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Everything that starts with T ... 20/01/2006

Please take the tonsil's away

Everything that starts with T ... Are you one of the unfortunate people that have suffered with repeated tonsillitis? Our Ben was, from as early as two years old he would get this repeatedly, so you could say me and steph have become experts in dealing with this illness. He would get this on average every six to eight weeks and you could imagine the suffering that he would go through every time he had this, but because he was so young, they would not do any thing about it, other than give him antibiotics. It got to the point that antibiotics would not work any more as he became immune to them. So what do you do?? It's also awful to watch him suffer each time. We always knew with Ben when he was coming down with it, the corners of his eyes would go red and he would develop a smelly breath. He would not finish his meals and then he would develop a temperature, this would always be within the first two days. So you start the routine of calpol and nurofen throughout the night but by the morning of day three, he can't swallow anything. He wouldn't even be able to tolerate ice cold drinks as the tonsils are swollen. Then comes the other tricky part of trying to get him an appointment at the doctors which would be a gruelling task of dialling the number ready in the phone at five to eight in the morning as you knew that the minute it turned eight o'clock the line would be engaged as every one else was trying to get through to make their appointments. But this is what you have to do with our doctors and ...

The Ready Bed 08/01/2006

The Complete Bed

The Ready Bed When we are not working, we like the odd occasional night out, and normally that would involve dropping Ben off to a baby sitters and all the hassle that goes with it. Sometimes Ben is all up for the idea of going to nanny and granddad's and when we first get there he's fine, but when we go to leave he doesn't want to stay, so it's the usual persuasion and then when we do leave, neither of us enjoy ourselves because we feel guilty for leaving him. We decided that the best thing to do was to get some one to come to us instead to look after him, so we did that in the form of one of Steph's younger sisters, she was happy enough to do this as it meant she would earn a little bit of cash to get credit for her phone and for magazines and make up!! The problem was we only have a two bedroom flat with only two beds, so where would she sleep? The first few times she came to baby-sit Ben, she would sleep on the sofa, but it isn't exactly comfortable, its creeks like mad and the cushions are kind of worn in, it is old, a hand me down that we decided we would wait till Ben was a bit bigger before we would replace. Also if we came home and wanted to have a night cap we couldn't because she would be asleep in the living room. We tried making a mattress on Ben's bedroom floor using a couple of quilts with loads of sheets for her but she found that uncomfortable as well and Ben would get on the floor with her, so would our cats! Poor thing, so we decided it would be a good idea to ...

Indesit WI 121 05/01/2006

Causing a spin!!!!

Indesit WI 121 Our old machine was six years old and had definitely seen better days, it was being used every day and sometimes we used it more than once a day. We had looked around at other machines but didn't see anything we liked and in our price range. The old one was only a 1000 speed and we wanted something that had a little more power. We had seen this machine in a few places and to be honest it wasn't our first choice. After going round from shop to shop we finally went back to this machine as it was the cheapest one we had seen and had a 1200 spin speed. We found it at Argos for £219.00 but it had been reduced in their catalogue for £199.00. We went up to the counter and purchased it and only waited 5 days for it to be delivered. The machine arrived and I couldn't wait to get it unpacked and plumbed in, I didn't really fancy paying some one else for the privilege!! The assembly instructions were really easy to read and it comes with pictures and diagrams too. It tells you to make sure that you take out the travel bolts as well which is a good thing because where I work we sell these and a customer tried to return one because it was grinding and smelt of burning. Upon inspection the silly man hadn't taken the bolts out!!!! Also you receive an instruction manual on how to use the machine itself. After installing the machine, it advises you to put the machine on a cycle with nothing in it other than washing powder, so in goes the powder, turn to the programme required and ...

Samsung SGH D500 03/09/2005

Now i Thought It Was Just A Phone!!

Samsung SGH D500 I have always had two phones, one is for personal use and the other is for business use, Back in February my contract was up for renewal and one of the guys I work with happens to have had this phone for a little while. I got him to let my have a look to see what it does and I was quite impressed. I got on to O2 who is my network provider. To see how much they was going to charge me to upgrade to this phone, and they told me that it was going to cost around £120.00, which I was not prepared to pay so I left it at that. I then went onto their website to see how much it would cost as a new customer, I could not believe it, they were only going to charge £20.00.Thats a big difference, so I ordered the phone online, and it was just a case of waiting for its arrival. My intention was that when I got the new phone I was going to cancel the old contract, providing I was happy with it. Now because of our shift work, I kept missing my delivery, so I had to go and pick up the phone from Vauxhall which is quite a distance from me I might add. When I got it home, I opened the box to see what was inside and there was the phone itself, a charger, a hands free kit which also doubled as a set of head phones, an instruction manual and a little speaker which looks like a little pyramid .The phone itself is blue-black and it's quite small in size and only weighs 99gms which is really quite light, and to access the keys it has a slide up motion rather than a flip. I plugged it into charge ...

The Miller's Arms Inn, Canterbury 20/03/2005

Take a step back in time

The Miller's Arms Inn, Canterbury For Christmas, my parents very kindly booked us a weekend away for two, which was a lovely gesture it’s self, as we have made no plans to go away this year, and to make this even more special, they had booked it for valentine’s weekend. The Hotel that they had booked for us was The Millers Arms Inn in Canterbury somewhere that neither of us had been to before. Because Valentines Day this year was on Monday the dates that we went for was from Friday 11th February to Sunday 13th February. So all we had to do know was to arrange for a baby sitter for the weekend. We had both booked the Friday off work so that we could drive down there as early as possible so checked what time we could check in and the earliest would be around 2.30pm. This however, could be earlier if the rooms were ready. We gave our selves just under 2 hours to get there as after all we would have to find the place once we had got to Canterbury. This itself proved more difficult than we first thought because some of the roads lacked road signs and when you’re in a town that you don’t know these can be a big advantage. Although I am not sure if it was just the road signs that were the problem, Steph was giving me directions from a map we had printed off and not sure that map reading is her speciality. Once we had got over our map reading problems and finally found the hotel we parked in a short stay car park opposite and walked over to the hotel. We had arrived there at about 2pm so we were a little ... 14/02/2005

Dont Pay More Tan You Have To!!! I first came across this website when looking for my next 0% credit card, and being one of those card tarts who hates to pay interest I wanted somewhere that I can look at all my options in one go. To begin with I started going through the money channel on the Wanadoo homepage and that is how I ended up being re-directed to To my amazement, not only could I look up some of the best credit card deals around I could look up pretty much any financial product I want and find the best one available. The products you can search for range from credit cards to mortgages, and from current accounts to hotels. When you first log onto the website you are presented with the sites homepage. From here you can begin that search for your financial needs. You have two real ways of starting your search, the first is from the product list down the left hand side of the page, and the second is from the boxes in the centre of the page. The list down the left hand side has the following options: Mortgages, Loans, Credit Cards, Insurance, Refused Credit, Savings, Current Accounts, Flights, Hotels, Car Hire, Business Finance and Share Dealing. The pictures for your selection in the centre of the page are unlike the product list because these items are not always the same but they do give you a better description of what you will find in that area. For example if you were looking for Mortgage comparison then the list obviously just says mortgages, but the item in ...

Sainsbury's Cottage Pie 30/01/2005

We All need a Winter Warmer

Sainsbury's Cottage Pie Now I thought I would try my hand at some thing a little different to what I would normally review. I’m not much of a cook, that’s more Stephs department, but because we both work full time, and work horrid hours I do try to do my bit. Whilst out shopping the other day, on one of our rare days off together, we decided to pop into Sainsbury’s, just to pick up a few bits, as you do, and Steph turned to me and said “We haven’t got anything out the freezer for dinner tonight!” So we went through the usual of what do you fancy, and neither of us could decide, so it was just a case of walking round till we found something that we would both fancy, but at the same time we didn’t want to over spend, as pay day isn’t till the end of the month and Sainsbury’s can be a little pricey, although there stuff does taste good!! (well most of the time!) Now I can tell you are reading this and thinking”what the hell is he going on about?” well now we get to our choice a frozen cottage pie, now I thought that would do lovely, just stick it in the oven and away we go, dinner for two without any effort… Result!! ~~The Packaging~~ Now the cottage pie itself comes in a nicely presented box, roughly around 30cm x 20cm in size, with 2 picture of the pie itself. One which is the serving suggestion and the other on a tray as if its come out of the oven, which I must admit if you like that sort of thing, made my mouth water!! The box also has all the usual writing on it, you know cooking ... 29/12/2004

At Last! Shopping Can Be Easy!! In light of a recent Christmas Rap from Waynehorrigan I felt I just had to review another online service, so decided this time it would be the online shopping service from ASDA. I first started using just over a year ago at Christmas 2003 because I ad heard many good things about them and as I was feeling a bit lazy that day we decided to give online supermarket shopping a go. Well just over 12 months later and now I use it about once a month. How lazy is that? The actual website itself has its moments when it can be really slow, which is a bit of a downside to it. Although in the defence of the ASDA online team I will say that I feel it has been improved over the past few months and not so bad these days. When you first are presented with the homepage of you get various options to choose from, menus down the left hand side, heading across the top and icons in the middle. The menu options down the left hand side give you options to access some of the other parts of their website other than shopping. The options are: Home Shopping, ASDA Financial Services, Competitions and Rules, ASDA Wine, Graduate Scheme, Healthy Living, Ringtones, Big Healthy Eat, Extra Special, Your Local Store, Privacy and Security. These options are just plain and simple links that give you access to these areas. The heading across the top include some of those already seen on the left such as the home shopping button, but also include: Jobs at ASDA, Press Centre as well ...

Sports Soccer (Shop) 24/12/2004

Prices that wont be beaten! But the Service will

Sports Soccer (Shop) I first came across this retailer at the beginning of this year when they opened up a brand new store in Greenwich on a new part of the Greenwich shopping park. From the outside it looks like another one of those general sports store you come across in the town centres such as JJB, JD Sports etc. However, when you enter these stores there is one major difference, the one thing that sets it apart from the others. The price! You can purchase many many items at very reasonable prices and all of these are branded items such as the likes of Reebok, Adidas etc. For example I recently bought a new pair of Reebok trainers for work and paid £15 for them, now too me that’s not a bad price at all. From the minute you enter these stores you can find plenty of special offers and discounts; in fact the first ones are normally just inside the door. The offers range from percentages off, such as 70%, or products free, such as buy 2 get 1 free. The product range that they offer is what you would expect from a major sports retailer. They have trainers, sports wear, casual wear, football shirts, coats, jackets, sports equipment. In fact there are not many things I can think off that you would want to find in a sports shop that they don’t have. They even stock ranges of things such as casual shirts as well as the usual sports type tops, in fact I just got a nice Lonsdale casual fleece jacket for only £15. However there is always a down side to such good stores and this one is no ... 23/12/2004

Buy That Perfect Gift!! After looking around various shops and shopping centres I decided that I would come back home to the internet to try and find my Dad something different this Christmas. Every year it’s the same things for Christmas for him, aftershave shaving stuff etc. But I thought this year I would try and find something different. After searching through my ISP homepage of Wanadoo I came across the Christmas channel on Wanadoo where they gave you ideas for Christmas. But apart from the normal presents they give you links to other websites where you might find the gift you are looking for. This is how I came across To begin with I was not overly impressed but after spending 15 minutes or so looking through the site I was able to find my Dad something that could be part of his Christmas. It was the opportunity to send someone a share in their favourite football club. For all those that have read my last review, you will all know that I am a Spurs fan, well it turns out so is my Dad! So to go with his presents for this year he will be getting a share in Tottenham Hotspur and for the small price of £29.00. For this price the person gets a complete gift pack including the certificate which they send off to get their share certificate. Also contains loads of information about this wonderful club, a presentation certificate and shareholder information. You can also add a message to the pack which is typed for you on a A4 piece of paper as you can actually choose to ...

Everything that starts with M ... 17/12/2004

My likes and dislikes!!

Everything that starts with M ... I’ve never had a go at one of these yet, so I thought it was about time you had a chance to get to know me a little better. I thought I would tell you about my likes and dis-likes, although in the process of writing this, I hope I don’t offend anyone as that would be the last thing I would want to do, I have had a great time since I started reviewing on this site, and I have made some good friends, its just a shame I don’t get to spend more time reading and rating, but unfortunately it has been impossible lately due to my horrible work commitments. I’m not going to go on with a long list, so Im going to give you 5 of each, here goes….. Dislikes 1) People who think they know it all!!! Oh this does get on my nerves BIG time, don’t get me wrong, there are things that we are all good at, but there also things that we are not, that’s life, and in the job I do, I spend half of my day arguing with people that think they know it all! I am a manager for a large retail company and I have work for them for my entire working career. I do sympathise with the majority of the people that walk through our doors that do have a problem but from time to time you do get the odd one that tries to take the p***. The guys that I work with are well trained in their positions and know what they are advising , but that’s never good enough, so then I get the phone call to come and speak to the customer, only to waste my time and theirs repeating what my colleague has already told ...

Npower 14/12/2004

NPower Urself & Change Supplier. *UPDATE*

Npower We currently use Npower as our gas supplier because when my girlfriend moved into this place she stuck with them from her old place and they have always been pretty cheap. However although they charge quite reasonably for their prices they have no understanding of customer service. Over the past two years we have put up with this hassle because of their prices but is it time to change? The problems began when we continuously received estimated bills from them, despite the fact that on some occasions they had actually read the meter. Now we have what I class as a strange gas meter, as in its not one I have ever seen before. It is one by Siemens but it seems to have far too many numbers of the digital display before and after the decimal line. Because of these we were having problems in giving them a reading our self as even when we phoned them they were unable to help. So eventually we gave up and accepted the estimated readings, knowing that because they had not read it for some time, they would be due soon. This is because they have to read them once a year as part of their gas supply agreement. This is not only for the purposes of meter reading but also for the purposes of checking their equipment is still in tact and is 100% safe. Eventually the time came when a man knocked on the door about 8.30am in the morning just as we were about to walk out the door. This time was obviously not convenient as despite the rudeness I received from the member of staff he ...

Egg Card 04/11/2004

They Have Cracked It This Time!

Egg Card I took out an Egg credit card about 2 years ago now. This came about from a recommendation from someone after I was looking for something cheaper than my expensive Barclaycard. After checking out the Egg website I had no doubts that this was the next credit card on my list. I say on my list as I am one of these people that won’t stick with a credit card once the introductory rates end. I like to switch from one to another to keep me from paying that horrible thing they call interest. Any way there were many reasons for me choosing to go with Egg over other companies? The first being that even after the introductory rate had ended they still only charged 13.9% Apr, now at the time 2 years ago this was about the cheapest I could find. Please bear in mind this was 2 years ago and they now charge 14.9% but this is still very good but not the best APR on the market as I do know of cheaper ones at the minute. The introductory offer was 0% APR for 6 months, I could live with that. So I applied for my Egg Credit card. The application was completed online and only took around 5 minutes. They ask pretty much the same sort of questions you would expect them to and this is pretty much the same for all companies that offer credit cards. For example your name, address, DOB, contact details, employment details and details of other cads you may have. If you do not wish to apply on line then you can do it over the phone by calling them instead. Once you have done this they will set ... 31/10/2004

Is It Time For Woolies? I have always been a bit of fan of this company and find that they always have stocked a decent variety of products ranging from kids toys to sweets, from CDs to clothes. Over the years their prices have not been too bad either. Recently however I have noticed that there stores are not what they used to be. (Primarily the store in Bexleyheath, Kent as that’s the one I use the most). They are still selling the ranges of products they used to and still and fairly good prices, however they never seem to have enough stock of items, the store always appears untidy and items sit on shelves without a price. Maybe I am just being picky myself because of the fact that I work in a large retail company and we get constant grief over standards. That’s without the fact that without a price you are breaking Trading Standards laws as well. It was a little while back now that I started to notice that downward trend of the standards in their stores. However, this week really showed up greatly. This was because we were in their looking for a couple of presents for my nieces fifth birthday and having Ben with us as well he was picking up toys left, right and centre. Before we bought him or my niece anything it always helps to know the prices and I have to say a good 50% of the toys we picked up did not match the price tickets on the shelf and therefore un-priced. It was as this point I thought I would check out their website to see if it was easier to shop on there. And I have to ...

RAC 28/10/2004

They RACe to your help!

RAC I originally took out RAC cover back in September in 1999; the reason for this was that my car was getting fairly old and not as reliable as it once was. I had stopped in a motorway service station and was approached by one of the salesman. You know the ones, the annoying ones that approach you on the way in and on the way out with the same question. All I had to pay was £30 then and the rest by direct debit over 3 months, easy enough so I took out the cover. A few months after that it was bought to my attention that because of the company I worked for I was entitled to a discount with RAC. When it came to the following September rather than just accept the renewal I called them about the discount. As usual with any company when you mention discount they did not want to know, but eventually agreed to the fact that I was entitled to it. This entitled me to get a discount of about £35 per year. Since then I have continued to renew my breakdown cover with them year after year. One of the main reasons for this is that the way I see things is that if it aint broke don’t try to fix it. This applies to my breakdown cover; I have never once had a problem in 6 years so why change breakdown companies. Over the course of the past 6 years I have had to call on the RAC about 7 or 8 times I suppose, every time they could not have been more helpful. The first time was with a dead battery which died just after I had bought a take away to take home, so that got eaten in the car. They ...
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