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Hello everyone, I'm still in university, Studying Pharmacology, Interested in gaming, news, technology, reading and listening to music. I also am a follower of football (Man Utd) and like to play many other sports too.

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since 21/10/2014


Discount Railcards 01/12/2014

A 16 - 25 RailCard is a must have

Discount Railcards Hey everyone, this is a quick review about the 16-25 RailCard and what it offers, i've saved over £300 a year (yeah i travel a lot) so i want to help people like me do the same, so lets get to the point. The 16-25 RailCard allows you to get a third of most train travel all over Britain; London midland, Virgin, London overground and travelcards, southwest trains, you name it. So basically, if your ticket usually costs £30 your fare price will be reduced to £20 and it is as simple as that. All you have to do is show your discount card when asked. There are two options to choose from, get a year 16 -25 RailCard for £30 or a 3 Year RailCard for £70. To get the Discount Card, all you have to do is to and fill out the form, will take about 10 mins, must have a valid international passport or a UK driving license. So who can get one? Anyone between the ages of 16 to 25, even those above 25 if you; Are attending a recognised college or university, for over 15 hours a week, at least 20 weeks a year. Have an NUS card or College/University photocard as proof of identity. And you MUST your university or college to fill out a section 16-15 RailCard if your over 25. There's also other little benefits, like discount at some restaurants and hotels, theatres and other rewards. In a nutshell its an amazing deal for anyone who travels by train a lot, specially those in University and go home on a regular basis, or just like to travel and don't own a car. ...

Faberge Brut Spray 21/10/2014

Nothing beats the classics

Faberge Brut Spray Brut has been around for years and if you used there deodorant you would know why, its not as complex as lynx who offer you 50 different scents and 20 different types of cans. Brut has a scent that is very addictive and appealing but cannot be described. The quality is also very good, its long lasting and the can size is slightly bigger than the average deodorant can but sold for at the same prices. Have been using brut for a while and it's now all I buy really, apart from when there are offers on others but even so I still make sure I have a brut can at home. It's suitable for all age but I recommend it especially for those in the 20's upwards. ...

HTC One 32GB 21/10/2014

Has Everything A Phone Needs

HTC One 32GB The HTC One is a phone which excels in each and every aspect, great camera, very sharp and clear, like the new ultra pixel feature, would be great to see it perfected. 1080p HD display, couldn't really ask for much more than that. The size i feel is perfect, but that depends on the users preference, but its not too big not too small, has a nice slick design. With the Beats By Dre audio setting, music is crisp, however i still feel that the iPhone provides better sound, CPU Speed is faultless, had mine for a year and still no issues at all. All in all an amazing phone, suitable for any kind of person, first time smartphone buyers, those who like to use there phones to full potentials and with the built in infrared feature you can control each and every TV in your home without ever finding a remote. ...
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