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23:01.2012: Received autism diagnosis for my precious son. Everyday is magical with my little boy.

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Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream 31/05/2017

Cleaning my hands with a sheep

Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream I have been a sufferer of OCD for over 10 years now. I have it mainly in the cleaning form, where I am concerned with hygiene as well as having other common aspects of OCD. The hygiene part is probably the biggest issue. Hand washing is something I am thorough with, and I have washed my hands to death, as such they are not in the best condition, although nowadays they are much better than they have been in appearance and thankfully they no longer crack and bleed. This is probably because I am more aware of the damage so have reduced the amount of washing. Also I take care to use hand cream products regularly. I am always curious when I see a new hand cream on the shelf in Boots. I have tried many brands and I am yet to be loyal to any so far. I was drawn to the range of Lanolips a while back when I was having a browse in Boots. I thought that the packaging looked elegant and exuded quality. The muted colours and gold font looked stylish. The slightly higher price also made me think that this was a good quality product. Their product line prices are anything from £10 - £20. They started off producing lips products and have now expanded and offer a range of hand creams, lip ointments and body moisturisers as well as all-purpose products. I absolutely love their products. I started by trying one of their lip ointments and was so impressed that I just had to buy some of their hand cream. This stuff is miraculous. It wasn’t until later that I noticed the antibacterial hand ...

Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck Playset 04/02/2017

Get your cute ice-cream here

Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck Playset I was a little surprised when my son expressed an interest in the latest craze being Shopkins. He had become aware of this toy brand from watching clips on YouTube. Personally, I couldn’t see the fascination and cannot understand why this range of toys is super popular. It is often the case that parents are left perplexed at the latest hot toy crazes that excite children. Shopkins offer a range of toys that are massively popular and sought after with young children. There are many of the little items to collect, to send parents crazy and empty our pockets. The small collectable figures are cutesy and brightly coloured taking on a rather pink theme. I will say though, that they are well designed and do look good. The figures are tiny little characters that are about an inch tall and are of different grocery store items with faces. Weird, I know. However, these little collectables are a firm favourite with many primary school aged children. The grocery items come with bags and baskets and you can even go on to buy the playsets to go with. We started out by buying a couple of the little grocery item characters, which I thought seemed expensive for what they were. My son seemed to like them and they kept him happy. I couldn’t see the fascination but when he asked for the Shopkins Scoops ice-cream truck playset, I thought it would offer more playability to the little figures he had. Out of all of the little playsets you can get I thought this one was best suited and seemed like ...

Crocs Women's Prima Ballet Flat 14/10/2016

Sssh, don't tell anyone I'm wearing a pair of Crocs!

Crocs Women's Prima Ballet Flat A couple of years ago I opted to change all my flooring throughout my home. I decided to remove all the carpets and instead install laminate flooring throughout. I decided to change to laminate flooring thinking it would be easier to clean. With two children the carpets used to get dirty and stained easily, so having wipe clean floors seemed like a good idea. Also, having a young son, my floors often have all manner of objects strewn across the floor, despite my best efforts to keep everything clean and tidy. I overlooked the fact that they would be cold. I like to be comfortable and warm. When at home I’m not fussed over how I look, I just like to be able to relax at home. I need to wear practical clothing and footwear. I hate the idea of wearing outdoor shoes in the home, tracking all the dirt in and whatnot. With this in mind, I opt for slippers or some such. Slippers are not always hard-wearing, long-lasting or the easiest for quick movement. This is needed with a boisterous, lively son who needs constant care and attention. Another reason why I’m not so faithful and positive towards slippers is that slippers are often old and frumpy and the ones aimed at younger people are generally flimsy and are just not practical. Slippers never last that long after being machine washed they often lose their shape and eventually start disintegrating, even when the label says they can be machine washed. So, looking for something practical that would be robust, comfortable and lasting ...

Neo CD DVD Aluminium Box Storage Case 800 Capacity With Sleeves 09/07/2016

Keeping my CD and DVD collection tidy

Neo CD DVD Aluminium Box Storage Case 800 Capacity With Sleeves To say that my partner and I are obsessed with music and movies is an understatement. We both had an impressive CD and DVD collection when we moved in together, which continued to grow. At a previous house we had a huge through lounge, where we had units that spanned the length of the room to contain our vast collection. We have moved house several times over the years, more times than I care to remember. Boxing up our ever growing collection of DVD’s and CD’s would take forever, and would be a struggle to transport. As the years went by we were starting to run out of house, as each time we moved we downsized due to house prices. This meant that we had to be wise with space, and make moving a little easier for us. After several house moves, we started to struggle to store our collection. We looked for every solution possible for storing our CD’s and DVD’s. Whilst technology is advancing, and many gadgets hold movies and music albums, the original discs still need to be retained. Besides, some are no longer available for purchase. We finally decided to purchase a storage case, as these come in various sizes, and are capable of being bashed about. The aluminium cases are sturdy and durable as so to protect the contents. We opted to order two gigantic aluminium storage boxes, each being capable of holding up to 800 discs, as we thought that would sufficient for our needs. The boxes retail at around £30, and they come complete with sleeves. On delivery we were astounded by ...

Polaroid Super Blower 14/06/2016

Blown away!

Polaroid Super Blower I’m a bit of an amateur photographer. I own a middle of the range DSLR camera which suits my needs and budget perfectly. However, it still comes with a hefty price tag. I frequently use my camera and my shots have been used for some advertisements which makes me feel proud and as such I try to perfect my photography continually. There’s nothing better than having great photos that capture those special memories. When it comes to keeping my camera lens clean I am a bit obsessed. A clean lens makes all the difference to the quality of a picture and there’d be nothing worse than a smudge mark or dust ruining a good shot. I find that my sensor inside my camera sometimes needs a little clean, even though my camera is stored in its camera bag and is cared for. When it comes to cleaning equipment you cannot be too choosey. Anything that is not supposed to be used to clean the lens is likely to cause damage, especially over time. Replacing a lens is not going to be cheap, so it is good to take care of it to prolong the life as well as provide you with the best of your camera. I’ve always used a lens pen and find this is one of the best bits of kit I own. When preparing my camera for my next lot of shots, I gently clean the lens. Sometime debris and dust particles can be difficult to remove and blowing on the lens causes it to become damp from the warm air from my mouth, this then makes it hard to clean. Plus any dampness can cause water marks to permeate into the lens. Brushing ...

HG Mould Spray 04/05/2016

Ugly black spots

HG Mould Spray We currently live in a rented property that has to be the worst so far in all our time of renting. Unfortunately, house prices are always on the rise and the cost of living also seems to always be on the rise. Rented properties are much more expensive, so we are currently stuck here for the time being. This particular property is old, with a downstairs bathroom on an extension. The extractor fan in the bathroom conked out some months ago. Our beloved fire was also disconnected on our last annual gas safety check. We have radiators, however, I don’t find them as effective at warming a room. The bathroom is also linked onto the kitchen, with a door separating them. The bathroom tends to get mouldy regularly, and I'm yet to find a remedy to prevent it from reoccurring. This mould was also a problem even with the extractor fan in good working order. Our bathroom window remains open a little all the time. Still, the mould continues to form, mainly on the ceiling, it also grows in the bath seal and in the grouting, this is true in all awkward and difficult to clean corners. Mould can be a pain to remove and clean, and it is disgusting to see it appear. I've tried various products over the years, including regular bleach and other non-specific cleaning solutions. All have minimal results, yet can leave a dark stain after cleaning, so it doesn't appear clean, or feel like the offending mould has been completely removed. On a visit to Lakeland I discovered the HG Mould spray, a ...

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash 23/11/2015

Seba med for me

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash I’ve suffered with OCD for at least 14 years, or at least I was diagnosed with it then. Being obsessed with being clean means that my skin suffers. My poor hands have certainly been damaged from excessive washing, thankfully they are not too bad nowadays. As well as washing my hands more than most, I tend to shower for a lot longer than the average person. This makes me worry about the rest of my skin, especially the exposed skin. My face is the one area where I want my skin to look youthful and healthy. As such I tend to be selective over the skincare products that I use. When it comes to facewash I’ve always struggled to know which one to go with. When in Boots I feel overwhelmed with the choices and find it time consuming to look through all the different labels to see what’s what. I noticed that many of the face washes are targeted at problem skin and such. Another thing I noticed is how small the face washes are. This is when I decided to turn to trust old Amazon again. I find it so much easier to look for the right product online in the quiet of my own home. Doing a simple search on Amazon I came across the Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash. I decided this one would be a good option, as I liked that the bottle advertised that it is soap free. Soap can be terribly drying, so I thought it would be worth a try. It is suitable for sensitive skin, which always seems like a good option, as it should be mild and caring. My skin is actually combination, which is dry in ...

Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box 10/11/2015

Ting-a-ling-a-ling, ding, clash-bang, rattle!

Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box I’m always on the lookout for toys for my son. I’m always quite picky about what I buy, and often struggle to find toys that I think he’ll benefit from. I sometimes think it would be easier if he could just tell me what he wanted, however, whenever we look at toys in shops, he is mostly drawn to toys that he already has. Sometimes I come up with an idea, and this was one of those occasions. While perusing a toy store for nothing in particular, I thought my son would like some musical instruments, however, as he has always had a love for music. I thought I’d have a look online for a music set, as there is a wider selection. As always I turned to trusty old Amazon in search for a little music set. When I spotted the cute little set from the Melissa & Doug range I knew that this would be the one. This is a brand that we are familiar with, and have been happy with the toys we have from their range in the past. The Melissa & Doug brand produce good quality educational toys with a large amount of wooden toys. This music set is appealing as it consists of ten musical instruments that are all contained within a wooden crate to keep them together. The set is rather small with the crate dimensions being Dimensions: 3" x 11.3" x 14.9", however, each piece is beautifully produced as to be expected. This is aimed at pre-school children and is marketed at age 3+ years. I think this is a lovely introductory set for any young child. Also it offers good value for money with an RRP of ...

Harry Ramsden's, Great Yarmouth 30/09/2015

"More Harry Rancid's than Ramsden's"

Harry Ramsden's, Great Yarmouth We took a mini holiday on the last weekend of August to Great Yarmouth. We stayed in a little bed and breakfast not too far from the sea front. We took a stroll each day down to the beach and every evening we looked for somewhere to eat. There was a good choice, with many serving fish and chips as you would expect. We walked up and down the Marine Promenade and looked at the various places serving food. On the Saturday evening we thought we’d give somewhere different a try from the previous night for variety. We noticed the Harry Ramsden’s restaurant and thought it would be a good option. We looked at the menu on the board outside and it all seemed good with the prices being one of the pricier options in the nearby area. However, we thought we’d treat ourselves and was keen to give Harry Ramsden’s a try. There’s the main restaurant with an express outlet right next door. We wanted a sit down meal on this occasion. On entering we was asked how many, there was 4 adults and 1 child. The waiter told us to wait, however, there really wasn’t anywhere to wait. We was stood near the till area with little room to move, even though we needed to keep moving to allow staff to get by. The waiter was discussing with another about getting a table upstairs for us. After noticing the spiral open staircase I knew this would have been tricky for my mother. There was plenty of clean vacant tables downstairs so I asked a waitress if we could just sit downstairs using 2 tables. She said this ...

Clipper Organic Sleep Easy Infusion 30/06/2015

A zingy tea to make you sleep easy

Clipper Organic Sleep Easy Infusion I try to make healthy choices with food and drink, as I feel I benefit from consuming healthy products. As far as beverages are concerned, I avoid many as they contain too many nasty ingredients that I’d rather not consume. I am not overly keen on artificial tasting drinks either. My staple drinks include water or green tea. I have been branching out and trying other herbal infused – teas, of which there are many. Whilst in my local supermarket I was scanning the aisle to see what herbal teas were available. There’s quite a few now to choose from, and I wasn't aware of all the different flavours. I was also looking for tea that is calming and something different to Chamomile which I often have in, as Chamomile is relaxing. I wanted something to help with relaxation and to aid in good sleep, as my sleep has been a bit disturbed with many stressful situations all occurring at once, it’s always the way. I scrutinised the shelves reading the labels carefully and my eyes stopped on the Sleep Easy Infusion Tea produced by Clipper. I often choose teas from this brand, as they are always good. I picked up the attractive box to take a closer look. The subdued colours along with the stars and moon picture on the box allow this tea to be easily distinguished. The box provides 20 teabags priced at around £1.35 a box. This tea is widely available in most leading supermarkets, and can be found alongside other herbal teas. I was intrigued and wondered if a tea would actually help me ...

Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer 28/06/2015

Cute, small, precise and neat!

Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer I strive for smooth hairless skin, and I have been plucking my eyebrows since I was a teen. I already had a good set of tweezers that I was more than happy with, however, I was attracted to these, as they are smaller making them ideal for travelling, and come with a tube for storage. I have heard many positive things about Tweezerman tweezers, and I have a pair of their hairdressing scissors which have been a brilliant buy. The incredibly sharp tip is the sharpest I have ever come across, which has its advantages and disadvantages. With the tip being so sharp it is precise and easily grabs at the smallest and finest hairs that are only just visible to the eye, however, the downside is, if you’re not careful it can nip the skin, with care and control though this isn't likely. I love the fact that they are so precise, and make it so much easier to grab those fine hairs. The mini tweezers are more affordable at £12 as opposed to the full size tweezers from their range which are priced around the £20 mark. This also encouraged me to purchase these over the more expensive larger ones. I must say that I favour these over the larger ones, as I find them easier to manage and handle. The small size is actually favourable for the ease of use, and these are the ones I reach for over my other full size set from their range. They are just the right size to hold comfortably. The tube that is supplied with the tweezers is a great idea, as it stores them away neatly and prevents them ...

Method Laundry Liquid Fresh Air 25 Washes 29/04/2015

The method to clean clothes

Method Laundry Liquid Fresh Air 25 Washes Being a family of three with a young boy who loves to get dirty my wash load never seems to go down. This means I get through my fair share of washing liquid. I prefer washing liquid over other formats, as I find it isn't as messy as powders and sometimes tablets don’t always dissolve completely. I’m quite finicky over what I use, as I need something that is going to clean grubby clothes. I've tried quite a few different brands with none being any more noteworthy than the last. I’m always carefully perusing the washing detergents when shopping to see what might be up to the job of keeping my family’s clothes clean. When in Tesco some time ago, I happened to notice a different washing detergent that I’d not come across before. The brand being Method, which produce environmentally-friendly products. I had heard good things about the brand so I was eager to give it a try. The Method laundry liquid fresh air is produced from a plant-based formula – how good is that?! I’m all for environmentally-friendly products, and opt for these where possible. This product is made from non-toxic, natural and biodegradable ingredients, which is great for the planet. The slim, lightweight bottle is also environmentally-friendly as it is made from recycled-plastic. So far, so good. Impressed with its green credentials I had high hopes for this one. Another advantage that this product has is that it comes in a compact little bottle, and is much smaller than others that hold the same amount ...

Vivid Imaginations Toy Story Talking Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger, Pixar Toy Story Collection 15/04/2015

To infinity and beyond!

Vivid Imaginations Toy Story Talking Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger, Pixar Toy Story Collection Buzz: “Right now, poised at the edge of the galaxy, Emperor Zurg has been secretly building a weapon with the destructive capacity to annihilate an entire planet! I alone have information that reveals this weapon's only weakness. And *you*, my friend, are responsible for delaying my rendezvous with Star Command!" Woody: “You’ve got wings, you glow in the dark, you talk, your helmet does that whoosh thing, you’re a cool toy!” Buzz: “Oh I’m just an action figure” Buzz lightyear has been heavily advertised from the 1995 film Toy Story. This is a toy that will appeal to children and adults alike who are fans of the award winning movie. This is a fantastic replica which is priced accordingly. It is a toy that any fan from the film will be ecstatic to receive. During the lead up to Christmas I was trying to think of what my son would like, this was not an easy task as his birthday is in late October so he had already had a lot of nice gifts. After much searching on-line and offline, and trying to come up with ideas for something that he would enjoy and get a lot of use out of, and something different to what he already had, it was more difficult than I thought. After weeks of looking and not finding anything that stood out, I was starting to get flustered. Then while my son was watching Toy Story which he has become to love, I suddenly realized that a Buzz Lightyear would be the perfect gift. After looking on-line, I didn't realize there would be several incarnations of ...

Ikea Portis Hat and Coat Stand 27/02/2015

Hang your coat

Ikea Portis Hat and Coat Stand When visiting IKEA looking for a shoe rack, I managed to spot a coat stand which I just had to have. It seemed to make sense for neatness and organisation. I figured that it would go perfectly in the entrance of my home along with the shoe racks. I like to have somewhere to keep all the outerwear and the likes, as these are removed as soon as we enter the home. The PORTIS hat and coat stand is a fairly basic item with a simple and clean look, nothing too fancy here. However, at only £25 it serves its purpose well. It looks to be a robust and sturdy item being constructed from steal. It has a black finish and is a good size measuring in at 191 cm high, enabling it to easily allow long coats to be hung. It comes flat packed and requires assembling, which is easy and straightforward and can be completed by one person in no time at all. The coat stand features 12 hooks in all which makes it highly useful. It also has a good sturdy base with four feet to keep it grounded. It does look like a substantial item that would be suitable for any home really, depending on space. There are four tall hooks at the top which rise up and curl over at the ends. Just a little further down are four more slightly smaller hooks which face down and the ends curl upwards. This gives it a pretty look. Much further down around the halfway mark are four smaller hooks that just curl up from the stand. This provides plenty of hanging space for just about everything. This hat and coat stand is placed ...

Ikea Lustifik Hat/Shoe Rack 13/02/2015

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Ikea Lustifik Hat/Shoe Rack I never used to be one to own many pairs of shoes. In the past we would normally only own 2 pairs each. I don’t know what’s happened, however, as in recent times we seemed to have amassed more pairs of shoes than I ever thought we would. I guess we are always out and about by foot, so a good pair of shoes or boots is needed. When I buy footwear, I often go for good quality well produced items that are going to provide comfort. When walking everywhere, it is important to have footwear that is going to be kind to your feet. As I go for good quality footwear, they tend to last for quite some time. I have boots and shoes that I keep for a good couple of years and I believe that is good going. It certainly makes it worth spending a little extra when they last. However, the downside is, the collection of footwear has grown. With everyday shoes, school shoes, gym shoes, riding shoes and winter boots the collection is a little much. I keep all my shoes in the entrance area of my home, as they are removed when we enter the house. I wouldn't like to track all that dirt into my home, as the streets are certainly grim. The entrance to my home was starting to look rather untidy and the shoes were stacking up. I like order and neatness, however, this wasn't possible with the amount of shoes we have. I counted them, and on average we have 9 pairs each, with 3 people that’s almost 30 pairs of boots and shoes. I must also say that my home is tiny, which makes storage important. Luckily, ...
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