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Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder 21/08/2012

Great Powder, Shame about the Packaging!

Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder When I went looking for a new powder in my local Boots recently I was shocked by the limited options available. Last time I went there looking for a powder every make-up stand had their own offering, but this time there were very few to choose from. I’d gone in looking to spend around £5 for a mid-range high street brand powder, but all I found were really cheap options or this Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder, for £8.49. I didn’t like the look of any of the cheap ones so I begrudgingly picked up this one. It comes in a red plastic compact which looks nice enough but nothing special. I was quite annoyed when I got home and opened up the compact to find that although there is a mirror in the lid there is no sponge included, which is something I would expect as standard from a powder of this price, nor is there enough space to store a sponge within the compact. This is really annoying for me as I don’t want to carry around a used sponge in my make-up bag or handbag making a mess of all the other things in my bag. Anyway, I ended up buying some cheap powder sponges and deciding to keep the powder for use at home and buy another to take out and about with me. I was then even more annoyed when I turned the compact upside-down whilst it was open and the powder fell out as it was not glued in properly to the compact, which just says poor quality to me. Bourjois claim that this is a unifying powder that evens out and boosts the radiance of your complexion whilst taking ...

Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts Face Scrub 21/08/2012

Gentle & Effective Face Scrub

Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts Face Scrub After using up my last tube of facial scrub far too quickly due to using it on the whole of the top half of my body as well as my face I went looking for another whilst doing my grocery shopping in Morrisons. There were quite a few on offer but I eventually settled on Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Scrub, which was on offer at £3.33 (usual price £4.99). I normally avoid Clearasil products as I’ve had bad reactions to them in the past as they are quite harsh, but I was won over by this one’s claims of containing skin-kind ingredients. It comes in a clear plastic tube so you are always easily able to see how much you have left, and it is squeezy meaning it’s easy to get the scrub out. It has a flip-top lid meaning it’s much more easy and convenient to use than screw top types, and it stands on it’s lid so assuming that you do store it this way the scrub is always ready to come out so there’s no need to spend ages shaking or squeezing the tube. Clearasil say that this is a gentle exfoliating scrub with a scientific balance of effective cleansing and skin-kind ingredients; Vitamin E and Avocado extracts, known for their skin nourishing properties, and Pomegranate extract, an antioxidant known to help keep skin looking healthy. The scrub should be used morning and evening for visibly clearer skin. The scrub is a pale pearlescent green colour with a thick gel type texture. You can easily see little scrubby bits dispersed throughout the scrub, but there don’t seem to ...

Dove Maximum Protection Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Scent 19/08/2012

All Day Freshness

I wouldn’t say I’m an overly sweaty person but I’ve heard good things about Dove’s Maximum Protection Deodorants recently so I decided to give it a go. I picked up the Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea version for £5 in Morrisons. The deodorant comes in a plastic bottle (if that’s what you would call it) which is white but has just enough transparency to allow you to see how much deodorant is left inside. It has a simple pull off lid which covers lots of little holes in the top of the bottle where the cream comes out of. There is a dial on the bottom which you turn to push the cream up through the bottle and out of the holes at the top. The top of the bottle is curved so it fits nicely in the underarm area allowing for easy application. Dove say that this deodorant provides scientifically proven protection against wetness, delivers all-day freshness through odour-fighting technology, and cares for your skin with Dove ¼ moisturising cream. The crisp, nature-inspired fragrance of cucumber and green tea leaves a refreshingly light sensation for your underarms. For optimal effect, apply before going to bed - While resting, the dove maximum protection formula provides scientifically proven wetness protection. This protection lasts throughout the following day, even after a shower. When I first used the deodorant it took a while to get any to come out, you have to turn it a lot before the cream begins to poke through the holes at the top, and then a while longer to get it to come ...

REN Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel 17/08/2012

Radiant Eyes

REN Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel I’ve often looked lustfully at the REN brand, but sadly their products are a little out of my price range so I’ve never purchased anything. When I saw Red magazine were giving away free trial sizes of some of their products I decided this was a perfect opportunity to try them out and see if they’re worth the money. One of these products was REN Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel, which costs £20 for 15ml. The full sized version comes in a very neat and expensive looking pump action bottle, but I only have the 5ml trial sized version which comes in a little squeezy tube, so I can comment no further on the packaging. REN say that this is a light and cooling gel to treat, revive and brighten the delicate eye area, under or over makeup. Among the ingredients are Mucilages from fig, to refresh and revive tired eyes, Wild Rumex, Arnica, Ginseng and Jiaogulan, to help reduce puffiness and dark circles, and Pectins from sea grass and natural Hyaluronic Acid, to smooth and tone the eye contour. This is quite a thin textured gel with a smooth, light texture that makes it easy to spread and massage over the skin. A small amount goes a long way as it does spread incredibly easily and is not so fast absorbed that you need to apply more to fully cover the whole eye area. It feels lovely to massage into my skin and I do feel that the massaging action (which is recommended in the directions on the packaging) benefits the area as well as the gel itself. The gel does have a bit of an unpleasant ...

Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes Quilted 16/08/2012

Simply the Best!

Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes Quilted I’ve been using facial wipes increasingly often recently. I started buying them for travelling as they’re much more convenient than carrying around bottles of lotions and potions, but now I like to always have a pack handy for when I get a bit sweaty in this ridiculously hot weather we’ve been having, or just when I can’t be bothered to do the whole 3 step routine. I generally just go for whatever wipes are on offer as most are quite expensive at full price, and these Kleenex ones were the latest ones I found on offer, at £1.99 for a pack of 24 in Morrisons. The usual price is £2.99. They come in a white plastic pack with a peel able sticker on the top. Peel back the sticker and the hole through which the wipes are dispensed is revealed. I find the sticker fastens securely even when the pack is close to empty, which prevents the wipes from drying out so they’re always fresh and moist. The size of the pack is quite neat and will fit in most handbags so they can be easily carried around with you for quick freshen ups throughout the day. Kleenex say that these are gentle wipes made from ecoform natural fibres, meaning they have a lower environmental impact than a standard wipe material. They are quilted to effectively remove makeup, and suitable for sensitive skin. They contain aloe vera, cucumber extract and witch hazel, to keep skin feeling soft, fresh and soothed. The wipes are about 18cm square, which is slightly smaller than other wipes I’ve used, but I still find it to ...

DuWop Venom Gloss 13/08/2012

A Bit Of Venom for Your Pout

DuWop Venom Gloss I have heard many good things about Duwop Venom Gloss over the last few years, but it’s not a product I thought was entirely necessary and therefore didn’t rush out and buy it. However a lovely friend of mine recently put together a little box full of beauty goodies for me as a parting gift when she moved away, and included was a tube of this gloss in the shade ‘Buttercup’. Duwop don’t seem to have a UK website, but the price on is currently £10.24. The gloss comes in a clear plastic tube so you can see the colour of the lip gloss inside and can always tell how much you have left. The tube has a screw off lid which fastens nice and tight to avoid potential makeup bag disasters. The applicator end of the tube has an angled tip to make it easy to apply. Duwop say if beautiful shine with stunning colour and the Venom tingle is what you’re looking for, Venom Gloss delivers. Blending a spicy concoction of cinnamon, wintergreen and ginger with skin softening ingredients like jojoba, avocado and sunflower oil, beeswax for protection, and green tea for soothing, Venom Gloss gives you full, soft, hydrated lips. I find the texture of the gloss very pleasant, unlike some it is not greasy, gloopy or sticky, and it smoothes easily over the lips, either using the applicator or a finger to apply. It does feel very moisturising and even if I apply it to very dry lips it makes them look smooth and moist, I don’t get that awful bitty look I so often get when applying lip ...

Ren Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream 12/08/2012

For Sensitive Souls

Ren Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream I’ve often looked lustfully at the REN brand, but sadly their products are a little out of my price range so I’ve never purchased anything. When I saw Red magazine were giving away free trial sizes of some of their products I decided this was a perfect opportunity to try them out and see if they’re worth the money. One of these products was REN Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream, which costs £27 for 50ml. The full-sized version comes in a very clean and expensive looking pump-action bottle, but as I have only the trial sized version which comes in a little squeezy tube I can comment no further on the packaging. REN say that this moisturiser is formulated to leave more sensitive skin optimally hydrated, calmed, soothed, protected and looking beautifully healthy. Amongst it’s ingredients are Omega 3 and 7 from arctic blackcurrant seed and arctic seabuckthorn berry oil, to help reduce skin inflammation and irritation, Bisabolol, to soothe and reduce redness, and a ‘Global protection complex’, a powerful blend of antioxidants and free radical scavengers to protect the skin against UV induced damage and premature ageing. The cream is fairly thick in consistency but it has a light, smooth texture that makes it very easy to massage into the skin. It has quite a strong, vaguely herbal scent which I supposed comes from it being a ‘natural’ product with no synthetic fragrances. I don’t really like the scent but it’s not bad enough to put me off using it. I do find that a ...

L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Light Conditioner 06/08/2012

Think Pink

I first bought L’Oréal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Light Conditioner because it was on a half price offer but I’ve continued to buy it since. I don’t always use the same conditioner as I find my hair seems to get used to them after a while and they become less effective, but this is one that I always have in stock to use in alternation with other conditioners. The usual price of this conditioner is £3.89 for a 400ml bottle. The bottle is quite garish. It is made of pink plastic and has a lime green lid, not the best colour combination but it’s certainly easy to spot on the shelves. The bottle is opaque so it’s not easy to see how much you have left, but it is possible if you hold it up to the light. The bottle has a flip-top lid for ease of use and convenience, and it stands on it’s lid so the conditioner is always ready to be dispensed, no need for loads of squeezing or shaking the bottle. L’Oréal say that this shampoo is the secret to weightless glossy shine. The formula is enriched with Pearl, to illuminate and smooth the hair’s surface for better light reflection and a mesmerising shine, and Citrus to free hair of impurities leaving it looking healthy and feeling weightless. It is designed for fine, mid to long, dull hair that is prone to greasiness. The consistency is not that thick for a conditioner, but it is still dense, not watery. It has a very fresh citrus type scent which although a little chemical doesn’t smell too much like cleaning fluid. Just a very small amount of ...

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Spot Wand 06/08/2012


Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Spot Wand I was recently looking in Boots for something to replace my Tea Tree gel which had run out as I can only ever find my usual one online and didn’t want to have to wait for delivery. Amazingly my local Boots don’t seem to stock any plain tea tree gel, so I ended up buying 3 items from the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel range on a 3 for 2 offer, one of which was this Spot Wand, which was priced at £2.59, but obviously on the 2 for 3 worked out cheaper. The wand is a bit like a lip gloss tube but with 2 ends. It has a central plastic section with an applicator stick attached to each end, and a tube on each end filled with product. One end is for use during the daytime and one for night-time. The tubes screw off and on easily and fasten tightly so there’s no worry of it coming unscrewed in your bag. The wand is about the same size as a lip gloss tube so it’s handy to carry around with you and use as and when required. The wand contains antiseptic Tea Tree to instantly fight spot-causing bacteria, and skin-calming Witch Hazel, to help keep your skin healthy and clearer. The packaging doesn’t have anything on it to say what the difference is between the day and night end and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available on the Boots website so I was unable to find out. To use it you just apply it using the applicator directly to the spot you want to treat. Both applicator sticks are small sponge-type applicators with an angled tip, again similar to that in a lip gloss tube. The ...

TRESemme No Frizz Serum 05/08/2012

A Serum that Doesn't Leave My Hair Greasy!

TRESemme No Frizz Serum For years I have avoided hair serums as I had previously found that they only served to make my hair greasy, no matter how small of an amount I used. However I’ve recently found my hair seems to be getting a bit frizzy from blow-drying, so I decided to give serums another go. I didn’t want to spend a lot as to be honest I wasn’t expecting great results, so when I saw this Tresemmé Salon Silk No Frizz Serum on sale for around £3 in my local supermarket I picked one up to try. I believe the normal price of this product is closer to £5. It comes in a tall and slim cylindrical bottle with a pull off lid. Although it has a black label wrapped around it the bottle itself is clear so you can easily see when it’s running low and needs replacing. The lid pulls off nice and easily and clicks easily back into place, but it doesn’t fasten that securely so I find it does sometimes come off in my bag if I’m carrying it around with me. The bottle has a pump-action dispenser to give a controlled amount of the serum, making it both convenient to use and easier to control the amount you use meaning less waste. Tresemmé say this serum’s professional performance formula instantly smoothes frizz to leave hair softer and healthy looking with great shine. Helps to protect hair both before and after drying, smoothes and detangles, and helps prevent split ends. It can be applied to damp hair before drying and styling as usual, or on dry hair to give added softness and shine. The serum has a very ...

Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body Lotion 05/08/2012

Soft Skin the Vanilla Way

Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body Lotion I adore the smell of vanilla, when it’s done right. So many products that include vanilla get it so wrong by going down the sugary sweet route and spoiling it’s subtle appeal. Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body Lotion was my latest foray into the world of vanilla, and a fairly inexpensive one at only £3 for a 200ml tube. The tube is transparent so you can see the creamy coloured lotion inside, and of course this means you can always easily tell when you’re running out. It has a flip-top lid which is both easy and convenient to use, and fastens nice and tightly to avoid spillage. The tube stands on it’s lid so the lotion is always ready to be dispensed, assuming of course that you store it this way. Boots say that this light lotion is blended with natural calming vanilla to help leave skin smooth, conditioned and noticeably softer. ‘Silk-wrap your body!’. The lotion is a creamy colour and has a fairly thick consistency as far as lotions go. It feels silky and smooth and is easy to massage into my skin. Just a small amount goes a long way and it absorbs very quickly into my skin. The scent is beautiful, not the ‘perfect’ vanilla scent but it definitely comes close. It’s warm and inviting, not too sweet and not too strong, a nice subtle hint of vanilla. What I love most about this lotion is that it feels really light on my skin, rather than leaving me with the heavy, clogged, greasy or sweaty feeling that some lotions can. Because it sinks in so quickly I am able to get ...

Boots Tea Tree + Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel 21/07/2012

Clearer Skin While You Sleep

Boots Tea Tree + Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel I bought this after looking around Boots for a Tea Tree gel and not being able to find one. This was the closest thing I could find and I thought it might do the same job so I picked one up. It costs £3.59 and I bought it while there was a 3 for 2 offer on the range which made it very good value indeed. The tube it comes in is transparent so you can easily see when it’s running low. It has a flip top lid that it stands for making it easy to get the gel out as it’s ready to dispense straight away. The tube has been redesigned since the picture Ciao has used, but it is still similar. Boots say that this is a non-greasy gel containing antibacterial Tea Tree Oil and skin calming Witch Hazel to help keep skin clear and healthy by working intensively while you sleep, fighting spot-causing bacteria, and lightly moisturising and caring for skin without blocking pores. When I first used the gel I was surprised by how runny it is, I ended up with far too much because I wasn’t expecting it to come out of the tube so fast. It has a very thin consistency and a tea tree scent which is not too strong or overpowering. It feels very watery as I massage it into my skin but consequently is very easy to apply and a little goes a long way. It has quite a cooling effect which I find calms my often sensitive skin and makes it feel fresh and soothed. It takes a little while to sink in but as it’s to be used at night it’s not an issue, and once it’s dried there’s no residue left behind. It does ...

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Exfoliating Face Scrub 17/07/2012

Scrub Your Way to Clear Skin

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Exfoliating Face Scrub I was recently in Boots looking for some kind of gel with tea tree in it when I came across the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Range. After picking up a tube or their Night Treatment Gel I noticed there was a 3 for 2 offer across the range so I picked up a couple of other items as well. I needed a new face scrub anyway so the Exfoliating Face Scrub went into my basket along with the gel and a spot wand. The scrub is priced at £3.59 for a 150ml tube. The tube it comes in is transparent so you can easily see when it’s running out and needs replacing. It has a flip top lid which fastens nice and tightly to avoid leaks, and as it stands on it’s lid the scrub is always ready to be dispensed so you don’t have to spend ages squeezing the tube. The design of the tube has been updated since the one in Ciao’s picture, but it is still fairly similar in style. Boots say that this is a light exfoliating face scrub which will unclog pores of dirt, oil and make-up, smooth skin’s surface and brighten the complexion. It contains antibacterial Tea Tree Oil and calming Witch Hazel, to keep skin clear and healthy. The texture of the scrub is quite creamy but it is quite thin in consistency compared to other scrubs I’ve used. It has a lot of little grains running through the cream so you don’t end up with them all disappearing half way through scrubbing your face with it as often happened with other scrubs. The grains are not the grittiest but I can definitely feel them working to exfoliate my ...

Neutrogena Multi-Defence® Night Moisturiser 14/06/2012

A Night Cream Suitable for Combination Skin!

Neutrogena Multi-Defence® Night Moisturiser I recently stocked up on loads of the Neutrogena Multi-Defence SPF25 day moisturiser when it was on sale at the reduced price of £1.99 in Morrisons. At the same time I decided to try out their night cream which was at the same price. The usual price is £7.99 so I felt I was getting a bargain at £1.99. It comes in a small plastic pot which is nearly transparent with a kind of frosted effect so you can still see the moisturiser through it, which means you can always easily see when it needs replacing. It has a screw off lid which comes off easily and fastens nice and tight to avoid leakage. Neutrogena say that this night cream is designed to help the skin recover from the day’s aggressions and strengthen it’s natural defences every night, so you can wake up to fresh, radiant skin every day. It contains moringa seed ‘anti-pollution’ protein, antioxidant Brazilian green tea, and vitamins C and E. I normally avoid using night creams because I’ve found all the ones I used in the past left my combination skin feeling greasy or clogged, but this one is very different. It has a thin, though not runny, consistency which feels quite watery as I apply it to my skin, then turns slightly more creamy as I massage it in, before quickly melting into my skin. It has quite a strong scent which is kind of creamy and floral, it’s not an unpleasant scent at all but I would prefer a more subtle scent. I find this feels really nice on my skin, it sinks in quickly leaving it feeling soft and ...

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Pore Purifying Astringent 10/06/2012

A Good Product if Used Sensibly

This is a product I’ve used on and off for years, having always had combination-oily skin I’ve found it a very useful product to have on hand. I haven’t used it in a while so when I spotted that Morrisons were selling it off at 97p I took the chance to pick up a few bottles. This was a bargain price as it usually costs between £3.50 and £5 depending where you buy it from. The product comes in a semi-transparent blue bottle so you can easily see when it’s running out and needs replacing. It has a flip top lid which fastens nice and securely so to avoid leakage, but the part that flips up is only small and I’ve therefore managed to snap quite a few over the years. The hole the product comes out of is quite small so it’s easier to control how much you get out than with the open necked bottles that toners often come in. Garnier say that this toner is made for skin prone to imperfections, excess sebum and visible pores. It combines salicylic acid and zinc, known for it’s purifying properties, to tighten pores, dry imperfections and mattify skin for an anti-shine effect. As you would expect from a toner it is a watery liquid which you simply apply to cotton wool and wipe over your skin. It has a very strong smell of chemicals which you can tell they’ve tried to hide with a fresh, cucumber type scent but it hasn’t really worked and it’s the chemicals that you really notice. It feels very refreshing on the skin and it does leave my skin feeling wonderfully clean and fresh, ...
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