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The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking - Dale Carnegie 28/07/2012

The Best of Self-help books- Dale Carnegie rocks!

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking - Dale Carnegie Back at school, I used to be extremely shy and a complete introvert. I drew a line for myself and never had the guts to go beyond it. My friends thought I did not like to socialise, but that wasn't true at all. It was just that I couldn't do it. When called to speak in front of the class, I would literally faint. The thought of going and standing in front of a crowd sent a bad feeling through my stomach. I was made fun of and mocked by my friends. I still do not know why, but whenever I had to talk in public, I just couldn't. My Mom is my best friend ever in my life. She is the only person whom I trust and I think I could confide in. With this problem, I sought her help one day. I sat with her on our terrace and explained my problem. First, she did not respond. Later, she just stood up and walked down to her room and came back with a book in hand. I was confused. She handed over the book to me and said, "Read this book. At the end of it, you will have your problem solved" and she went away. It was kind of weird. My mom always helped me with my problems, but this time she gave me a book to solve my problem. I saw the cover page. It said "THE QUICK AND EASY WAY TO EFFECTIVE SPEAKING". I understood the reason behind my mom's decision of giving me the book. Initially, I wondered how a book can help me overcome my problem. But as I started reading the book, I developed an interest to complete the course successfully. Dale Carnegie draws the attention of his readers right from ...

Bridesmaids (DVD) 28/07/2012

Bridesmaids - The Best comedy script ever !

Bridesmaids (DVD) Ah ! Hai Ciao friends ! I am back to Ciao after quite a long time. I really missed being here. Now that I am back, I wanted to start off with a happy note. So I am going to review one of the best ever super hit comedy films ever- Bridesmaids ! INTRODUCTION I saw this film quite recently. I had the time of my life totally. I laughed so much till my stomach ached. My God, it was a perfect stress buster for me. What a film! Directed by Paul Feig, this film stars Chris O'Dowd, Ellie Kemper, Jill Clayburgh, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Matt Lucas, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Terry Crews, Wendi McLendon-Covey and many others who have been successful enough to make the audience laugh till their ribs broke off ! ABOUT THE FILM This film, for a change, is not inclined towards the males or the male-ish stuff, if I could call it so. It is completely about the female emotions, the fear of being the bridesmaid, the ego and envy among the co-bridesmaids, etc.. In this film, Kristen Wiig plays Annie, a middle-aged woman, who is a complete failure in life. She used to run a Bakery, which eventually falls apart and she loses all her money. She then goes to work in a jewellery store, which she doesn't really like. In this boring and monotonous life of hers, comes a sweet surprise when her only close friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) invites her to be her Maid of Honour, in her marriage. Being totally excited and thrilled about being the maid of honour, Annie plans a lot of ...

2nd Chance - James Patterson, Andrew Gross 14/07/2012

2nd Chance - Simply Superb!

2nd Chance - James Patterson, Andrew Gross INTRODUCTION James Patterson is the second most favorite author of mine, following Sidney Sheldon. If I am done with a Sheldon novel, I would immediately pick a novel of James for my next read. I had already read and reviewed 1st to Die. Recently I finished reading 2nd Chance, so I decided to review it as well. 2nd Chance is the second novel that involves the Women's Murder Club. There are totally eleven books based on this series and this is the second book that involves the club which contains four intelligent and smart ladies. This story reconvenes the club for another mysterious murder investigation, leading a surprising ans shocking discoveries in the end ! ABOUT THE STORY In this story, Lindsay Boxer, who was a homicide inspector in the San Francisco Police Department in 1st to Die, is promoted as the Lieutenant of San Francisco's homicide squad. The new promotion also brings in new problems. A small black girl is killed by a gun shot. The person who shot her escapes into nowhere. Just when Lindsay thinks it is just one murder, another black woman is found hanging in her basement. Though the two killings take place in different places, Linday's instincts say that they are connected. As she begins to investigate these two murders, more killings begin to occur and in every murder, Lindsay feels there's a connection to the previous murders. She takes the help of her club girls to identify what was linking them. To their surprise, they find a peculiar symbol in the ...

Garnier Pure Active Spot Roll-On 14/07/2012

Garnier Pure Active Spot Roll-On - Thumbs up !

Garnier Pure Active Spot Roll-On I have a face that doesn't get any pimples very often. Once or twice a year, one or two pimples show up and go away in a weeks time. I am happy about that. But I did have have the problem of spots and marks on my face. i have tried many treatments and cream, but nothing provided a lasting solution. This time also, I got a suggestion from my salon professional. She has recommended a few other products for me and this is the most recent of it. Thanks to her , I found this really useful and effective ! Garnier Pure Active Spot Roll-On came as a lasting solution to my problem. this roll-on comes with a roller-ball that is designed to immediately to soothe and cool skin. The pack claims that it contains 2% Salicylic acid and Herbasoothe, which the major ingredients that combat against spots and reduces marks. True to what it says on the pack, this product does clear the face, leaving it fresh and smooth ! I bought it a few months back and now I am very happy the results it has produced so far. Since I bought it a few month back, I have been applying it twice a day daily and the results are awesome ! The very first time when I used it, the change stared to appear two days later. I applied this roll-on on my face where I had spots twice a day. Two days later I found the change in my face. The spots were beginning to reduce! I was really happy about it and continued to use it the same way. Recently, I had a spot that was about to show up. On using this roll-on, it disappeared ...

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original 14/07/2012

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original -A Night Balm.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original For ages now, I have issues with dry and blackened lips. I have this weird habit of biting my lips for no reason. I presume may be that caused the blackening of the lips. I wanted a perfect solution for this dryness problem and also improve my lip color. I came across Vaseline Lip therapy Original in a commercial. Only seeing the ad, provoked me to buy and try it. I decided to buy one and did so a month back. To be very honest, I wasn't very satisfies with the results it produced. The commercial that I saw claimed that this Lip therapy would sooth the lips due to the presence of aloe vera in it. Additionally, the ad also claimed that it will help to hydrate the lips and protect them from dryness and from getting chapped. This is why I got lured into buying it. It also contains vitamins A and E that protects free elements and petroleum jelly to prevent moisture loss. The facts provided on the product and in the ad are quite convincing and making us want to buy it. But only after actually using it, do you come to know what exactly the product does. Initially, when I bought it, I started using it during day time. The first time I opened the pack, I found a green tube. This tube is a twist up tube. So when twisted up, the balm comes out. Once it came out, the very smell of it was refreshing ! I liked the way it smelt. I expected that it provide as good results as it smells. But when I applied it, I found that it was too waxy and it felt heavy on my lips. I hated the feeling ...

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream 12/07/2012

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream - Serves the purpose !

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream INTRODUCTION I hate winter season for just one reason. My skin - My God ! My skin gets spoilt to the core during winter. I can not even see my face in the mirror. Last winter, one fine day, I tried to see what was up with my face in the mirror. What I found left me upset for the rest of the day. There were dry patches in some places and some rashes below my lower lip. I was badly in need of a moisturiser that would patch up the break in my skin. I used Vaseline initially. It did serve the purpose. But one day, when I went shopping, I found this Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream. I was not really interested in buying it as Vaseline was already helping me out. But instinctively, I decided to try this cream as well. I bought it and started using it from the next day onwards. ABOUT THE CREAM I thought it was sheer magic ! I have very dry skin, and it looks very deyhydrated and dry always. This cream helps to give a glowing look to the skin, making it less dry and smooth to touch. The cream is thick. So I use it mainly at night. The results it produced and is still producing is just awesome ! I found that the more often I use this cream, the more glowing my skin becomes ! This cream comes in a blue pot, very cute and small. It is easy to carry anywhere I want. "Great things come in small packages", they say. It is true in case of this Nivea cream. This cream also smells good. I bought a 200ml pot for Rs.235 . Worth the money, I felt. It is a dermatologically approved cream ...

Fear (DVD) 11/07/2012

Fear - Doesn't really scare you

Fear (DVD) As I was zapping the channels, feeling really bored, on a Sunday afternoon, I stopped in a famous English channel. The name of the film displayed at the bottom of the screen caught my eyes. The film was about to begin. 'Fear' - the name caught my eyes. Being a fan of suspense thrillers, I presumed that this would be very thrilling and suspense-packed. At the end of it, I felt the that the expectations of the film just crossed half the bridge. This is yet another mysterious-boyfriend film, something like 'Fatal Attraction'. ABOUT THE FILM Teen Nicole (Reese Witherspoon) lives with her dad and her step mother. She goes to high school with her friends Margo and Gary. One day, all the friends catch up at a bar for lunch, where she meets David (Mark Wahlberg). Subsequently, she meets him at a dance club and they burn the floor together. To her, he seems decent and polite.Eventually, she falls for his nature and concern he shows on her. But there is one person opposing Nicole hanging out with David. That's Nicole's dad. He suspects David right from the first time he sees him and constantly warns Nicole and David not to see each other. The other side of David begins to show up only after when David spots Nicole hugging Gary at school. He gets really wild and thrashes Gary very badly. On seeing his psychotic behaviour, Nicole decides to break up with him. The rest of the film is all about his disgusting dark side and a murderous group he is involved with, which drags Nicole ...

La Perla Eau de Parfum for Her 10/07/2012

La Perla Eau De Parfum Spray for Her - Perfume Perfect !

La Perla Eau de Parfum for Her Recently one of my close friends celebrated her 25th birthday. She is a crazy addict to scents and perfumes. Her hobby is perfume bottle collection. So, for a girl like her with a unique hobby like this one, I really wanted to make her 25th birthday gift a very special one! I decided to buy a very unique and pleasant smelling perfume for her, try it myself first, and then gift her a new one if I felt that she'd like it. So two weeks prior to her birthday, I ordered La Perla Eau De Parfum Spray for Her and started using it. My only aim was to check if this perfume would match her tastes. But as I started using it, I feel for its fragrance and decided to continue using the perfume henceforth ! Thanks to my friend. But for her, I wouldn't have got introduced to this amazingly pleasant smelling perfume ! ABOUT THE PERFUME The description given about this perfume in the net is that "A warmly personal fragrance with head notes of Indian clove, osmanthus and freesia harmoniously blended with a faint tang of mandarin and a sumptuous flowery bouquet." As I read this description for the first time, I felt like buying it. The description itself smelt good for me. Just like how poetic and sweet-smelling these descriptions are, so is the perfume. This perfume is said to have a mixture of coriander, pepper and cardamom and also tints of jasmine and Bulgarian rose. I personally feel that this unique mixture produces the best ever fragrance. My OPINION From my point of view, this ...

Bloodline - Sidney Sheldon 07/07/2012

Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon

Bloodline - Sidney Sheldon Bloodline is one of Sheldon's novels, which was made into a film as well. Being a die hard fan of Sheldon, I usually have high expectations right before starting to read any of his books. Bloodline is yet another amazing thriller by Sheldon, which almost satisfied my expectations. I say 'almost' because there are a few sub plots which I felt did not make any sense ! The story begins with news of the demise of Sam Roffee, a multimillionaire who was the president of an international company. His unexpected death makes his daughter , Elizabeth, the sole heir of his billion dollar fortune. Elizabeth is too young for this huge responsibility and but is forced to hold responsibility of her father’s business. The first few chapters give us a clear picture of Sam's relatives who are desperately in need of money. Everyone has a motive to kill Sam, but only one of them actually does ! The story then spins into a series of accidents, trying to kill Elizabeth, for her money. Till the end the murderer is not revealed and that makes the novel spine-chilling read. MY OPINION In my opinion, this is one of Sheldon's greatest page-turner. It has good amount of suspense involved till the very end. And it is so captivating that I couldn't stop myself, once I started reading. But there were a few places where I actually started to yawn. The description of all the relatives of Sam were too long, I felt. Yet, I am ready to forgive it for the rest of the story! And also, the portions about the ...

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas - James Patterson 07/07/2012

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas - Stirs up the deepest emotions!

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas - James Patterson INTRODUCTION Reading books is my passion. I read a lot of books, especially suspense thrillers and mystery novels. At one point of time, I really thought I needed a break from all the murders, mysteries, chasing and stuff. I decided to go for a nice, feel good novel, that would bring a smile on my face. And I would not mind a tear or two! Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas came as a huge surprise to me ! I never thought, merely reading an emotional drama would stir me up so much! Sometimes while watching an emotional scene in a movie, we tend to shed a tear or two. But I never thought a book could create that effect ! What came as a bigger shock was the author. An author who has successfully written many suspense and crime thrillers has done so much justice to an emotional romance story. Great job Mr.James ! ABOUT THE BOOK The story begins with the heroine Katie Wilkinson. She has a perfect life ahead, planned to perfection, as she has just found the man of her life. Matt is her man, who is a painter and a writer. Just when she begins to think that all is fine, Matt disappears from her life into nowhere! The worst part is Katie doesn't even know the reason for his sudden disappearance. One day, she receives a package from Matt. It is a diary! With so much confusion and anxiety, she begins to read the diary, not knowing that she was going to get the shock of her life ! Filled with trepidation and pain, she continues to read,struggling to understand what has happened and ...

If Tomorrow Comes - Sidney Sheldon 06/07/2012

If Tomorrow comes keeps you glued to it !

If Tomorrow Comes - Sidney Sheldon INTRODUCTION Sidney Sheldon has been my favorite author til date, although I read other novels too. But however, Sheldon tops my list. If someone asks me which novel of his, I loved the most, I will not spare a second thought to spit out the words - 'If Tomorrow Comes'. It is truly a masterpiece, I'd say. Usually, in Sheldon novels, a female plays the lead role. Out of all his heroines, Tracey Whitney, the lead in If tomorrow comes is my all-time favorite. With Tracey, Sheldon has made me proud to be a woman, because this story is all about how a woman succeeds in life despite all the cruelties and adversities that she confronts. THE PREMISE Tracy Whitney is an intelligent and gorgeous woman who has a good job and a wonderful rich fiance. Like every other woman, she has a perfect life, planned and ready to go. But an unfortunate incident, which I shall not disclose here, shatters all her dreams and turns her life upside down. Tracy decides to meet and threaten the man responsible for that unfortunate event. Her plan goes disastrously wrong and she is sent to prison for attempted murder. The story then describes the nightmarish life in prison as Tracy undergoes unbearable pain, humiliation and suffering inflicted due to her prison inmates. However, she soon learns to defend herself and, with the help of another prisoner, plans to escape from jail. and she does ! Tracy is now ready to take revenge on all those who let her down, following which she plans to lead a normal ...

The Others (DVD) 06/07/2012

The Others - A Superb supernatural Thriller

The Others (DVD) INTRODUCTION Yet again, I am back reviewing a suspense thriller which has an optimum amount of supernatural elements, contributing to the logic and essence of the story. Set in the post WWII England, "The Others" is a suspense/supernatural thriller, starring Nicole Kidman in the lead role. If any movie could create an aura of tension and suspense till the climax, it would be certainly this movie. ABOUT THE MOVIE In this movie, Nicole plays Grace, a devoted wife and mother , who awaits the return of her husband from the war. She has two children with a rather unique syndrome. They cannot be exposed to bright light of any kind, not even candles or torch light. What is particularly lethal is the sunlight, which is blocked out by large curtains hanging in the dozens of rooms throughout the huge mansion that they live in. The servants who seek work at the home are warned not to open one door without closing another door and that all rooms they enter must have the curtains drawn down. When everything looks fine, suddenly problems start popping up. Somebody or something within the home leaves the doors open and makes noises,shattering the silence in the home. Initially, The servants are suspected but later Grace notices that these occurrences are taking place by itself. What's more puzzling to her, and the audience as well, are her children's visions of a child. The servants also start to behave in a suspicious manner, which slowly becomes obvious as the story unfolds. They ...

Drag Me To Hell (DVD) 05/07/2012

Drag Me To Hell - scared me to hell !

Drag Me To Hell (DVD) INTRODUCTION Drag me to hell is one movie that I cannot forget, in my lifetime. It is not just because of the impact it created , but mainly because of my close friends with whom I enjoyed this movie. It is sometimes so much fun to watch a horror cum humor film with friends. Four of us gathered at my house for a sleep over and we decided to watch this movie together. Two of my friends were little scared about watching a horror movie at night. Throughout the movie, me and my other friend had a great time teasing and scaring the other two. ABOUT THE MOVIE Well, back to the movie, Christine Brown is a loan officer who is at a crossroads. Her boyfriend Clay (Justin Long) loves her truly but his high class parents think she is not the one for him, or at least them. Her boss (David Paymer) is on the verge of selecting the ideal candidate for a promotion, but an office suck-up (Reggie Lee) might steal it from her. So when an old woman, Mrs. Ganush (the fearless Lorna Raver), appears at her desk pleading for a little more time to pay off her mortgage, Christine hardens her heart and denies the request, to increase her chances for getting the promotion. Unfortunately, the old women turns out to be a Gypsy sorceress with demons at her command. So Christine begins to face the consequences right after she leaves office the same day. After a very scary encounter with Mrs. Ganush in the parking garage, Christine begins hearing voices, seeing visions and suffering attacks from ...

Constantine (DVD) 05/07/2012

Constantine - A Mix of Good and Bad.

Constantine (DVD) INTRODUCTION I am basically a Horror movie fan and I would never mind to sit and watch back to back horror movies. I make it a point to see at least two horror movies in a month. A few months back when I was browsing the net for good horror movies, I came across a rather intriguing title- Constantine. Out of mere curiosity, I decided to buy the DVD of that movie and watch it over the weekend. I was left with mixed feelings of like and dislike after I watched the movie. ABOUT THE MOVIE The film begins with an introduction about '“The Spear of Destiny”. Then, the scene opens in Mexico. A Mexican dirt farmer finds an ancient spear. As soon as he holds it in his hands,he looks like he is possessed by evil spirits. So this Mexican( or the Satan who has taken up the body of this Mexican) starts walking all the way to LA, for which we don't yet know the purpose. In Los Angeles, our hero Keanu Reeves plays John Constantine, who is an expert exorcist, driving away demons that possess human beings. He is also slowly dying of lung cancer. As a youngster, he had visions that drove him to attempt suicide. Suicide is a mortal sin, and though he failed in his attempt he is now damned to hell for it. Satan has a grudge against John, and can’t wait to get him into his clutches. John on the other hand, is trying to please God by exorcising the Devil’s children. In this course, He accidentally meets Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) who is trying to find out the mystery behind her twin ...

Dell E2311H 23 in 03/07/2012

DELL E 2311H - Isn't the name DELL enough ?

Dell E2311H 23 in INTRODUCTION I have been reviewing about some of the electric appliances that I use in my house. Now I have decided to review my computer monitor - The Dell E2311H. Previously, I had an LCD monitor of a famous brand. We decided to change as the old one started to incur a lot of problems. It was my dad who chose this monitor, just for the brand. Along with him, we also trusted the brand and hoped that it would do us some good. Believe it or not, No regrets again ! The experience with this monitor has been fantastic! FEATURES * This monitor comes with a sleek design with small bezel and full HD. It is very reliable as always! It is well known that Dell gives us products with exceptional quality only ! *Basically, this monitor is an LED monitor with wide range of features that serves office productivity. It has a lot of features which , if calibrated initially , will look pretty good. * I also noticed that it doesn't hurt the eyes much ! The quality of pictures and screen resolution are fantastic ! *I feel that this monitor will be very useful when used in offices. Its sleek design gives it a perfectly professional look that will suit the office environment. But I am using it at home only and I am hugely satisfied. I have also suggested this monitor to one of friends who is looking to change the monitors in her office. I feel these monitors would look great in a office environment. *The monitor has front panel controls which make it easy to customize preset modes, ...
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