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Kissaluvs Nappies 16/10/2008

Kissaluvs - lovely cloth nappies

Kissaluvs Nappies Kissaluv cloth nappies originate from the US (where a stay-at-home mother used to make them in her dining room!) and require a wrap to be used over the top of them to make them waterproof. They are slim-fitting nappies and come in a range of colours. Sizes and current prices are listed at the end of my review. Kissaluv nappies come in three different ranges: * FITTED This is the most commonly used type and can be viewed here: They have a really good fit range as they are very adjustable using the five poppers along the front and I didn't have any issues fitting them to my skinny-minnie of a daughter (I had had several problems with other cloth nappy brands because she was an unusual size i.e. tall and thin), even though they are recommended for chubbier babies. The come in a good range of colours and for the discerning nappy-buyer, there are special edition colours and trims available! This is the type that I used the most as not only do they look good, but they proved a good fit for my daughter. However, I didn't find them very absorbent at all, and I would have to change them straight away after every wet. They did a great job of containing solids (and the less-than-solids!). I didn't continue to use them after my daughter got to be about 4mths old as I felt she needed a higher absorbency than they could provide. You need a well-fitting wrap for these nappies as the elasticated part of the legs can manifest ...

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB 15/10/2008

Spare me the technicalities, is it any good?

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new iPhone 3g (8gb) and even bought myself out of a contract with O2 so I could get it 3 months before I was due to upgrade to it. So you can understand my basis for comparison with this review, I usually use the latest Sony Ericsson mobile, and use a pc not a mac. FROM PURCHASE TO ACTIVATION I had read some horror stories on activating the phone, but since most of these reviews were written, O2 and Apple have got their act together with the way in which you activate the phone. I went to my local O2 store, paid my £99 (I had chosen to go onto a £35pm contract, see end of review for tariff info etc), and hurried home with my new prize possession! The first thing I noticed whilst unpacking my black beauty was that there was no manual - not that I usually read them, but I do, however read the first few pages to see how long I have to charge the battery for. So, Apple were being cocky in thinking their phone was so simple, a mere blonde female such as myself could just pick it up and use it? Darn right! And, to make things even better, the phone was already charged! Activation requires nothing more technical than loading up iTunes on your pc (and creating an account if you haven't got one already - this includes giving your debit/credit card details)and attaching the iPhone via usb to your computer (no need to install any other software - yay! Why am I yaying? I'm a techie of course). Once iTunes has your phone in ...

Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) 09/08/2007

:: Sexy, sleek and totally playable PS3 ::

Sony PlayStation 3  (PS3) There are now 59 reviews (some excellent) already for the PS3, so am not going to repeat what others have said, but give some tips and an overview of the pro's and cons of this console. --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------- LOOKS LIKE Glossy, sleek exterior with touch sensitive smooth buttons. Very modern-looking - matches sky+ and HD boxes a treat! If you looking to impress your visitors, this is the console for you. GAMES There is a wide range of games now available for the PS3, and a lot of them can be enhanced by downloadable content (you'll need an internet connection for this). In particular, Singstar3 will be available late August 2007 which promises 100's of downloadable tracks (for which there will be an, as yet undisclosed, small fee). Game play has been enhanced no end with the introduction of the superior processor and there's no need for external memory cards as the console will save your games to it's hard drive. The controllers are the same style as before, but this time they are wireless (or can be used with wire to save having to charge them up). This offers great potential for racing games and the like. TIPS & CONS This unit will get extremely hot in confined conditions and the fan is VERY noisy! When playing, I pull it out onto the floor so the air can circulate more freely. Each time you boot the machine up, you have to press a button on the controller to select it, this ...

Thistle Selfridge, London 07/08/2007

Needs it's star rating reviewed!

Thistle Selfridge, London My Husband and I stayed here for the weekend (13-15th July 2007), we purchased a theatre package online and this was the hotel chosen for us. ON ARRIVAL: Upon arrival at the hotel, it looked very grand from the street and was attached to Selfridges. A top-hatted doorman opened the door for us, and wished us good afternoon. Once we entered the hotel, the welcome stopped there really. Wanting to check in, we approached what turned out to be the concierge's desk and were told politely by him where the reception desk was. CHECKING IN: I can confidently say that all the staff manning reception were extremely unqualified in customer service - although I must point out that there were two European girls working at times and they were excellent, showing the English up! We were asked for our credit card for a £75.00 retainer on the room (although I don't know why as there was no mini-bar or anything else of value we could have destroyed or nicked in the room). This retainer was also not explained very well, we were simply asked for our card and the money was taken off so it's a good job I am outspoken enough to ask why they were doing this (not all of us get to stay in hotels every week so the hotel really should explain things on-the-fly). The receptionist was badly organised, and seemed to have no power of correct speech for serving customers (he used slang words and turned his back on us frequently whilst talking to his colleague instead). THE ROOM: My ...

Pacific DVD 1001 22/11/2006

Bargain multi-region DVD player!

Pacific DVD 1001 Bought from ASDA for my daughter's birthday in 2004 but is now in the master bedroom as it's too good for the kids! This DVD player was just under £30 new and is probably he best bargain we have in the house. It has a remote control, not just basic funtion buttons either, and is multi-region straight from the box so no need to enter any codes. It's very slim in height so will easily slip into any display furniture/stand you already have. ** Display and features ** Fabulous display quality, scart in/out. Features skip frames, slow search, search mode, program, zoom, angle.....and many more. ** Region/other viewable media ** Plays multi-region without having to enter codes, so you can basically bring back any DVD from anywhere and it will play it. Also plays JPEG, MPEG, MP3, DVD-R/RW. Very useful if you are having a party and want to show everyone pictures without having to switch your main pc on. ** Body/build ** Looks good, light silver allum. I wouldn't say this DVD player would be any good for standing your portable TV on as it's not the most rubust, but we alll know you shouldn't do that with any DVD player don't we? The remote is quite robust, we've dropped it a few times on hard floor and have had no problems with it. There are the basic buttons on the front of the player should you be unable to locate your remote control. *************** *************** *************** ******** The only bad thing I can say about this player is that it ...

Sky Broadband 14/11/2006

Sky Broadband Connect (Wireless)

Sky Broadband This is a review about Sky Connect. This is the pay monthly version of broadband from Sky, not the free version advertised on tv at the moment. If you are not yet able to recieve the free versions called Base, Mid or Max, you will be offered Sky Connect instead. You must be a Sky TV subscriber, or willing to be one to receive their broadband. Cost: £17.00 pcm, £40.00 connection fee. Freebies: Netgear Sky branded wireless router, McAfee Internet Security Suite, P&P. To get this service, you first have to register your interest on the Sky Broadand web site. This is painless enough and will ensure you recieve fortnightly email updates on when you can order the service. It is worth noting that when you register, you are actually registering for the free broadband services also, so if the free ones are available for you already, you won't even need to pay for the connect package! Once you recieve your order ref via email from you can call the national rate number and order your new service. If you already have a broadband provider, Sky will ask you to obtain a MAC key before you call so your services can transfer smoothly. Don't panic, it's all in black and white on the email. Sky will agree a username with you at this time, this will form part of your email address so choose wisely! and they will check that any other pc's/laptops you want o use wirelessly are capable, if not you can buy the necessary from Sky. You will also pay your £40.00 one off connection fee at this ...

Labyrinth [1986] (Original Soundtrack) - Trevor Jones 01/11/2006

Higgle, Hoggle, yeess!

Labyrinth [1986] (Original Soundtrack) - Trevor Jones I picked this up in HMV on CD for £5.00 and as a massive fan of The Labyrinth and after having a few dodgy tracks that I downloaded a few years ago from the net, I was pleased that I finally had a licensed version. I was somewhat disappointed with the versions of the tracks that this CD contained. The most famous track 'Magic Dance' is NOT the same version as in the actual film, it has differnet vocalists (apart from Bowie) backing up and I felt a bit of my excitement waning because of this. The best track has to be 'As the world falls down', not only my favourite track from the film, but it's actually the film version too. The producers have obviously used tracks for this soundtrack that were not the finished articles, hence the difference. Another disappointment was that 'Hallucination' and 'As the world falls down' do not mix into each other as they do in the film which is a great shame as the former is a great build up to the latter and now the tracks are lacking this. There are also a few pieces of music that are missing from the soundtrack that were in the film, and I feel that this CD was thrown together a bit just to make money - unlike some soundtracks that include much more (e.g. Hannibal). Overall, it's still a must for die-hard fans, but don't expect the music to be exactly the same as the film or you will be sorely disappointed (like poor old me). Track listing: 1. Opening Titles Including Underground - David Bowie 2. Into The Labyrinth - ...

Nissan Almera 1.6 01/11/2006

My Nissan Almera 1.6 SRi - a mothers' review!

Nissan Almera 1.6 I have written this review mainly for families who are thinking of buying this car, so there is particular reference to relevant features. My particular P reg SRi came with the following features: 2 x front air bags Electric windows Electric sunroof Power steering/brakes Nissan Alloys Metallic paint 3 doors 2 x rear seatbelt and 1 x lapbelt ** Advantages ** This car is quite nippy and has 5 gears. Looks cool and sporty Interior material not as gaudy as some! Nice roomy glovebox and deep side pockets. Also has roomy side pockets for all the kids' junk. Heating is quick and strong. As is demisting the front and back. Electric windows can be over-ridden drivers side. Nice large boot for travel system pushchairs. Lots of other room to store kids' junk in. ** Disadvantages ** No seatbelt/door open indicators on dashboard. Not a lot of baby car seats (stage 2) fir in the rear as the seats are sporty and tilted. (I have a Britax First Class in the back at the mo, but it's on the alternative routing and not a great fit). Only 3 doors, can be a pain with babies and toddlers, especially where parking space is tight, contortionists will do well in a tiny car park getting the kids out! If you found this review helpful, please rate it at the bottom of this page. Thanks for looking. ...

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo A 7640 30/10/2006

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A7640W Laptop

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo A 7640 I use this laptop as a second machine on a wireless network. This review is made in quick points to ease reading! If you find it helpful, please rate it at the bottom of this page. ** The positive points of this laptop ** The look of this laptop is great, and it's very light for its size. It has wireless capability, which can be enabled/disabled via a handy slider on the front of the machine. Nice screen size, great for watching DVDs whilst away from home. Decent Athlon 64 mobile processor 3.2 Ethernet port, 2 USB ports, Firewire port and TVOut are useful, as is the onboard sound and mic. ** And the negative ** I find the battery life a little diappointing for web surfing, it can only last 1.5hrs at times. The 512mb RAM is shared with graphics on my machine which can be annoying at times, am unsure if this can be upgraded. The disc drive is annoyingly placed at the side so when you pick up the machine you accidentally press the eject button. There have been some reports of the casing cracking but this has yet to happen to me. On the whole, I find this a great machine and would recommend. ...

Pontins, United Kingdom 30/10/2006

I used to be a bluecoat, here's my review!

Pontins, United Kingdom I used to work at Camber Sands, Rye during 1998-nearly 2000 so would like to add my review as an 'insider'. Firstly, when Bluecoats are on reception giving out keys, it's because they HAVE to help other teams. They are not necessarily trained to do this job, they are helping - so be nice! I would not visit Camber Sands as a guest, but that is purely on the accommodation. The entertainment is great, there's always some sort of show on each night whether it be by the Bluecoats or an outside cabaret act. There's not too much on in the day for children, and if you have a complaint that you went to a particular event (20 mins late lets say) and there was nobody there or nothing on, that will be because nobody turned up. Bluecoats will probably come and sit at your table at some point during your holiday and chat with you, if this happens try to be nice to them, yes when you are one you HAVE to act cheesy, but remember that they are people too and it's more embarrasing for them to invade your table and sit with you than it is for you! Bluecoats work extremely hard and before the working time regulations came into effect some of us were working 14hr days for little more than £100pw (there's a comment attached to this review stating disbelief at this, well it's true, I still have the payslips! This was in 1998 though and we weren't paid hourly. Thank God I now have a degree and a decent job ha ha). Not all the bluecoats have starry eyes, some, like me, were in it to get ...
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