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Clogau One Bead Charm 07/03/2014

Ever lasting love

Clogau One Bead Charm Clogau One Bead Charm I was very fortunate last Christmas to receive a beautiful Clogau Silver and Rose Gold Milestones Bracelet from my husband. Whilst I had previously been aware of the Welsh brand, I wasn’t familiar with their jewellery until late autumn of last year. I love the concept of the milestones bracelet, as each time a significant milestone is reached in your life Clogau has the perfect charm bead to match the occasion. My husband has purchased a good few charms for me with this review discussing the One Bead Charm. I am surprised at Clogau for using such an uninteresting name, as it fails to give any indication of the beauty of the charm, which consists of a stunning heart measuring approximately 10 mm in length and 10 mm in width at its widest part. I feel a more appropriate name would be “never ending love” especially as Clogau market the heart as representation to a love that is true and ever lasting like the Tree of Life. The heart has been created from a band of sterling silver and whilst it can be described as very delicate, it is extremely robust. The edges of the heart are adorned with the pretty Tree of Life design, which has been created from 9 ct rose gold and it is this finishing touch that makes this charm bead so adorable. I love the design due to it being so unusual and despite the gold edging being fairly small it has been created to perfection and is beautifully defined. The upper section of the heart has been threaded with a solid ...

Grace Cole Lavender Travel Collection 08/02/2014

A disappointing offering from Grace Cole

Grace Cole Lavender Travel Collection I am a huge fan of lavender, as I find the aroma so calming and relaxing. My husband is fully aware of my passion and will regularly seek out products that deliver the stunning aroma. For Christmas last year he presented me with a gorgeous vanity case from Grace Cole’s Lavender Collection. Whilst I was aware of the Cheshire based brand, I was totally unfamiliar with their products and it was only after receiving my gift that I noticed them in some of the department stores. I learned that the products are created by an award winning family run business and are sold in over sixty countries and they are striving to manufacture all of their products in the UK. The company do not test any of their products on animals I was absolutely thrilled when I removed the Christmas paper from my gift, as whilst the shape informed me that it was a vanity case of some description I was not expecting such high quality. The lightweight sturdy case with its calming lilac colouring is of an ideal size with its measurements of approximately 27 cm in length, 23 cm in width and 10 cm in depth and as a result, it is perfect for me to use for my toiletries for short breaks and holidays. It is slightly rounded and offers a padded lid with a good quality zip together with a comfortable to hold carrying handle. Inside the case I discovered the following four items:- 100 ml tube of Refreshing Body Wash – Vintage No 6 100 ml tube of Relaxing Bath Essence – Vintage No 1 100 ml tube of Smoothing Body ...

Clogau Cariad Bead Charm 06/02/2014

Let me call you sweetheart

Clogau Cariad Bead Charm Clogau Cariad Bead Charm I clearly was a very good girl in 2012, as underneath our Christmas tree I discovered a beautiful silver and rose gold milestones bracelet created by the Welsh brand Clogau. The idea is that each time you reach a special occasion in your life you thread a charm onto the bracelet as a reminder although I am extremely unlikely to forget those special moments. Unlike my Pandora bracelet, which I filled in next to no time at all, due to the price of the Clogau charms; each of which contain a small amount of rare Welsh gold, it is only occasionally that I purchase or receive a charm bead. Each of my charms means so very much to me in their own unique way with this review discussing the Cariad Bead Charm. Whilst I was born and have lived in South Wales all of my life, I am ashamed to admit that I know very little Welsh although one day I intend to learn the language. The English translation of Cariad is sweetheart, which was the reasoning behind my husband choosing the charm as a gift earlier this year. In terms of appearance, the circular bead charm with its weight of 2.54 grams is quite basic when making a comparison with the others in the range, which is why it is one of the lower priced. However, it is simply beautiful due to being made from solid and chunky silver with a rose gold heart motif positioned on the upper section. One of the reasons I adore Clogau so much is their use of rose gold, as I much prefer its appearance to yellow gold. The ...

hd brows HD Brows Bronzer 2 05/02/2014

Obtain a sun-kissed look with HD

hd brows HD Brows Bronzer 2 HD Brows Bronzer 2 As a subscriber to Glossy Box, each month I receive a selection of beauty products, which gives me the opportunity of trying and testing out new items at a fraction of the price. Contained inside one of the boxes that I received in the summer of this year was a 12 g compact of HD Brows Bronzer 2 although I must admit that I pushed it to the back of the drawer, as I wrongly believed it was for the eye brows, as the name would suggest. However, some months later I discovered that HD Brows is actually the brand name, which stands for High Definition Brows with the product being a bronzer for the face. The world of bronzers was totally new to me especially as I am so pale skinned and as a result, I had never considered making a purchase as I was worried that it would look unnatural. However, the small amount of information displayed on the reverse of the packaging seemed inviting, as it alleges that it will give warmth to the skin and is suitable for all skin types. I am always a little dubious when using new skin products especially as my skin can be described as T-zone where I suffer with oiliness on my forehead and nose with dry patches on my cheeks. As a result, some products can exacerbate the oiliness with others leaving a caked and flaky appearance. The product is similar in size to the pressed face powders that I use although HD Brows is clearly a premium band with the compact being boxed with the plastic packaging being extremely sturdy. On ...

Clogau Heartstrings Bead Charm 01/02/2014

Tugging at my heart strings

Clogau Heartstrings Bead Charm Clogau Heartstrings Bead Charm Working is very expensive for me especially as my colleagues are always bringing their new purchases into the office and I find myself being tempted. Before Christmas last year I fell in love with a colleague's Clogau Silver and Rose Gold Milestones Bracelet and after writing a letter to Santa, my wish came true as it was waiting for me under the tree on Christmas morning. The concept of the bracelet is that each time you reach a significant milestone in your life you obtain a charm bead to mark that special occasion. Whilst I've purchased a few, the majority have been bought for me by my loving husband with this review discussing the Heartstrings Bead Charm. The beautiful heart shaped charm is one of the heaviest that I own weighing in at 3.08 g and with the combined weight of the other charms on my bracelet, it is beginning to get a little heavy although not in the least bit uncomfortable. The heart measures approximately 10 mm in height at its widest part, 10 mm in width at its widest part and 0.8 mm in depth. It has been created from a chunky and very solid sterling silver with the upper section being slightly raised around the edges to house the three bands of rose gold, which form the pretty heartstrings and have been firmly and securely bonded onto the silver. There is an opening through the centre of the heart to enable it to be easily threaded onto the bracelet with the underside displaying the various precious metal ...

Clogau 9ct Rose Gold and Silver Celtic Weave Bead Charm 19/01/2014

Quite simply .... charming

Clogau 9ct Rose Gold and Silver Celtic Weave Bead Charm Clogau 9ct Rose Gold and Silver Celtic Weave Bead Charm My name is Alyson and I have an addiction to Clogau thanks to a work colleague who showed me her beautiful silver and rose gold Milestones bracelet just before Christmas last year. As a result, my husband purchased one as my Christmas gift for 2012 and over the following months, I was fortunate to receive a number of beautiful charm beads. Clogau, who are a Welsh brand, market the bracelet as a personal reminder of significant milestones that you reach in your life and as a result, they sell a wide range of charms to suit many special occasions. As I reached a milestone of twenty five years service with my current employer in May of this year, I was awarded with a gift card loaded with £250 and whilst I wanted to spend it on some items for our house, my husband was insistent that I used it for myself. Not one to argue (on this occasion, anyway), I decided to make a purchase of Clogau's Celtic Weave Bead Charm with this review discussing my thoughts. I adore anything from the Celtic period and the moment I caught a glimpse of the charm I was totally smitten and knew that I wanted it on my bracelet. The circular charm bead weighs 3.6 grams and is fairly chunky due to its measurements of 10 mm in both width and diameter. The main section has been created in sterling silver with a touch of rare Welsh gold with the Celtic motif, which is displayed on the upper section being of 9 ct gold. The charm was inspired by the ...

Duracell Rechargeable CEF22 Multi Battery Charger 19/01/2014

My gadgets can now buzz from morning until night

Duracell Rechargeable CEF22 Multi Battery Charger We go through a considerable amount of batteries, which is probably the situation for many households especially with the mountain of remote controls, cameras, children’s toys and various other gadgets. I was fed up with having to repeatedly make purchases with Duracell always being my brand of choice. As a result, my husband and I decided to invest in a battery charger, which would not only cut down on costs, but it would also reduce the amount of used batteries that we would need to discard. Researching such a product was fairly easy as the first one that popped up in my search results was one manufactured by Duracell, namely their Rechargeable CEF22 Multi-Battery Charger. Despite using Duracell batteries for more years than I care to remember, it is only on purchasing the charger that I discovered that the company belongs to Proctor and Gamble. As the majority of the batteries that we use are AA and AAA, the charger perfectly suited our needs as it is suitable for charging both of these types in addition to being suitable for C, D and 9V. We have owned the charger for approximately five months and already it has almost paid for itself with this review discussing my thoughts. The Charger The oblong shaped charger offers measurements of 20 cm in length, 10½ cm in width and 6 cm in depth and is fairly lightweight at 449 grams. It has been constructed from an extremely robust black and pale grey plastic with the familiar Duracell logo being displayed on the slightly ...

Clogau Silver and 9ct Rose Gold Carriage Bead 11/01/2014

A carriage fit for a princess

Clogau Silver and 9ct Rose Gold Carriage Bead Clogau Silver and 9ct Rose Gold Carriage Bead I was very fortunate to receive a beautiful silver and gold Clogau Milestones bracelet from my husband last Christmas and it is a piece of jewellery that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The concept is that each time you reach a significant milestone in your life you add a charm to the bracelet. My fascination for Clogau jewellery began just before Christmas last year when a work colleague showed me her bracelet and I was totally smitten. The Clogau brand is Welsh and as I was born and bred in Wales I feel it my duty to support them (well, that's my excuse!) Whilst I own a fair few charms, I cannot admit to all of them symbolising something that's happened in my life, but nevertheless they are all special to me in their own way. One of the charms was a gift from my husband for my birthday, namely the Silver and Rose Gold Carriage Bead, which was accompanied by a message "for my princess" with this review discussing my thoughts. The charm is simply exquisite and whilst it is small with its measurements of 1.9 cm in height and 1.4 cm in width, it is of perfect proportions and has been created to the highest of standards. Its appearance reminds me of Cinderella's fairy tale carriage with each of the windows and doors having been painstakingly etched into the sterling silver. The silver is of a good thickness, which prevents the carriage from becoming misshapen and on the underside of the charm is the authenticity ...

LG Electronics LG Blu-Ray Disc/DVD Player 07/01/2014

Enhance your viewing experience with LG

LG Electronics LG Blu-Ray Disc/DVD Player During the time of the plain old video recorder I felt that I was well informed of the electronics available at that time, as they were easy to understand for a non technical person like me. However, technology has advanced at an alarming rate and I feel totally overwhelmed by the products on offer. My husband and I jumped on the band wagon with a DVD recorder and various DVD players, but we vowed we would not be drawn into purchasing a Blu-Ray player especially as the discs were so expensive when comparing with DVDs. Reason for purchase However, after managing quite well without the delights of blu-ray, a couple of months ago my husband declared that we needed to enhance the quality of our viewing despite the fact that I was more than happy with the crisp images offered by our flat screen television. My husband has a frustrating habit of jumping straight in and purchasing whatever catches his eye as opposed to carefully researching new purchases, so I took the liberty of carrying out the appropriate research. As my numerous attempts to persuade him that we didn’t need a blu ray fell on deaf ears I suggested LG’s Blu-ray Disc/DVD Player, model number BP125, which is region 2. Consequently, our purchase was made with this review discussing my thoughts. What is Blu Ray? This was my burning question, as whilst I had heard that it offered an improved picture when making a comparison with your traditional DVD player, I have to admit that I did not have a clue. ...

H Samuels 9ct Gold Two Colour Diamond Cut Creole Earrings 05/01/2014

I've got a dazzling pair

H Samuels 9ct Gold Two Colour Diamond Cut Creole Earrings 9ct Gold Two Colour Diamond Cut Creole Earrings Shortly after Christmas 2012 I decided to treat myself to a pair of 9 carat gold hooped earrings for pierced ears as whilst I've owned quite a few pairs during my lifetime, due to their style they had soon become misshapen and unsightly to wear. With an approximate budget of £60 I headed for H Samuel in Cardiff and felt somewhat overwhelmed at the huge choice available to me. An assistant was by my side within minutes offering to remove from the glass cabinet those that caught my eye and after pondering for a good while, I eventually decided upon a pair of 9 carat Gold Two Colour Diamond Cut Double Creole Earrings and this review discusses my thoughts. I had never previously owned a pair of creoles as I wasn't keen on the idea of a hinge and a clip, as I suspected they would break after a short period of time. However, it was the eye-catching sparkling design of the diamond cut earrings that really appealed to me although initially I was disappointed that they were of a creole design, as I would have preferred a dainty butterfly clip. The assistant removed them from the display cabinet and demonstrated how easy they were to open and close and on closer examination and trying them out for myself, I felt confident that both the hinge and the receiver section, which is basically a small U shape, were sturdy and unlikely to break. The 9 carat gold earrings are 1.5 centimetres in diameter and each consist of two fairly ...

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care 03/01/2014

Pain free de-fuzzing

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care I dread to think about how much money I’ve spent over the years in relation to shaving products; a beauty expense that was probably my biggest prior to my purchase of an epilator. Whilst I am easily able to endure the pain whilst de-fuzzing my legs, I am an awful wimp when it comes to my underarms and cannot tolerate even the slightest pulling sensation of my epilator. However, on those occasions when I do not wish to subject my body to even the slightest of pain and in respect of my underarms, I have remained loyal to Wilkinson Sword Intuition; a product that I have used since it was first launched a good many years ago. Since my initial purchase, the brand has introduced a considerable number of products with this review discussing their Naturals Sensitive Care. Whilst I cannot admit to normally suffering with sensitive skin, my underarms can sometimes become a little sore after shaving, so I was pleased to discover that the Naturals Sensitive Care has been created with 100% natural aloe, which is known for its healing properties. Whilst aloe vera is high in vitamins and minerals, Wilkinson Sword has added vitamin E, which can be found in many skin care products due to its ability to heal and repair the skin. The razor has been dermatologically tested, is hypo allergenic and is paraben free. What is Intuition? Unlike your traditional razor, which requires a blade that can cause the skin to become sore and irritated, Intuition uses a bladed section that is surrounded ...

Clogau Frog Prince Bead Charm 01/01/2014

My prince charming

Clogau Frog Prince Bead Charm Clogau Frog Prince Bead Charm I am very fortunate to own a Clogau Milestone Bracelet, which was purchased for me fort Christmas 2012 by my husband. I adore Clogau, which is a rare rose coloured Welsh gold that has been mined for almost twenty years and each and every piece of their beautiful jewellery contains a small amount of the gold. I feel proud to own some of the gold especially as I was born and bred in Wales and have lived here all of my life. As the gold is very expensive, filling my bracelet quickly, which was the case with my Pandora bracelet is simply not an option. A few months ago, my workplace presented me with a long service award, which was in the form of a Compliments gift card and I was delighted to discover that in amongst the array of both online and high street retailers, there were many jewellers, which were selling Clogau. After pondering through the selection of charms I decided upon a few; one of which was the Frog Prince Bead Charm, which was inspired by the fairytale wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and this review discusses my thoughts. I would point out that this charm is available in 9 ct yellow gold or sterling silver and 9 ct rose gold with my purchase being the latter. Whilst the charm is considerably small with a height of 15 mm and a width of 12.3 mm, the attention to detail is simply perfect. The frog's body has been constructed from sterling silver with the underside being engraved with the Clogau name together with ...

Nelsons Bach Rescue Remedy 28/12/2013

Dr Bach rescued me

Nelsons Bach Rescue Remedy After almost two years of being reliant upon sleeping pills, I finally managed to free my body of the addictive drugs during a relaxing break at the seaside in April of this year. Not only was I at last free of filling my body with chemicals on which it had become reliant, but my sleep quality was considerably improved and as a result, I was no longer feeling groggy for several hours after waking in addition to having a hangover type headache. I managed three months without the pills and I could finally look forward to bedtime knowing that I would obtain a good night's sleep. Reason for purchase However, the pressures and stresses of life began to creep up on me and bedtime was once again becoming a time that I would really dread as I knew I would be tossing and turning until the early hours and subsequently set off to work feeling absolutely exhausted. The thought of not being able to sleep naturally was stressful in itself and I feared my body was returning to that vicious cycle of pills, grogginess and headaches. Whilst my GP was more than happy to prescribe further sleeping pills, I did not want my body to once again become reliant upon them and I sought advice from my local pharmacist on alternative methods. After asking me various lifestyle and health questions, I was recommended Bach Rescue Remedy with this review discussing my experience. About Bach Rescue Remedy For those consumers who are unfamiliar with Bach Rescue Remedy, I would advise that it was ...

Tesco Soft Touch Knife and Scissors Sharpener 18/12/2013

A cutting edge kitchen product

Tesco Soft Touch Knife and Scissors Sharpener Tesco Soft Touch Knife and Scissors Sharpener A cook is only as good as his/her tools and as my husband and I cook the majority of our meals from scratch it is essential that we keep our knives sharpened. Our previous knife sharpener fell apart after many years of use and our replacement was Tesco’s own brand Knife and Scissors Sharpener with this review discussing my thoughts. Appearance wise, the gadget will not win any awards, but as it is something that will be kept in a kitchen drawer, this is neither here nor there. I discovered the sharpener attached to a piece of sturdy card and protected with transparent packaging whilst hanging in the kitchen and cookware aisle and for just £4 it seemed a real bargain. I must admit that prior to meeting my husband some eight years ago I was very wasteful and would simply discard my kitchen knives as soon as they became blunt as I had simply not considered purchasing a product to sharpen them. The product is considerably lightweight despite being quite cumbersome at 22 cm in length, approximately 3 cm in width and 5 cm in depth. Despite the low price tag, it feels well constructed as well as being robust with it mainly be created from plastic, which is soft to the touch on the upper section and sides. The inner section, which sharpens knives and scissors, is manufactured from a stainless steel finish and the cutting mechanism can be witnessed towards the top of the device. I initially anticipated that I would be able to sharpen ...

Clogau Fairy Bead Charm 09/12/2013

My Beautiful Fairy Friend

Clogau Fairy Bead Charm Clogau Fairy Bead Charm I am the proud owner of a Clogau Milestones Bracelet, which I received from my husband for Christmas last year with the concept being that each time a significant milestone is reached in your life you can obtain a charm to remind you of that happy occasion. Clogau are a Welsh brand who describe their products as the most original and distinctive jewellery for over 20 years and I would have to agree, as their beautiful pieces are easily recognisable and are created to the highest specifications. Each of their pieces contains a touch of the World's rarest gold and I feel highly privileged to own quite a few of their items; all of which are very much treasured. The Fairy Bead Charm, which weighs 1.6 g was presented to me by my husband for our last wedding anniversary and it is absolutely adorable. The charm was inspired by the tale of the Fairy of the Dell who travelled around the country opposing the evil doing of witches. It is claimed that the Fairy of the Dell, who is adorned in wild fairy flowers, would cure the evil spread by the witches and protect others from harm whilst she spread the message of "you must love all mankind". Whilst of course, this is nothing but a fairy tale it is a wonderful thought especially with all of the bad things that are continually occurring in the world. The charm with its measurements of 12.7 mm in width and 14.4 mm in height has been created from sterling silver and offers the most breathtaking appearance. ...
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