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Hi Everyone, I enjoy writing reviews, thanks for all the positive comments. I am going to do some more gaming sessions again now that Assassins Creed Origins is out and such a huge game.

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B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube 20/11/2017

B. nice to the planet

B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube I had a Wooden 5 in 1 Activity Cube for Scarlett (my 14 month old daughter) but she never seemed interested in playing with it, I decided to give it away to a friend. I was at my cousin's house one day and she offered me a Zany Zoo wooden activity cube because her daughter no longer needed it (due to her age), she said that her daughter loved playing with this and It would be great for my daughter. When Scarlett saw it, she started laughing and wanted to grab it, now everyday she plays with the Zany Zoo (Wooden Activity Cube). Price: As mentioned above I didn’t buy mine but Amazon are selling the item for £49.99 for prime members but if that's no good to you then try Smyths Toys at £59.99. Product Description: The B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube has wacky looping stems to slide the bright wooden beads around. Pull the cute animal buttons along zigzagging grooves or spin the cheerful spinners to make cute characters! With five sides of play, this cube is perfect for little ones who are just beginning to learn their shapes and colours. Features: Beautifully illustrated A to Z animals Loopty-loop routes Zigzag race paths Spinny spinners Suitable for ages 1-3 years Contents: one wooden activity cube Batteries not required Dimensions: 34.29Lx30.48Wx45.72Hcm My Product Description: My first Impression of the activity cube is its very vibrant and a sturdy construction with rounded off corners, they weren’t rounded off on the wooden 5 in 1 activity cube I had previously. ...

Dexter - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 16/11/2017

Sociopath by day, Serial Killer by night

Dexter - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) What made me decide to watch Dexter? My friend rang me one night and asked me if I’d seen this new series that had just been released (Dexter), I replied no I hadn’t and asked what was it about and she explained to me and said how great it was, so I thought it would be my type of series to watch. From that day onward I was hooked and watched all the series. Recently my mum stayed with us and asked me if there was anything worth watching, so I suggested Dexter because I know she is a big fan of Crime TV Series (CSI, NCIS, Bones etc), to my surprise she had never watched Dexter. Upon watching one episode she was hooked just as I was (when I watched it the first time around) and wanted to watch as many episodes as she could. Every night thereafter I had to put Dexter on for her, she just couldn’t get enough of it. We finished watching Season one together, she carried on to watch the other seasons when she went back home, she loved it that much. Price: Amazon has the first Box set for £8.50 but I bought mine second-hand from MusicMagpie for £1.75 and have since given it to my Mum. I replaced it with the full box set at a bargain price £24.99 from a site called Zoom last Christmas. Plot: Dexter works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood spatter analyst. To the outside world people would think he is an ordinary guy, but beneath it all he has difficulty expressing his emotions due to a childhood trauma. Nobody knows the real Dexter, who is the real Dexter? In ...

John Wick (Blu-Ray) 12/11/2017

Keanu is the Baba Yaga (The boogeyman)

John Wick (Blu-Ray) I have decided to write about another one of my favourite films John Wick on Blu-ray. Because I think Keanu Reeves is a fantastic actor, I have always been a fan after watching Point Break (1991). The first film I ever saw him in was Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989), this was his first popular success with the role of totally rad dude "Ted Logan". His other top films I like: Speed (1994), The Devil’s Advocate (1997), The Matrix Trilogy (1999-2003), Something’s Gotta Give (2003), Constantine (2005), 47 Ronin (2013). John Wick is definitely one of those films where you are glued to your TV from start to finish. Unlike some films that make you lose interest within the first ten minutes. The story is easy to follow if you don’t feel like racking your brain (lol). This is one of my top action films, because it’s non stop action from start to finish amazing, if you love action films this is a must see. Price: You can get the Blu-ray from Amazon Prime for around £7.00 or around £8.00 from other sites. Plot: John Wick is a retired hitman who has recently lost his wife (the love of his life). Then the son (of a Russian gangster) and his crew takes away everything John has left. So he is out for revenge. Does he get his revenge? Watch and find out! Film quote: “John Wick isn’t the boogeyman (Baba Yaga), he is the guy you send to kill the f###### boogeyman”. I once saw him kill three men in a bar, with a pencil. Favourite Characters: Keanu Reeves (John Wick) How many ...

Beauty and the Beast (2017) (DVD) 09/11/2017

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!

Beauty and the Beast (2017) (DVD) I couldn’t wait to see the new Beauty and The Beast movie, as I have seen the animated version over and over, and loved it. This is one of my favourite Disney films. This movie is a fantastic live action remake of the original version. I liked it so much my husband bought the blu-ray version for me on our anniversary. I have since bought the cd for my daughter Scarlett as she loves the music, like me. I Loved watching this movie with my family, my Mum is a big fan of this Disney just the same as me. Price: I had to ask my hubby how much he paid for this, he got it from amazon for £9.99. Plot: It’s about a prince who has been cursed by an enchantress for his actions. He is cursed until a lady falls in love with him, if a lady doesn’t fall in love with him before the last petal falls off the enchanted rose (this was given to the beast from the enchantress) he will remain a beast forever. The beasts staff have all been turned into talking Antique furniture and if the spell is not broken they will become just Antiques. The enchantress's curse had also erased the memories of the villagers so they couldn't remember anything about the castle or its inhabitants. Director: Bill Condon Main Cast: Emma Watson - Belle Dan Stevens - Beast Luke Evans - Gaston Josh Gad - LeFou Kevin Kline - Maurice Hattie Morahan - Agathe / Enchantress Haydn Gwynne - Clothilde Gerard Horan - Jean the Potter Ray Fearon - Père Robert Ewan McGregor- Lumière Ian McKellen - Cogsworth Emma Thompson - ...

Ghost (DVD) 07/11/2017

True Love Never Dies!!

Ghost (DVD) I have decided to have a go at writing a Film/DVD review for the first time. Price of the DVD: I can't remember what price I paid for the special edition DVD as it was years ago, but you can get the DVD at a reasonable price of £1.99 (used) on MusicMagpie and for £3.99 (new) at Amazon. DVD details: I have the special edition of the DVD, this comes with 2 discs, the second disc has special features, including the making of the film, interviews with real psychics and other features. The films picture is good quality, and crystal clear with not too many dark scenes. The special effects look a bit dated now but at the time of the movies release I expect they were very good. Main Characters: Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze), Molly Jenson (Demi Moore), Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg), Carl Bruner (Tony Goldwyn). Film Summary: SPOILERS AHEAD: The way the movie starts and by the name of the title, you would think you were about to watch a horror movie, not an emotional love story. Ghost is a love story about Sam Wheat who gets killed and decides to stay on earth to protect the love of his life Molly Jenson from the people who killed him. At the beginning of the movie Molly and Sam were renovating their new apartment with their best friend Carl Bruner, what a good friend helping out (Some best friend Carl turns out to be, he betrayed Sam and tried to make a move on Molly when she has only just lost Sam, who needs enemies when you have a friend like Carl). Sam and later go to bed ...

Mass Effect Andromeda (Xbox One) 31/10/2017

To boldly go where no human has gone before!!

Mass Effect Andromeda (Xbox One) This is a review for the PC version of the game. I enter competitions on a daily basis and I have been lucky enough to win some big/small prizes over the years, my Liverpool trip was one of these prizes (one of my previous reviews). When I shop around for PC games (even console digital downloads) I always end up using a website called Allkeyshop. To start with I just used them to compare game prices as they always seem up to date on the latest prices of all the main websites I buy keys from. I never knew for years they had a daily competition you could enter (it was mentioned in a newsletter). Now on a daily basis I enter the Gleam competition they have. I always thought it was a bit of a con because many people have complained about the site saying they hadn't received their keys when they won. To win video games it was very simple. You just choose the game you want to win on a daily basis (can be changed daily) and use your points you have accumulated (from sharing on social sites) to enter daily lotteries. Allkeyshop have changed the system now to a customizable wheel of fortune and the lottery system has changed so you can win coins to spin this wheel. To my surprise one day I had an email to say I was a winner of Mass Effect Andromeda, I was surprised, but also a little sceptical with all the bad reviews written about people not receiving keys. Low and behold five days later my game key was sitting in my inbox eagerly waiting to be redeemed on Origin (EA’s platform ...

Scarborough Sea Life Centre, North Yorkshire 19/10/2017

Something fishy going on here!!

Scarborough Sea Life Centre, North Yorkshire I have visited the Scarborough Sea Life Centre in the past but I decided to take my daughter (her first time) to have a look. The reason I wanted to visit again was because they have added a new attraction the Octopus Hideout. I was given a leaflet to get half price entry when I did my shopping at Morrison’s one day, I waited until after the summer holidays for my visit. My nephew was staying over during the holidays and he wanted to go but when we arrived it was so busy (queuing outside the main doors) I turned around and took him to a park instead, they had a special event on at the time, Meet the Octonauts. When I decided to go back the next time with just my daughter It was a weekday and much quieter. I turned up at 2:30pm thinking that I would have plenty of time to look around until 6:00pm but as it turned out the doors were being closed at 4.00pm because it was off peak season (last admission 3:00pm) The admission price during peak season was £19 but out of season they only charge £16 (you can get it cheaper by booking online one day in advance online but I had a 50 percent off admissions leaflet so this worked out the same price). You do also have to pay parking as it's a Local Council Carpark. You can buy Experience Packages if you are an enthusiast, marine biologist, breakfast with seals, sleepovers and more. Most of the Sea Life Centre is indoors so if the weather isn’t so great you can stay warm and dry most of the way around. The layout of the centre isn’t ...

The Wheel of Liverpool, Liverpool 19/08/2017

A Wheelie Great View of Liverpool

The Wheel of Liverpool, Liverpool I enter competitions on a daily basis through twitter and hotukdeals. To my surprise one day I had a message to say congratulations you are our winner!!!!!. I had won an all paid for trip to Liverpool to see McBusted at the echo arena, a ride on the Liverpool Wheel and tickets for the Beatles museum. They also gave me spending money, return train tickets and one night accommodation at a days Inn. I was over the moon with this trip, even though I don't like going around cities very much (I am more of a countryside girl) I wasn't going to turn down a free trip away. About Liverpool: Liverpool is a city and metropolitan borough of Merseyside, England along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary. It was founded as a borough in 1207 and was granted city status in 1880. It is the fourth most populous British city, and third most populous in England, with a 2011 population of 466,400 and is at the centre of a wider urban area, the Liverpool City Region, which has a population of around 2 million people. Historically a part of Lancashire, the urbanisation and expansion of Liverpool were both largely brought about by the city's status as a major port. By the 18th century, trade from the West Indies, Ireland and mainland Europe coupled with close links with the Atlantic Slave Trade furthered the economic expansion of Liverpool. By the early 19th century, 40% of the world's trade passed through Liverpool's docks, contributing to Liverpool's rise as a major city. Liverpool is also ...

Joie Chrome Plus Pushchair 01/08/2017

It's a Joie ride

Joie Chrome Plus Pushchair Upon receiving the news that I was pregnant with Scarlett, I knew I had a lot of shopping to do before she was due, 9 months might seem like a long time but believe me, it goes by so quickly. I can't believe she is 10 months old already! Where does the time go? Shopping around for baby bits all adds up (they need so many things). One of the biggest, and possibly the most expensive items to get is a pram. Buying a pram can be a daunting experience, there are so many types, sizes, brands and models to choose from not forgetting the cost. I did a lot of research into prams before I bought a Joie Chrome Plus, it wasn't at the top of my list but after summing up the pros and cons of all the different models I finally went with Joie and I am so happy I did (keep reading to find out why)! As well as doing my own research, I also received a lot of advice from family members and friends who have all had babies. My sister was the one who offered the most help. She has three boys of various ages. She has also tried many models of prams, her favourite being Bugaboo. Some of the stores I visited to view and test prams were Mothercare, Babies-R-Us and many more. Just looking at pictures and reading reviews didn't give me enough of an idea of what to buy. The top 3 brands I initially chose were: Icandy Silver Cross Bugaboo Icandy looked elegant and robust, Personally for me, I found it to be a little heavy and the price tag was too high. Silver Cross was the cheapest option of the ...

Plants Vs Zombies (PC) 18/06/2017

Oh No, Zombies ate my brain.

Plants Vs Zombies (PC) My nephew was the one who introduced me to Plants vs Zombies. He couldn't stop going on and on about it how great it was. He had it on his IPhone, at the time I owned a Nexus 7 and gave it a try, seen as it was free to install. I have since changed over to Apple devices and decided to get the games again, to my surprise they look amazing on a Retina display. The only downside of the free Android/IOS versions are the adverts. Plants vs Zombies is also available on other platforms including a online free version from PopCap's ( website. I got the PC version free on Origin as part of their On The House Deals. The game normally costs £4.25 unless you can pick it up on sale. Buying the game from 2010 onwards will get you the Game of the Year Edition (the full package) The PC version doesn't look as great as the Ipad Retina version but sometimes it's just nice to play a game on a bigger screen. The game has a lot to offer, but not at the start of the game (you have to play just adventure mode for a while before all the other modes are unlocked). The first thing I did on the main menu was created a Zombatar, here you can personalise a zombies looks to your liking, this zombie will be the flag bearer for the zombies (he arrives on the map to announce a huge wave of zombies are on there way). You will know how far you are into a wave by a little meter in the bottom right corner, the flag bearer symbol will also appear on this meter ...

Peggle Nights (PC) 12/06/2017

Bagatelle with a twist.

Peggle Nights (PC) I haven't had as much time since Scarlett came into my life, what with an up and down pregnancy, and the sleepless nights that follow. I enjoy playing large open world games normally as you can see by my previous reviews, but lately I have found it easier to play simple puzzle games because they don't take up too much of my time and I don't get really engrossed in the game as I would do normally when a game has an interesting story. This isn't a bad thing because I don't find myself wanting to find out what happened next and then realise that hours have passed whilst I was hooked. The Peggle franchise Is made by PopCap Games, and is available on multiple platforms. The gameplay is based upon Pachinko ( and also Bagatelle ( People might remember the very first title PopCap made back in 2001 - Bejeweled ( I own Peggle Nights on Steam and Peggle through origin, I didn't have to pay for Peggle as it was one of their on the house specials, I also got Plants vs Zombies (my next upcoming review) and Bejeweled 3 free as well. Origin is EA’s platform for their top AAA titles (Titanfall, Battlefield collection, Need For Speed and another of my favourites The Sims). I do prefer using Steam because they have a lot more games to offer and being a game completionist the achievement system is user friendly (Origin still haven’t sorted their system out ...

Pac-Man: Championship Edition (Xbox Live Arcade) 10/06/2017


Pac-Man: Championship Edition (Xbox Live Arcade) This review is for the same Pac-Man but PC Steam Version. I was always a big fan of Pac-Man when I was a girl (I still am a girl at heart, aren't we all?) and had lots of fun playing it in the arcades. I own the full edition of Pac-Man Championship DX+ - All You Can Eat Edition Bundle which comes with all the DLC (more on the extra content further down). Steam is charging £7.99 for just the standard edition and £11.99 for the version I own which has 8 pieces of additional content and the base game. All though I love the Pac-Man series I think this is very expensive for a retro arcade game, lucky for me I waited until the Steam summer sale (one of the best sales Steam has to offer in my opinion) and picked it up for as little as 2.99 (how ace is that?). Everyone who has played the classic Pac-Man (a.k.a Puckman, thank goodness they changed the name quick from first release) will remember what it's all about. This is for those who don’t: The player (yourself) controls Pac-Man (A little yellow circle with a pie shaped mouth). The aim of the game is to work around a 2d maze eating little yellow dots/pellets, sounds easy right? (wrong). Pac-Man isn't the only one in the maze, he is accompanied by 4 enemies/monsters (a.k.a ghosts), who are there to stop you from all your munching (nom nom nom). These four enemies start in a little box in the middle of the map and come out a few seconds after the start of play. They will do anything to stop you getting your objective ...

Fisher-Price Dance & Move BeatBo 07/06/2017

Grooving BeatBo fun

Fisher-Price Dance & Move BeatBo I have been quite lucky with my daughter Scarlett and not had to buy many toys for her because my sister gives me her unwanted or unused toys from her boys. She bought BeatBo from Amazon, but she's not 100 percent how much she paid any more, as it was nearly 2 years ago. My sister wasn't planning on giving me the toy so soon, but on our last visit to hers, Scarlett fell in love with BeatBo and didn't want to leave it alone. Scarlett has to have him out everyday and is now learning how to push all of the buttons, or should I say, bash them to bits repeatedly lol. Not having bought the item from new, I can't comment on how it was packaged or what it comes with. I had to do some googling on how the toy fully functioned and to see if I was missing out on anything, as just pushing buttons wasn't enough for me, I needed to know what it fully did (I know I am such a child at heart, sometimes you wouldn't believe who the toy was really for Me OR Scarlett). To my surprise the toy has more to offer than I thought. He is a very colourful Robot, some people even call him an Alien, but to me he is an Android. His body is made of a very solid plastic which seems to be quite robust and could suffer many knocks. He's not quite fully made of plastic, his ears and hands are soft to touch and again very colourful. Scarlett loves to pull and bite his ears and hands. I like the fact that he has a cheeky smile, which makes my face light up every time I see him (at least I don't feel sorry ...

Sweet Dreamers Ewan the Dream Sheep 07/06/2017

Sheepy dreams or not?

Sweet Dreamers Ewan the Dream Sheep Hi everyone, sorry it has been so long since I have written a review, but now I am finally back. My life has changed somewhat, I am now a proud mum to my daughter Scarlett. Being my first baby everything was quite new to me, I heard so much from others about what it's like to have a newborn baby but when it's your own everything is different. There are so many products on the market, it's hard to know what to buy for your baby, everyone has a difference of opinion. My Sister was the one who recommended Ewan to me when I found out I was pregnant, she swears by it and has used him for all her boys. After some research on the Big Wide Web and also reading the 2 reviews on Ciao, I decided to buy my daughter Ewan. I purchased my Ewan from Tesco-Direct so I could get my club-card points (I do this a lot so I gain savings on my food shopping). I paid £29.95 which seemed to be the average price for Ewan at time of purchase from many retailers. Scarlett's Ewan is purple and white in colour. I have noticed they have an additional colour available now, Grey. Ewan came packed in a circular plastic container with him quite squished inside, the packaging is very plain and simple and not eye catching. On the packaging they say he is the Ultimate Baby Sleep Aid and to add more marketing to persuade you to buy him, he has won the Gold Mother & Baby award for 2014 (word and mouth made my final decision for the purchase, not the Award). Ewan is quite a big ball of white fluff (soft to ...

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PC) 17/09/2016

Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirate's life for me

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PC) We all wanted to be a Captain of our own ship sailing the Seven Seas, well now you can Me-Hearties!!! My brother was the one who told me about Assassin's Creed Black Flag, I wasn't sure about it because when I played the first Assassin's Creed it wasn't really my type of game and quite repetitive, also I prefer open world, 3rd person games. After seeing a few YouTube videos I decided to buy and give it a go. I have only just completed the game 100 percent after many years of owning the game. I would have finished it sooner but ran into a few problems in the past. Being a computer tech I like to regularly update my PC as technology advances. As people probably know steam saves a lot of your games on steam cloud so you don't have to worry about your game progress when you reinstall windows or upgrade a HDD. But unfortunately you can't rely on the Uplay version of this. I have lost my game save 4 times after reinstalling windows due to faults or just the computer running slower. This put me off playing the game because I got quite far each time and then had to do it all over again, of course after a reinstall I didn't want to go back to the game after finding out each time I had lost the saves so I carried on playing a newer game. After completing most new releases that I wanted this year I have finally gone back to playing the game from scratch and this time I stuck with it until I finished, YAY AT LAST!!!!! You can pick this game-up for around £5.00 now, I paid around ...
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