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8 10/09/2008

French Chic at its best La Redoute is a French, chic, stylish company with a fantastic website for online shopping that claims to be France's No1 fashion collection. The brand primarily focuses upon women's fashion, however its other departments are just as successful and incorporate; Women, Shoes and accessories, Lingerie, Plus-Size, Children, Sport, Men, Homeware, Verbaudet and a continuous Sale section. DEPARTMENTS The women's section alongside the usual categories also includes swimwear and mum-to-be. The mum-to-be section seems to be popular as I've been told how hard it is to find stylish maternity wear, and that La Redoute is the answer! The women's collection has many high fashion and unique pieces, but also stocks classic pieces that one always needs which is great as it suits all ages. Nearly everything has an option for other colours which is fab if you're as fussy as me! The website also includes a range of designer items. The children's section is particularly charming and I tend to buy my nieces and nephews lovely items of clothing when I'm stuck for a present idea. I paticularly like the fact that you can buy clothes for girls that aren't too 'sexy', clothes that retain that 'little girl' style which is sometimes hard to find even for 8 year olds. I also look at the sale section for children as you can often get some amazing bargains. The Shoes section includes children's and men's shoes, and accessories for men and women including everything from hats, belts, jewellry ...

Althay Apartments, Fuerteventura 23/09/2007

Althay Apartments - Cheap and Cheerful

Althay Apartments, Fuerteventura We booked our holiday to Fuerteventura for the12th-19th September 2007. Being September it was guaranteed to be pretty hot, as opposed to Spain or Greece, and was about the only place in our budget that was somewhere a little different to your usual Spanish or Grecian holiday. We chose Costa Calma as we were informed it had the best beaches on the island. The Althay Apartments looked sweet, unlike the high rise complexes found elsewhere on a budget holiday. For one week the apartment was £117 self catering so only £58.50 each. The flights were £145 each so £290 and the transfers £31 each so £62. The total was £469 for two people. Not the cheapest you can find but a very modest budget! Ideal for the student budget we had. We arranged a transfer taxi coach type thing from the airport which took a little longer than an hour, and unfortunately got to watch the rest of the people on our coach being dropped off at various luxurious hotels, so when we saw the bright green fluorescent lit up sign saying ''Althay Apartments'', our hearts did sink a little. The lobby was plain and spacious with a couple of dark sofas pushed against the walls, a telephone box, an internet machine and a desk. The staff were friendly but didn't give us much help in finding our apartment which meant we made a few wrong turnings. The fron of our apartment backed onto some wasteland that was under construction. Our keys opened a green front door and the layout was, the bedroom to your ...

Member advice on Skin Care 18/10/2005

Toxic Pampering

Member advice on Skin Care Well apparently practically everything can give you cancer these days. So, if you're anything like me, you probably take note of whatever it is that is supposed to give you this cancer and then duly forget about it. There are so many different studies that have given so many different results, so who knows what to believe? Not so long ago, I picked up my bottle of body lotion before using it and had a read through the ingredients. What do I find? A list of long complex words, which might as well be Chinese to me! So I decided to do some research. Surely it would be good to know what these chemical like substances are that I'm naively smothering my skin with every day! The most informative sites I found were: (Environmental Working Group) and (Children's Health Environmental Coalition) What I found out was really interesting. Babies are now born already contaminated by chemicals found in many products we use daily. Some of these chemicals for example Phthalates are linked to birth defects. As humans our bodies are very good at absorbing and storing a variety of chemicals that can come from a number of sources such as, cleaners and washing powders, toys and clothes, carpets and beauty products. The greenpeace site has a full and informative list and even tells you the exact brands that are dangerous. The EWG site has a search engine where you can ...

Samsung E720 16/10/2005


Samsung E720 The decision of choosing a new phone is a difficult one. Often you'll stay with the same manufacturer because you're already confident with many of the features etc BUT the samsung E720 is just so good you really don't want to miss out. It's one of the best phones on the market right now, and who doesn't want to have the best?! I changed from the sony ericsson k700i and i'm so glad! The E720 has all the mod cons you'd need. Bluetooth? Yes. Mega pixel camera? Yes. Loads of memory? Yes. (80MB) For your photos and videos there's even a USB cable to link it up to your computer. Or to print your photos you could take your phone to a larger Boots store, transfer the photos via bluetooth to a kodak machine, and hey presto - you're holding the photos in your hands! Here's a quick list to make the features clear: Megapixel camera (1152 x 864 pixels) with digital zoom (x4), effects and flash Video recorder with sound (352 x 288 pixels; up to 1 hour) Voice recorder Games: Bobby Carrot, Airship Racing, Arch Angel, Freekick Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, SyncML WAP 2.0, GPRS class 10 Size: 91 x 45 x 23 mm Weight: 80g MP3 PLAYER yep amazing - you can even control it from the external cover of the phone - then all of the general newer mobile functions, phone book, calender etc The four arrow keys (above the keypad) are for shortcuts, and whats great is that you can choose these shortcuts yourself, so for example one could go straight to write SMS or one ...

Fujifilm FinePix F420 04/10/2005

My friend the Fuji Finepix F420

Fujifilm FinePix F420 Digital cameras give a wonderful flexibility that you just don't get with a normal 35mm camera. You can view pictures before getting them printed, delete and then re take a photo that didn't turn out as you wanted, view them on the television or the computer and email them to friends and family. You can put them onto cd's so they're safe and cheaply printed, and you can print hundreds at a time at cheaper prices. Also because your memory card is eternally reusable you'll save a lot of money where with a 35mm you would need to buy new films. I chose this camera because it was on a special offer of £149.99 at Boots, down from £249.99. This was a year ago so it is likely to be available a lot cheaper now. I was really taken by its smart tiny size and the fact that it would fit easily into a small handbag, measuring just 7.7cm wide and 6.9 cm high. It weighs 145g. It is of a very attractive design, being silver, sleek and stylish in a hardwearing metal, aluminium brushed shell. Amazingly Fujifilm have also managed to fit in a 1.8 inch LCD screen for perfect viewing. (The screen on the back) Special feature: One thing I love about this camera is that instead of having a boring power button like most cameras, you turn the FinePix F420 on by sliding a panel on the front of the camera from left to right. Then, the Finepix lettering lights up in a blue colour for a few seconds! Photo Quality: The quality of photos on a digital camera depends on the number of mega-pixels. ...

Mitchum Cool Dry Deodorant 10/06/2005

Shower Fresh V Sweat Patches!

Mitchum Cool Dry Deodorant When getting dressed in the morning i'll often consider what i'll be doing that day. This will often involve sitting in a hot room at some point or perhaps walking up a steep hill. Hmm.. so perhaps I shouldn't choose a top that's tight under my armpits for heaven forbid, I should get the dreaded SWEAT PATCHES. They are paticularly dreaded because they do make you feel self conscious, and even if the sweat doesn't smell, you're always convinced it does. So its summertime and i'm yet again trying a new deodorant. Looking for something a bit more effective. Searching the shelves in Boots I see Mitchum's 'Cool Dry' on offer with £1 off. So priced at £2.59 normal price being £3.59. A little pricey compared to other deodorants. The packaging is simple and sleek, with a transparent lid. Please note that the current packaging is rather different (and more attractive) then the picture ciao has displayed. It has a lighter green label, the lid isn't tinted green and is less rounded in shape. It also has a phrase with great promise written on the front; ''So Effective You Could Even Skip A Day'' Wow! I buy it immediately. For only an extra pound than what I usually pay for a deodorant, this stuff sounds amazing. I'd chosen 'Powder Fresh' simply because it was highlighted in pink, and being female this attracted me. This deodorant claims to be different because it is the 'World's First Hydro Solid' - it has an exclusive water based formula. Something different is always ...

Sony Ericsson K750i 09/06/2005

Negative Points

Sony Ericsson K750i Just a quick review of the difficulties I had with this phone. As there are so many reviews already written here it is likely you'll know about all the positives of this phone, you may be wondering whether it really is as good as it sounds, so here's my experience! The phone arrives and I set it up, put in the SIM card etc and make a quick phone call to try it out... Ouch! the phone presses akwardly into my ear and is suprisingly sharp.. 'oh dear' I think - definately not good for long conversations. Then i begin to write a text and... ouch! being female with slim fingers i didn't ever think i'd have a problem with keys being too small, but on this phone they were, small and sharp - and rather uncomfortable to write a text with. So possibly very tricky for larger fingers. I then send the text after turning delivery reports on but no luck, no delivery. Perhaps the persons phone is off. So I send texts to each of the three other phones that were in my house at the time. One works, the rest fail. Great. After a few days and many failed texts later I took the phone back to the shop, which actually had a technical fault and have luckily now swapped it to the samsung E720 with which I am very happy. An extra negative of the sony ericsson k700i is that the battery time is terrible, I had to recharge after only one day. Unfortunately the photo quality isn't great either. Unclear, very bitty and out of focus. Not up to scratch now there are mega pixel camera phones on ...

Clinique Pore Minimiser Instant Perfector 04/06/2005

Goodbye pores!

Clinique Pore Minimiser Instant Perfector Having had acne when I was younger, the result is that I now have 'orange peel' like skin. Basically the pores are everywhere, and huge ones at that. After using foundation as my only way to fill the pores, I started wondering if there was something better, perhaps a make up not so heavy as foundation as there's so much on the market now for all different types of skin. My first instinct was to go to the clinique counter at Boots, it's a brand I've been using for a while and I have always been very impressed with their products available for oily skin with visible pores. The girl at the clinique counter assured me that the Instant Perfector was the best thing to fill my pores, and although i was looking for something to actually shrink them aswell, I couldn't afford to splash out too much so just went for the pore minimiser instant perfector at £12.50. The metallic lilac 15ml tube comes in the normal clinique green box. You can choose between invisible light and invisible deep depending on your skin tone. The texture is thick but very light, and when you apply it its like magic. It's not creamy or oily like foundation or cream, its just dry and light. It smooths on wonderfully and you only need to use a very small amount to cover large areas, hence the fact it has lasted me 8 months so far. It instantly fills in your pores, - not in the way that foundation covers your face in a mask, but in a transparant way, so that you can still make out your skin tone and ...
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