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Member Advice on Rescue Dogs 04/10/2008

A Second Chance in Life

Member Advice on Rescue Dogs There certainly is a great satisfaction for doing the right thing when adopting a dog from a rescue shelter. These places are more often not funded by public donations only and receive no help from the government. They are not in business for the vast profits that many breeders receive, they are set up solely for the purpose of helping unwanted and mistreated animals to find the loving homes that they deserve. I adopted my first rescue dog as a teenager. I visited my local shelter and saw a rather healthy looking West Highland Terrier bounding up and down and greeting everyone with a lick on the hand. He had originally been placed in the shelter's boarding kennels while his family where on holiday, however that is where they left him. He needed an operation to correct an ear problem and his family were unable to afford payment and chose instead to abandon him. In the next kennel was a small Yorkshire terrier bitch who had been rescued from a puppy farm. She had been severely neglected and mistreated. She cowered in the corner, shaking from head to toe. Her ribs were visible under the skin of her emaciated stomach. It was this dog that I chose, the other would have no difficulty finding a loving home after all. I gave her the name Hope in reference to her new start in life. I gave her company, affection and taught her to walk on a lead in the outside world for the first time. Although this took several trips whereby I carried her trembling wrapped tightly in a ...

Tomy Toddle 'n' ride 04/10/2008

Two toys in one!

Tomy Toddle 'n' ride I recently purchased the Tomy Toddle n Ride for my son. The guidelines state that it is suitable from 12 months onward, however with similar products stating a guideline age of 10 months onward, I decided to let him experiment with it under supervision. The Tomy Toddle n Ride is currently available from Amazon at £34.99, however I bought this item at just £14.99 direct from Tomy's website (, saving £20! The description on Tomy's website states that the low price is due to slightly damaged packaging although the product itself is in perfect condition. When mine arrived however the packaging was in fact intact, as was the item. The Tomy Toddle n Ride begins as a push along walker. It has a squeaking horn at the top and an easy to grip handle bar. The wheels are spaced a good distance apart to give the baby plenty of room to walk. At the front is a panel which has a snail who's shell spins when the body of the snail is pulled down, ladybird who's legs spread out when pressed, a caterpillar telephone and a butterfly with a tail which when pulled makes it's wings flap. It is brightly coloured without being overbearingly so. There are no electronic sounds or lights on this toy. Assembly is very straight forward. There are no small parts whatsoever, each part is chunky and made of plastic and no tools are needed. This is the kind of straightforward toy I like! When your child is older the walker easily converts into a trike with a bucket at the back. I ...

Friskies Go Cat 18/09/2008


Friskies Go Cat Friskies Go-Cat dry cat food is a definite favourite with our pair of Siamese cats. They are guaranteed to empty their dishes of this product time and time again. We have yet to try the moist food variety however, therefore my review is based upon the dry food in particular. The Go-Cat range was initially launched in 1975 and is now the UK's leading brand in dry cat food. It is nutritionally balanced in accordance with the AAFCO Nutrient Profiles, which means it provides for the requirements of your cat throughout different stages of their lives. It is packaged in a yellow box or bag depicting the name in red lettering and the unmistakably Go-Cat ginger cat. There are options to suit regular adult cats, kittens, senior cats and indoor cats alike. For a period of time however our cats were solely indoor cats and we subsequently used the indoor cat variety. This made one of our cats vomit, yet he had no problems with the regular variety which we promptly switched back to. With regards to quantities there are four options. Go-Cat is available in 375g and 950g boxes or alternatively 2kg or 4kg bags. Flavour varieties include: Duck, Rabbit and Chicken Tuna, Herring and Vegetables Salmon, Trout and Tuna Rabbit, Turkey and Vegetables Chicken and Vegetables The cost of this product rather unusually varies quite a lot between flavours. However a 375g box will cost around 90p, a 950g box is around £2.15, a 2kg bag £4.39 and a 4kg bag £8.40. We currently use two ...

Bright Starts Starts Jiggling Giraffe Teether 17/09/2008

Great teething toy

Bright Starts Starts Jiggling Giraffe Teether This is one of my nine month old son's very favourite things! Bright Starts are a brand that I trust, having bought many of their products for my baby. I bought this for just £5.90 from Amazon. The bright colours of this toy make it most attractive for young eyes. The giraffe has soft, rubbery and chewable ears. It has two rings around it's neck which easily attract your baby's attention with a rattling noise when shaken. The body of this giraffe is a liquid filled teether which is ideal to pop in the refrigerator in order to cool and sooth your teething baby's gums. In addition the body is a ring shape which enables your baby to obtain a better grasp of the toy. It is very simple to wash, a bowl of soapy water will usually do. My little boy adores this and it is always the toy of choice to pop into his changing bag when we go out and about. He never fails to lose interest in this toy!

Maxi Cosi Cabriofix 17/09/2008

Too small

Maxi Cosi Cabriofix I chose this particular baby carrier as it fitted onto our Quinny travel system. I also found that this was quite a popular choice as well as being aesthetically pleasing and surprisingly lightweight. I chose the bright and colourful skydive design from the many colour options available. My son is a relatively small baby, being just 7lb at birth. Yet at 4.5 moths he had almost outgrown this seat. His legs overhung at the back and as this was rear facing his knees were often bent up against the back seat. I spoke to the store where we purchased this item and was told that it was fine for my baby's legs to overhang, despite the uncomfortable position. However around a week later whilst on a car journey, as my son's legs were bent against the seat, he managed to tip the infant carrier forward and his neck dropped down. My husband and I did not notice this had occurred until we heard a coughing sound and pulled over. We were shocked to see our baby leaning forward with his neck bent at such an unnatural position and quickly changed to a different brand of car seat.

Vertbaudet 17/09/2008


Vertbaudet I have been shopping with Vertbaudet since becoming a mother a little over 9 months ago. In that period of time I have received numerous discounts and offers which have been extremely beneficial. These offers often include one or more free gifts and money off, the latest being £10 off with free delivery. They certainly ensure that all of their customers are happy and satisfied! Vertbaudet have a fantastic range of boys, girls and maternity clothes as well as some fantastic items for the nursery and home. Their catalogue is very tempting and packed with great products. My baby son always looks great in his clothes from Vertbaudet and I can be confident that they are of a high quality that will stand the test of time. Every order I have placed with this company has been delivered promptly and usually with a brand new discount code and offer with more to follow in the post. I have had some fantastic items from Vertbaudet and some real bargains too!

Tommee Tippee Heat Sensor Weaning Spoons 17/09/2008


Tommee Tippee Heat Sensor Weaning Spoons My husband and I bought a pack Tomme Tippee Heat Sensor Weaning Spoons when we began weaning our baby son. The idea behind these is that they change colour when food is hot and are to indicate when the food is safe to be given to your baby without the risk of scolding. This spoons come in a variety of colours, our pack contained red and green and blue and green spoons. In my opinion this product is absolutely pointless. The spoons are made using a heat change technology that changes colour when heat, or in fact warmth is detected. These spoons will therefore change colour whether your baby's food is piping hot or mildly warm and will only remain the same colour if the food is completely cold. In addition the end of the spoon is a little too concave meaning the top edges scrape along your baby's gums. This caused my son discomfort when feeding from them. I much prefer the flatter, more simpler weaning spoons that are available. The only use my son has had from these is that they are nice and soft for him to use as a teething aid. I would recommend the old fashion method of dabbing a little on the back of your wrist!

Cacharel Noa Eau de Toilette for Her 17/09/2008

Beautiful Fragrance

Cacharel Noa Eau de Toilette for Her Noa by Cacharel is one of my very favourite fragrances for every day use. I first sampled this fragrance after it was given to me as a gift for my birthday and have regularly been buying it ever since. Noa comes in a spherical bottle with a pearl like object inside. The bottle is attractive in itself and looks great out on a shelf rather than stored away in a medicine cabinet. It has an intriguing light and floral fragrance; completely feminine and quite sweet yet not at all overpowering. You can add just as much as you like without it being too strong. It does however wear off quite quickly and therefore a regular top up is often needed. This fragrance is absolutely ideal to be given as a gift as it is such an accessible fragrance. I have in fact bought this product for friends and family, all of whom have been most pleased with it.

Siamese 17/09/2008

An intelligent, loveable and fantastic breed!

Siamese Siamese cats make fantastic pets given time and commitment and a good amount of love and care. My husband and I bought our first Siamese cat around three years ago, a male tabby point who we named Charlie. Charlie soon filled our lives with endless entertainment, playing fetch, bringing us gifts, following us everywhere to see what we were doing and often sitting on our shoulder. Charlie became a little possessive with me and did not like me leaving the house for work after his breakfast and morning cuddle. He would run in front of me and block the doorway, often attacking my ankles! This was the point when we decided to buy another Siamese for company, this time a female chocolate point who we called Lillie. Lillie has a completely different personality, she is shy but loveable still and follows Charlie as though she were his shadow. You can expect to pay anywhere between £400-£600 for a Siamese kitten from a reputable breeder. We now have a baby who they have been fantastic around. They never touch his toys and on a few occasions when he has grabbed one of them in curiosity they have remained calm. They also wail loudly to me whenever he is crying as though to tell me! My husband and I believe that children should be bought up with pets to enable them to learn a healthy respect for animals and a responsibility to care for them. Our Siamese are very much a big part of our family.

Attractions & Sights - Welsh Mountain Zoo, United Kingdom 17/09/2008

Great Family Day Out

Attractions & Sights - Welsh Mountain Zoo, United Kingdom Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay makes for a fantastic family day out. This was the first zoo that we took our son to and although he was still very young he seemed to enjoy it very much. We parked up next to the camel enclosure and our little boy's eyes lit up. He cooed out to them and outstretched his arms. In the enclosure were a mother and baby camel. They seemed rather unfazed by our presence. Just off the car park is a cafe and shop, ideal for stocking up on those camera batteries. We stopped off in the cafe to feed our son before we ventured around. The staff were all very polite and the food was great. The zoo is laid out in an easy to follow path with areas to sit and rest as well as information boards for each enclosure. All visitors are also given a guide to the zoo. There is certainly plenty to see, tigers, monkeys, sea lions, flamingo's, parrots, ostriches to name but a few. My personal favourite were the brown bears who seemed very content and playful in a well thought out enclosure. There is also a small farm area which is great for kids who want to get up close. I would recommend this zoo to families and couples alike.

D&G Light Blue Eau de Toilette 17/09/2008

Lovely Warm Fragrance

D&G Light Blue Eau de Toilette I first sampled the fragrance Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for women after receiving it as a gift for Christmas one year. I absolutely fell in love with this perfume and it often reminds me of Christmas time when I wear it now. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is packaged in a rather basic, rectangular frosted glass bottle with a light blue lid at the top. It is then packaged inside an attractive velvet textured light blue box. This perfume has a sensual and spicy fragrance. It has a certain warmth to it too. This perfume will stand the test of time and one application is enough to last the day. However it is probably not as accessible as some perfumes and may be for an acquired taste rather than a general one. I reserve this fragrance for special occasions and cold winter days. It is definitely one that I would recommend however I would suggest that anyone considering buying this perfume goes and samples it first.

Smart Trike with Sunroof 17/09/2008

Adored by my son!

Smart Trike with Sunroof We bought the Smart Trike around a month ago for our baby boy. We purchased this item from Mothercare at £54.99. I understand now however that it is also available on Amazon at a cheaper price. The Smart Trike is a safe, brightly coloured trike which is suitable from 10 months of age. Our son has been using this under supervision from a little before 9 months. This item has high protective sides to keep your baby in as well as a lap belt. The handle bars have a soft rubber covering for a good grip and there are foot rests at the bottom. There is a rather nice sun roof at the top and a handle for parents at the back. When your baby is old enough to ride a bike the handle and sides come away, the foot rests fold beneath and the handle can be removed. Your child will then have his or her first bike! This item is truly fantastic and our son absolutely adores being pushed around in it. He will rock back and forth with the intention of making it go faster and always has the biggest grin on his face. We only ever use this on basic short journeys however such as a walk around the local area. Extra care should be taken when going up and down curbs and around corners as it is a little difficult to steer. I would most certainly recommend the Smart Trike!

Adams Childrenswear 17/09/2008

Such a refreshing shopping experience!

Adams Childrenswear A concept which began in 1933 by Amy Adams from her terraced home in Birmingham, Adams has grown from strength to strength. As well as its online store Adams now has 500 UK distribution outlets and 103 international outlets in the Middle East and Europe. I was very surprised when I first took a look around our local Adams store. Having a baby boy I have all too often ventured into shops to find only a small selection of boys clothes cast into one small corner, or those in the very predictable shades of pastel blue! Adams Childrenswear stock nothing of the sort. Their wide range of clothes are interesting, fashionable and full of vibrancy and colour! With regularly updated lines they are always guaranteed to have those 'must buy' items in stock. I was particularly pleased during this year's short lived summer when I found that Adams were selling jelly sandals, a personal favourite from my own childhood! Much to my husband's dismay (he has no taste I say!) I promptly bought our son a pair decorated with shark motifs. Of course he needed an outfit to match and I soon found an adorable t-shirt and Bermuda shorts set. Adams' website is also not to be missed. Originally an online gift store launched in December 2005, then with the added bonus of a shoolwear store the following January; Adams launched a brand new website with the largest ever online store in August 2006. Look out for the offers and sale section for some excellent bargains.

Llangollen (Wales) 17/09/2008

Plenty to experience

Llangollen (Wales) My first visit to Llangollen was as a child during an educational primary school holiday. We were boarded in a youth hostel and taken to see the sights and to take part in various activities. My husband and I have since visited on a number of occasions, most recently with our baby son and it certainly makes for a relaxing family daytrip. Llangollen is the Dee Valley, the River Dee flows through the heart of it and makes for very beautiful scenery. There are plenty of attractions to see both in and around Llangollen. Sitting proudly on one of the tallest hills in the Dee Valley are the ruins of Dinas Bran castle. It was built towards the later part of the 13th century. I remember the first time I climbed the hill to see Dinas Bran during my school trip when I was a child. We had endured an exhausting five mile trek before we reached the hill but even so, the views were simply breathtaking. Designed by the famous engineer Thomas Telford, Horseshoe Falls is another sight not to be missed. It is a semicircular weir which was built in 1806 to supply water to the Shropshire Union canal. Also the work of Thomas Telford, along with William Jessop, the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct is a sight to marvel, towering 126 feet above the River Dee. The area boasts many other attractions and there is something of interest for almost anyone. I would recommend Llangollen for families and couples looking for a relaxing day out.

Boots Nappies 17/09/2008

Surprisingly good

Boots Nappies Even before our baby was born my husband and I frantically stocked up on various brands of nappies. From popular braded names to just about every supermarket's own brand, we had at least one pack on standby. When he was born therefore we were more than prepared and had plenty of varieties to sample. We quickly found that the brand that stood out amongst the rest were surprisingly Boots own brand. Our son is now 9 months old and is still using Boots brand nappies. We have had absolutely no leaks from these nappies. They fit snug around the thighs and are soft at the edges. What I like most about these nappies however is that when they are full they tend to bulk out at the front. No matter how regularly we change our baby's nappies there will always be times when they have over-soiled them during a short period of time. With Boots nappies bulging when full, this is a very convenient way to gage when baby needs a nappy change. Boots brand nappies are also great value for money, for example a pack of 62 Boots Super Dry nappies in size 4 is currently £7.99 and more often than not they will be on special offer. I would recommend to all parents of young babies to give them a try and see for yourself.
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