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The Whitsunday Islands 24/02/2008

Paradise on a budget or in luxury!

Canberra (Australia) 22/02/2008

A capital city like no other! 30/07/2007

Face it, it's good and it's free!

Battery Point, Hobart, Tasmania 28/06/2007

What's The Point?

Battery Point, Hobart, Tasmania Battery point is the most historic suburb of Hobart, Australia’s second oldest city. Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, the only island state of Australia and separated from the mainland by the Bass strait. **Getting there** For visa requirements for Australia see my general review of Australia. If you are already in Australia, domestic flights into Hobart are available with Qantas, Virginblue, Jetstar or Rex airlines. Otherwise you could get an overnight boat from Melbourne to the north of Tasmania and then drive down to Hobart which is in South West Tasmania and would take about three and a half hours. The airport is about a 15 minute drive to the city centre. Battery Point is only a short walk from the centre, taking around 10 minutes from Salamanca Place and Constitution Dock, the dock famous for being the end of the annual Sydney to Hobart sailing race that starts on Boxing Day. **Battery Point** In Battery Point everything looked so old compared to other buildings you see around other Australian cities although really these buildings aren’t nearly half as old as historic buildings you see in England or Europe. Captain Cook only discovered Australia in 1770, so you are lucky to see anything more than 200 years old, in fact I have found that Aussies think if something is a hundred years old it is ancient! I had been in Australia for more than two years when I went to Battery Point so it did feel really old just because it was such an unusual sight! St. George’s ...

Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park 09/06/2007

Your Very Own Spot of Paradise

Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park Cape Tribulation is in the Daintree National Park in far North Queensland in North East Australia. It marks, quite literally, the end of the road – it is the furthest north you can travel on the East coast of Australia on a sealed road, north of here it is 4WD only. **When to go** Far north Queensland doesn’t have four seasons, only a wet (January to March) and a dry season the rest of the year. During the wet season there are regular tropical downpours and rain can set in for days. This time isn’t advisable for tourists as the effects can sometimes be so dramatic that services in the Daintree virtually shut down. From October to May it is inadvisable to swim in coastal waters around here because of box jellyfish and marine stingers. There are some pretty dangerous animals up here as this is where you find the crocodiles too so beware of saltwater crocs in the mangroves and rivers in this area! You will see warning signs posted near every bit of water they might be – which is about all of them! Don’t let this put you off going to this area though as it is just beautiful! The best time to go is during the dry season when temperatures aren’t so hot, humidity is low and you won’t get caught in a tropical storm. **Getting there** The nearest major airport and city to Daintree National Park is Cairns where you will find roads lined with travel agents waiting to take your tourist dollar! It takes about two hours to get up to Cape Tribulation from Cairns and there are buses ...

Happy Feet (DVD) 16/05/2007

One... Two... Three... And Tap Those Happy Feet!

Happy Feet (DVD) This film is set in the arctic amongst a colony of Emperor Penguins and won an Academy Award for the best animated feature film of 2006. Emperor Penguins are born to sing and each and every one of them has their very own heart song which they use to find their soulmate. Everybody but young Mumble that is, he was dropped when he was an egg and was laughed at when he tried to sing; instead he was born to dance – tap dance! His father told him not to dance, that it was “un-penguin” like behaviour and saw him as an embarrassment while his mother encouraged him to be who he was and loved him unconditionally. Nevertheless he was different and was regularly laughed at and eventually got kicked out of Emperor land. Undeterred he set off, with some new friends who thought his dancing was cool, on his own mission to find out why the colony of penguins were so short of fish. Without giving the whole story away too much, Mumble embarks on an adventure that leads him to Penguin heaven and back and brings the fish back to Emperor Land, all because of his distinctive dancing talents and in doing so proves that by being true to yourself you can make a difference to the world! And in addition he managed to woo his true love Gloria without a heart song! This is an excellent film that will be loved by anybody of any age, it is a real family movie. It is a feel-good, easy watching movie with a funny and lovable main character that makes the perfect film for a relaxing afternoon. If you have ...

Virgin Blue Australia 26/04/2007

Like a Virgin!

Virgin Blue Australia Virginblue is part of Richard Branson’s Virgin enterprise and only operates domestically within Australia. It is a budget airline offering some great deals all around the country and since the cities in Australia are so far apart it is often drastically cheaper than driving or catching public transport as well. There is a loyalty rewards program however I am not a member of this so can’t really comment on how good it is. I would compare Virginblue to Easyjet in terms of a good comparison of the British or European equivalent. I have flown with Virginblue about ten times now. Whenever I want to fly anywhere in Australia I always look at the websites of Virginblue, Qantas and Jetstar. Virgin have always been cheaper apart from once. Flights are a lot cheaper mid-week and at ertain parts of the day so bear this in mind if you can be flexible with dates and times of travel. Booking is really simple, you just follow the prompts on their website ( by entering your origin and destination places and dates, picking the flights you want and then putting in your credit card details. This will take you to an e-ticket which you print out and take to the airport with you when you go and you will also be sent a confirmation email. If the flight changes for any reason you will be sent these changes by email, this only happened to me once as the flight time changed by 10 minutes. On the website you can sign up for their newsletter so when they have special deals and ...

Qantas - QFA 09/03/2007

And Kangaroos might fly!

Finnair 02/02/2007

Into Thin Air With Finnair

Cathay Pacific Airways - CPA 30/01/2007

Up, Up and Away with CPA!

National express 24/01/2007

Gets you there but not my best journey ever!

Edinburgh's Hogmanay - New Year, Edinburgh 02/01/2007

A Very Happy New Year!

Gazza - Paul Gascoigne, Hunter Davies 17/11/2006

Football genius, kid at heart & that heart is gold

Gazza - Paul Gascoigne, Hunter Davies Paul Gascoigne has to be one of my favourite footballers ever so when I saw his autobiography in the library I had to get it! It is in the shops for £6.99 though. More affectionately known as "Gazza" he was one of the most talented players English football has ever seen yet he had his fair share of problems throughout his life as well. Reading the book was an amazing insight into his life, a life full of dramatic highs and lows and rarely a happy 'in-between.' In parts I was laughing out loud at some of his hilarious antics, always the clown of the football team, always up to something and always responsible for the latest practical joke! It must have cost him an absolute fortune to pay for everything he damaged because of his practical jokes! In parts it was so very sad that you wouldn't think you were reading about the same person. In all the book is a very honest one and I have to say it is the best football autobiography I have ever read! He was born in Newcastle, his parents split up and struggled to get by. Gazza used to steal things and at just 10 years old witnessed his friend get hit by a car and killed, an event he refers to a lot through the book as the incident obviously affected him throughout his life. He talks about when he trained as an apprentice for Newcastle and was given the job of cleaning Kevin Keegan's boots. Well Keegan was quite famous at this time so Gazza took the boots home to show his friends… but left them on the bus and had to go and tell ...

10 Years of Hits - Ronan Keating 04/10/2006

10 years of hits - Ronan style!

Rule No. 5: No Sex on the Bus - Brian Thacker 28/09/2006

No sex on the bus!

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