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The Wild Orchid 08/10/2014

A WHITE WEDDING (With a Splash of Pink & Champagne)

Kate Bush "Before the Dawn" Concert 08/09/2014

INCREDIBLE! Kate, You Have the WOW Factor!

Kate Bush "Before the Dawn" Concert ON FIRST HEARING KATE BUSH When I was eighteen and had been going out with my future husband for only a few weeks he mentioned, during a phone call to me, that he had heard an unusual record played on the radio. He was always into his music and Pink Floyd was his favourite (still his favourite band) but this time it was a young female singer (well, one year younger than him) who had caught his attention. We walked into a pub together, just after this conversation, and the juke-box was playing. I immediately knew that the song playing was the one my husband had meant. It was “Wuthering heights” and was sung by Kate Bush. From first hearing this song, I loved it. I had read the classic novel, “Wuthering Heights” when I was at school and had read it a couple of times since. I always felt that some of my classmates (when discussing this literary classic in English literature lessons) didn’t really ‘get’ it. But Kate Bush did; completely. We were both Kate Bush fans but, in all honesty, my husband was more so than I. Kate, in his eyes, can do no wrong. He says she is a ‘one-off’ and her music is brilliant. NEWS OF A CONCERT When I heard, back in the spring, that Kate Bush was planning to do some live performances, I was very interested. Her last tour had been as far back as 1979. I was busy that year getting married and buying a home. We hadn't seen Kate Bush in concert. But Kate Bush in concert at aged 56 had to be very different to Kate Bush at 19. I mean she used to ...

Miss Saigon London 2014 15/05/2014


Soap and Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt 28/03/2014


Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation BB Day Moisturiser 18/03/2014

Does Olay Have the (Ma)X FACTOR?

Botanics Facial Loofah 03/03/2014


Botanics Facial Loofah ~~FRESHENING UP A FACE~~ A few weeks ago I thought that my skin was looking tired. Perhaps this is natural as I’m not as young as I once was although, fortunately I’m not too wrinkly, or perhaps only on a bad day! Okay, we all age and our skins show this but I thought it might be worth doing a little more than I have been doing just to lend a helping a hand to an important organ. I have never really been one to spend ages on my skin. I am really a soap and water type girl and I admit that sometimes I use baby or facial wipes to remove make up, as well as to simply freshen up. I will occasionally use a face mask to deep cleanse. Also, I always used moisturiser on my face before applying make-up. After having a few health problems lately I think my skin might have suffered a little. Also, as my skin is aging I do think that I really must pay it more attention to keep it as good as I can for as long as I can. But I am not going to start using expensive or long winded cleansing and beauty routines. I find this sort of thing tedious and I know that I wouldn't keep it up for very long, however well intentioned I mean to be. Therefore, I was left thinking, what can I do to improve my skin that doesn't take up too much of my time and is a simple yet will hopefully prove to be effective? I peered into my magnifying mirror (I just had to really) and scrutinized my face. Now this I do not like to do too often but needs must, after all. I wanted to see where any problem areas lay ... 28/02/2014


Bel-Ami The Musical 26/02/2014


Handbag Organiser 24/02/2014


Cafe Fino, Romford 18/02/2014

DOWN-MARKET at Café Fino

Cafe Fino, Romford STOP BEFORE YOU DROP I regularly like to shop in the market town of Romford in Essex. I usually go to the market itself, if it’s open, and also to some of the shops leading off of the market, in Market Place. Sometimes I will go to the nearby shopping malls as well as to the market, if it’s a market day. Markets are always held in Romford every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and there is also a Sunday market to be found during the advent period and there are also occasionally small markets held on Sundays and bank holidays. The bank holiday markets usually consist of different stalls and stallholders from those in place on the normal market days. Because of the famous, historic market that is held here, as well as the myriad of shops of all descriptions, all of the pubs and food outlets in the area seem to keep busy on most days of the week. When I go shopping to Romford, I’m usually kind enough to take my husband along for a special treat! If he won’t allow me to treat him then I usually go with another family member. But whoever I go with we sometimes will pause from our shopping, just before we drop, and go somewhere for refreshments and a rest. Sometimes we simply need a drink or drink and a snack and sometimes we will spare enough time from our errands to have a meal. I used to mainly eat in a pub when I was shopping because I prefer a casual place to eat when I'm laden with bags and usually dressed casually. But many of the pubs close to the market are, well at ...

Sharp R82STMA 07/02/2014


Sharp R82STMA WILL THIS BE THIRD TIME LUCKY? The Sharp R-82STM-A 900W combination microwave oven is the third microwave that I've owned in less than two years. My last microwave oven was the Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ. I was pleased with the Panasonic until about a week (fortunately) before the twelve month guarantee was up. I was using it on the convection/microwave combined setting when after a few minutes it began to smoke, fortunately when I was standing close by so that I reacted quickly and switched it off at the socket. But the kitchen was filled with smoke and the microwave was deceased. I now will not leave the microwave operating when I'm away from the kitchen for fear of a repeat of this. Following this event I had a difficult time getting the model exchanged by Curry’s. Eventually, after a long drawn out process, the store offered to exchange the microwave rather than us having to go through Panasonic and wait for them to say it was irreparable and could be replaced. I asked Curry’s staff whether they had had many of this model returned. I concluded that I’d just been unlucky, and as the microwave had been reliable until then, I took a chance and chose the same model. After having this replacement for a few weeks I noticed it that after just a short spell of cooking the inner door and the LED panel was completely steaming up. Next it started switching itself of if set for longer than two minutes. And then it started to smoke. After light use of this microwave for less than ...

Ciao Wishlist: 5 Products To Buy In 2014 30/01/2014


Ciao Wishlist: 5 Products To Buy In 2014 I've known for some time that 2014 was going to be a busy year but can’t believe how quickly it’s come round. Because of the events happening this year it’s going to be expensive and I hope enjoyable. For 2014 I want to help to ‘buy’ the wedding of my son, the first of my four to get officially ‘hitched.’ I’m hoping this will help lessen the burden for the bride and groom. The elaborateness of the wedding has grown. The couple have planned it mostly themselves, not asking or expecting help with funding but being old fashioned (only in some ways!) I feel it’s only right that parents contribute, if possible. I've known about the wedding for some time and my husband and I have been saving and will contribute. The service is to be held in a church with the reception at a character inn. There’ll be three adult bridesmaids, two being the groom’s sisters and one the bride’s close friend. Two flower girls are from the groom’s side and another two are daughters of the bride’s French cousin. The expense is mounting up; the cost of flowers and cake is steep. A while back I asked my son if he would be able to afford a honeymoon. He replied that it didn't seem likely but they might be able to save enough for a week away, somewhere cheap. I asked if he would like mum and dad to fund (or almost, depending on the chosen location) a honeymoon. He said several times that we’d done enough. I said it was a wedding present; he should accept before I changed my mind! Ha! He accepted with ...

George Foreman 18870 5 Portion 24/01/2014


George Foreman 18870 5 Portion WHY DID I WANT GEORGE? I don’t really get on with grilling food on a conventional grill, such as the one incorporated in my gas oven. I like a grill to be very easy to access. Another thing I don’t like when cooking food on the grill which is on my top oven is the mess that often results when food is grilled especially if it’s fatty food that is being cooked. My adult son knows how to cook and he knows what he likes to cook. His choices will often consist of food such as steak or chicken or if he’s in a rush he might choose beef burgers or bacon. I do cater for him, of course, but he often prefers to see to his own meals meaning that it mostly seems to work better to let him choose what he wants from the fridge or freezer and to cook it for himself when he wants to eat. This son prefers to grill food. He likes our George Foreman barbecue grill. This grill is a large one being family sized and we keep it out of the way until summer arrives and we use it in the garden. My son asked a few times to use this in the kitchen as he believes that food such steaks, chops, burgers tastes better cooked on the George than by any other method. But I've always said no because this grill is so large therefore takes up too much room on the worktop and it also takes some cleaning. I had it mind for quite some time to look for a smaller grill that wouldn't take up quite so much room as the BBQ Grill but until we had our kitchen remodelled last year we didn’t really have any extra ...

Your Resolutions for 2014 13/01/2014


Your Resolutions for 2014 On New Year’s Eve I went to a small party held at my cousin’s house. It was a joint celebration for the New Year and for her husband’s birthday, which is on New Year’s Day. This year he celebrated his sixtieth birthday. Leading up to New Year’s Eve and this special birthday on the first of January 2014, I kept thinking about how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that I first met my cousin’s future husband. I was looking in the window of Chelsea Girl boutique (now River Island, I believe) in Dalston, east London. I looked up to see my cousin and her new boyfriend also peering at the window display. I was eighteen, my cousin nineteen and Neil was twenty-two. Of course, she married Neil and I married my husband, at a later date. Both weddings were only a couple of months apart. We have all been friends over the years and this ‘big’ birthday brought home to me how quickly time flies by. I wasn't sure whether I could go to this party because we would have to stay the night. I don’t feel comfortable staying in other people’s homes because of health issues. I have trouble breathing at night; I don’t sleep well at all. I didn’t want to disturb others but my cousin has a large house and she insisted this wouldn't happen. It felt rude not to go. I think a lot of my cousin and her husband and so, on the last day of 2013 my husband and I set off for this gathering. When we got to the party most guests had already arrived and had a couple of drinks. The party atmosphere had ...

Zante (Greece) 03/01/2014

ZAKYNTHOS...Island of sun, turtles and much more

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