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Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 - keyboard 13/03/2012

No more battery changes

Whirlpool WBE 3321 NFW 13/03/2012

Food crisis averted

Whirlpool WBE 3321 NFW Moving I bought this the day I moved out, and it is one of the two things I bought for my very first apartment that doesn't come from IKEA, the other one being the stove, sadly large kitchen appliances don't come flat-packed. Now the reason I bought this in the first place was that I realized with no small amount of completely unjustified panic that the old fridge in my new flat was from the sixties and had no freezer of any kind. Adding to that was that we had to move the stove to get the fridge out and found that the cables behind were all dried up and cracked so that had to go as well. I maintain that that panic was completely justified, exposed wiring and extreme heat is not a good combination. Anyway, having decided that new appliances were warranted we set to work, and by that I mean my mother searched for good appliances of the correct size (my kitchen was built a few years before the standards were set so my stove is an odd width), while I set to work painting the walls behind where the appliances should be and my dad took the old ones to the "recycling center". Because of this division of labor I wasn't very involved in the selecting process, but I know that the energy rating we decided on was imperative, A+ was the minimum we set, and this one was cheap, in stock and made by a company both my parents agreed could be trusted to make kitchen appliances, which is high praise coming from them, Samsung for example does not make that list. Setting up Now that the fridge ...

Sennheiser OMX 680 05/03/2012

A decent set of earphones

Philips Sonicare HX 9332/04 Diamond Clean 02/03/2012

Yes it's expensive, but...

LG Optimus 2X P990 01/03/2012

I do love this phone

LG Optimus 2X P990 As far as I'm concerned this has all the features and functions I could ever need (naturally in a few years I will decide that this is practically stone age tech, but...) Coming from a long line of Sony Ericsson, and before that Ericsson phones, in a very Ericsson dominated family, I am the only person in my family to have made the switch to a different make, first to a Nokia (symbian, and boy do I regret that waste of money), and then this. This one is pretty much awesome. Performance This phone easily outperforms the Xperia models that were out last year, I haven't had the opportunity to test the newest models. I had a few minor issues with ringtones which sorted themselves out after an update. I understand it's a pretty common one, but the latest update to android seems to have fixed it properly. It is faster and looks better (to me at least) and I haven't lost reception...ever as far as I can remember. No cutting off in the metro and even proper reception out by the stables when I visit my sister (trust me, that's impressive, it's the middle of nowhere). The Xperias have had a lot of issues with reception out there, as does everyone else it seems by the way they complain about it. It's also been up against various HTCs belonging to my friends and in almost all cases come up faster and with better reception, as for the look and feel I prefer this one, they don't. Durability I have managed to avoid any major mishaps so I really can't speak for durability. It feels quite ...

Logitech S315i 01/03/2012

My constant companion

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