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Merry Christmas Everyone. Thanks for all the R, R & C's since I've been back, it's really appreciated

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LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes 10543: Superman Rescue 21/12/2014

SuperMan Comes To Duplo

LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes 10543: Superman Rescue When Ross was born and we discovered we had a boy I knew that over the next 12 years or so I would get more than my fair chance to play with Lego again. During the Summer we had introduced him to Duplo, however being that he’s a massive Fireman Sam fan, his Duplo collection consisted of the fire play sets. That was until his birthday a couple of weeks ago when his collection expanded dramatically with a number of new sets. DC Comics Series One of his favourites from his new sets was one of 3 that make up Duplo’s new DC Comics Super Heroes sets called Superman Rescue. The set itself is recommended for ages 2 – 5 years old and as he got it for his second birthday he is very much at the beginning of the age range for this one. Of course Ross isn't familiar with Superman yet, he does have a Batman t-shirt but Superman was a new one on him, but from the moment we opened the box he’s loved this set, but more on that shortly. In The Box The set is made up of the following components: 1 x Car 1 x Window and Frame 1 x Fire Hydrant 11 x Duplo Blocks 1 x Daily Planet Sign 1 x Superman Figure and Cape Ross’s Reaction As I've already mentioned Ross isn't exactly familiar with Superman, in fact I don’t think he knew who he was till he got this set, however that hasn't stopped him from playing with it. From the moment we opened the set he carried Superman, sat inside his car with him for the next couple of days. One of the things Ross is really good at is his imaginative play and it ...

Sonos BR100 Zonebridge 15/12/2014

Wireless For Sound

Sonos BR100 Zonebridge It would be fair to say that anyone who has read my reviews over the last 12 years here on Ciao will know that I love my gadgets. Whether it be my tablet, my smart phone or even my kindle I seem to have a real desire to try out new technological advances and that’s what lead me to opting to get rid of out stereo at home and kit the house out with a Sonos wireless hi-fi system. As I’ve been steadily finding my music preference switching to Spotify and my cd collection heading bit by bit to music magpie, this seemed the next logical step. So What Is Sonos The Sonos brand comprises of 6 different types of speaker from the Play:1, where my system started and includes the Play:3 and 5 along with a sound bar, the Sonos amp and a Sub-Woofer. By using as much or as little of this kit you can create the home sound system you always wanted. In fact over your Wi-Fi you can have up to 32 different players operating from it. In addition to creating a Hi-fi network the Sonos can also be used as a surround sound system. Enough About The Speaker’s As this review is about the Sonos Bridge and not the Speakers I will leave more about those for their own reviews. The Bridge is a piece of kit that creates a more reliable and synchronised network around the house. The Bridge is wired into your router with an Ethernet cable and plugged in creating a dedicated Wi-Fi network to run your speakers without interfering with the Wi-Fi signal around the rest of the house. Installation I found the ...

Hoover SP48DWP6 04/12/2014

Handheld Sucking

Hoover SP48DWP6 When we found out that Jen was pregnant we decided to buy a bigger car and with a bigger car came a bigger boot and for that reason I decided to buy a handheld Vacuum cleaner. After doing a bit of digging around and of course looking at prices, brand names and reviews we opted for the Hoover SP48DWP6 as it seemed to tick the boxes we were looking for. It was reasonably prices, after all it would be used for the car and the garage and not much else, so we didn’t want to spend a fortune. Also with it being a Hoover it was from a trusted brand and therefore we thought it was a pretty safe bet, the only thing that seemed to be missing was a real lack of user reviews. There were plenty of the next model up, the SP60, which were quite a mixed bag but we felt it was worth a try and was only going to cost us £20, if it didn’t work quite as well as we expected then it would only be £20 wasted. How It Looks The Vacuum is a standard handheld unit with a long handle and a thick base at the bottom. The handle is silver and has an on and off switch located on the handle and a charging point located to the rear. Below the handle still within the Silver section of the device is the motor and power section of the device and then below that surrounded by a plastic cover is a 0.2 litre receptacle for gathering the deposits the vacuum picks up. All in all this creates a very slim device that measures 108mm high and 398 mm’s long. It is reasonably light weight at 108kg. this makes it ...

Football Manager 2015 (PC) 28/11/2014

Football Manager Revamped & Reinvigorated

Prophecy - Parris, S. J. 17/11/2014

Bruno Returns To Save The Queen

Prophecy - Parris, S. J. Following on from the very enjoyable Heresy and Treachery, I decided to move on and read S J Parris’s second instalment in her series following the life of Giordano Bruno in 1580’s London. So on my most recent commutes into London I worked my way through the second of her 4 books to date, Prophecy. Despite starting with the 4th book in the series and knowing that Bruno makes it through the story alive I was still intrigued to discover his journey from the events of Heresy and the streets of Oxford to how Bruno found himself in Plymouth in the 4th book Treachery. Now into the Autumn of 1583, Bruno has returned to the French Embassy to continue spying for Sir Francis Walsingham. When one of Queen Elizabeth’s ladies in waiting is murdered, Bruno is asked to investigate. At the same time he finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy to free Mary Queen of Scots and bring a Spanish invasion to the shores of England. With two investigations underway Bruno must ensure that no one discovers what he is looking for and he needs to do it quickly as the murder of the lady in waiting seems to tie in with a Prophecy regarding the death of a Monarch and only Bruno seems able to stop it. The events of Prophecy took place in early 1583 and now a few months later having gone back to his ordinary daily life, Bruno is called upon again. Having done a bit of digging after reading Heresy I hadn’t realised at the time that Bruno was actually a real person. From her portrayal of the time I’d heard of ...

The Endless River - Pink Floyd 16/11/2014

The End Of Floyd's Endless River

Sonic highways - Foo Fighters 13/11/2014

Cold As a Match Ready To Strike, Here I Go

Never Go Back - Lee Child 02/11/2014

Someone Doesn't Want Reacher Around

Never Go Back - Lee Child At the moment it seems that the passing of another week coincides with the completion of another book and this week it was another Jack Reacher adventure from Lee Child. This book takes place a few months after the book I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, although this book is 3 on from 61 Hours the events of this book have happened as a result of a few calls that Reacher made during 61 Hours. This is the first time I’ve read one of the Jack Reacher adventures that really has any link to the previous novels, other than perhaps the outline of the places he has been. Having promised himself that if he was ever in Virginia he would drop by his old Army HQ and take Major Susan Turner out for dinner, Reacher finally arrives in Rock Creek Virginia. Upon his arrival though it seems she has been arrested and now he too is facing an historic homicide charge and a paternity suit. It seems that someone is trying to scare Reacher off and frame Major Turner at the same time. Rather than run though Reacher squares up to it and is determined to find out why he’s suddenly being charged and why it all seems to stem from Major Turner, something is right and Reacher plans to find out who is behind it and why. Like all Reacher novels this is another very addictive read and I found myself engrossed from page to page as my hour long commute passed by each day. The story has a nice mixture of action and events as well as plot and build up to each event. The story is a little simpler in its nature ...

Heresy - Parris, S. J. 22/10/2014

An Italian Heretic Helping Defend The English Throne

Heresy - Parris, S. J. With my new found commuting time I’m always looking out for new books and it was that need for something to read that brought me to S.J. Parris’s series of novels revolving around 1580’s London and her lead character Giordano Bruno. I actually started my discovery of the series with the 4th book, Treachery, however having read and thoroughly enjoyed that I went back and bought the other three books in the series, starting with this the first and our introduction to Giordano Bruno in Heresy. The year is 1583 and having escaped a life as a Monk Giordano Bruno has fled to England to escape the Catholic Inquisition. In order to fund his new life in England he has agreed to become a spy for the Queen’s spymaster and help to inform of any Plots against her majesty or the Protestant religion recently returned to England. Bruno is sent on an undercover mission to Oxford to expose a Catholic conspiracy but finds himself compelled to investigate when a series of religiously themed murders occur within the college he is staying. We first meet Giordano Bruno in his monastery in Naples some 7 years earlier and start to get an understanding of what drives him. He is an interesting character and the whole story is told from his perspective. I really enjoyed the way that Parris, real name Stephanie Merritt a journalist with the Guardian and Independent, writes from the characters perspective. We find out the twists and turns of the story through her lead characters eyes and I really found ...

61 Hours - Lee Child 19/10/2014

Has Reacher Met His Match

61 Hours - Lee Child With an hour and a bit train journey to work twice a day, I have recently found myself ploughing through books at a very high rate. One of my recent reads was to reacquaint myself with Lee Child and one of my favorite fictional characters Jack Reacher, in the 14th book in the series. This is also meant to be the next book to be turned into a big screen adventure with the rather ill cast Tom Cruise and therefore I was keen to read this before it gets the Hollywood treatment. I was keen to see what trouble my favorite ex-military cop would be getting into this time. As Reacher wakes up in the middle of a bus in South Dakota as it skids to a halt in the snow, little does he know that the next 61 hours of his life will have such a huge impact on the sleepy town of Bolton. The local police clearly have more on their plate than one crashed bus and soon Reacher finds himself in the middle of their problems. Asked to help out and lend his expertise to the case, Reacher puts himself up against a Mexican Drug Lord who seems to be controlling the local community and is trying to have a key witness in a case against one of his dealers killed. Only Reacher and the local Police can stop him but even they seem to have someone working against them from the inside but can Reacher work out who it is before it’s all too late. This book takes a slightly different format to the other Lee Child books I’ve read and counts down the 61 hours from the bus crash to the end game between Reacher and ...

The Marine 3 - Homefront (DVD) 30/12/2013

Perhaps One Marine Too Far

The Marine 3 - Homefront (DVD) Over the years a number of wrestlers have tried and failed to make the move into main stream movies, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker to name just a few. That is of course until Dwayne Johnson, better know to WWE fans as The Rock, successfully transferred his talents to the big screen. This coupled with the organisation behind WWE moving into film funding has seen any number of current Wrestlers given an opportunity to star on the big screen and from this movie series such as The Marine have been forged, of which Homefront, a straight to DVD offering is the latest instalment. Whilst home on leave from the army Sgt Jake Carter is finding it hard not to be too over protective of his sisters. They have had enough of it and insist he backs off a little but when his younger sister inadvertently witnesses a murder and is kidnapped. Now Carter must use all of his training as a Marine to get her back safely and ensure that the militant group that have taken her and her boyfriend don’t have a chance to cause them any harm. The film comes from director Scott Wiper, who also includes former WWE project The Condemned amongst his short film CV. In fact Wiper also picks up a co-writing credit but he doesn’t really do anything special with this movie, not that his script really allowed him too. The direction, the special effects, the acting, well in fact everything about this movie screamed straight to video release. A lot of the acting felt forced and the director seemed ...

Alex Cross (DVD) 20/12/2013

Don't Cross Alex Cross

Alex Cross (DVD) It is probably fair to say that Alex Cross is best known for his starring role in James Patterson’s crime thrillers. Over the years though he has found a couple of the more interesting cases turned into big screen adventures and in the first two of these, Along Came A Spider and Kiss The Girls, the lead role was taken on and superbly portrayed by Morgan Freeman. Now it seems that Hollywood’s money men have turned their attention to stories involving a younger Cross and as such the baton has been passed to Tyler Perry and having enjoyed the other two films I was interested to see how this one panned out. A serial killer appears to be targeting a number of wealthy Business people in Detroit and as Alex Cross and his team get close to finding out his identity, he starts to make things personal. Having to put his feelings to one side Cross still needs to catch his target before he strikes again and whether driven by revenge, hatred or simply his moral duty Cross vows to catch the man known to the police only as Picasso. The film comes from director Rob Cohen, who also brought us The Fast and The Furious and also xXx and therefore I actually thought it had potential. Despite his history of fast paced, high octane action films I thought that Cohen may have been able to pick up the mantle of this series of films and run with it. Sadly though that wasn't the case and whilst the special effects and action segments worked really well, the crime thriller element of the story seemed to ...

Jack Reacher (DVD) 19/10/2013

A Man Who Works Outside The Law

Jack Reacher (DVD) If you've read my previous reviews on a couple of other Lee Child novels you will already know that I am quite an avid fan of his books and in particular his main character Jack Reacher. So when I heard they were going to make a film from one of the books I knew I had to see it. There was a slight disappointment in the casting of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher as he is the exact physical opposite of the character that appears in Child's books. That however didn't put me off the film and with all thoughts of his suitability put to one side I was keen to see how Cruise would portray Reacher. A former US Army police man, Jack Reacher is now a hard man to find, mainly because he doesn't want to be found. So when an ex Army sniper is charged of 5 counts of murder following a shooting spree with his rifle ask for Reacher to help with his case the legal teams and police don't really know where to start looking. Luckily for them Reacher has seen the accused on the news and comes to make sure he is found guilty. As he helps with the case the evidence all seems too perfect and Reacher begins to believe they have the wrong man but now he's got to prove it and also uncover who is behind this elaborate plot. The movie adaptation of Lee Child’s novel is written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie who also wrote and directed another film I enjoyed, Way of The Gun back in 2000. He has changed a number of aspects from the original movie, such as the location for the shootings at the start and ...

Dark Shadows (DVD) 15/12/2012

A Dark Shadow On Vampire Comedies

Dark Shadows (DVD) With the Twilight saga bringing Vampires back into the mainstream it has almost brought about the introduction of new genres of films for the nocturnal creatures. Prior to the Twilight movies a Vampire movie was designed to scare the viewers, however by bringing in the romantic element it has brought about a number of new movies in different genres, where Vampires are no longer creatures to be feared, something that would perhaps have Dracula turning in his coffin. One of the more recent outings is in the Tim Burton directed Dark Shadows, it's a remake of a classic American Tv show from the 1960's and Burton has put a comedic twist on the original drama and having enjoyed the majority of his movies I was quite looking forward to this film. Having crossed the wrong woman in 1772, Barnabas Collins goes from being a thriving business man in Collinsport, Maine to being a hunted outcast following a spell cast by Angelique Bouchard who places a curse on him making him a Vampire. Fast forward two centuries and Barnabas is freed from his captivity by a group of construction workers. Now finding himself in 1972 he returns to his old estate to find his descendants have fallen on hard times and his beloved estate has fallen into disrepair. Having returned to a different time Barnabas discovers a lot has changed, except for one thing, Angelique is still in Collinsport and still wants to be with him but will he rekindle their relationship or has someone else caught his eye. As with all ...

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (DVD) 16/11/2012

Abraham Lincoln - Disappointment Giver

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