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Lucozade Sport 17/02/2017

Fitness water brand Lucozade Sport Hydro Active-Containing Ion an

Lucozade Sport Fitness water brand Lucozade Sport Hydro Active has been known since 2005. The brand is frequently used by some of the world's top club players meyegarkan to add ion as a replacement for the lost fluids Isotonic drinks contain a variety of minerals that the body needs such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, carbohydrates, vitamins and so on. The main benefits of this drink is directly replace lost body fluids, known as ions or electrolytes to replace lost body. Strenuous activity and exercise both aerobic and anaerobic certainly require great energy and make the body sweat mengelurakn lot. This happens because the body heat during activity and to cool the body temperature, then issued a sweat. Discharge from the body either in the form of sweat, urine and vapor during respiration if not promptly replaced it will cause the body to dehydrate. So with this product all body fluids are drained will be directly replaced with ions and mineral content contained

Paul Smith Extreme Sport Eau de Toilette 17/02/2017

The latest powerful sensation of collection of perfume Paul Smith

Paul Smith Extreme Sport Eau de Toilette Extreme Sport is a perfume with a fresh scent and give good energy for men, this design was made by Paul Smith. Design and aroma pebuh spirit gives a lot of positive energy to every man who wears it. Sports as a theme issue as a symbol of enthusiasm, hard work and striving for excellent results, as well as the combination and balance of mental and physical strength of each man. Extreme Sport aroma composition is identified with a sense of cold and ice sensation of citruses, bergamot and mint Morocco. Energy mix of Egyptian Geranium, Pepper and Lavender as meberi philosophy heartbeat. The simple design and dynamic combination of strong blue and green with blue stripe yellow and green hat crowned with a cap as transparent. Boxes and bottles featuring an illustration of a stopwatch, remind us symbolically currently play an important role in the life and must be used wisely. Newest fragrance from the collection of Paul Smith Extreme Sport took shape as the previous edition, with a glass flacon design with smooth surfaces and modern stripe on the side flacon
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