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Member since: 07.09.2004
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First name: Simon
Sex: male
About me: The end of the Festival today (29/09) :o( Should I challenge myself to see if I can add and review all the films I saw????

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KHetherington I am a writer illustrator and designer from the UK , Thanks to all you folks for your feedback insight and general goodwill, all the best of luck to you all,
blueskythinking No information
GenerallyInterested My mortgage thanks you for each and every read
Warpspeed Re-branded. Was originally Timbo3107.
MAGALY No information
corneliabrown No information
Novabug www.thenovabug-blog.blogspot.c - Read it! ;) Like video games? I write for The Pixel Empire, a retrospective game site that bucks the trend! Follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook!
Coloneljohn Major building repairs, wife not too well. I hope to have a more normal service as soon as may be possible.
BlackSwan I write under the same name on Dooyoo, reviewing almost exclusively books and films on a variety of topics.
Walowiz Oh how they make me laugh, the serious types.
Anna_Can_Fly Hi, Anna here! I come back and forth-you'll see from time to time now rather than most days. Lots on and getting a bit sick of ratings not sticking....And wish I hadn't accidentally posted 2 reviews on the same day!! A x
jodiestokes Thank you very much for all ratings be them great or small. I will always try to return rates as soon as possible. No need to thank me for E's btw, you earned them :0)
derek-j-a Thanks to everyone for reading/rating my reviews - I will always reciprocate as soon as I can. For those interested, I am very much into Zen, and my Zen blog is at.. http://zenthoughts-zen.blogspo
mudril556546 No information
LadyValkyrie Hello all, it's been a while. I'm hoping to get some time for some travel and book reviews soon. Things have been taking off with my angel readings and baby keeps me on my toes! Hope you're all well.
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