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Hyatt Regency Hotel Mumbai 26/09/2008

Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Hyatt Regency Hotel Mumbai I stayed in the Grand Hyatt for 12 wks. I must admit when I landed in Mumbai I was surprised of how close this hotel is to the airport...15mins. There is 2 Hyatts in Mumbai, one is called the Grand Hyatt, the other just the Hyatt. Ok first of all when I seen the outside of this Hotel I was well impressed, although I was a little worried about the security..first of all when we drove in the underneath of the car was checked...then as we drove to the front I seen 2 dog handlers and a metal detector that you have to walk through after you get all your bags checked... I suppose this is a good thing these days, so I wont complain about that!!! Reception was very nice, huge lobby- with very helpful staff and a very good looking assistant manager called Marie (Shes Portugeese) I couldnt get over the size of this joint. I stood in awe in the lobby as she checked me in and organised the Broadband to be turned on in my room. I got escorted to my room by 2 very nice chaps - when the door opened it looked like I was in Heaven, the room was huge, with a super king sized bed, a bathroom with a great shower, loads of towels, dressing gown, slippers, huge desk with leather chair, 2 phones, note pads and pens...and then the fridge...oh the fridge...I opened this beauty to be met with an arrange of seriously good Beer...oh and there was some soft drinks and water too...I dont really know waht happened after that..but I woke up in the early hours lying on the floor with the alcohol contents ...

O2 Pay As You Go Original 25/09/2008

02 Network & Broadband

O2 Pay As You Go Original Biggest Network In the UK. 02 has been around for years, started off as BT Cellnet....then it took off from there... I remember the 1p text's..yes Im old!!!! I like 02, I used them when I was PAYG, I was on a great PAYG Tariff which let me call my friends on 02 for free. Great thing about 02 is the benefit of a variety of the Tariffs. My daughter uses 02 and all her friends do aswell so they can talk to each other for littel money. Text Packs are good if you top up by £10 - you get 300txts to use on the following mth. £30 Top up gets you unlimited texts aswell - but I think that is a bit expensive these days considering the Contract Packages available from other networks... but if you have problems with Credit checks or your a youngster, then 02 is perfect. Bit of a problem with them is their customer service, its no the worst by anymeans, but you can be waiting to get put through to an advisor. Netwrok reliability is not great on Fridays from 2pm - expect to hear that 'Beep beep beep' when you try to get through to people...The best thing about 02 at present is the Broadband...this rocks in my book with incredible packages at fantastic prices...02 has a policy of more that 4:1 compared to BT 60:1 (this means that 02 will put no more that 4 users on any 1 line) reason for this is that they got their own wee boxes in the exchange!!!! They also are the only providers that state they can put 20mb down a phone line (Not sure on that one.but I reckon it could be ...
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