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265 24/04/2005

Ebay - From Buyer to Seller to My Own Buisness Last year we found some stuff in the attic and was going to give it to the local charity shop, when a friend suggested Ebay to us. Little did we know how much Ebay would change our lives. REGISTRATION Go you are directed to the main Home Page of Ebay and here it asks you do you want to register. If you do, through a few complete questions, like name and address, email and personal details. You can register. Depending on what sort of email address you have it can ask you for a card on file. Choose a password and username and you can begin buying. If you want to become a seller, you will be asked for a direct debit on file or a credit card or debit card. A new security feature with Ebay is when you are picking your password, it will check automatically how secure it is. For instance, if your name is john smith. It would be advisable not to have this as your password for securtiy reasons but try something that is memorable to your only. Something that contains letters and numbers are the best. BUYING ON EBAY The first time you buy something on Ebay, you get a tremendous buzz. So how do you buy? Sellers can list their auctions in a number of ways. Here are a few... BIN - Buy it now at a set fee. Auction Style - Bidding starts at a set fee and at the end of the listing, it goes to the highest bidder. Dutch Auction - Where a seller has more than one item and starts bidding lets say at 99p. All people who want to bid, put in the highest amount they ...

Everything that starts with B ... 07/08/2004

Bubbles where have you been.... hibernating

Everything that starts with B ... Well must admit, got into an argument with Ciao, I went to claim my pennies and they were moaning about it. After countless emails they finally paid out. Said I was the same person as someone over 200 miles away, now unless i have extremeley long arms, this was impossible. Anyway, that over, took me around to April time. In April I became seriously ill and I honestly thought my time had come, but the doctors filled me so full of drugs that I would have gone out on a high, kidney not playing the game and consequently now have to use specialised equipement at home. At the same time mum was going in to have an hysterectomy as they had found cancer... so we were all getting ready for recovery when my sister rang up with breast cancer, all within 4 weeks we were all at different hospitals in the uk. Never mind, we would all pull through and I was told that never again would I be able to go back to work as I would need a sterile environment for the equipment and I would not be cost effective to an employer... I suppose I got a bit down by this and was playing around on the computer, house now under renovation and is starting to come together. New kitchen fitted, back gardens all done, new bathroom, windows ordered, right in the thick of everything when we got a phone call in June saying gran was ill. At the age of 98 sadly she passed away and I just got more and more fed up. As the end of the month was going by I looked again at employment but even though ...

Kensington Mortgage Company 25/03/2004

The hardest ladder to climb.

Kensington Mortgage Company Well house prices are rocketing around where I live and this time last year Gary and I was sitting in a concrete flat with neighbours from hell and myself fast losing the plot. We had put bids in for houses and were outbid and gazumped. So we had lost a lot of money and stopped searching whilst we could get the 10% together again. Then we scraped together the money and all of a sudden, a £50,000 house was going for nearly £70,000 so we were getting to the stage were we were nearly off the ladder. We decided that the only way we could was to buy our concrete flat and that was going through when we saw the house opposite getting repossessed. Earlier that year we had looked at all the different mortgage companies and were totally confused as to which one and what sort we could go for, so we decided to go with a mortgage broker. His fees were £500 at the completion and nothing if it failed. Ok I knew he would get commission as we let him do everything but to us this would be £500 well spent rather than trapsing around building societies and the like. Ours was not a easy situation as hubby had 2 CCJs from when he was retired but we had paid them off and had proof and really we never thought we would ever get a mortgage. They referred us to a company called Kensington Mortgages and the broker in easy terms explained basically the types of mortgages they did. We knew that we would pay for a higher rate due to our circumstances and we pay just over 6% compared to ...

Why do People leave Ciao 17/03/2004

Goodbye Ciao, but not for long I hope xxxxx

Why do People leave Ciao Little did I know when I suggested this last week that I would be the first to write in it. But this week has been so hard. Everyone has reasons for leaving Ciao, it might be temporary as they are busy at work or with a new baby or other family committments. Maybe there have been spats between members and people feel that they can no longer stay. But I have decided to give writing on Ciao a miss for the next few weeks and I hope I will be back as soon as I feel I will be able to write something constructive. I have tried today but can't as I have constantly had tears running down my face. Why? As most of you know, my mum and I have never been on the best of terms, but we have stuck together and been there in some form or another, either by phone or visits or just plain arguing on the phone. Now people know me as helpful and indeed, I will always help people as that is in my nature and I am a free spirit and do not tend to hold grudges, say what you have to and get over it. But as I am writing this my eyes are bright red and I feel so sick, it is untrue. Why, I went into town today to go and post my mothers day card and present. As I got all the goodies into the box that I had ready got sorted to send mums present in, my husband appeared behind me. I looked at him and he said I thought you might be here, you need to come home. Why? I asked, he said that your mum needs you. I could have fainted on the spot, he never comes after me and the one time he did ...

Member Advice on Cavity Wall Insulation 16/03/2004

When the Duvet needs a Duvet to keep warm

Member Advice on Cavity Wall Insulation Well if this is not the house that Jack Built, then i honestly do not know. One problem after another and we have found that building regulations were broke. So how were they broke, well apparently according to the bloke who come to do our cavity wall insulation yesterday, our house should have been done as it is under 10 years of age. I laughed and told him, this is the house that Jack Built and when he saw wooden double glazing he started to have doubts. So what made us have cavity wall insulation as you do not know whether or not it is done? Well the simple first sign is that our heating was on 24/7 and the house was cold and soon as it was turned off, it was cold again. At first we blamed it on the windows and doors which we knew had gaps under and in the windows, but these were done up and we had the whole house professionally draftproofed everywhere. This did keep a bit of the heat in and now the duvet only needed a hotwater bottle to keep itself warm instead of another duvet. However the walls were cold when the heat was on which probably means there is a severe lack of insulation or there is not any there. 10 years ago builders were told that if they built any new houses, then they had to cavity wall insulate and if you these days build anything, then it is a legal requirement you do so. So we contacted the council to see if there were any schemes regarding this as the cost would be about £400 for our house. They said they were not doing one but knew a ...

Youngs Salmon Pie 16/03/2004

Salmon Crumble Pie

Youngs Salmon Pie When I was looking today for something to eat, I found another one of Youngs products hiding at the bottom of the freezer and I absolutely love the fishermans pie, see other op... so I thought I would give this one a go. Well the box is fairly simple and is in an unique pinky orange cardboard box witha picture of the potatoe crusted crumble on the front. They use local fish from the area of Grimsby, so all in all it should be a good product. To microwave this product, you cook it on full power for 6.5mins and then let it stand for 2 mins and then cook again for 3 mins on full power and finally let it stand again for 1 min. To cook it in the over, gas mark 7 or 220c or 425f for 50 mins. Make sure the product is piping hot all the way through before eating as it is fish and it needs to be cooked properly. When I took it out of the box, it sits in a black tray and and the look is pretty bland but to be fair, all food that is frozen does. After taking it out of the microwave and making sure it was piping hot, I was more than willing to give this a go. It is a meal that I have alone or with extra veg depending on hungry I am but the smell of the potatoes and salmon was mouthwatering. I dug my fork into the golden crumble of the potato that now looked totally different from what it did when it was frozen and the potato must have been about 2 inches deep and then you hit an aromatic savoury sauce with large chunks of pink salmon in it. The salmon tasted ...

Member Advice on Sleep 16/03/2004

And so to Sleep zzzzz or not!

Member Advice on Sleep I suppose as I always liked to work nights in the forces, and even though it has been 6 years since I left, it has left me with one ailment. Sleep or the lack of it. I used to go to work and people would be yawning whilst I was wide awake and bushy tailed. In the morning at the end of the shift, they would be ready to go home to bed, I would be off shopping. So the lack of sleep has carried on for years and this is my normal sleep pattern. Feel shattered around 10pm and think of bed. My eyes are starting to go. Go to bed and get nice and warm under duvet and turn out the lights. 30 minutes later I am wide eyed and bushy tailed again and feel as though I have had a good nights sleep. Go into the games room and look at the tv, see a film and stay awake, look at the clock it could be 4 or 5am and I often watch it coming light. I then have to force myself back to bed and to sleep and around 7am, there I am wide awake again and I will lie in bed until around 8am and then the day starts all over again. Now people have said to me how do you cope, especially when I have been working. It does not bother me whether or not I am working I only sleep a bit anyway. At the moment, the hubby is up the wooden hill and the time is 12.30am, not bad at the mo, but i am wide awake, the cats are snuggled up in their doughnut bed and the dogs are in happy land giving plenty of zzzzz. Me I am wide awake. So here are some tips and advice that I have done but unfortunatley have not ...

Patchouli 15/03/2004

Love and Peace from the Hippy

Patchouli When I think of Patchouli, I instantly think of hippies and how they would drown themselve in the oils as a symbol of peace and love. Now we all know about the oils that you can use in aromatherapy and you certainly can put a couple of drops of it in your candle burner and it will enrich you room with a lovely smell if a sweet and a musky woody smell. But what do we actually know about patchouli been used as a medicine? Well the Patchouli leaf is where we get the oils from and I can remember my dad as a teenager experimenting with this going mad when I would put one or two drops of oil in the bath and it would always leave that oily rim around the bath. Patchouli also has medcinal benefits such as antiseptic properties and an easy antiseptic cream is to buy some patchouli oil and a base oil such as aqueous cream and drop a couple of blobs in it and mix it well. I often do this for my husband who has got Psorasis as it is great for any one who had dry skin and is a cheap alternative than most creams you can buy, plus you have the added bonus that you will smell nice. It is also ideal for men after they have shaved and the skin is a bit dry, add a bit of the cream and it will soften it up quite quickly. In ancient times gone by, when the clothes were shipped out of India to Europe, they would douse the clothes in patchouli to give it a nice smelling aroma. It is also associated with been an aphrodisiac, so if you ever feel in the mood for a passionate night ...

Black Haw 15/03/2004

One for PMT sufferers, Grrrrrrr

Black Haw I always know when my periods are going to start as my mood changes and I start to snarl and things that I find funny do not amuse me one bit. Then you wait for the Menstruation Cramps and that just about finishes me off. The pain I get is severe in my legs at the back and front and my stomach and poor Mr Bubbles stays well away until a couple of days later until I come back down to earth and resume life as a normal person. I would normally go off and buy, everything I could from the chemist, Ibrufen, Anadin, Beechams, in fact anything but what made me start to look towards alternatives was the fact one day I had gone to buy a large box of tablets and it cost me short of £10. After picking myself up from the floor, I started to find out what the alternatives were. Black Haw goes back to the early 1800s when women could not just pop to the chemist for anything. A lot of people who suffer badly still use this in the tea form as it has natural remedies in it that relaxes the uterus which is how you get the cramping pain as it contracts. The Black Haw is a small tree with a reddy brown bark and this is ground to a herb and then to make the tea, all you have to do is steep it in boiling water for 10-15. It is not the nicest tasting product in the world and tastes a bit woody as one would expect but it really does work and on days that I am in PMT mode, this is really good. You can use it in the same way for headaches and to cool down fevers. There is some evidence ...

Horse Chestnut 15/03/2004

Get off my Conkers!!

Horse Chestnut Another product that is freely available to us all is Horse Chestnut. Now let us get thist straight. These are commonly known as conkers, not the ones that you have on bonfire night. I keep getting all mixed up. I am going back to my roots after traditional remedies have failed to quell any disabilites and I will try anything once. Although through this review, I do not recommend that you all go out with the kids and fight for the largest conkers as there are many side effects tot these which I will tell you about. Over the last few centuries, people have harvested the flowers of the horse chestnut but over the last few hundred years, people have started to use the seed which is know to most of us as a conker or horse chestnut. It has been well used for people who have varicose veins and is one of the most popular herbal remedies sold in Germany only been topped by St Johns Wort and Ginko, although some places refuse to use it due to safety risks. So what do we get from the horse chestnut and what does it actually do for us? Well it actually contains a chemical called Aescin which has antiseptic and antiinflammortary properties. This has been widely used for people who suffer from varicose veins. Although doctors are not quie sure what it actually does, there is more speculation that it acts as a sealant and seals the vein. Also as heamorroids are part of this group, people have also been known to use it for this ailment also. In a cream form, it can also ...

Dandelion 14/03/2004

Pick one of these and you will wet the bed !!!!

Dandelion Dandelions, there are so many myths and legends all surrounding this weed. It grows quite freely in our gardens and forests and no matter where or what you do they allways pop up. There are many names for this and one I grew up with was it been called Pi** the bed. If you picked one then the next morning you would wake up with a wet bed. Well with all my kidney problems all I can say is that I must have picked a forest full of them. Well the Dandelion is very high in nutrients and is very rich in Vitamins A and C and has more caratine in that carrots, plus iron and copper and more potassium that certain green vegetables. But this so called weed has many other problems and too often people will discard it as a weed. However I really like the yellow dandelion and this can be used for lots of things. Have you got a wart on your hand? Snap the head off the dandelion and release the white milk in the stem and it will get rid of the wart in weeks. Takes time but it really does work and there is no pain of having it burnt off. Now the yellow dandelion is a bit of a poor relative in the plant stakes and I like to think of it as a plant rather than a weed as it is quite pretty with it bright yellows. Although I cannot see many people rushing to go and pull out their pansies for it. When they start to seed, they go into the puff ball dandelion which is the white parachute on that you can blow in the wind. But there is so much more that you can do with it. One thing ...

Clove ( bud ) 14/03/2004

:O( Toothache :O(

Clove ( bud ) Clove Oil is produced out of the dried flower buds of the clove tree and its Latin name is Eugenia Caryophyllata Thun. A bit of mouthful for one who is suffering from toothache this very minute. The main component of Clove Oil is Eugenol. The Oil has an anti-bacterial, antiseptic and analgetic effect. When I think of Clove Oil, I automatically think of the dentist as this is what they used but rather more concentrated to deaden the pain of toothache. Now a couple of years ago, I moved to a dentist who has broken two of my teeth and pulled one of them out without an anesthetic and consequently I have toothache quite a lot as part of the tooth is still embedded. By putting a bit of Clove Oil onto the tooth directly it works instantly and deadens the pain. I always carry a little bottle of this around that I bought from Boots for around £2. I have found a new dentist and awaiting for an appointment. I have been to the chemist and bought special stuff that have cost me a fortune, but it does not work and it costs a lot. It is also good for mouth ulcers and anything that is oral but do not use so much of it as a little really does go a long way. Also when you think of Clove Oil, it brings to mind warm and spicey and many a time shops use this in pot pourri around christmas or you can buy the oils for an oil burner, but you can also buy it a lot cheaper at retail outlets and make sure that you well water it down. I have my oil burner on at the moment and put in a couple ...

Garlic 14/03/2004

Not just to keep Dracula Away !

Garlic Another one of my weird things that I do apart from eating mash potato dried and also powdered milk and cream and vinegar is my love of garlic. I can eat it till the cow comes home, raw. I love to sit there and chew on a clove of garlic. So there we go off to the supermarket and buy a bulb of garlic and I am quite happy to be found chomping away on it. However there is another side to garlic which a lot of people do not know and that is the medicinal and herbal side. In this review, I will try and tell you about some of the benefits, it has. It has an anti viral effect. Reduces total cholesterol in the blood Reduces fat concentrations in the blood Has an antithrombotic effect It is well know for keeping colds and coughs at bay and there is some evidence to say that it keeps your heart healthy. There are lots of studies around the world where people have been taking garlic tablets or powder and over a 3 month trial, the ones who have been taking this have lowered their cholestorol. Resarch also now shows that taking garlic during pregnancy can cut the risk of pre-eclampsia (raised blood pressure and protein retained in the urine). The studies that have been done also say that it aids to increase the babys birth weight and these ladies were only taking the garlic tablet supplement. My mum who is also going through the change is looking towards herbal medicines, After conventional medicines have failed. She heard about the properties of garlic as ...

Members advice on a Home Makeover 13/03/2004

Everyhome deserves love.

Members advice on a Home Makeover When we moved in here were were over the moon and just recently I printed off lots of pictures from the computer at the house we bought last year. When we bought it, we had ploughed most of our savings into the deposit and the rest is tied up yet for another two years. Which is nicely building up, so the only option was to do everything on a budget. So this is how the house looked from the outside. Overgrown garden, front back and sides and had been used as a local tipping ground. All the fence panels had been nicked and the house had been broken into. The back door was smashed. Tiles had been nicked off the porch and the front lamp broken and the vent at the side was broken. The garden stones had been nicked and the wheelie bin and the side gate was smashed. That was only the outside, oh yes the back garden light was also smashed in. The inside of the house was a total different story, a lot worse and would cost a fortune to repair. Here goes. Doors that did not fit, doors that did not shut, a faulty boilers, a wobbly kitchen that was smashed to smitherines and handles and latches taken, holes the size of around 3 ft by 3ft in every wall punched through, paint splattered every where, the water was all drained off and the radiator was hanging of the wall. What had not been damaged had rather large pictures of mens willies and balls all over the walls and the decorating was overlapping about 20 times or papered half onto the ceiling. The toilet was full of lime ...

Scrabble 13/03/2004

A beginners guide to Scrabble

Scrabble It is a great family game and we have loads of pc games but this is one traditional board game that we play about 3 or 4 times a week. I will give you a introduction to Scrabble and by the time I have finished, I want you all to run to Woolworths and buy one. Scrabble is a word game for 2-4 players and consists of forming interlocking words rather like a crossword. The object of the game is to get the highest score. Everyone competes by using their tiles in combinations that will give them the highest score. I am fairly good at scrabble and can reach around 350, but top players can create 400 to 800 points. The Scrabble box is green in colour and shows the Scrabble board on it. When you pull off the lid, you will find several items in there and these are the following:- Tile Bag Bag of Tiles (letter) 4 stands Instruction Book Scrabble Board Lets take a look at these individually.... Tile Bag ----------- Green in colour with a draw string. You put the tiles into this and shake. Bag of Tiles --------------- - There are 100 tiles in Scrabble and each one is a cream square in colour and has the letter on it and also the point value and here they:- Letter A, points 1, 9 in a bag Letter B, points 3, 2 in a bag Letter C, points 3, 2 in a bag Letter D, points 2, 3 in a bag Letter E, points 1, 12 in a bag Letter F, points 4, 2 in a bag Letter G, points 2, 3 in a bag Letter H, points 4, 2 in a bag Letter I, points 1, 9 in a bag Letter J, points ...
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