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Argan Oil Hair Treatment with Moroccan Oil 18/12/2014


JML Finishing Touch 15/12/2014

This Could be the FINISHING TOUCH to Your Beauty Regime

JML Turbo Brush 12/12/2014

Cleaning at the Speed of Sound

JML Turbo Brush WHY I PURCHASED THE JML TURBO BRUSH As I have been experiencing increasing difficulties lately in performing certain household chores, those that require more manual dexterity than I possess, I recently decided to invest in some aids which I thought might possibly make some tasks around the home easier to carry out. My husband helps a lot but there are some jobs that don’t get done as often as they should do if I'm relying on someone else to do them. Not only that, I can’t simply vegetate, so I thought that it would make sense to try some gadgets or devices that might help me to be able to undertake certain household chores. One comparatively new gadget that I have purchased is the JML Turbo Brush. Actually it was my husband who spotted this item earlier this year while we were out trying to spend some money in The Range store in Romford, Essex. I was surprised when we were in The Range and my husband called me over to show me the JML Turbo Brush, because he usually thinks most of these types of items are a waste of time. Actually, I wasn't too sure myself and said that I didn’t think it would be much good. But thought that we might as well give it a try. It was added to our shopping basket. WHAT IS IT? After using the JML Turbo Brush to clean in my bathroom recently, I left it out on the bathroom work top. My daughter was visiting for the weekend. She went into the bathroom ready to clean her teeth when she saw the Turbo Brush and asked. “What is it?” I replied, ...

Tresemme Color Protection Color Revitalize Conditioner 11/12/2014

Revitalizes My Colour as it Cares for my Hair

Tresemme Color Protection Color Revitalize Conditioner After washing my hair with TREsemme’s Vitamin E & Aloe Revitalize shampoo I like to follow up by using the Vitamin E & Aloe Revitalize conditioner from this range. I always try to buy and use the same range of shampoos and conditioners as I believe that they complement each other and using them together will get the best results from any particular range. But this doesn't always work because the contents in a shampoo bottle lasts (well, this is definitely true with me in any case) far longer than the conditioner does. I do often buy two bottles of conditioner to one shampoo but then I'm left with some conditioner without any of the corresponding shampoo so it never seems to quite work out. I have reviewed the shampoo from this range and mentioned then that my hairdresser doesn't like the shampoo and was in fact very disparaging about it saying that it makes hair need washing more often but as it has the feel good factor (good lather and a lovely smell) consumers think it’s a better product than it is. Well, I still like it for my hair. At the time I mentioned to her that my hair always feels silky and well cared for after using the conditioner. She said that she thinks that the conditioner is a different story and advised me to use a superior (well, a better one by her standards) shampoo but to follow it with the TREsemme conditioner. Her dislike of Tresemme Revitalize shampoo seemed to be the fact that, in her opinion, it encourages oiliness, but the conditioner doesn't ...

Tresemme Shampoo Vitamin E & Aloe Colour Revitalizing 09/12/2014


Yankee Candle Pink Sands Wax Tart 06/12/2014

Pink Sands-My Introduction to Yankee Candles

Johnsons White 'n' Bright Shampoo 05/12/2014

Joey is WHITE 'N' BRIGHT Once Again with the Help of Johnsons

Johnsons White 'n' Bright Shampoo A TERROR OR DID I MEAN TERRIER? My dog is a thirteen year old West Highland white terrier, called Joey. I’ll be honest with you and say that he isn't always the best turned out pet, in terms of smartness, well at least not when bath time is approaching. But then I must be fair to Joey as it isn't easy for him to stay well groomed. He does have a white coat and white coats are never easy to keep clean are they? And he is a terror and a terrier! Terriers can’t help but dig deep into the dirt and the mud. Sometimes he likes to roll around on a patch of mud too. Terrier comes from ‘Terra’ which means earth so I suppose digging and rolling in mud is in his doggy genes. Joey doesn't really like bath time at all but sometimes ablutions just cannot be put off for any longer, especially when visitors are expected or a special occasion looms. Now it is true that I am not particularly loyal to any brand or type of dog shampoo, although there are some that I prefer to others. I have bought and used this shampoo from the manufacturer Johnsons several times. As Joey is now thirteen years old, we have had a lot of time to try out many different brands and types of shampoos. We have tried many and are bound to by now have our favourites. Some seem to work better and give good results on his white coat. I do think that Johnsons White ‘n’ Bright Shampoo is a very good purchase. CLEAN UP TIME Johnson’s White ‘n’ Bright shampoo has been especially formulated for dogs like Joey who ...

Philips HB171 Facial Solarium 27/11/2014

What tans without sun but isn't fake?.. Philips Facial Solarium!

The Wild Orchid 08/10/2014

A WHITE WEDDING (With a Splash of Pink & Champagne)

Kate Bush "Before the Dawn" Concert 08/09/2014

INCREDIBLE! Kate, You Have the WOW Factor!

Kate Bush "Before the Dawn" Concert ON FIRST HEARING KATE BUSH When I was eighteen and had been going out with my future husband for only a few weeks he mentioned, during a phone call to me, that he had heard an unusual record played on the radio. He was always into his music and Pink Floyd was his favourite (still his favourite band) but this time it was a young female singer (well, one year younger than him) who had caught his attention. We walked into a pub together, just after this conversation, and the juke-box was playing. I immediately knew that the song playing was the one my husband had meant. It was “Wuthering heights” and was sung by Kate Bush. From first hearing this song, I loved it. I had read the classic novel, “Wuthering Heights” when I was at school and had read it a couple of times since. I always felt that some of my classmates (when discussing this literary classic in English literature lessons) didn’t really ‘get’ it. But Kate Bush did; completely. We were both Kate Bush fans but, in all honesty, my husband was more so than I. Kate, in his eyes, can do no wrong. He says she is a ‘one-off’ and her music is brilliant. NEWS OF A CONCERT When I heard, back in the spring, that Kate Bush was planning to do some live performances, I was very interested. Her last tour had been as far back as 1979. I was busy that year getting married and buying a home. We hadn't seen Kate Bush in concert. But Kate Bush in concert at aged 56 had to be very different to Kate Bush at 19. I mean she used to ...

Miss Saigon London 2014 15/05/2014


Soap and Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt 28/03/2014


Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation BB Day Moisturiser 18/03/2014

Does Olay Have the (Ma)X FACTOR?

Botanics Facial Loofah 03/03/2014


Botanics Facial Loofah ~~FRESHENING UP A FACE~~ A few weeks ago I thought that my skin was looking tired. Perhaps this is natural as I’m not as young as I once was although, fortunately I’m not too wrinkly, or perhaps only on a bad day! Okay, we all age and our skins show this but I thought it might be worth doing a little more than I have been doing just to lend a helping a hand to an important organ. I have never really been one to spend ages on my skin. I am really a soap and water type girl and I admit that sometimes I use baby or facial wipes to remove make up, as well as to simply freshen up. I will occasionally use a face mask to deep cleanse. Also, I always used moisturiser on my face before applying make-up. After having a few health problems lately I think my skin might have suffered a little. Also, as my skin is aging I do think that I really must pay it more attention to keep it as good as I can for as long as I can. But I am not going to start using expensive or long winded cleansing and beauty routines. I find this sort of thing tedious and I know that I wouldn't keep it up for very long, however well intentioned I mean to be. Therefore, I was left thinking, what can I do to improve my skin that doesn't take up too much of my time and is a simple yet will hopefully prove to be effective? I peered into my magnifying mirror (I just had to really) and scrutinized my face. Now this I do not like to do too often but needs must, after all. I wanted to see where any problem areas lay ... 28/02/2014


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