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67 28/05/2002

Ask Jeeves because he knows the answer I have used Ask Jeeves for a long time now, and that is my home page. It is the only search engine where you can actually ask a question - like asking a real person! So, whereas I would go to ***** search engine and type 'electrical shop online' I would go to Ask Jeeves and say 'Where can I buy a TV online?'. Also, when he brigns up the results pages there are several options. First of all he suggests alternative questions, similar to the one you asked but slightly different, in case he hasn't asnwered your question. Then he shows you the matching websites as the answer to your question. Then at the bottom of the results page, he shows you other search engine's answers to your question. All very good! Jeeves also leaves a small bar on the screen when you click on a link, so that if that site is no good, you can get back to the results page you had quickly and easily. On the homepage of the site is the option to se what other people are asking now, and he also has a selection of wierd and wonderful sites. You couldnt ask for more from a search engine, Jeeves is certainly the best. Now I wonder if I can get a real Jeeves to follow me round all day and answer my questions?!?!? 28/05/2002

I have earned My Points I have been a member of My Points for about six months now, and have earned two £5 vouchers for M & S. OK, so it's not riches, but it's better than nothing. Let me tell you about the site. Basically, you do one of four activities to earn points, which you can then redeem for vouchers at loads of high street shops, including M &S, Dixons, B & Q, etc. One, You can visit web sites, simply click the link and a window will open, taking you to another website. For this, you usually get 10 points, although it can be up to 50. Two, you can fill out surveys, although to date there has only been three opportunities in this section to earn points. Three, you can try out special offers. Sometimes, yuo have to buy something, sometimes you have to sign up for free e-mail or get an insurance quote. Four, you can refer your friends to get 100 points at a time. For a £5 voucher you need 750 points, which might sound like a lot, but all you need to do is visit the site once a week for 10 minutes to get some points. I do it all year to save up for xmas, so I don't mind if it takes me a year to make £15, It's better than nothing! The only down side is if you are hoping to make a lot of money. This site is fun, easy to find your way around it, and I have not had any problems at all since joining it. It's not as good as Ciao, or Mailround for earning cash/vouchers, but it's quick and easy - and it all adds up in the end, doesn't it!! ADDITION - Mypoints have changed ...

Canon BJC 1000 28/05/2002


Canon BJC 1000 I bought the Canon because it was cheap (yep, let's be honest. here, I'm a penny-pincher!). I got it for £30 with my PC package (which was NOT cheap!), from Currys. I am impressed with the fact that this printer is quite small, and so can go just about anywhere. It is also quite light, making it easy to move it around. It can be quite loud, but you get used to it after a while. It is quite slow if you are printing anything in fine print, and can sometimes take 2-3 minutes to print one full colour page. It is erasonably quick if you are printing drafts, it can do about eight pages a minute in black, about four pages a minute in colour. The other thing that I don't like is the fact that the cartridges are quite expensive - £20 for a black and £25 for a colour cartridge. I actually work from home so I guess I use mine quite a lot, but I go through a cartridge every 3-4 weeks. I've had mine for just over two years, and it is still as good as the day I got it, but I will be getting a new one soon. All in all, it is a good printer for someone who isn't going to use it for anything other than letters to their mother or the occassional assignment for college. It does print quite well, but from some of the reviews I have read you can get a much better printer for just £30-40 more (the RRP on the Canon BJC-1000 is around £55). I would reccomment that if you are going to use a printer a fair bit, spend a bit more and get a better printer.

BT Easicom 1000 27/05/2002

Easicom 1000 Telephone System

BT Easicom 1000 I bought my Easicom 1000 at an online auction, at the reduced price of £20.00. It was brand enw though, and was delivered next day. The system has lots of useful features, and comes with a very comprehensive instruction manual. Before I tell you about the features, a bit about the phone itself. My phone is a nice shade ofblue, and has a screen about five inches by 3 inches. The scren tells you the date and time, and also shows you if you have missed a call while you've been out. The phone comes with a qwerty keyboard, whioch includes tab, space, enter, and other common keys. First feature is the E-mail function. If you have a PC, use that, but if you don't then this is good for sending and receiveing simple text-based e-mails. However, I understand that this function (I haven't used it) costs 12p connection and 12p per minute after that, which is expensive. Second function is the calls log. I find this very useful. It stores the last ten numbers you called, what time you called them and how long you were on the phone for. It also has a function for storing the last ten incoming calls, but you have to take a BT service to get this function. The third function is the address book. I love this address book. It allows you to store a name and multiple numbers, so you can put Jane's work,. home, mobile and fax number in. When you look up Jane in the address book it will ask which number you want to call - simply select it and it will dial it for you. There is a ...

Aiptek Hyper Pen 27/05/2002

Aiptek Hyper Pen

Aiptek Hyper Pen I recently bought a Hyper Pen by Aiptek after my usual mouse died on me. I was sent a leaflet in the mail,and got the Hyper Pen opn a special offer - £34.99 including all the handwriting software, cordless mouse and some extra bonus software. The Hyper Pen is a very useful gadget. you can use the pen as a usual mouse, or you can use it as a writing pen, where word will convert the writing to text. It does take a little while to get used to the pen as opposed to the mouse, but it's advantages far outweighs any bad points. You can set up 12 'shortcuts' on the pad (labelled F1 to F12), and when you touch them with the pen your selected program will open. For example, I have set F1 to open Word, F2 to open Excel, and so on. Another useful feature is that it has a transparent flap which you can lift up, and place a picture (or anything else you wish to trace) underneath for tracing onto the computer. Useful if you don't have a scanner. It is very easy to install, it plugs into the normal mouse connector on your pc, and you can plug a regular mouse into the back of the Hyper Pen if you wish to use both - I do that because my husband is a technophobe and it has taken him three years to get used to a regular mouse! The software installs very quickly and full instructions are provided. The software included in my pack was Corel Art Dabbler (enables you to produce your own artwork using the pen); Drivers for the pen and pad; Ashampoo winoptimizer 2000. Software for the ...

Member Advice on Marriage 18/09/2001

How to have happy marriage

Member Advice on Marriage OK, So I have been married for three months, and am only 24 years of age! But let me tell you a few things before I begin. In the two and half years I have known my husband, we have had only 2 fights. We lived together for over a year before getting married and have never fought since before we moved in together. Why? Let me tell you about it. Four years ago, I spoke to a wonderful man over the phone, when I worked in a call centre. He told me that on that day, it was his 45th wedding anniversary. When I congratulated him, he told me he had worked very hard to keep his marriage happy, and he told me of his 'rules'. Here, I shall share them with you. Remember, they are not in any particular order. Rule number 1. NEVER EVER go to bed angry. An argument should never be prolonged, and feelings should never be held back about important issues. Try to resolve your issues before going to bed. Rule number 2. Make your partner feel appreciated by letting them know you love them. I tell my husband I love him every morning when I wake up and every evening when I go to sleep. Not all people are so lovely dovey, but let them know you care once in a while - everyone likes to hear those three little words. Rule number 3. Sometimes you have to give in. Some arguments may never be resolved because both sides insist they are right, and nobody will back down. If an important principle is being breached then say so, but if the argument is about housework for example, well would you ...

Innsbruck (Austria) 15/09/2001

What a wonderful place to visit

Innsbruck (Austria) I got married in Austria in June of this year, and whilst there we visited Innsbruck. What a wonderful city (and country)! The streets are clean, no graffitti to be seen, no kids hanging round on the streets. Everyone was friendly (unlike our own cities here!), and very helpful. I went to the information office first (I love those places!!), got a map of the city and was amazed at how much there is to see and do! Unfortunately, we only had one day, so we made the most of it. First stop was St Jacobs's cathedral, a beautiful building, built around 1720. On the way there we passed St Anna's Column, a monument set in the middle of the huge main street, erected in 1706 in thanks to support during the War of the Spanish Succession. There is also a Triumphal Arch, erected in memory of the death of Emporor Franz I, and the marriage of his son. On the other side of town, you can take the monorail up to the cable car station, where you can take the cable car to two levels, the first is a viewpoint where you can see the whole city lying in the valley (I wish you could see the photos!!), the second cable car station takes you to the Alpenzoo, home to 2000 animals of 150 species. There are also museums, palaces and churches. You can take horse and carriage through the city, although it is expensive (£60 an hour). Not so bad if there are 6 of you! It isn't really a tourist orientated place, so this is a good place to see Austrians as they are. The thing that strikes ...

Avon 15/09/2001

Avon The Company for Everyone

Avon I have to say I find it a bit annoying that Avon advertise as the company for women, when they sell a men's range and a kid's range, and a household range. That aside, I am very pelased with the quality and price of Avon products. They have several special offers each month, usually buy three for £5, or buy two get one free. But the difference is, in normal shops you would have to buy three of the same item - in Avon you could buy three different products in the same range (ie, buy the deodorant and talc, get the body spray free,etc). I am a huge fan of one of their perfumes, Prowl, it has a delicious woody oriental smell, but the impressive thing is it costs £8.00 a bottle, and I can buy a whole range of stuff to go with it - I bought the perfume, cooling gel, talc, soap, shower gel and body spray for £10 last time. Their products are of the highest quality, and they regularly have clearance pages, where you can buy good quality stock for peanuts. I recently bought a pair of velvet gloves with a fur cuff, for £2. Yes, I know it's only September, but they come in handy later on! If you haven't seen an Avon catalogue, you can call them direct at head office (on 0845 601 4040 local rate) and they will send you one, or let the nearest rep know to drop one off for you. (No I am not a rep!!).

Reebok trainers [TV Advertisement] 15/09/2001

The funniest advert on TV

Reebok trainers [TV Advertisement] Like most people, I was really annoyed by the 'bellys gonna getcha' campaign, it got real boring after the first time. The new advert however, is hilarious. A stroke of genius in the advertising department of Reebok. It starts off with a young man and his settee, which tried to eat him when he tries to get up. there then ensues a chase round the flat, only ending when the young man ducks out of the way and the settee gets stuck in the doorway. The logo - Escape your Settee. The actor seems quite good at the part, and when the sofa begins to pull him across the floor back into the flat, only for him to wriggle out of his pants, is hilarious. Wouldn't make me go out and buy Reebok trainers though.

Great Universal 15/09/2001

Not so great universal

Great Universal So there I am, about to start a new job with 4 days notice, when I get my eye on a Great Universal catalogue on the doorstep. I flick through, and find a marvellous 4 piece suit for £89 - skirt, trousers, dress and jacket, all matching. Ideal, I thought to myself, so I rang up adn ordered next day service. Having never ordered from a catalogue before, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was - one 2 minute phone call. So the next morning, I get out of the shower at about 7.30 am, and hear the postman banging on the door. SO I run downstairs in my towel, open the door a crack and take the post from him. When I came into the kitchen, the Great Universal delivery man walked through my back door, put the parcel on the dining table and walked out again. I was absolutely furious that this stranger could walk into my house like this, so I got dressed and rang Great Universal to complain. A girl who sounded like she was painting her nails said in a bored voice that the delivery men were contacrted and didn't work for Great Unviersal, but she would chase it up and get the supervisor to ring me back. Then I opened the parcel to find the four items of clothing were all different sizes (not one of them the size I asked for), and two were different material. I sent them straight back. I waited until the next day for the supervisor to call back, then I had to make four more calls before I got to speak to her. She was not in the least bit bothered. Did I get his name? she ...

Argos (Shop) 10/09/2001

Whatever you Want

Argos (Shop) There really is whatever you want at Argos. Everything from gifts to houseware to furniture to toys (I could go on all night). Having recently gotten married, my friends and family all asked what to get us as a gift. Rather stupidly, we said gift vouchers - 'any kind will do'. As a result, we got gift vouchers for absolutely every shop in our area which sold them! Fortunately, we got a large amount of Argos vouchers. I went through my cuprboards and threw out everything old, and went to Argos and got everything replaced. We got stuff for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a few gifts for ourselves. Everything I've bought from Argos has been high quality, they deliver (if necessary), and they have friendly staff who seem to know what they are doing (always a bonus!). The store is well laid out, with areas for looking at catalogues, seating area for waiting to collect your stuff, and an electrical department, jewellery department, and some special offers on display. So I have Argos to thank for my gorgeous (fake) sheepskin rug, my lovely chrome bathroom accessories, my bracelets, my food processor, and much much more! God bless Argos and all who shop in her!

The Blair Witch Project (DVD) 10/09/2001


The Blair Witch Project (DVD) Am I the only one who found the Blair Witch Project both scary AND good? All of my friends told me how unscary and rubbish this film was, and some even said they actually left the cinema during the film (I think it's because they were scared and won't admit it!). The general story is (for those of you who have been living in Mars and don't know!) three youngsters go on a trek to film a documentary about an urban legend of the Blair Witch. Rumpour has it that the woods are haunted, and none of the local inhabitants of the village (formerly known as Blair) would dare to go up there. So, these three go up there alone and unarmed, and proceed to get very lost. The film is slow to warm up, with almost no background information given (who are these people and why are they up here?). Having gotten lost they start to turn on each other and begin to fight. Then things start happening - spooky things. At first I wasn't sure whether one of them was just playing tricks on the others - they all seem to lose it a bit after getting lost - but when one of them disappears it becomes obvious that someone or something is out there. This is where I thought things got really scary - my husband thought it was boring, but the last half hour terrified the pants off me! Without revealing too much, the ending is very sudden and unexpected. I was very impressed with the way the film makers made this so realistic - like we were really watching an expedition in the woods. This was unlike any ...

Organics Index 1 Flexible Hold 09/09/2001

Possibly the best hairspray in the world

Organics Index 1 Flexible Hold Having tried many hairsprays, finally I have found one which doesn't turn my hair into concrete! I have long flyaway, fin hair and hairspray is a bit of a sore subject in my house. I paid just £1.99 for this from my local chemist. That is very good value for money, compared to other leading brands of hairspray. It has a nice, light fragrance, not overpowering, and once it sets you can't smell it on your hair. It lies on my hair very light, and you can hardly tell I have it on. Unlike other 'flexible hold' hairsprays this one actually IS. I find my hair can swish about as much as it likes! I'm very impressed with this hairspray and would highly recommend it to anyone with hair like mine (completely mad and out of control!!).

Avon Leave In Conditioner 09/09/2001

Have gorgeous hair at a low price

Avon Leave In Conditioner Recently, an Avon rep gave me a free bottle of their Advance Techniques leave-in conditioner as a gift for such a great order (an obscene amount of money was spent that month, but we won't go into that!!). I have used many many different conditioners, all without success. I have quite fine, long, flyaway hair, and it usually goes horribly frizzy and tatty after washing it. It's very easy to use, simply spray on your hair after washing, comb through and dry or style your hair as normal. When I began to spray, I noticed the lovely smell it has, it reminded me of summer holidays, a kind of tropical coconutty sort of smell. The price is good, currently £1.49 a bottle although I think they might be having a buy one get one free soon. The bottle lasts for ages, and you can buy the whole range to complement the conditioner - shampoo, treatments, etc. I also use the Avon detangling comb, which is adjustable for use on wet or dry hair. I have been buying this conditioner for ages now, and my hair looks and feels gorgeous - as any girl knows, gorgeous hair gives a great boost of confidence! I highly recommend this to anyone, go on - treat your hair, it'll thank you for it by looking gorgeous!

Co-op (Shop) 06/09/2001

Good offers, cashback and more

Co-op (Shop) I live in a small town, and our supermarket here is a co-op. Whilst I travel to the next town for my weekly shop, I go to the co-op through the week for bread and milk, etc, and sometimes do the shopping for the boss. I am always surprised at the offers they have on, they have half an aisle of special offers on at the moment, buy one get free or buy three for the price of two. I am also impressed by their loyalty card scheme - they are the only store I know which offers cashback instead of discount vouchers. The staff are well presented, friendly and helpful (although the manageress is quite surly and unhelpful. However, as with all supermarkets there are bones to be picked. Firstly, why have the newspapers and magazines AFTER the checkout, which means yuo have to queue at the cigarette kiosk to buy them? Secondly, why does the express till constantly allow customers with more than 12 items and a credit card through? The store also has a cashpoint, lottery kiosk and a benched area for people to wait for taxis, lifts etc. Altogether not a bad supermarket, although I still find it a bit pricey for the average weekly shop.
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