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About me: Thank you for taking the trouble to rate my reviews. Please don't worry about thanking me for E rates, there's no need.

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frankieb1992 My names Francis i love music i volunteer for oxfam and write reviews in my spare time
ljackson24 Catching up on some ratings so if you think I owe you one please let me know :)
Candyperfumegirl Thank you for the kind welcome :) I have been writing reviews on another site for quite some time, so thought I would give it a try over here. Just trying to work out the site at the mo though!
ChiefRaider Thanks for taking the time to read my reviews. And even more thanks if you rate them. :) I hope you find them useful I am a student who enjoys writing and reading, as well as sports and just going out and having fun. xx
Bandersnatch111 Thank you so much for all the reads and rates and the very generous 'E's, I would get round to thanking everyone individually, if my internet wasn't so slow :( Thanks again, really appreciated. Ali
ladyofflame I really dislike people who turn up in dreams.
kathboo House-proud mum, mature student, reader & writer. Thanks so much for my ratings, I promise to return the favour! x
cherilyn92 Had a break for a while but I''m back :) I also come under username tinkerbell92 on dooyoo - thanks for the Es :)
MatP2 Woo! I'm now green. Thanks all.
marymoose99 Baby Cameron my little mooseling born on 8th June weighing 7lbs 4oz - he is absolutely perfect. Unsure when review writing will resume - oh well!
arankine I am a Radio Broadcaster for a local Radio Stn, been on Ciao before from 2000 as Dalesman. I like to read and review opinions, if I haven't visited your reviews please let me know, I will rectify the situation :-) cheers Andy
lucie2511 Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is knowing whether or not to say it.
41ggo Thank you all for your reads, ratings and comments. I will gladly do the same for you!
proxam When you've seen one shopping centre, you've seen a mall
plymyphil1 Thanks for all the reads and rates that took me to blue. I love this community.
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