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All About Me 06/05/2005


All About Me 08:20 NAME? Bad. NUMBER OF CANDLES ON LAST BIRTHDAY CAKE? I have never had a Birthday cake, I came from a deprived family, although my poor mother did make an effort for my 18th, but unfortuately I couldn't eat the bun afterwards due to the wax from the candle. WHAT IS YOUR HAIR COLOUR? Light brown with a tinge of grey bits, must get some hair dye. ANY TATTOOS? I have a black panther on my upper left arm. HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOUR JOB ON A SCALE OF 1-5? I suppose about a 3, it is a job I guess and overall I have worked in worse places. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR? Purple and I will be a bit sad when I change from that colour to red. It's just such a soothing colour, enough said, it's Purple. WHAT IS YOUR HOMETOWN? I was actually born in Brighton but I could turn up at a supermarket near you, I don't live in Brighton anymore but I was born there and lived there until I was 4. WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT RELATIONSHIP STATUS? Married and as happy as a pig with an abcess on its bum. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD? Curry. EVER BEEN TO AFRICA? Not in this lifetime. EVER BEEN TO CAMDEN? No but I have been to New York and Barcelona, am I missing something in Camden, is the talent good? EVER LOVED SOMEBODY SO MUCH IT MADE YOU CRY? Yes but I got over it and she has made me the cynical bugger that I am now. EVER BEEN IN A CAR ACCIDENT? I once skidded into the back of someone in my car on an icy day, but no damage and ...

HMV 05/05/2005


HMV HMV The Three Letters For Me. It's a Saturday and you jump out of bed, funny how I just crawl out of bed any work day but today is mine. Not sure what to do so I think I might just log on to ciao to see what to review. And sure enough I see those three letters HMV are there so I shall get the bus into town and give it the once over. Before I log off I check out the latest review by Beatlesgal25 as that young talent writes a mean review. Enough waffle let's go to HMV. The bus stops just outside HMV and out I hop, I don't really hop, just one of those silly sayings. Then shout "Thanks" to the bus driver, nobody does this and I think it's really bad manners, the guy has a stessful time in that traffic and it doesn't take much to thank him. This HMV store is just so massive and even the front window is a joy to behold. It's plastered in posters showing all the latest offers and all the new releases in the dvd and cd charts. I quickly move inside as I can see a beggar with a tin out of the side of me eye approaching me, not that I am not a generous guy, it's just that he stole that tin of me. Cheeky Beggar !! When you step inside the store you are hit immediately with the sound of music and the sight of fellow music and film lovers. I take the long aisles in with my eyes and gaze up to the upstairs floor and then at the long sales counter where four members of staff are busy serving. I am almost frozen to the spot as I decide which part to look at first, I love ...

10 Most Annoying Sayings 04/05/2005


10 Most Annoying Sayings Why Do Such Trivial Things Annoy Us. I had been thinking about what to write about next and as I have already took two ideas from Beatlesgal25 I decided that I would have a go at doing a challenge that the great hiker did just under a week ago, so here goes. 1. "Are you in the Computer". Now this one I both hate and enjoy and use it to have a laugh. Without fail everyday the girl in work does a complete backup of the computer system. Then she walks about the office asking everyone "Are you in the computer" and off course most of them say they are and log out. Well I am sorry but I just hate bad grammar and it's a packed office and she is approaching me and yes she says it "Are you in the computer". I give her that are you all there look and say in my loudest voice "Do you really think that I could fit inside a computer, that film Tron was just fantasy didn't you realise that". She's a bit annoyed now as her most precious saying has been shot to pieces, but am I in the computer, please !! 2. "What goes around comes around". The number of times I have to listen to this saying is just way to much. The girl I share an office with uses it nearly every single day and thankfully she is on holiday for a week. For example one day it was raining really heavy and some plonker had parked in my space so I said to her, "I hope he gets a puncture, that will teach him not to park in my space". Then she says it, "I would be careful what you say, don't forget, "What goes ...

The Beatles 03/05/2005


The Beatles Lennon The Man Who Would Be King. I was just listening to "Let it Be" on the radio and thought I would do a review on the Beatles. I had thought about doing them anyway after discovering that they even have younger fans like Beatlesgal25, so here we go. The Fab Four were of course Paul McCartney who I really don't like and blame him for the group breaking up. George Harrison who was a really nice guy and a talented artist and is sadly missed. Ringo Starr of course who replaced Pete Best as the drummer of the group. And last but certainly not least the Legend himself, the late great John Lennon. I know a lot of the songs were written by McCartney and a lot jointly written but Lennon was the man that was the Beatles. He had that magic and charisma about him that only the late Freddy Mercury had. Back in the days of Beatlemania it was Lennon that was seen as the bad boy and back then even having a haircut like that was considered shocking. Even to this day Revolver is still rated as the best album ever released but my favorite is the double blue album. That was all the songs they did the few years before they broke up and is just packed with classics. I remember when I bought the Sergeant Peppers album and it just blew me away. Not just the songs but the design of the album cover and the outfits that they wore on the album cover. That album was just so mindblowing at the time and still rates as one of their greatest works. Who will ever forget that song "A ...

Everything that starts with W ... 01/05/2005


Everything that starts with W ... I love a challenge so decided to try out the lovely Ilusvm's challenge which I noticed on that great little writer Beatlesgal25 reviews. "WHATS" (1.) What is the first interesting thing that you see when you look around the room? At present a nice little can with the word "Tennants" written on the side of it, stressful day shopping( I feel a supermarket review coming on) and it is just what the Doctor ordered. There is nothing interesting in the room, well except Moi. (2.) What can you hear at the moment? The wife whistling as she is decorating the toilet, she enjoys doing that and being a good husband I let her have her pleasures. I really should go on that Mr and Mrs show. (3.) What is on your computer desk? All the rubbish of the day to be honest, blank cds, blank dvds. A cd rack sort of thing, and computer speakers, which I never use. Why do Windows Xp have that horrid noise when it loads up, a much more relaxing theme would have been better. Nearly missed my nice trendy desk lamp, which I never use. I also keep aftershave, shaving foam and even a ruler on my cd rack, I really must get her to tidy up more ,this is a mess and I am grateful you brought it to my attention. (4.) What was the last question someone asked you? It was the wife and it was "Would you go downstairs and make me a cup of coffee", I mean she's only decorating and I am trying to get this review typed up. Still I made it anyway just to stop her whistling, although not ...

Morrisons (Shop) 27/04/2005


Morrisons (Shop) Why Are You Taking Us 12 Miles To Morrisons. Sunday is my shopping day and I normally go to Tesco but today I decided to take the wife to Morrisons instead and as it is 12 miles away she was wanting to know what was going on. "Just put your seatbelt on, it's for a ciao review that chelbb04 has been going on about". I get a strange and also a dirty look but I just fasten my seatbelt and set off to Morrisons. Always clunk, click every trip, have you seen that advert, very nasty. Arrive at the entrance of Morrisons and out comes my small notepad and pen and again the wife gives me that why did I marry that fool look. But before myself and the wife take you a tour around the place do you want a brief history of Morrisons, well you are getting one anyway. Believe it or not William Morrison founded the company as far back as 1899 and from being an egg and butter merchant in Bradford he was to open his first small town centre shop in 1958. As the 1960s started to see the rise of supermarkets Morrisons opened its first store "Victoria", in Bradford in 1961. In 1967 they became a public company and the rest is history. Right boring bit over, let's move on. But the wife is waiting so it's time to browse and get the shopping in for the week. Firstly take a left and straight into the drink section and they have a good lot of offers on, but just can't seem to find any good offer on the wine. Beer yes but the wine isn't up to the standard that I expect and Tesco ...

Work Excuses - Taking Time Off Work 24/04/2005


Work Excuses - Taking Time Off Work Who Are You Calling a Skiver. It's Monday morning and I have been on the drink most of the weekend, it's a friends fault as it was their birthday, I normally don't touch alcohol as I am usually tea total. But keep the noise down as I am just phoning my work. "Hello I am feeling really bad; I think I have caught that virus that Tom had the other week". I say it in my weakest voice and give a cough always make a point to name someone just like I named Tom, that makes him partly to blame. Then it's back to bed with a good book and enjoy the day off. Another of my favourites is what I call the phone call from home. You arrive into work but you have one of your family primed to phone you at a certain time. You must be sure to have someone beside you when you get the call. And then you try and win that oscar with a concerned voice you say " Oh no is she alright, I am not sure if I can get out of work". You put the phone down and put on a really concerned face. "What is wrong asks the boss, are you alright". It was the wife on the phone and she has just fallen and she thinks she has broken her ankle. You look all concerned and the boss says "Sure go home and take her to hospital and don't worry about it". I hide that sneaky grin as I get into to my car and head off home for the day. Or the dozen or so Dental appointments. Go to the Dentist and ask how much the Dental floss is and ask for an appointment but always go for one at about 3pm as that is just the right ...

Everything that starts with P ... 22/04/2005


Everything that starts with P ... I noticed this challenge on the site last night and thought it would be a good challenge to have a go at, can never resist a good challenge. So here goes. 1)Do you think you will / or have you turned into your parents as you have got older? Not in any way. My Dad died when I was in my late teens but he was very rarely at home so I never got to know him. He liked his drink and we only seen him at mealtimes and when he did arrive home him and my Mum just fought it out. I spend time with my family. As for my Mum she is such a moan she makes Pauline Fowler out of Eastenders look like a comedian. Really don't know how I turned out normal after that upbringing. 2) Are you the life and soul of the party? Not at the start of the party as I am sober but after a few beers, a bit of vodka and a bottle of wine I am then telling everyone my personal problems and generally just having a laugh. It depends how much and what I have to drink but most times I think I am up for a good time at a party. 3) Do you have any pets? I don't really regard it as my pet but my wife has a little terrier. She wanted it but she never gets up of her backside to walk it so I am left with that job. I used to keep tropical fish and even used to breed them but had to get rid of them when we had our daughter as she was always bumping into the tanks. 4) Whats your favourite pizza topping? Not a big pizza person but I like the one that Iceland do with a sausage and bacon topping. I might ...

10 Best Actresses 21/04/2005


10 Best Actresses 10, 9,8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and then there was One. The One !!! Just thought I would share my all time top ten females so lets get started. 10. Christina Ricci I have always liked Ricci as an actress and this little actress was born on the 12th February 1980 and as we all know started her film career in the Adams family who now actually live next door to me. Starring in that great film with Winona Ryder and Cher, Mermaids and also those two thought provoking films Monster and the incredible Prozac Nation. I don't like plugging anyones reviews but Nickyturnill wrote a review on the book about Prozac Nation and it's a must read. And Christina has just nade a new film callled Cursed in which her and her brother become werewolves, I have seen the film and its definitely one you can get your teeth into. Shes a great little actor and also a good looking chick. 9. Margot Kidder. So how many of you have heard of Margot Kidder, shame on you as she is the lady who plays Lois Lane or the girlfriend of Superman. She also starred in The Perfect Storm but even better is the fact she has been in two of my all time favourite films. That being Starman with Jeff Bridges were she befriends an alien who arrives in human form. Her acting in that film was second to none and that film can be watched over and over. The other film was with Bill Murray and that was Scrooged in which she plays his girlfriend. She is an absolute beauty and her acting is just top ...

Everything that starts with I ... 18/04/2005


Everything that starts with I ... I Like a Good Challenge. 1. In an ideal world, what would your name be & why? I have always liked the name David or what about Rupert, don't know I think Rupert sounds a bit bare so I guess David. When I first got the internet I used to go on the yahoo chat and used the name David to such an extent that if someone called "David" to someone in the street I turned round. 2. In an ideal world, how old would you be & why? I guess I would like to be 17 again and its because at that age you are still seeing the world with wonder and you still believe in people. And of course I would be enjoying that crazy summer with that girl called Sandra who I fell for in a big way. Those hot nights under the midnight sky, but that's enough of that. I would also still be at home enjoying my Mums cooking and of course my Dad would still be alive and I could tell him how much he meant to me. In fact change the name in the first question to Marty McFly. 3. In an ideal world, what would your job be & why? I would love to have been a footballer, and I was pretty good in my youth. I used to play in defence for the local side and did fancy playing for some top side. But then like most young men I hit that age were females, cars and alcohol seemed much more fun than training 3 times a week for a football match. But to be a top footballer and just run out onto a stadium like Old Trafford would just be unreal and the money wouldn't be the main reason, ok so I lied and can you believe ...

Makro (Shop) 15/04/2005


Makro (Shop) Must Go To Makro. Here we go yet again, I am off to yet another store and this time its Makro. Now I blame my work as I am the poor fool that was given the job of opening the post and that's when I first discovered Makro. Once a month we receive the Makro Mail which is a mail shot showing all their lastest offers and it really is a well laid out magazine. So I have a browse through it before I open the mail as I have all day to open the mail and besides my boss isn't about. I notice a few good offers on crisps and chewing gum so I make my mind up to visit Makro on Sunday. Now don't laugh about the crisps or the gum because if you listen you will realise it saving me pounds. Take those Walkers Sensations, they are really expensive in our local shop and I begrudge paying them the money when I know I can get it cheaper. I can get a box of about 48 crisps for about half the price in Makro so it's a trip worth going on. And also the chewing gum works out way cheaper as well and I need that after a night on the alcohol. Of course they don't just sell crisps and gum they sell just about everything. One thing I must mention is they only sell to the trade so you need a Makro card to get into the place but I got my work to get me one but you can either apply for one yourself or get a tempory day pass in. So as you go into the place this girl takes your card, swipes it and in you go. The funny thing about Makro, Tesco, Iceland and Lidl is they all seem to use the same ...

Do you believe in life after death? 14/04/2005


Do you believe in life after death? Is There Life Before Death. It's a really daft question really isnt it, is there life after death because only one person can answer the question and that's a corpse. I do however work with a few corpses so I decided to ask them just for this review as normally they just sit at their desk and don't move. I asked the first two but absolutely nothing but I got a small grunt from the third but I couldn't make out whether it was a yes or not. Lets say there is a life after you die, what then. If you die at 22 do you stay in your 22 year old body and if you die at 77 do you remain forever in that body. Imagine if someone you love dies at 22 and you meet her in the after life when you die at 77 knowing that you will be living forever. The fact of life after you die, have you really considered it, and if you have do you want it. Nobody really wants to die but just think really hard about a life were you live forever, not just 100 years and not even a 1000 years but forever, could you live that life. I have asked a few people that I work with do they believe in it and other questions and the answers were really interesting. One girl was really worried that if she did die she would end up going to hell, so I asked her what she thought hell was and she thought it was a place that was full of fire and torture. Another believed in reincarnation and the fact that you lived so many lives, each time trying to improve on the last life and I have read of cases were people have ...

Everything that starts with G ... 11/04/2005


Everything that starts with G ... It Wasn’t That Grand For Me. So lets be hearing from all Ciao writers that picked the winner of the big race on Saturday and how much did you win. I always know when this damn race comes along because my phone goes daft the night before from lazy friends and relations that think I am a bookies runner. The worst thing is that it’s a list of about eight horses each and they are only betting about 10p each way. Still I am a helpful caring person so I just grumble into myself and head of to the local bookmakers. And just as I pass the two houses beside me that little old lady shouts “Would you do a bet on a horse for me young man”. Can’t really say no to someone that calls you young man and besides shes old and if her horse wins she will most likely have forgotten shes backed it and I pocket her winnings. So open the door of the Bookmakers and that whiff of smoke just hits you in the face. I must be the only person that doesn’t smoke in that place but head down and lets write out these bets. But no he’s spotted me and is making his way over. I call him “nearly Davy” and I will explain why. He’s beside me now and he is going on about the fact that if Tottenham had have won instead of drawn he would have won £400 and on and on he goes. But I have shook him off and am now listening for tips on who is going to win the Grand National and everyone of them is an expert. I think McCoy will win the old boy in the corner says and then a woman asks what price the lady ...

Member Advice on Debt Issues 07/04/2005


Member Advice on Debt Issues Oh My God Is That The Balance !!! I really am only writing this for one reason and its because I read a review about it and I just didn’t like a comment that someone left. Its just so easy for some people to just be so arrogant about debt and blame the person that has got themselves into the debt. So lets take a look at debt first, it’s a lot of money owed by someone that has decided to spend someone elses money. And yes I hear that wise young 25 year old saying “ Its all your own fault, its all your own fault, you should have read the small print”. He was such a smart lad and he didn’t take that loan and let me think why, this is a hard one so give me a few seconds. Could it be you are living at home with your parents or could it be you have no children. Let me be the first to admit as someone that also was in debt, we know that the person responsible for being in that debt is oneself. As for the small print, off course the small print is read but when you are deep in debt then you need the money and you need it right away. Yet another argument is if you really want something that badly then save up for it rather than take out credit. I think you will find that just doesn’t happen in this day and age. There are more people in debt now than there ever was at any other time in the last 50 years. Even television freely advertises loans that will just clear everything you owe, it’s a great theory. You are paying debts of say £200 a month and these lovely people ...

Index (Shop) 06/04/2005


Index (Shop) Its My Right Index to Index. Its almost Xmas and myself and my partner are planning what presents to get for friends and family. This is me looking back by the way and I am not confused as to what month we are in. It’s the 6th April so please don’t be worrying about my sanity, well maybe just a bit. So out with the good old Index book and lets have a look at what there is in it. To be fair it is a really good catalogue and has something for everyone. So we look at the toys section and get that toy for the kids and something for my Mum and a few things for ourselves, cant very well leave ourselves out can we. The list is complete and the codes are all filled in and its just a matter of getting into the car and driving to Index. On arrival I can see its totally packed and I know I should have done my Xmas shopping earlier but still after today most things will be in. So its over to that little machine they have on the wall and get my list out so I can key in the products so I can see if they are in stock. I can hear this old man beside me swearing and then crumpling up a similar list to mine and walking away, hes probably just old and cant work the machine. On the other hand as I start to key in my items all I am getting is those words “Item not in stock” and out of 8 items that I had on my list only the three were in stock. Still I shall join the queue and pay for the stuff and then make my way home. I had to wait about half an hour as only one girl was on and ...
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