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Clogau One Bead Charm 07/03/2014

Ever lasting love

Grace Cole Lavender Travel Collection 08/02/2014

A disappointing offering from Grace Cole

Grace Cole Lavender Travel Collection I am a huge fan of lavender, as I find the aroma so calming and relaxing. My husband is fully aware of my passion and will regularly seek out products that deliver the stunning aroma. For Christmas last year he presented me with a gorgeous vanity case from Grace Cole’s Lavender Collection. Whilst I was aware of the Cheshire based brand, I was totally unfamiliar with their products and it was only after receiving my gift that I noticed them in some of the department stores. I learned that the products are created by an award winning family run business and are sold in over sixty countries and they are striving to manufacture all of their products in the UK. The company do not test any of their products on animals I was absolutely thrilled when I removed the Christmas paper from my gift, as whilst the shape informed me that it was a vanity case of some description I was not expecting such high quality. The lightweight sturdy case with its calming lilac colouring is of an ideal size with its measurements of approximately 27 cm in length, 23 cm in width and 10 cm in depth and as a result, it is perfect for me to use for my toiletries for short breaks and holidays. It is slightly rounded and offers a padded lid with a good quality zip together with a comfortable to hold carrying handle. Inside the case I discovered the following four items:- 100 ml tube of Refreshing Body Wash – Vintage No 6 100 ml tube of Relaxing Bath Essence – Vintage No 1 100 ml tube of Smoothing Body ...

Clogau Cariad Bead Charm 06/02/2014

Let me call you sweetheart

hd brows HD Brows Bronzer 2 05/02/2014

Obtain a sun-kissed look with HD

Clogau Heartstrings Bead Charm 01/02/2014

Tugging at my heart strings

Clogau 9ct Rose Gold and Silver Celtic Weave Bead Charm 19/01/2014

Quite simply .... charming

Duracell Rechargeable CEF22 Multi Battery Charger 19/01/2014

My gadgets can now buzz from morning until night

Clogau Silver and 9ct Rose Gold Carriage Bead 11/01/2014

A carriage fit for a princess

LG Electronics LG Blu-Ray Disc/DVD Player 07/01/2014

Enhance your viewing experience with LG

H Samuels 9ct Gold Two Colour Diamond Cut Creole Earrings 05/01/2014

I've got a dazzling pair

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care 03/01/2014

Pain free de-fuzzing

Clogau Frog Prince Bead Charm 01/01/2014

My prince charming

Nelsons Bach Rescue Remedy 28/12/2013

Dr Bach rescued me

Tesco Soft Touch Knife and Scissors Sharpener 18/12/2013

A cutting edge kitchen product

Tesco Soft Touch Knife and Scissors Sharpener Tesco Soft Touch Knife and Scissors Sharpener A cook is only as good as his/her tools and as my husband and I cook the majority of our meals from scratch it is essential that we keep our knives sharpened. Our previous knife sharpener fell apart after many years of use and our replacement was Tesco’s own brand Knife and Scissors Sharpener with this review discussing my thoughts. Appearance wise, the gadget will not win any awards, but as it is something that will be kept in a kitchen drawer, this is neither here nor there. I discovered the sharpener attached to a piece of sturdy card and protected with transparent packaging whilst hanging in the kitchen and cookware aisle and for just £4 it seemed a real bargain. I must admit that prior to meeting my husband some eight years ago I was very wasteful and would simply discard my kitchen knives as soon as they became blunt as I had simply not considered purchasing a product to sharpen them. The product is considerably lightweight despite being quite cumbersome at 22 cm in length, approximately 3 cm in width and 5 cm in depth. Despite the low price tag, it feels well constructed as well as being robust with it mainly be created from plastic, which is soft to the touch on the upper section and sides. The inner section, which sharpens knives and scissors, is manufactured from a stainless steel finish and the cutting mechanism can be witnessed towards the top of the device. I initially anticipated that I would be able to sharpen ...

Clogau Fairy Bead Charm 09/12/2013

My Beautiful Fairy Friend

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