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23:01.2012: Received autism diagnosis for my precious son. Everyday is magical with my little boy.

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Ikea Portis Hat and Coat Stand 27/02/2015

Hang your coat

Ikea Portis Hat and Coat Stand When visiting IKEA looking for a shoe rack, I managed to spot a coat stand which I just had to have. It seemed to make sense for neatness and organisation. I figured that it would go perfectly in the entrance of my home along with the shoe racks. I like to have somewhere to keep all the outerwear and the likes, as these are removed as soon as we enter the home. The PORTIS hat and coat stand is a fairly basic item with a simple and clean look, nothing too fancy here. However, at only £25 it serves its purpose well. It looks to be a robust and sturdy item being constructed from steal. It has a black finish and is a good size measuring in at 191 cm high, enabling it to easily allow long coats to be hung. It comes flat packed and requires assembling, which is easy and straightforward and can be completed by one person in no time at all. The coat stand features 12 hooks in all which makes it highly useful. It also has a good sturdy base with four feet to keep it grounded. It does look like a substantial item that would be suitable for any home really, depending on space. There are four tall hooks at the top which rise up and curl over at the ends. Just a little further down are four more slightly smaller hooks which face down and the ends curl upwards. This gives it a pretty look. Much further down around the halfway mark are four smaller hooks that just curl up from the stand. This provides plenty of hanging space for just about everything. This hat and coat stand is placed ...

Ikea Lustifik Hat/Shoe Rack 13/02/2015

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Ikea Lustifik Hat/Shoe Rack I never used to be one to own many pairs of shoes. In the past we would normally only own 2 pairs each. I don’t know what’s happened, however, as in recent times we seemed to have amassed more pairs of shoes than I ever thought we would. I guess we are always out and about by foot, so a good pair of shoes or boots is needed. When I buy footwear, I often go for good quality well produced items that are going to provide comfort. When walking everywhere, it is important to have footwear that is going to be kind to your feet. As I go for good quality footwear, they tend to last for quite some time. I have boots and shoes that I keep for a good couple of years and I believe that is good going. It certainly makes it worth spending a little extra when they last. However, the downside is, the collection of footwear has grown. With everyday shoes, school shoes, gym shoes, riding shoes and winter boots the collection is a little much. I keep all my shoes in the entrance area of my home, as they are removed when we enter the house. I wouldn't like to track all that dirt into my home, as the streets are certainly grim. The entrance to my home was starting to look rather untidy and the shoes were stacking up. I like order and neatness, however, this wasn't possible with the amount of shoes we have. I counted them, and on average we have 9 pairs each, with 3 people that’s almost 30 pairs of boots and shoes. I must also say that my home is tiny, which makes storage important. Luckily, ...

Osmo Extreme Extra Firm Volumising Hairspray 07/02/2015

Extra firm hairspray for extra firm hair

Osmo Extreme Extra Firm Volumising Hairspray I've not been using hairspray for very long, as I never realized what a difference it could make. I was getting a little fed-up with spending time styling my hair and it losing its style after being outside in the windy weather, also when rushing and taking a brisk walk to where needed. I’d not long changed hairdressers and my new one always gives my hair a quick spritz with hairspray when she’s done and it’s never done my hair any harm. I started out using the one recommended to me by my hairdresser and found it to be great. However, when my hairspray was running low, I looked online for a replacement. I decided to try a different brand, not for any real reason. The deciding factor was probably the fact that it was on offer for £3.99 instead of the RRP of £12 for a large 500 ml canister. I thought this seemed good, and I had seen this brand in a hairdressing shop, so I imagined it would be good. The first time I used the OSMO hairspray, I couldn't believe how heavy and sticky it felt. I also didn't like how it literally freeze dried my hair giving it an unnatural look. It makes my hair feel wiry if too much is used. When I tried to spray my fringe, which sweeps over to the side and is held up against the rest of my hair, off of my forehead, I accidentally sprayed a little onto my forehead and it gave a burning sensation, which worried me. I didn't like how this made my hair feel. I also don’t think it held my hair particularly well, and found more was needed, which ...

Soap and Glory Hand Food 07/02/2015

The most astonishing hand cream ever?

Soap and Glory Hand Food To be perfectly honest, I never thought I would even try a Soap and Glory product, let alone like it. However, being a review writer means that I have read many Soap and Glory reviews and I guess that subconsciously I fell for the hype and ended up being suckered into trying a product. I must admit, that I never did believe all the excitement over this brand. Just looking at the packaging (pink and girly) I assumed it was all about how the product looked, and I didn't expect them to deliver good results. Having had OCD for a good 10 years now, my poor old hands do take a beating. I’m a hand-washer, and as much as I try, I have no idea of how to break this illness. However, my hand washing rituals are nowhere near as bad as they used to be. Having said that, 10 years of me being overzealous with hand-washing, my hands do need extra TLC to keep them in an acceptable and comfortable condition. As such, I have tried many different hand creams over the years. So many different hand creams. . . I've never really be smitten by any hand cream for me to stay loyal. Some may be slightly better, and I may re-visit them, however, I tend to try different ones. There are loads out there, so I just pick whichever I feel like at the time. Some of my favourites are usually around the £10 and upwards mark, which is why I don’t always stay loyal, as they are not always affordable when needed. So, I do flirt with the cheaper brands. Is there really a difference. . . Soap and Glory Hand ...

Early Learning Centre Wooden Post Box 07/02/2015

Time to post a letter

Early Learning Centre Wooden Post Box My son has many toys, and as such, some we tend to pass on if they are not very well suited and fail to interest my son. It can be difficult to know if a toy is going to hold any value for my son, as he is autistic. We live in a rather annoyingly tiny house, and his bedroom is quite small, too, so only the best toys get kept when we have a good sort and deep clean. This lovely red post box is something I purchased some time ago, and it has remained with us. The Early Learning Centre used to produce some fantastic toys when my daughter was younger, however, I find the toys to be nowhere near as good. There are the occasional gems, but there are also some fairly cheaply made toys, too. I suppose that’s why they only hold a concessional section of Mothercare now. I do still shop around in there, as my son seems to enjoy playing with the toys, and there is only one other toy shop in town, so we’re not spoilt for choice. On a visit some time ago, I happened on this gorgeous red post box. It appealed right away, as it looked robust, the colour is vibrant and it is a good chunky wooden toy. Wooden toys are always good, as they are often solid in construction. This one certainly looked well-made and a good solid little toy. It retails at £15, which seems fair and against other toys is about right. This wooden post pox is geared towards younger children with a recommended age from 1 year. In the Early Learning Centre (Mothercare) this toy is placed with other toys that are aimed ...

Naissance Organic Shea Butter 07/02/2015

A Shea Delight

Naissance Organic Shea Butter Over the years I have tried numerous different skincare products that are designed to moisturize the skin. I find moisturizing to be more and more important as I age, and I have always found applying a good quality moisturizer to be advantageous, as I feel it helps keep my skin in good condition. With environmental factors, and the passing of time, I find my skin really does need that daily moisturizing boost. I am terribly fussy when it comes to skincare products, after all my skin is important. I refrain from looking at scented moisturizers, as I find these can be irritating to the skin, not to mention the nose. Artificial scents are not overly pleasing, either. I also avoid chemicals as much as possible, as I don’t want these to be absorbed into my body. There really isn't any need for a moisturizer to be heavily laden with chemicals. There are plenty of natural skincare products out there that perform to the same standard, and maybe even better. I've used a good number of natural moisturizers and I find they are better suited to my skin and are my preference. The only downside is, that they can be costly, especially when I want a product that I can use all over each and every day. This makes it easy for me to run out, and this is when I neglect my skin, as I don’t always remember to replenish my stocks. Quite some time ago I decided that I wanted a good quality moisturizer that I could use as a general moisturizer. I wanted something pure and effective. I turned to ...

InterDesign Shower Curtain Liner 06/02/2015

I can see you!

InterDesign Shower Curtain Liner I have had many different shower curtains over the years, from inexpensive basic curtains, to more glamorous expensive ones. None of which have left a lasting impression. I have never noticed a difference between the low budget and pricier curtains. After a couple of months they would generally need replacing, regardless of price. As far as shower curtain go, I’m not too fussed over the design, I’m more interested in a curtain that is functional and hard wearing. I've found that patterned and coloured shower curtains tend to show up dirt and grime after a short space of time, which would prove difficult to remove. I want my shower curtain to be clean and stain free, and easy to keep clean. I was getting fed up with plastic shower curtains, as they never seemed durable, they would often rip. I decided to switch over to material shower curtains to see if they would prove to be any better, however, I found that these would become moldy over time, which is not pleasant. I now opt for a clear shower curtain, to be able to keep watch over my 4 year old son whilst he takes a shower, so I can remain dry. When my previous shower curtain needed to be replaced I decided to visit good old trusty Amazon to see what was on offer. I quite liked the pretty scenic shower curtains, however, I wasn't prepared to spend a fortune on a product that generally has a short life expectancy. I continued looking and happened on the BlissHome, Interdesign, Shower Curtain Liner, and I wondered what it ...

Tiger Balm White Regular 04/02/2015

Don't growl when you have a headache

Drift Down Chillibug Suit 19/01/2015

As snug as a bug

Flanimals Pop-Up - Ricky Gervais 03/01/2015

Who will be your favourite: Bletchling, Molf or Grundit?

Flanimals Pop-Up - Ricky Gervais Being a bit of an Amazon addict I’m always browsing through their website pages looking for a bargain, and just to pass away time, which is probably why I end up buying things I would never knew existed. I’m always looking through the books that they have on offer, as my son and I love exploring new books. Just recently we have started enjoying pop-up books, as these bring a new level of excitement to reading. When reading is fun it sparks a child’s interest, and engages them in learning. I like a good mixture of books to keep my son interested, plus there are so many books just waiting to be opened. I had noticed the Flanimals series of books on Amazon in the past, however, I had never looked closely at them. That was until I spotted the pop-up Flanimals book, which was heavily reduced. As my son and I had just started to enjoy books in this style I decided to take a closer look. I was intrigued as the author for this series of books is none other than comedian Ricky Gervais, which had me more interested, though I can’t claim to be a huge fan of his. The Amazon page boasts a video promotion for the book, which I duly clicked on to watch Gervais talk about the new book. The advert had me hooked, as his way of delivering the concept and demonstrating it made me add the book to my basket. I was looking forward to receiving this book, and when it arrived I was amazed at the sheer thickness of the it, it really is a good chunky book. I was excited to explore the contents. ...

Boots Easy Breathing Vaporizer 22/12/2014

Envelop yourself in menthol to breathe easy

Dear Zoo: Lift the Flaps - Rod Campbell 09/12/2014

One Book you won't be Sending Back

Ikea Bekväm Step Stool 23/11/2014

Step up or sit anywhere in the home

Ecotools EcoPouf Mini Bath Sponge 04/11/2014

A sponge to rave about

Ecotools EcoPouf Mini Bath Sponge When in need of a good body sponge to wash with I am left looking for a hygienic sponge that is going to deliver good results. Shopping around in shops that you would expect to find these products, I am left wondering why they are sold in single units that are unwrapped. The fact that they are hanging freely or stuffed into those bins in shops leaves me not wanting to purchase them. Surely, not overly hygienic since they have been laying around collecting dust, and have probably been handled by many hands. I've found body sponges hard to come by, and the ones I've had in the past have been cheaply made and only last a short amount of time. This is bothersome, as it is no good when mid-shower the body sponge unravels and falls to pieces. This has happened on several occasions. As far as finding packaged sponges that provide more than one, I've only found one shop that sells them in this way. However, they have not always been available. I like a good shower sponge, the netted type that produces a good lather while gently exfoliating the skin. I also find I use less liquid soap when using this kind of sponge in the shower. It is said to replace your shower sponge every 3 months. I’d yet to come to find one that would actually last this amount of time. A while back when I was looking to purchase more body sponges ready for when ours had come to an end I was unable to get them from where I’d usually buy them. I didn't want to buy the expensive single sponges, so I looked ...

Play-Doh Candy Cyclone 12/10/2014

How many sweets can you make with two tiny tubs of play dough?

Play-Doh Candy Cyclone My son never used to like play dough when he was younger, however, as he got older he started to get more used to the texture. Now, he loves play dough and appreciates the squeezy texture which is great to give him sensory input. As such, we have had a fair bit of play dough and enjoy playing together with this modelling compound. As he is autistic, he relies heavily on me to show him how to sculpt the dough in order to make a shape or model. He gets real delight from me making different animals for him. I take my time and show him how to create the easy animals several times over for him to grasp the concept. This allows him to have a go and finally make it himself. With this new found joy for play dough I’m often looking at the different kits and other bits and bobs that are now available from the makers of play dough. The play dough sweet shop machine was on sale at an incredibly lower price than the RRP of £19.99 which persuaded me enough to go ahead and purchase this toy. The box looks impressive with the Play dough logo and their bright and bold images that entice you into their product range. The product is easy to recognize for a play dough product. The box is large and the item inside is relatively big, too. (30.5 x 33 x 12.7 cm). The candy cyclone requires minimal assembly, and once constructed it stays that way. With it you get four very small two-ounce tubs of play dough, four lollipop sticks and a cutting tool. Not many extras to be fair. I do think this is ...
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