cheaper than the supermarkets, and that is why I stock up. I love the stuff and will continue using it and alternating ...

Avon Planet Spa Foot Socks 18/01/2011

Don't wear socks, wear moisturising socks for soft feet.

Avon Planet Spa Foot Socks I am a keen moisturiser, and in the summer months when I wear flip flops and sandals quite often I find the bottom of my feet become quite hard and dry. I use Avon moisturiser along with my avon (planet spa) foot socks, they are cotton socks that look a bit like trainer socks, as in they only reach to your ankle. They are basically one piece of material that is sewn on the top side in to one sock. They are made of soft cotton and feel nice against your skin. The material is relatively thin but in a good way, the idea is to put the moisturiser on your feet and then put the socks on over this. The socks are one size and stretch so if you are a size 3 like myself they fit but then if you are a size 7 they also fit. Although I must admit at size 7 I feel it may be a bit of a squeeze. They do stick to the moisturiser a bit but then they are supposed to. These socks are easy to clean and can be put in the washing machine. They dry relatively quickly although I wouldn’t put them in the tumble dryer. I apply the moisturiser first, quite a large amout, and rub all over my feet and ankles, I then place the sock on over this and allow the moisturiser to soak in to my skin. I like the socks because they stop you getting moisturiser everywhere and also allow you to keep up with your beauty regime but still do things and not having to sit still. The socks can be picked up for £5.00 from Avon but they do usually come in the sale and are currently priced at £3.50. I know ...

Halti Dog Collars 24/11/2010

The head collar that trumps all others.

Halti Dog Collars The Halti head collar is a new way of walking your dog, I know head collars are becoming more and more common but as a Labrador owner I find this has completely changed my walks with my dog. My dog is 1, he is strong in both mind and body. It can be hard work, he loves to learn and is easy to train, but the one thing my dog will NOT do, is walk to heal. He likes to pull. Since I purchased a head collar my life (or dog walks) have never been the same again. I put the collar on, and away we go. The head collar is designed to sit over the face and make it easier for the owner to handle the dog. I must add, it does. The head collar works by a system in which if the dog charges ahead, it stops the head going forward, turning it to the side, dogs don’t like not being able to see where they are going, and either stop or slow down. Once the dog has got the idea, if I pull I can’t see, they stop. Urika! However whilst this is great, there are a few bits to mention, my dog doesn’t mind wearing it, but if allowed to he will rub his head on the floor, back of my legs, against the stairs, you name it. So whilst walking him on the lead is fine, letting him off, I must ensure I take the Halti off, because I once left it on, over the fields and he rubbed his nose against the grass so hard, he made himself bleed and rubbed all the skin off the top of his nose. Horrible! He was fine, but I was traumatised. Now I take both the Halti and lead off him and let him enjoy his ...

Argos Lusaka Mocha Bed Frame 30/09/2010

Bed time is something to look forward to when sleeping on this.

Argos Lusaka Mocha Bed Frame The Lusaka comes in two colours, Mocha or Chocolate. The Mocha is the colour I bought, and it is a dark beige colour (the colour which my other half says is not Mocha), well at Homebase it is. The bed comes as frame only, meaning you need to purchase a mattress separately, which suited us just fine. The frame will cost you £299.99 (if it isn’t in a sale or on a 15% or 10% off day) and Homebase run these a lot. I personally wasn’t in a rush for the frame so therefore waited for it to be in the 10% off and purchased it then at a reduced price. I paid £9 (I think) for home delivery which I found extremely cheap compared with most shops. The bed frame came in 3 boxes and one transparent wrap containing the bed slats. We got the bed frame pieces out and made sure everything was ok, it was, we the proceeded to put the frame together, I must say this is my favourite bit about this frame. Thes ease in which we put it together, there are a 2 page instruction and at first I was worried but the instructions were clear and easy to follow and the bed was not over complicated and honestly the easiest thing I’ve put together ever! You don’t need a man but two of you will beat one. It is just very straight forward, the boxes consist of the main pieces, head board, foot board, two sides pieces and then slats. The bed once standing just required a mattress to finish off the look. The bed is made from a faux suede type material (which drives my other half up the wall due to me ...
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