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Houston International, USA (IAH) 27/09/2001

Large but reasonable

Houston International, USA (IAH) During my travels to the USA I also decided to meet relatives who actually lived in Lake charles, approximately three hundred miles from Houston. I therefore flew with continental to Houston and took an express jet to Lake charles. I found that, in general, the airport was fairly clean and there were ample directions available, so i never got lost. However, there were fewer of the quick walking ramps, instead one had to walk from gate to gate, that, in my case, took me around 10-15 mins as it was on different sides of the airport (however, there are mini trains that take passengers from terminal to terminal). All in all, the staff were also fairly friendly and the presidents club, an area for frequent flyers with continental airlines, was a delight to visit. It allowed me to rest and freshen up between connecting flights. Unfortunately, on my return to the airport, the atmosphere was somewhat different following the recent attacks. Houston is also an extremely nice city and I would recommend anyone in that part of the world to take a look. But be prepared for scorching temperatures in the summer !!

Boston Logan Airport, USA(BOS) 27/09/2001

Logan international

Boston Logan Airport, USA(BOS) Unfortunately I have recently returened from the USA. My trip was great up until the 11th after which things turned sour, due to the terrorist attacks and as a direct consequence my travel plans changed. Instead of going to New York, I travelled to Boston and passed through Logan international. At first the place seemed incredibly eerie, there were very few fellow passengers and plenty of air marshalls, police and security workers. On my way back I checked in, and although efficient as normal, I had been requested to arrive at the check in desk 2 hours before, mainly due to the increased number of security checks. In all, I was Id'd 4 times and had my bags searched personally. All in all, it was not a great experience, and one could sense the tension in the air, not only with passengers but also with workers there. However, in my opinion it is a good thing that these security measures are now in place, and will no doubt serve to deter these madmen in the future.

Groundhog Day (DVD) 16/04/2001


Groundhog Day (DVD) I personally do not think that this film should be placed under the comedy category. In my opinion, the film is a bore to watch. I have seen it a number of times, and although am refreshed by Andie McDowells astonishing good looks, find the performance of Bill Murray, playing a weatherman that lives the same day again and again, quite disappointing. I for one prefer to watch comedies in which the comdeian is smiling and is funny, but the flick had more of a drama feel to it. May be I just totally got the wrong end of the stick, but that was my impression the first time that I watched it and subsequently that has not changed. It would be intertesting to hear others views on this. To summarise, it is not a comedy that I would recommed people to watch. Go adn see something else that is actually amusing !

Ace Ventura - Pet Detective (DVD) 16/04/2001


Ace Ventura - Pet Detective (DVD) Having watched both of the ace ventura- pet detective series of films I must admit that both are hilariously funny. In my opinion, I presumed that there would be a 'hole' left in hollywood comedy following the untimely death of John Candy, famed for his roles in childrens comedy such as Uncle Buck. However, Jim Carey has proved in these films, in which he prats about playing a detective with unique powers capable of forming supernatural relationships with animals, that he can fill that role and assume, in my view, the title of best comedian in hollywood. These films are enjoyable and suitable viewing for the entire family, and are well worth a look. Alternatively, if one likes Jim Carey's style I would also thoroughly recommend The Mask !

Back To The Future (DVD) 15/04/2001

back to the future

Back To The Future (DVD) Having recently pulled this selection of films from the closet in recent times, i must admit to me this is science fiction at its best, successfully managing to capture the imagination of viewers, particularly children, worldwide. Michael J Fox i believe is fantastic in his role in the movies. The plots, in all of them are enjoyable and help to keep the viewer riveted, something that is not always the case in a number of sequel type movies. Although I question the 'staying power' of the films and their ability to become classics, I am in no doubt that they are a strong favourite amongst children from the 1980's generation. The idea of time travel enthralls me to this day ! It is a shame that Michael j Fox has now retired from acting and so there will be no more of the series.

Mohabbatein (Hindi Language) (Wide Screen) (DVD) 15/04/2001


Mohabbatein (Hindi Language) (Wide Screen) (DVD) For those of you who are not well versed in the bollywood scene, you could not do much better than see this film, by Aditya chopra, as your first. In my opinion it cptures the entire essence of what is an indian movie, and is a love story regarding three college boys, coaxed into following their hearts rather than their heads byt the flamboyant new violin music teacher, played by Shah rukh khan. Against the backdrop of a top public school that 'does not change with time', some interesting themes evolve from the movie. Indian cinema, in my view, sells dreams to the millions on the street, it , quite simply, is emotional escape. The emotional scenes with all the dancing make for entertaining viewing and help get one 'into' the film, as if all of the boys have too played that role and the girls have played that as well. Well worth a view, a smash hit in india.

The Sport 02/04/2001

catering for all intellectuals

The Sport The sport is a paper, I must say, that I have come across in the last few years. Lets face it, it is actually a fairly amusing read, that is, if you are a bloke. For the women, well, they may disagree. As I have mentioned before, the sport simply uses sex to sell newspapers, and its latest sales figures suggest that it is extremely successful at this. What is more, the paper mainly caters, what used to be termed working class people, and requires a reading age and ability of the average 7 year old. This is in comparison to other papers of the same variety that are slightly better, e.g. the sun. The actual news that they publish is often rubbish, and quite irrelevant. Furthermore, the style and quality of writing leaves a lot to be desired. Avoid this one !

Boddingtons [TV Advertisement] 31/03/2001


Boddingtons [TV Advertisement] One can often see, in adverts like this, a consistent theme that runs through. What is that one may ask, well it is simply the fact that, get a beautiful lady on the screen, oozing sex appeal, what is cool, and all that, and bingo, a pint is sold. Not only this, I find that the boddingtons adverts are also quite amusing, in the sense that the central theme of the cream, etc. It would be interesting to have access to some figure as to the number of sales following the release of the melanie sykes ice cream van advert, or the lady getting a pint by the side of the pool advert, as these are sure to have attracted a lot of young drinkers. It is these people that make the market of course ! ...

Kiss TV 31/03/2001


Kiss TV Having had sky digital for a while now, I have become fascinated by this channel and the general kind of television channels. For those of us who live in London Kiss 100 Fm has graduated from a quality pirate radio station into one of the most listened to music stations around, and the transition on to the television has not been an easy one. The market is already very crammed, the old channels like mtv still have, in my opinion, more to offer as they havemore rounded tv programmes. Kiss, along with the biox, just plays music videos all day long, and I for one find that they tend to repeat the same tunes up to three of four times in any one hour. I rapidly get bored and soon turn off. A bit more variation would enhance the channel.

Eurosport 28/03/2001


Eurosport I first started watching this channel when I purchased what was then cable tv. I have found though, as I have upgraded from cabel to satellite tv, that eurosports quality has also improved. their coverage of european and world events, is in my view, slightly more comprehensive than the terrestrial channels such as bbc and itv. This is because they obviously have more of their bnudget and timing schedules associated with sport. One can find that this is the case when you see the european track and field championships, european cup football and the olypics, last year in sydney. The quality of commentary is also good, primarily as they have brought in people who have actually played sport at the highest level and so know what they are talking about. I for one am looking forward to their french open coverage this year as I know that it will be excellent.

UK Play 23/03/2001

New things going on

UK Play Uk Play is yet another fantastic channel brought to all of us fortunate enough to have satellite television. Frequently I tend to watch the channel on weekdays, from around 6pm -7.45 pm, and then again on saturdays. I for one am an immense fan of dance music, and find that teh seesions with DJ Judge Jules are quite entertaining, serving to relax me. Furthermore, for those of you who are interested in the latest craze, Uk garage music, the Dreem Teem have just started their own very new show on saturday nights, featuring interviews, back stage stuff and, what is more, great two step vibage ! In addition to the music there are also other programmes on , however I cannot really make an opinion on them as I tune in for the music !

UK Gold 22/03/2001

UK Gold

UK Gold For those of us who have been somewhat disenchanted with the bbc over the last few years, the initiation of UK Gold has been a godsend. In my opinion, the bbc no longer put the amount of funding that is required to compete with comedy from the likes of other competition channels such as ITV. With Uk Gold one gets to see all of the old classics from way back. I for one spend countless hours watching the likes of eastenders and only fools and horses. The channels directors have really found a market here that they can exploit to the full, mainly focusing on those who are thirty plus. It is a great channel, and does actually show how good the bbc once was.

MTV Base 21/03/2001

About time

MTV Base For music lovers, not only in this country but around the globe, the introduction of satellite television and, in particular mtv base, has proved a godsend. MtV base is special in the sense that it caters for a specific lover of rythm and base music. As a consequence there is a great deal of music that comes from the united states that people in the united kingdom neevr get a chance to hear, particularly due to its undergorund nature and somewhat offensive lyrics. However, it is a must have channel for rnb lovers all over the uk. In recent times, I have noticed a degree of repetition on the channel, particularly of cisco's play programmes ! may be some new stuff needs to be injected ! ...

Channel4: TFI Fridays 19/03/2001

TFI - not

Channel4: TFI Fridays In its hayday, this programme managed to capture millions of viewers of all ages across the country, with its unique blend of humour, interviews and music. In his customary light hearted manner, Chris Evans succeeded in entertaining viewers of all ages, principally by acting like an idiot. Although, I must say, that it was evident that his sidekick Will did a lot of the writing as well. Nevertheless, one must give credit to the man who set up Ginger productions and managed to coax many star interviewees into the famous studio. Unfortunately the show, in recent times, now lacks the charisma of Evans and the same routine has now set in. It may be that viewers are simply now bored of the recipe and want something slightly different. Channel four may have responded in the form of the Priory.

Channel4: Ricki Lake 19/03/2001

Same recipe

Channel4: Ricki Lake Ricki Lake is yet another of those 'lets copy Oprah' live television chat shows. In my opinion, the television market is now flooded with this kind of show, mixing real life drama on to the screen so the crowd can boo ! Sometimes, I find that the guests invited on to the show are, quite simply, beyond belief and that the issues raised somewhat detract from real life. There are some quite weird and whacky themes, prompting me often to just say 'only in america' and switching over. However, I can see how a lot of people find this interesting and so stay on. The actual host, Ricki Lake, is not as good at her job as I think the likes of esther ranthzen and jerry springer are. My reason for this is that the latter two are quite often confrontational and are willing to openly express their opinions, whereas we often just see ricki just listen. Consequently the likes of jerry act, in a way, to spice up the crowd and fire up the atmosphere more.
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