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Football Manager 2005 (PC) 27/12/2004

S.I Prove They are kings of the Genre!

Football Manager 2005 (PC) THE LEGENDS RETURN After buying Championship Manager 03-04 I was literally gob smacked! That game was just the best management game ever and it had everything that you could possibly think of to do with Football Management, well how wrong you and I were. With the game I got a leaflet advertising Football Manager 2005. From the screenshot looked exactly like Championship Manager but with a different toolbar, I wondered why the creators of Championship Manager, Sports Interactive (SI) were advertising a new game and I soon found out. SI had teamed up with Sega to release a new football management game as Eidos the produces of the Championship manager series had decided not to renew their contract with SI and they had kept the licence to the game. With Championship Manager being a big name and already bound to attract a large audience, SI had to 1) Create a brilliant rival, which was the easy part as they were experts at developing the game and 2) had to match it in a frantic advertising campaign. Football Manager managed to beat Championship Manager 5 to the shelves and they managed to retain all of there fans and the marks from computer magazines were very high. I being an owner of this game for a month can recommend it to anyone who loves football management games. I bought it for £30 when at most shops it was priced at a very high £35… which was a shame as in the past these games have been priced when released at a below average price of £25. But make no mistake; this ...

Way It Is - Bruce Hornsby 29/11/2004

That's Just The Way It Is

Way It Is - Bruce Hornsby I was going through my Dads cd's when i was skiving off school one day a year or so back... I came across Bruce Hornsby and the Range and i had already downloaded one of his songs... "The Way It Is" and it's simply a master piece before Tupac got his hands on it... now it's just regarded as a remix of this hip hop rubbish that this rapper did... Anyways back the the album which is the title as the main song... everyone will have heard the song "The Way It Is" because it's always on the radio but the other songs are just as equally brilliant in my opinion. Anyways here's a look at the tracks and the rating 1) On The Western Skyline (7/10) A love song about a single man knowing his special girl is out there somewhere "On the western skyline" A great tune and a good start to the album 2) Every Little Kiss (9/10) Another romance song about a long distance relationship in the 80's with only a phone to interact with each other. The song basically gives the impression that every little kiss means everything to him... a fantastic start to the song with the piano then the steady tempo with the drum beat and piano.... a great song 3) Mandolin Rain (9/10) A sad, sad song about Bruce singing about a past relationship with a woman and recalling the great times before she left him... a great tune and a good song to listen to if you are feeling low because it somehow inspires you to look back at the goodtimes and move on 4) The Long Race (6/10) This song is the ...

Free Space 2 (PC) 02/11/2004

What A Game Part 2

Free Space 2 (PC) (read the review What A Game Part 1 by me to get the gist of things) You destroyed The Shivan Destroyer The SD Lucifer... just as it was entering normal space from subspace... the massive explosion caused the Jump Gate toshut down leaving Sol and Earth isolated from Beta Aquilai and the Rest of the GTA (Galactic Terran Alliance) Now 37 years later..... The now GTVA (Galactic Terran Vasudan Alliance) are against the NTF (Neo Terran Front) and Admiral Bosch who appose any future with the Vasudans... or that is what they say. Admiral Bosch's legacy is somewhat different! The Gameplay is the same, the Graphics are even better than the original and the Storyline keeps on going with adictiveness!!! After 4 missions and improved Storyline Briefings, music and mission Briefings.. you end up meeting the Shivans again.... The last time you met... it was only a scouting party....This time you meet them full on you are entering Shivan Space... A Man Made Jump Gate which was presumebly made by "The Ancients" millions of years ago was powered up by someone as once was not detected in a remote lonely star sytem leads to a nebula and Shivan Space... the Shivans arrive into GTVA Space with a bang and go straight into the heavily populated Capella system, suddenly their is a war on two fronts as the GTVA try to contain the Shivans and crush Admiral Bosch... suddenly victory after victory in the newly discovered Nebula leaves them complacent... and with the new Collosus ...

Conflict Freespace (PC) 02/11/2004

What A Game Part 1

Conflict Freespace (PC) I got the game free with a new computer some 3 years ago, I didn't play it until I was bored of Roller coaster Tycoon and when I loaded it up I was just mindblowed... The Intro was brilliant! And it set the whole scene.... The game basically a space combat shoot em up and is about Humans in the 24th Century colonizing space and are at war with the Vasuden Empire (Some Warrior Aliens) and have been for sometime now and resources are getting stretched, suddenly a third faction enters the frame... a race more powerful, more deadly than ever before. You work all this out from a fantastic intro with some great graphics for it's time (1999) I then remembered the layout from the main menu... as I had played the Demo before and hated it... however i wanted to give it a chance as it was all interactive, and each section where you could go made stuff happen on the interactive main menu.... wonderful simply wonderful I started the game and it introduced the story with voice and text with a small graphic video nearby... this was looking very promising and then it introduced me to Training Modules for the Fighters that you will use and tactics and so forth. The game starts where you’re currently at war with the Vasudans and suddenly these ships with Shields and powerful weapons appear... and what’s worse you cant gain aspect lock on them and they literally blow anything up with ease... both Human and Vasudan... A call to arms is made, a time to stand is the only option... a ...

The Mirror 30/10/2004

Is their a paper which is not fit enough to.....

The Mirror When i was younger... I used to actually enjoy reading this paper, looking at all the romours about Leeds United and the cartoons and the sport, now as I've got older and much wiser... the paper is just a rag... I dont buy it, However I still read it at 6th form, and it says it's the official "Big Brother Newsparer".... did they say it was? I dont think so.... Also... i dont really like Big Brother and when that's on half of it is all over the front page... now it's ok if you like the show and i know alot of people do, but c'mon i absolutely hate it and it aint "World Breaking News" is it... and it's not as if someone has won it either..... i saw a topic once called "So and so throws up as someone else and someone else get it on..." Do i really wanna know that?! The Paper doesn't half have it's contreversialness... forging fake photo's of British troops torturing Iraqi prisoners and knowing they were fake and publishing them saying that they are real! That upset alot of people, and really hampered foreign affairs! Some people in the middle east still believe all this is true! What the heck are they playing at! ok... they have a job to do.... and they sacked those who were responsable for the photo's but it still doesn't change the fact that this paper is a complete rag! It's counterpart the Sunday Mirror is even worse... a high profile court case against 2 Leeds United players was on.... the court case was just about to end, and the players weregonna get off ...

Command & Conquer: Red Alert (PC) 30/10/2004


Command & Conquer: Red Alert (PC) Your in a computer game shop, you are having a look at the special offers for the classics 3 for £10 or £5 each... i can gurantee you Command & Conquer : Red Alert will be there! If you love RTS (Real-Time Strategy) You will probably have this game as it took some beating to get off the top in 1997 2 years after the original came out! The original set in the not two distant future was about GDI (Global Defence Initiative) or the UN against The Brotherhood of Nod (Terrorists) This hasn't happened... why? Because someone changed History... this is revealed at the Beggining of Red Alert. Albert Einstein goes back in time and kills Adolf Hitler in 1924 therfore the Second World War as we know it didn't happen... thinking he has saved lives he can live in peace and carry on with his experiments... although he has only postponed the inevitable.... The Communist Soviet Union... stronger than ever with the losses sustained in WW2 wiped off the slate are invading allied Europe! You can choose between either side, and wage war on over 25 missions in the game. These missions vary from rescuing someone, blowing up bridges, dissarming nuclear bombs or simply destroying the enemy by building your base and army. I bought this for £30 ages ago, and it was well worth it! I was hooked on it for months! I started with the Allies (the goodies) and if anyone who has compleated the game... do you remember the second to last mission with that small force of men having to de-activate ...

Leeds United 30/10/2004


Leeds United I'm 18 and for 18 year of my life, i have supported Leeds United AFC. Founded in 1904 as Leeds City then changing their name in 1919 to Leeds United, this team is definately one of the biggest teams in England. Why are they big? well it's mostly due to their past, during the 60's and 70's they were brilliant, the best around. Don Revie was a fantastic manager with a captain who would break his back in two for the cause and a team that would follow him to the death in need be! 5 years ago... Champions League Semi-Final, 6 monhts ago Financial meltdown... the 500,000 Leeds United Fans worldwide stood united together and haev carried the team through the pain and glory and now the club with restructured debts and possible takeovers are on their way back to the Premiership. Kevin Blackwell the manager had 2 players at the start of the season after relagation... Gary Kelly and Eirik Bakke, with drafting players up from the youth and reserves and bringing in and looking at over 300 players during pre-season Leeds United are a team again willing to fight for the shirt and play for the shirt! So what is it like being a Leeds fan.... well it makes you proud... we dont win things that much, were hated by the press for the past, everyone hates us due to the media. But Leeds fans can still be singing loud and proud when they are 5-0 down like most of last season. We went down, and when relagation was staring us in the face we just kept on singing and singing, we didn't ...

Adams song - Blink 182 29/10/2004

Adam's Song Makes Adam Proud

Adams song - Blink 182 "I never conquered, rarely came, tommorow holds such better days, days when i just feel alive, and i cant wait to get outside" Thats just part of the chorus of this masterpiece from Blink 182! Adam's song is a very sad song which is Track 7 on Enema of the State, an Album which saw Blink 182 come into the world as a very popular pop rock band. This song is the best song on the Album along with Going Away To College and a few others in this pop infested album. Adam's song is about a boy called Adam (naturally) who's teenage life is going wrong and everything is just a mess after he's split up with his girlfriend and he's contemplating suicide. The video for this song is pretty cool as it shows Blink 182 performing infront of a board full of pictures of happy memories with the camera zooming in on them and playing the memories in picture frame style. If you see the single out, then buy it, it's a great song, or why not download it off iTunes. It's probably the best song on the album, and one of the best songs Blink 182 ever did! (Leeds United) 29/10/2004

SUPER LEEDS! AVERAGE WEBSITE... (Leeds United) I'm a massive Leeds United fan, and the Leeds website before they edited and changed it was brilliant! It wasn't just briliant for Leeds fans, but it was good for anybody who wanted to find out Information about the club, as users didn't have to sign up to gain access to all the free areas. Now... it's just an average football club website... You had a link to free live match commentary before, now you have to pay as it is part of the oh so poor LUTV scheme which my friend made much better clips from his home PC before Sky busted him! When you visit it... it's a good front page, ofter advertising offers at the club shop, or tickets for games, and the main index page is pretty good, but everything is all over the site instead of being on the left. It took my a long time to get to grips with, and alot of fans did not like it, but seen as though we had no say in the matter, we had to learn to live with it and get used to it. It's just an average football site in my opinion, and i am a massive Leeds fan, only good for finding out the latest and the truth about the news. Also it's such a shame to see the chat forum on their just derelict and un-used Only for Leeds Fans who want the truth about the news and romours !!!

Star Trek 8 - First Contact (DVD) 29/10/2004


Star Trek 8 - First Contact (DVD) Anyone who loves Star Trek would probably agree that at the time this Trek movie ever! when it came out in Janruary 1997 The fact that the Borg were in it and at the time the Borg were a raraty in the show made it even more special to Trek Fans. Now if you watch it... people just think... "Oh... Borg... how lovely!" due to them being overseen in Star Trek Voyager and on Rediculous computer games such as Star Trek Armada. Back then people were just like "Wow!" as the dark corridors were revealed for the first time and a whole new "Scare Factor!" was created with the new background and a few unforgettable scenes within the movie. The movie starts off in a dream... Captain Picard Captain of the Enterprise (Patrik Stewart) who was assimilated into Locutus in The Nexg Generation 7 years earlier is dreaming of being back on a Cube.... he wakes... goes for a wash not knowing he's still in a dream, he looks at a mirror and at the time i saw this i was 11 at a cinema when the cybernetic implant burst out of his cheeck i think everyone in the cinema jumped.... then he wakes up to find that a Borg Cube is on route to Earth. Anyways they cant go cos the Federation doesnt know what Picard's side affects would be. He keeps in touch and finds out that the Federation fleet is getting it's arse kicked and Picard disobeys orders and heads back to Earth to fight them. Basically his knowledge of the Borg allows him to destroy a Borg cube... why the hell wasn't he debriefed by the ...

Reservoir Dogs (DVD) 29/10/2004

Every Dog Has It's Day, but not this dog

Reservoir Dogs (DVD) I bought the DVD of this when i was drunk and i bought it of someone i did not trust and despised... thats how good this movie is! Quinten Tarantino... we all know him, The director responsable for Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2... this was his first masterpiece! A trully timeless classic! The soundtrack is just awesome... all 70's and the wonderfull jumpy great song "Stuck in the middle with you" when a copper is being tortured is just great! The story is basically a robbery gone wrong with one of the members of the gang being a copper and their is much argument to it, but all the time it switches back and forth between the past and the presant introducing characters and the plot, generating great humour and basically giving it a fantastic storyline which set a trend off where people flick back and forwards in time. The films ending is just brilliant as well, a fantastic unforgettable ending! The language in the film... is very extreme along with some of the blood and goore, this film is ideal with a curry and a few mates and lots of alchohol... just dont try and immitate whats going on! if you dont have this movie... you need to buy it! just because it's a classic!

Championship Manager: Season 03-04 (PC) 29/10/2004

The God Of Football Management!

Championship Manager: Season 03-04 (PC) What is their to say about this game except.... it's gonna be the last brilliant Championship Manager game! For those who dont know, Sports Interactive have seperated from Eidos and are not involved in making the game anymore... they are behind Football Manager 2005.... which is exactly the same as Championship Manager 5.... but with added extra's from the original creators... This game just basically follows on from where CM 4 left off. The bugs are fixed, the game runs smoother andit has much more added features including an editor! So if needbe you can put Manchester United in the conferance and add your Sunday League team with yourself into the premier league. Their isn't much to say apart from if you want to buy this game for someone.... make sure they like football and they will be addicted to this for the rest of their lives!!! I first started playing these types of games when i was 8 years old... i'm 18 now and i'm still playing them! I bought every single one back then... now i stick to Championship Manager (Football Manager) These games perticularly this one gets in the way of homework! and 3 weeks out of 4, you can gurantee most people will be on this game!!! Dont buy the graphically Fifa soccer based Total Club Manager, nor the past it premier manager, stick to Championship Manager (Now Football Manager) Because it simply is the best.!!! Cant go wrong for £25 - £35 pounds!

The Day After Tomorrow (DVD) 29/10/2004


The Day After Tomorrow (DVD) The Day After Tommorow... a decent title.... but somewhat questionable... because it took about 10 days to change the world in the film instead of 3 days. This film is just poor considering the storyline. I wasted £12.99 on it why? because it was made by the same people who created the masterpiece of Independance Day, I have a hobby for Twisters and i'm genuinly interested in Geography. Graphically i can definately say that this film is very good. For sound effects... this could drive your annoying neighbour up the wall.... but would any of you watch it again.... i'd really doubt it. The biggest flaw has to be the storyline... anyone who has done GCSE Geography would know that what happens in the film is just totally unrealistic and it wont happen at this moment in time and certainly not in 10 days. Basically the storyline is... with Global Warming being a problem, and Ice Cap the size of Rhode Island breaks off from the Artic and melts causing a massive amount of natural water to mix into the ocean. This causes the mid atlantic whatever it is that provides the Northern Hemisphere with it's temperate climate to vanish... therfore the Ocean temperature drops by 13 degrees and all sorts of storms begin to appear.... Now this will probably happen... but not for a hundred years or so and this is said in the movie... but their is no way its gonna happen inside 10 days so why on earth did they make it happen in 10 days.... because it's the only way they could ...

Dude Ranch - blink-182 29/10/2004

Dude Ranch Rules

Dude Ranch - blink-182 What can you say about Blink 182. Well istarted to like them when they just brought out Enema of the state... then i grew out of them... reason being... to pop rock songs about being obsessed and in love. Take of your pants and jacket was a bit of a dissapointment (apart from i love The Rock Show... and i dont know why!) Anyways Dude Ranch... well it is by Blink 182 before they were famous. Released in 1997, this album had 2 main singles on it, the very average "Jodie" and the really first ever great single Blink 182 ever did... "Dammit" Both sang by Mark Hoppus and this album really put Blink on the map. The songs are not heavy metal but they aint pop rock songs, this is punk rock at it's best. Their are hardly many swear words in it, and no silly songs which consist of Blow jobs from parents and having sex with dogs. To start off the whole album music quality is a bit dodgey, and is noticable in the first song "Pathetic" as it seems as it's been recorded in the garage of someone's house in the middle of an industrial state, but dont worry it's just the bass of Mark's bass guitar. Starting off very well with 2 brilliant songs "Pathetic and "Voyeur" and then the big one which made people to buy the album... "Dammit" Lyrically these songs are just brilliant, How the heck did they come up with some of the lyrics and storylinesfor some of the songs! Voyeur is about a stalker stalking this woman, lyrically brilliant, and is pretty funny, Tom De Longe is a genius ...

Independence Day (DVD) 29/10/2004

A True Classic

Independence Day (DVD) Of all the Sci-Fi films that have been released in my life time so far... this has to be the most hyped up sensation i have ever seen. I was 11 when I first saw it at the cinema and i simply loved it! now 7 years on i got the DVD and it's just a true classic! Ok, the storyline is just unrealistic, and how the heck to Aliens that strong have a small weakness such as that, i can tell you now that the storyline was pretty poor but it was the ideas, the graphics that made that storyline stand out, and made this film into an all time classic. Aliens with 15 mile long circular ships. Massive humoungous weapons which can destroy buildings, with shields and mini fighters and a mother ship. Just simply brilliant! If you like Sci-Fi, this is a must buy, if you dont, it still is worth a look. Simply because it is a classic! The hype which was made about this film 7 years ago is deserved and i love this film so much, that i dont really have a bad word to say about it. Will Smith made his name in this film, and what a film it was! If you know someone who likes Sci-Fi and has not got this... this is the Ideal X-Mas presant!
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