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23:01.2012: Received autism diagnosis for my precious son. Everyday is magical with my little boy.

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Ikea Lekplats Play Mat 31/03/2014

Mapping out their world

Tweezerman Polka Dot Mini Slant Tweezer 05/03/2014

Cute, small, precise and neat!

Tweezerman Polka Dot Mini Slant Tweezer I strive for smooth hairless skin, and I have been plucking my eyebrows since I was a teen. I already had a good set of tweezers that I was more than happy with, however, I was attracted to these, as they are smaller making them ideal for travelling, and come with a tube for storage. I have heard many positive things about Tweezerman tweezers, and I have a pair of their hairdressing scissors which have been a brilliant buy. The incredibly sharp tip is the sharpest I have ever come across, which has its advantages and disadvantages. With the tip being so sharp it is precise and easily grabs at the smallest and finest hairs that are only just visible to the eye, however, the downside is, if you’re not careful it can nip the skin, with care and control though this isn't likely. I love the fact that they are so precise, and make it so much easier to grab those fine hairs. The mini tweezers are more affordable at £12 as opposed to the full size tweezers from their range which are priced around the £20 mark. This also encouraged me to purchase these over the more expensive larger ones. I must say that I favour these over the larger ones, as I find them easier to manage and handle. The small size is actually favourable for the ease of use, and these are the ones I reach for over my other full size set from their range. They are just the right size to hold comfortably. The tube that is supplied with the tweezers is a great idea, as it stores them away neatly and prevents them ...

Nairn's Rough Oat Cakes 26/02/2014

A fine oaty snack to fill the gap

Nairn's Rough Oat Cakes As I am a vegetarian and an active full time Mum I like to try to follow a healthy diet that provides me with energy. Although I have a sweet tooth, I aim to keep my diet balanced in order to remain healthy. I try to shop once a week to save time and money. I generally buy some form of savoury crackers to keep for the end of the week when the bread has run out. I also like to keep crackers in for snacks and packed lunches that have a long shelf life and are easy to store. I’m always looking for healthy options, as not only do I try to maintain good health, I also like to provide my son with a nutrient-rich diet that is healthy. There’s a vast range of crackers to choose from, some which are healthier than others. I like to vary my options and try different foods to keep it interesting. I decided to try the Nairn’s Oatcakes, which are available in a few different varieties. I opted for the Rough Oat cakes, as I thought these would be a filling cracker. The Oat Cakes are packaged within a box, which prevents them from becoming broken or crumbled, as well as keeping them fresh. The box holds 250g containing six clear packets of individually packaged Oatcakes. Each pack contains eight Oat Cakes that are easy to open, even for little ones. Having them individually wrapped is a great idea, as it allows them to be stored for longer, as well as making it easy to pop a packet into a bag to take out. I am unsure as to why they provide them in packs of eight, as I think this is too ...

Folding Double Canvas Laundry Basket 30/01/2014

Organizing for the unorganized

Joker Cyber Clean 13/01/2014

The Power of the Goo

Joker Cyber Clean It must be said that I do like my computers and modern gadgets. However, one thing that I don’t like about them is cleaning them. As I’m a heavy computer user, I find that I often snack whilst working. This is never a good idea, as crumbs end up falling between the keys never to be retrieved again. In addition to this, keyboards tend to collect all manner of debris and over time this starts to look unsightly. I hate working from a dirty keyboard. I have tried various ways to remove the dirt from the depths of my keyboard, as well as all other nooks and crannies on my laptop and table top computer. There are many different products that are designed to clean computers and get rid of the dirt from keyboards. I have tried many of them, from the air canister which is supposed to blast out the dirt with a forceful blast of air. Not forgetting the cute little vacuums that have been designed to suck the dirt out, which have never proved to do much at all. Too many cleaning solutions, and in my desperation a cotton bud and a toothbrush have also been subjected to my keyboard in a bid to make it look cleaner. All of these methods have failed miserably, and have only left me feeling frustrated. General cleaning products tend to leave sticky residue between the keys which only adds to the grunge. What Lurks Beneath? It doesn't sound very nice, does it? However, have a close look between the keys and be horrified by all the debris that is collected here. Whenever my regular keyboard ...

Ikea Malm 6 Drawer Chest 11/12/2013

Makes keeping everything tidy easy

JML Bobble Off 17/10/2013

Don't get in a wobble over a bobble

JML Bobble Off Due to the terrible British weather, drying clothes doesn't always come easy. With a messy 5 year old, I have my work cut out trying to keep up with washing. I turn to my trusty tumble dryer to help me dry clothes rapidly. The only problem with this is that it wears on the clothes which can cause bobbling. This makes clothes look old and tired and not how I want them to appear. I also find a lot of lint on my clothes from using the tumble dryer. This led me to look for a lint brush. I popped into Wilkinson’s where I come across the JML bobble off. The other lint brushes and rollers didn't look anywhere near as impressive. I wasn't sure about this product, as I perceive JML products to be a bit gimmicky, I don’t know why. However, having a look at it, it seemed to be a good idea. It is a small handheld machine that is battery powered. The idea is to run it over garments that are bobbly to remove lint and bobbles. This revives clothes by removing untidy bobbling. As the product was on offer for a lot less than the £5.99 RRP I decided it was worth a punt. I thought it might revive some of my tired looking clothes, and be better than just removing lint with one of those sticky rollers. The product is boxed and is easily identified, often found on the end isles in shops where JML products are usually prominently displayed. I have seen these for sale in major supermarkets and they do seem to sell well. It requires 4 AA batteries which are to be inserted into the back of the ...

Braun 7280 SILK-EPIL-7 Xpressive PRO LEGS & BODY /647898 09/10/2013

Can you take the pain?

WOW Flip 'n' Tip Fred Friction-Powered Recycling Truck 19/07/2013

No rubbish here

WOW Flip 'n' Tip Fred Friction-Powered Recycling Truck My son loves vehicles of any kind, and they are easily one of his favourite toys. Whilst at a visit to see the paediatrician a box of toys was in the room for my son to explore and play with. However, none kept his interest, so a kind lady found a toy that was said to be a favourite with many of their patients. She produced the Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred which certainly looked impressive as well as looking like a good chunky toy. My son was very excited and he got great pleasure from playing with this toy. I thought it was a rather good toy, and not something I had seen before. I was particularly impressed by the build quality, which had me wonder where it was purchased from. Many toys nowadays seem flimsy in construction and are not made to last. Personally I prefer to buy good quality toys that are built to last. I wasn't expecting to find a toy like it, and assumed it had probably been there a long time. Toys from yesteryear were built to last, as they were constructed from toughened materials. Compare today’s modern toys and there is a huge difference. Toys today are far more flimsy, and are easily broken. I wish they made toys like they used to. These are the kind of toys that can mainly be found on eBay or in car boot sales. I was really wishful to be able to find this exact toy, as it looked fantastic and greatly appealed to my son. After this, I looked everywhere for a toy like this one, hoping to find the exact same. I was left looking, and nothing came close. I couldn't ...

Character Options Angry Birds Pig 10/07/2013

Get that piggy! "Oink!"

Character Options Angry Birds Pig Angry birds have become a popular game that has many formats. The preferred version and the one we play is on the tablet, as the touch screen allows for easy playing, and I think it is better suited. However, this game can also be played on a desktop computer. My partner is a bit of a gaming fiend, and enjoys all manner of games from blood thirsty games to ones that are more fun and juvenile. Our 5 year old autistic son is a whiz on his tablet, and enjoys following in his father’s footsteps in becoming another crazy gamer. I find that my son has benefited a lot from playing computer games and using the computer, as it gives him that predictability that enables him to become good at being in control. The angry bird’s game is all good fun, and can be enjoyed at any age. It surely is an addictive game once you give it a go. Since the popularity of the game all manner of merchandise has been released onto the market. When we happened on the Bad Pig my son was elated. The bright vivid green plush piggy is 8 inches high and is soft and squishy. It features the same characteristics from the game with its slightly unbalanced eyes, a great big nose and its expressive eyebrows to give it a crazed and cheeky look. It looks good, is appealing and is going to be popular with fans on the game. Having seen the £10 price tag I was a little bit shocked, as this seems a high price to pay. However, this is true of all children’s toys and is now expected. Seeing my son’s elation and ...

Burt's Bees Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm 26/06/2013

Bee a Natural Beauty with Tinted Soft Lips

Burt's Bees Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm Burt’s Bees has to be one of my all time favourite brands when it comes to skin care. It is a brand I always return to, and I have trialled many of their excellent natural products. The fact that their products are produced using natural ingredients that are cruelty free appeals to me. Their products have always delivered good results, and have proved to be excellent value for money. Plus they always smell great, too. When it comes to skin care I like to have all bases covered to ensure my skin is kept soft, supple and in good condition. I much prefer a natural look for the day time, so I like to know I have good skin moisturisers to give me a gentle glow. I always wear a lip balm each and every day, as I like to have soft lips with a bit of sheen. Burt’s Bees quite possibly produce the finest lip balms as far as I’m concerned. No other lip balm feels and looks as good on my lips, and I've tried a fair few. I have used many of the Burt’s Bees lip balms. When I noticed the tinted lip balms on offer in their range, I couldn’t resist. I do like to keep my lips looking subtle, yet pretty for the day, and this provides the perfect combination – a hint of colour with moisturising properties. The lip balm is contained within a small box that is the same shape as the lip balm, with a protective film for hygiene. Inside the box is a regular lip balm tube that is brown in colour with limited information on the tube. The only important information that is needed and displayed is the ...

WaterWipes Super Value Box 12/06/2013

Chemical-free convenient wipes in a packet for on-the-go

WaterWipes Super Value Box Do you really want to be using all those chemicals on a precious baby’s skin? When my son was born five years ago, I didn't find the need to use baby wipes in the early days when his skin was delicate. Water and cotton wool was sufficient enough then. It makes you wonder why all of a sudden you can start using baby wipes which are loaded with chemicals and irritants. I was given quite a few samples, with several types of baby wipes to trial. The leading baby wipes that are widely known were given in the sample packs that are usually received. I must say, I have obviously used baby wipes before, as I have a teenaged daughter. However, using baby wipes again I noticed how damaging they were to my son’s skin. I could see that they were drying, and I only used them occasionally. I also hate the tacky, sticky feeling they leave behind on the skin, not pleasant at all. I actually decided to use a standard baby wipe on my face, and was horrified at the tingling sensation it left. Suffice to say, I never used them on my face again. My son actually arrived 2 weeks later than expected, which caused him to have dry skin. This remained the case for a while after birth, and he would get the occasional dry patch of skin. To this day (5 years on), I’m still careful with what I use, as to preserve his soft and tender skin, which is delicate and sensitive. If it’s not good enough for my skin, then it certainly isn't good enough for my son’s precious skin. I avoid chemical based products, ...

Cuticura Hand Hygiene Gel Cucumber 23/05/2013

My hands are in mint condition

Cuticura Hand Hygiene Gel Cucumber I must confess to being a little bit too weary of germs as a long-time sufferer of OCD. After therapy, my OCD has lessened to a great extent. However, I still care to be hygienic. I find I worry more about hand hygiene due to the fact that others are not over cautious with hand washing. When it comes to public places and public transport, you can never be too careful! You never know what germs are transferred around. Sticky little hands Having an autistic son that is a sensory seeker, his hands are constantly feeling his way around his world. As such they can become quite grubby. Sensory issues lead him to chew on his fingers also, so I do my best to keep his hands clean and hygienic. It just isn’t always possible to wash hands on-the-go, and it isn’t feasible to be washing too frequently. There are times where you just want to clean hands that are not actually soiled, but may not be clean. Hygiene out and about We travel a lot by train and use buses occasionally, too. Public transport leaves a lot to be desired, often grubby and smelly – not pleasant. While I can sit on my seat and keep my hands to myself, this is impossible for son who seeks movement and information from touching. As such, this leads me to worry about the less than sanitary fixtures on public transport. Once we are ready to depart there isn’t the means to wash his hands, so I find hand sanitizer a viable solution during these time. While on days out I also find that when we our out for the day, ...

Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander 12/05/2013

Taking the straining out of draining

Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander Okay, so I’m not the best cook in the world. I have a tiny kitchen, which I loathe, and I cannot wait to move house. In the meantime, I have to make do with what I have. When it comes to cooking, the portions are generally small, as there are only the three of us. Often, I may just cook something for myself or my son. This means I don’t need huge kitchen tools in order to make and serve food. I don’t generally go out of my way to look for kitchen wares. In fact, I only buy the bare minimum basics, as I don’t believe in buying kitchen goods for them to just take up space, which is limited. The problem is, I frequent Amazon often, and generally come across quirky items that I wouldn't knew existed, and would never need either. However, having said that, some quirky things can be fun. I do consider purchases carefully, in order to try not to waste money. When I happened on the Joseph Joseph Scoop colander, I knew I had to have it. I had never heard of the brand before, or seen any of their wares. I could see that this was a good piece of equipment that looked like a good quality item. To begin with, the Joseph Joseph range produce fun and colourful kitchen utensils that makes cooking and serving food easier. The vibrant colors and fun design is what got me. The colander is available in different colors including green, black or red. I went for the green one, and not because it was the prettiest, but because it had the biggest discount at the time. I liked the green, but ...

Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blind 29/04/2013

All was still in the darkened room . . .

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