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B&Q Adelite Tongue & Groove Mirror Cabinet 13/04/2016

CLUTTER FREE with B&Q ADELITE Bathroom Cabinet

Prince Edward Theatre, London 09/01/2016


Prince Edward Theatre, London ~~~FIRST IMPRESSIONS~~~ The Prince Edward Theatre in London belongs to the Delfont Mackintosh Theatre Group. The wonderful “Miss Saigon” opened here in May 2014. I have been fortunate to have seen this show at The Prince Edward theatre twice and I certainly wouldn't mind visiting for a third time and especially before Miss Saigon ends its run here in February 2016. The Broadway musical “Aladdin” will be opening at this theatre in May 2016. When I first walked into the foyer of The Prince Edward I found the theatre to be very inviting. And when I entered the auditorium I found it even more so. Actually I was quite surprised at the bright and attractive appearance of this theatre. I would say that it is more modern than many other west end theatres with plush, comfortable upholstery and bright fittings; lots of charm with its refurbishment undertaken in a traditional style. The Prince Edward is more spacious than many of the west end theatres that I have visited yet views from most of the seating is, in my opinion, quite good. ~~~BOOKING~~~ Booking tickets for this theatre is very simple and can be done in person, by telephone or on-line via the theatres website. As well as booking directly with the Delfont Macintosh group tickets can be obtained from various authorised agencies. I usually prefer to purchase my tickets from the theatre itself rather than from an agency. I don’t often find that there’s much in the way of worthwhile bargains to be had with tickets ...

Hoover Vision Tech VTV591NC 04/12/2015


Hoover Vision Tech VTV591NC A NEW TUMBLE DRYER My white Knight tumble dryer had done great job. It had been very reliable and long lasting and it is still working after many years of drying clothes, and most of the time for a family of six. But lately it was getting too noisy, making me think that it couldn't possibly last very much longer. As this tumble dryer was still working I had plenty of time to properly research a new dryer. Don’t you just hate it when a much used appliance packs up suddenly? Well I do and sometimes have replaced an expensive appliance without having enough time to research a new appliance adequately. I am now fortunate enough to have the convenience of a utility room. Having my washing machine and tumble dryer tucked away out of the kitchen means that I am no longer very concerned over their colour. Before the convenience of a utility room I would choose all appliances whenever possible in silver or graphite shades to try to colour co-ordinate all appliances in my kitchen. I searched on on-line as well as high street electrical stores before purchasing my new tumble dryer. As the white knight model had had such great longevity I seriously considered once again choosing this brand but I couldn't find quite what I wanted. I was looking for: A vented tumble dryer My tumble dryer is housed on an outside wall (next to a washing machine) therefore a vented machine suits the space and the room the most. I have previously, although this was many years ago, owned a condenser ...

B&Q Grow Your Own Planter 23/10/2015


B&Q Grow Your Own Planter ~~~~A BIRTHDAY SURPRISE~~~~ For my last birthday in May my husband and my grown up children had all asked what I would like for my birthday. In the case of my children I couldn't really think of much that I needed or what would be a practical gift for them to buy for me. At the moment I seem to be in between sizes with clothes and so it seems to make more sense to buy most item of clothing myself. But something that’s always welcome is plants for the garden. I spoke to my eldest daughter first and mentioned wanting a new rose plant and then, when the others also asked for ideas, I suggested that all four siblings (and their partners) speak amongst themselves and perhaps together they could buy me a plant or two for the garden. They did this and I ended up not with a rose (although my husband bought one for me and I treated myself to another!) but with several lovely plants as well as an extra surprise. We celebrated my birthday on the Sunday (a day early) so that we could spend the lovely sunny day in the garden and enjoy a family barbecue. Each of my children arrived bearing gifts which were kept hidden until everyone had arrived and I could look at my gifts when we were all together. I admit that I was expecting plants and so was quite surprised when my younger son and his wife arrived and I was told to look away as my son carried something awkward looking through to the end of the garden. I admit that I was intrigued but I was told not to look until it had been ...

Argos Wooden Garden Parasol Base 07/10/2015


Argos Wooden Garden Parasol Base ~~~~A SUITABLE BASE~~~~ This year saw me and my husband buying many outdoor items as we tried to improve our garden. Among these new purchases was a Henley Royalcraft three piece bistro set. This set, which I have already reviewed, is made from dark hardwood (acacia wood) and consists of two chairs with cream coloured textaline seats and chair backs together with a small round folding table. The table has a hole in its centre for the purpose of fitting a parasol to the set. Over the few weeks following our purchase we decided to add to this garden furniture for the reasons of practicality as well as for the sake of its appearance. The first addition that we bought for this set was a dark wood parasol which has a cream fabric shade which co-ordinates well with the two chairs. This parasol was purchased from Homebase. We had, at first, thought that our existing dark green plastic base would serve well enough for the fitting of a parasol and for the look of the bistro set but once everything was set up and in place and we had sat out in the garden using our new furniture, we both agreed that the plastic base didn’t really look the part; it didn’t look right with the bistro set. Really, we felt that it detracted from the overall appearance and did not do justice to the wooden furniture. I decided to look for a more suitable wooden parasol base and I began my search by looking in the Homebase store where I had purchased the wooden parasol. The dark wood base that was ...

Homebase Wooden Parasol 24/08/2015


Homebase Wooden Parasol ~~~~~~~~PART OF THE FURNITURE (ALMOST)~~~~~~~~ Earlier in the summer my husband and I decided to purchase a three piece Henley Royalcraft Bistro set to use on our garden patio. The set that we decided to purchase is manufactured from acacia wood and consists of two matching wooden garden armchairs in a cream textaline fabric. The table and the chairs all conveniently fold away for easy storage during the winter. We were hoping for some sunny days so that we could fully enjoy our garden and the new furniture that we'd purchased. We haven't been so pleased with the weather this summer but have both been very pleased with this bistro set and the items that we have purchased to go with it. Indeed we still are pleased with it even though we are now used to it. I won't mention that it has become part of the furniture. The chairs are very comfortable, and I like the look of the set very much, but one thing just seemed to be missing to complete this new set. I decided that it could possible do with a parasol. My husband and I weren't really sure if the round bistro table was, in fact, large enough to hold a parasol but, seeing as there is a circular hole in the centre of the table especially fitted for the addition of a parasol, we thought that, as the table was intended to be used with a parasol, it should be okay. I remember that we also wondered whether a wooden parasol would prove to be too heavy for the table and considered getting a very basic lightweight model. ...

Louis Grand Hotel, Corfu 07/08/2015


Louis Grand Hotel, Corfu ~~~ANOTHER TREASURE FROM LOUIS~~~ When holidaying in Cyprus or the Greek islands, my husband and I usually choose to stay at a Louis group hotel because we have been pleased with the standard of all the group’s hotels that we have stayed in so far. For an extra weeks holiday we decided to travel to the Greek island of Corfu. The Lti Louis Grand Glyfada is the fifth Louis hotel that we have stayed in (and we have stayed in one hotel many times now) and it certainly lived up to our expectations; it proved to be a great choice for our week’s holiday which took place in early July of this year. ~~~LOCATION~~~ The hotel is located in the fairly secluded resort of Glyfada. This area is very pretty and low key. The beach is a delight with soft sand and clear waters. The hotel is 16km from the airport and Corfu Town. I loved the resort of Glyfada but it may be too quiet for some holidaymakers and it is definitely not the best location for party animals. The hotel is high up on a steep and twisting road and this means it isn't easy to walk far and really there isn't much close by, just a very few shops and snack bars. We were here for a relaxing holiday and as I had done my usual research I did have a good idea of what to expect. I had a lovely holiday and enjoyed the beauty of the Louis Grand’s location. But I think, for myself and my husband that the location suits us for a week’s stay but when we holiday for a fortnight we prefer to have a few more tavernas and shops to be ...

Lovo Party Charcoal BBQ 21/07/2015


Royalcraft York 2 Seater Bistro Garden Set 26/06/2015


Royalcraft York 2 Seater Bistro Garden Set LOOKING FOR A BISTRO SET We already have a patio set which consists of a medium sized square table and chairs. This set is nice enough but I was thinking that it took up too much space on the patio. It’s a good size for those occasions when we are in the garden as a family but often it only seems to be myself and my husband who are sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. We have some nice plants in the garden and I like to have a clear view of these from the house and the former patio set, if left out, prevented this. And I wanted to be able to see my garden fountain when I was sitting on the patio without my view being as obscured, as it was with my larger patio set. A bistro set seemed to me to be a good compromise and so I began to look around. My husband thought that we already had enough items to store away at the end of the season so he said that we should only get any new furniture if it folded and therefore could be put safely away in the summerhouse during the winter months. My thoughts were that we could actually purchase a set that could stay outside throughout the winter such as a cast iron set but my husband still thought that a folding set would be the best option for us. During the early spring I looked at many bistro sets, both in stores on the high street and on-line and I did see some lovely sets. Although I didn’t want to spend a fortune on one table and two chairs I also didn’t want to purchase anything that looked too flimsy or uncomfortable. I ...

Aqua Creations Four Pool Rock Water Feature 19/06/2015


Aqua Creations Four Pool Rock Water Feature ****A WATER FEATURE POWERED BY THE SUN**** Three years ago I decided to purchase a solar water feature for my garden. Before I purchased my solar bird bath/fountain, I really wasn’t sure just how reliable a solar powered water feature would be. But as we still haven’t got around to installing power in the garden I decided to take the plunge and go ahead with my purchase. My husband certainly wasn’t sure about this purchase but once he saw that it did actually work and that it did add something to our garden, he was pleased. I must say that we’re both glad we bought this water feature; it has worked well and made a very welcome decoration to our garden. My husband and I both enjoy sitting out in the garden on a nice day. It’s lovely to see the fountain working and to hear the sound of the water sprinkling down. In the last three years we’ve invested much time and expense into our garden. This year has seen us buy even more plants, planters, and garden furniture. This resulted in one side of the patio looking pretty but we both agreed that the other side looked a little plain. I wondered what we could do about this and then the idea crept into my mind of purchasing a new water feature. ****FINDING THE RIGHT FEATURE**** Finding an outdoor water feature is not difficult. Indeed they now seem to be rather popular but when it comes to a water feature powered by the sun then one’s choice is more limited. There are quite a few solar powered water features on the market ...

Rhododendron Red Jack 11/06/2015


Rhododendron Red Jack **I FOUND RED JACK IN HOMEBASE** Every time I leave a garden centre I tell my husband that I won’t be buying any more plants for our garden. Well not for this year at least. But alas! Now I fear I am addicted to buying new plants for my garden. Collecting new plants has become a hobby. For my birthday in early May my husband wanted to buy me a gift. We don’t usually go in for much in the way of actual presents as we usually prefer to treat ourselves to a theatre or concert trip. The theatre trip is arranged for the end of June but my husband still wanted to buy a gift. As we needed to visit a Homebase store at the beginning of May for some DIY products, I suggested that we look in the garden centre of the store to see if there were any suitable plants that he could purchase as a birthday gift. I would say that many plants in the garden section of DIY stores can be overpriced. I also think that often they aren’t especially well cared for. However, in this particular branch of Homebase I have been quite impressed with the quality of plants that I have so far purchased. Everything that I have bought (so far) has thrived. I have noticed that in the garden centre of this store the plants do seem to be tended with staff often to be seen watering the plants when I have visited. I have been less impressed with some B&Q stores. One of the plant purchases was a rhododendron plant called Red Jack. I intended to choose a couple of plants. Really, our garden is pretty well ...

Argos Garden Bench Cushion 08/06/2015

GARDEN COMFORT FOR BOTTOMS with Argos Garden Bench Cushion

Argos Garden Bench Cushion <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>> This spring we have made several new purchases for our garden. We are hoping for a decent summer this year and if we are fortunate enough to get plenty of sunshine (or even a moderate amount) and clear blue skies, then you may well find us sitting out in the garden whenever we get the chance. Of course, whilst outside in the garden we want it to look as nice as possible. My husband has been working hard in the garden so far this spring and I have been supplying him with plenty of ideas on plants and some useful purchases for the improvement of our outdoor space. Our garden isn’t large but we’re pleased with the way it’s looking now. Everything seems to be coming together. We have bought some new wooden garden furniture. Once this new furniture was in place in the garden I thought about some ways to improve what was already in our garden. Looking around there's always things that can be improved upon. The garden bench was looking just a little the worse for wear. My husband gave this bench a little care and attention by some sanding down followed by treating it with some Teak Oil Spray. We had bought this teak oil spray primarily for the care of our new wooden furniture. But there was plenty of the teak oil and certainly enough to also use it on the old wooden garden bench. Once the teak oil spray had been used on the bench I have to say that it did look a lot better. Now the wood looked a much richer and ...

Sacha Three Compartment Grab Bag 03/06/2015

GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN (Sacha Three Compartment Grab Bag)

Sacha Three Compartment Grab Bag ~~~~~~~~~~GRAB A BARGAIN~~~~~~~~~~ Last December I was knee deep in Christmas shopping. That isn’t unusual, I know because most of us were in the same position of finishing off, or maybe even just starting, the Christmas shopping. I do remember though that last Christmas I did manage to get a large amount of my Christmas shopping completed on-line. The trouble is though that when I am shopping on-line I do tend to just sort of come across those items that I need and may just have been looking for for simply ages or I sometimes I see some products that are just absolute bargains and therefore are definite “must haves.” It was the start of the second week of December when I was looking on-line at one of my favourite shopping websites which is At this time Debenhams were having a very good sale. I came across several bargains and some of these were in the handbag department. I ended up adding two handbags to my rather full up on-line shopping basket. Both bags were what I would call medium to large in terms of handbag sizes. Both were black. One of the bags was from the Debenhams collection range, which I quite often buy from, and the other was a more expensive bag from the handbag/bag designer Sacha. I like a nice handbag although, to be honest, I wouldn’t spend a massive amount of money on a bag unless the bag was being purchased for a special occasion, such as a wedding perhaps and I wanted something that was that little bit extra ...

The Range Dimple Wine Goblet 01/06/2015

SAFE DRINKING with Dimple Wine Goblets

The Range Dimple Wine Goblet <<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>> When I have guests around for a barbecue or if I throw a party I prefer to supply my guests with food and drink and decent glasses to drink from. For indoor parties I always use “proper” glass tumblers or goblets. Even when I have held parties in halls or venues where there have been around one hundred guests I still managed to supply enough glassware to go round. On occasions such as these when I host large parties, I will buy some packs of basic supermarket value glasses and also buy some more glasses, if necessary, from charity shops. The glasses really cost next to nothing and after the party they can be kept for the next special occasion, if the storage space is available or if not they can be given back to the charity shop. In the case of the glasses purchased from the charity shop a delicate glass cycle in the dishwasher ensured that they were clean enough to use although, to be honest, they looked pretty clean before this but naturally I wanted them to be hygienically clean as well as looking gleaming. I did buy some plastic tumblers for the children. I also thought that it would be handy to have plastic tumblers around just in case I didn’t have quite enough glasses. But I do feel that wine, spirits and maybe beer even (although many people seem to prefer to drink beer and lager from a bottle) tastes better somehow from a real glass. Yet I am not against using plastic glasses and sometimes they are ...

Homebase Teak Oil Spray 29/05/2015

WHAT A TEAK! Teak oil Spray from Homebase

Homebase Teak Oil Spray ~~~~~~~~CARING FOR MY NEW WOODEN FURNITURE~~~~~~~~ We have purchased new wooden garden furniture this spring. I am very pleased with my new furniture and I really hope that it will last for many years to come. As well as a new three piece bistro set we have bought a wooden parasol and a wooden parasol base for the parasol to fit into. And we do already have a wooden garden bench which we have had in place in our garden for several years now. When I ordered my new furniture I read (on-line) that the manufacturers strongly recommend treating hardwood wooden furniture with a treatment such as a wood oil. My husband and I were in Homebase with a trolley which was filling up as we perused the indoor shelves and the outdoor garden centre. On our travels around this Homebase store we found the aisle containing the wood treatments. Really, I left the choosing of the wood treatment to my husband. After all it was most likely that he would be doing most of the applying of it if not all and admittedly he does know far more than I do about DIY and wood treatments. I could tell that my husband was becoming just a little concerned about the trolley which was growing heavier as we passed by each aisle. He thought that the heavy weight of the trolley must equate to his wallet soon becoming lighter! He chose the wood treatment and he went for one of the least expensive items. This was the Homebase Teak Oil Spray. ~~~~~~~~USING THIS TREATMENT~~~~~~~~ When we arrived ...
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