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Skullcandy Smokin BUDS 25/02/2009

The Long term Test

Skullcandy Smokin BUDS I don't like to review things unless i have given them a proper test, in fact i like to own something for a few months before making an informed decision about a product or service. With the Skull Candy Buds I'm glad i did. I bought these Earphones on the recommendation of a good friend of mine who had bought him self some a few weeks earlier, i rather stupidly had lost the ones supplied with my Ipod so with the skull candy alternative being available in black to match my ipod its seemed like the best option £20 later in my Local branch of HMV i headed home to give them a quick test and was soon to be really disappointed the Sound clarity was awful now i know what the other reviews for this product say but if your into heavy bass and hard house music you will probably be quite happy but for use playing Pod casts or less bassy tunes these earphones will soon give you more of a 'Skull Ache' they seem to create low frequencies where non, previously existed listening to podcasts or recorded lectures etc required the EQ turned down to minimum the other major issue i have had with then is there inability to stay in one piece with in 3 weeks of buying them one of the in-ear pieces broke away from the rest of the ear phone which was quite alarming as if they had have been in at the time may have resulted in a trip to A&E to have the piece removed i glued this back together with Superglue and it has held together ever since until today when the other side broke while in my ear ...

Fiat Punto 1.3 16v MultiJet 15/08/2008

go on save your self a fortune

Fiat Punto 1.3 16v MultiJet A Strange Selection for me i usually go for cars with a bit of marquee (land rover, Saab, Volvo, etc) however as I'm sure most of you are aware current fuel prices crippled my finances and sent my bank manager to A&E every time i filled up, Something had to give !! so when looking for a new car recently my biggest concern was not how fast it was or how my friends would be impressed, i concentrated on buying a car that would be a cheap to run as possible on a maximum budget of £4000 and one night while trawling through another website of used cars i spotted a little 1.3 diesel Punto i've always been a fan of these little italian cars over the years fiat have produced some very affordable cars and made some little gems but they are also known for there poor build quality as well as suffering bad cases of body corrosion but in more recent years they seem to have got there act together. to cut a long story short after looking around at couple of these little tractors which to my surprise are quite rare in fact a search on the net only turned up 4-5 in the whole of the UK for sale so i loaded the car with maps and soft drinks and finally found one i liked enough to buy from a very nice dealer in coventry (over 120miles from where i live) the transaction went smoothly and i was then in possession of my new car a 2004 54 reg car with 46,000 miles on the clock the Dynamic model comes with some reasonable improvements over the Active including Air Con and Electric ...

Numatic Henry HVR200 11/02/2007

The Vaccum that wouldn't die

Numatic Henry HVR200 i've come across this little vacuum every where i do it seems everybody just loves them i bought one myself after witnessing a few incidents involving them over the last few years we've had many vacuum cleaners from many different brand names but none have taken the abuse over the years and are all sadly demised (except the hoover upright that was stolen from my bin that could still be about) i paid £89 for my little henry 6 years ago after visiting my brother at the pub he worked in at the time one of the cleaners there was cleaning the stairs and one step too far the henry she was using was seen falling through the air and crashed into the stairs hitting the ground very hard at the bottom smashing one of the floor tiles the little henry had stopped sucking but that was because the power button had been turned off by one of the stairs on the way down, one flick of the switch and the cleaner sprung back into life and finished the job with only minor cosmetic marks to the body work a year or so ago i was driving a company car into the work shop at work one of the valeters was working on another car using a little henry when which i couldn't see needless to say i ran henry over (in quite a large 4x4) sending him flying across the workshop ripping the hose out of the rather startled valeters hand and this poor henry went crashing into the wall vacuuming the work shop floor as he went (that henry is still in use today) there seem to be no limits to the abuse ...

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 items would you take? 11/02/2007

What a Great Question

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 items would you take? only just found this section and this subject lept out at me being mad on all things electronic and gadget like i would take the 5 following items 1. Laptop 2. Satalite Phone 3. Credit card (go on barclays try and bill me now) 4. a big solar pannel to power it all 5. a spare pair of socks (don't ask why i have a thing for clean socks) then i could sit on the beach lay back surf the net download things to keep me entertained write lots of reviews on here and buy lots of stuff when i got bored i could just send an email to be rescued the only issues would be 1. when i got home my wife would probably slap me silly for not letting her know where i was 2. when i got home the credit card bill would find me Still better than working lol ...

Saab 900 11/02/2007

Most underrater second hand buy

Saab 900 i Bought my 1997 Saab 900S in 2006 to replace my ageing Ford mondeo (glad i did as the mondeos life ended a few weeks later when a deer ran into it at 50mph) the Saab i got from a seller on Ebay for £400 which for a car of its age and level of luxury is extreemly Cheep the car its self is in a non metalic black which although was a little scratch soon buffed up and most of the scratches disapeared this is due to saabs need to put 10 times more paint on cars than anyone else so unless a saab is badly treated they tend never to rust the model i bought has a 2 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine 130bhp double over head cam which is chain driven (no costly cam belt changes) and the simplicity of the engineering means there isn't alot to go wrong the suspension and steering components are extreemly strong and unlike other cars last alot longer (over engineered for reliability) the biggest hint of General motors influence can be seen in the brakes as they are borrowed from the Vauxhall Vectra this isn't a bad thing as both front and rear are nearly 300mm Discs with a drum in disc parking brake means the cars stopping power is unbelieveable and even in an emergency the ABS keeps the car tracking true gear box is a little different to the normal unlike the steering lock fitted to most cars Saab opted for a Gear lock System meaning the car has to be parked in reverse before you can remove the ignition key (which is located behind the gear stick in the centre console) ...

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) 11/02/2007

Even better than the Playstation2

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) i got my Sony PSP as a Christmas Pressent (2006) From my wife and so far cannot really Fault the machine out of the box as it was only the budget version did not come with a memory stick so i couldn't save games but fortunatly my mobile phone provided me with a 16Mb card till funds allowed Out of the box first thing to do is find the console its burried at the bottom of the box with all the other bits and bobs in the top of the box once found you need to install the battery. The battery cover is very thin and prone to bend making it a bit fiddly to get on flat, next thing to do is plug in the power cable to get some charge into the thing one thing sony are very good at is over engineering power supplies and the PSP is no different the supply consists of a regular plug then about three metres of wire into the little box of tricks that turns the mains power into 5volts then a further 2 metres of wire before the plug you put into the console once this was all untangled and plugged in i was able to tune the machine on turning on the PSP your greated with a nice little menu giving all the options Settings , music, movies, game, internet i open the UMD (universal Media Disc created especialy for the psp) player on the back and pop in the game from the 3 i got with the unit that looked most interesting the umd player seems a little flimsy at first but its really only vunerable if left open so shouldn't get damaged Gaming this is what the unit was built for the ...

Sony CDX-GT 300 08/02/2007

Sony really lost it with this range

Sony CDX-GT 300 i bought one of these when they first came out early 2006 to replace my knackered Sony cassette Player at the time this was the only Sony car radio i could find that had the Sony CD changer Controls and an input for the Sony Steering wheel remote i already had fitted to my car the other big bonus was the Line out/ Sub out as i had just fitted two 12" subs in the boot the Screen colours red and white blended in very well to the interior lighting of my car i struggled to get a good balance of sound from the system as if it was in sub out mode the subs in the boot would drown out the rest of the speakers with sub out switched off it would become too tinny and stress the subs trying to cope with higher pitched audo they where not designed for after a bit of playing i did managed to find a good middle point that provided good sound accross the full range the MP3 Player was a bit of a major issue the mp3 discs i had made where fine on the stereo indoor but for some reason would not play very well in the car i also tried making up some atrac (sony's own mp3 format) discs and they wouldn't play at all i eventualy found out it was down to the cheep writable discs i was using but the cd player indoors wasn't so picky so i suspect the laser in the car stereo was a little over sencitive the option for exterior audio was a good idea so you could plug in any audio source but in my view wasn't really needed as it was already an mp3 player nice budget unit and ...

Olympus CAMEDIA C-370 Zoom 06/02/2007

Why should you buy a camera with only 3.2Mp ?

Olympus CAMEDIA C-370 Zoom Olympus have a proven track record when it comes to cameras and there digital cameras do nothing but justice to the brand many years ago i bought a 1.3Mp Olympus C-1 which was very good but lacked optical zoom so when i decided to look for a new digi cam it had to be another olympus not being a avid photography fan i just needed somthing to take a few pics with so masses of features and silly price tags wern't needed wondering arround tescos one day i stumbled apon this neat little camera on a display stand with a few others but this little olympus had everything i wanted 3x optical zoom and 3x digital and was less than £100 ! 3.2 mega pixels but if used on its maximum setting will intoploate to 4 Mp this however isn't needed the quality of photo this camera produces is nothing but out standing having seen photos from friends 6+ megapixel cameras i can honestly say more isn't always better the 1.5 inch LCD screen is extreemly clear and if you still cant see what you want to you can zoom in further on the photos you've taken if thats still not enough you can plug it into the Video port with the supplied cable of most TV's the controls on the back allow for easy review of the photos you've taken and the ability to zoom in and out and one button to delete photos (with confirmation) saves trawling through menus built in 12Mb of memory and batteries in the pack means you can use it out of the box and with a 256Mb XD card you can take over 300 Photos on High ...

Epson AcuLaser C1100 06/02/2007

Small Business Laser ?

Epson AcuLaser C1100 I bought this Laser Printer to use for my small home based Business having previously had a Small Epson Colour inkjet which like most epson injet printers had suffered the blocked print head of death i also had a small samsung black and white laser printer which needed a new toner cartridge which would have cost more than i paid for the printer in the first place so i decided to go for the all in one option of a colour laser in recent years the costs of colour laser printers has dropped greatly and this model cost me £195+Vat which all things considered isn't bad atall especialy for a high profile brand such as Epson set up took a while as it wasn't as simple as open the top and put the cartrdges in like you would with an inkjet instead having to press buttons and wait for the internals of the machine to get ready for the next colour fitting it into my office took some thinking about the foot print of the printer is huge its currently located on a filing cabnet but still over hangs the sides Paper jams are extreemly few and far between and in the rare event it does get a jam it gives a location on the screen as to where to look for the offending piece of paper the only issue i've had to date was the parralle port comunication stopped working after the fist few days but i never found out if it was the printer cable or my computer i just plugged in the USB cable and away it went again Print quality in both mono and colour is suberb and photo ...

Hinari PAC7000 05/02/2007

Low Cost Air Con

Hinari PAC7000 i Purchased this Product during summer 2005 to try and maintain my sanity (the heat was getting to me) Having air conditioning in my car aswell as at work it seemed mad to me i shouldn't be comfortable at home having a very limited budget this unit seemed to be the idea unit for my situation low cost and didn't need to be powerful as it was to cool a small room Weight: living in a flat and buying an air con unit i would recomend delivery having carried the 40+KG unit up 3 floors i was ready to drop down dead Size: its fairly compact for a air conditioning unit and being a square unit meant i could blend it in reasonalbly well by sticking a pot plant on the top other air con units are of a more "trendy" design with slopped tops etc Cooling is very good and maintains a livible indoor temperature even when its 30+ Degrees out side other functions inclued dehumidifyer which helps clear condensation from cooking or in the winter months very quickly it might not be the best most powerful unit but its the budget choice in my view and performs very well in all conditions not only tthat its useful 365days a year not just in the summer
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