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Citroen Saxo 1.4 26/08/2005

VTS/R without the insurance

Citroen Saxo 1.4 If you are reading this reveiw, it means that you have either bought or are going to buy on of these amazing cars. I own a 1999-T Plate saxo westcoast (called the Westcoast until early 2000 when the name changed to Furio) meaning it is one of the very last westcoasts ever made. I have owned this beautiful car for the last 19months and must say that i have had no problems with it. These cars have a 1.4i 8 valve engine, thus meaning they can accelarate quite quickly, also helped by the shortened gear ratios in the 5speed gearbox. They can do quite a good job in trying to keep up with the higher model VTR also. They have great economy too, a full tank will cost you about £35 if it is nearly empty and this will take you about 400miles, i average about 110-120 miles per £10 worth of fuel. The car is also very quite, i say this in comparison to an older car i had which had a lot of road noise etc. The performace is good as they will do 0-60mph in about 10 seconds and will take you to a speed of about 125mph, which is really good for a 1.4i engine. These cars also have the privalege to use the higher model suspension giving them anti-roll bars and stabiliser links making the handling excellent as saxo's are known to be one of the best handling cars on a B-road. The only downfall that the car has is that it comes standard with steel wheels and wheel trims which I got rid of straight away. I purchased a set of VTR, or mk1 VTS wheels which just sets the car off and instantly ...

Steve-O - Don't Try This At Home (DVD) 07/11/2002

Seriously, Dont try this at home.

Steve-O - Don't Try This At Home (DVD) I bought this DVD from ASDA a while back as one of my friends was telling me to get it to watch at there house. So I bought it for the fun of it. I got back home that night and quickly put the DVD into the DVD player and was shocked when I saw it. The running time of the two main features are about 52 minutes watching one after another. The DVD was soo amusing but also at the same time was disgusting. At the start of the DVD it shows a small movie of what happens on the DVD, i found this quite sick and funny but the rest was still to come. The are two main parts on the DVD which include:- *Don't Try This At Home *The Career Ender The "Don't Try This At Home" section contains the most action but is incredably funny. This section includes things like:- *The Human Dart Board *Bong Resin *Stilt Dive *Fireworks *Plane Jumping *Vodka Shots in an IV This section is really funny but is also quite sick because you are not prepared to see the things that you are about to see. The "The Career Ender" section is just out of this world because it is soo sick that you'll want to switch it off. This section includes:- *Masterbating on Scott Potasnic's Desk *Human Urinal *Staple gun (in which he staple's his scrotum to his leg) This section as you can see is very revolting and probably make you throw up.The section contains a lot of nudity and this is what gives it the 18+ tag. Anyone who wants to see something more intense that Jackass will like ...

Lamborghini Diablo SV 03/11/2002

510bhp Lamborghini Diablo SV

Lamborghini Diablo SV ~~Introduction~~ There is not much to say about this car except, oh-my-god!! You would expect nothing less than an amazing car if you paid the thousands that the car is worth. ~~Experience~~ I have only been in this car once and it was with a friend driving. I got in the car which was quite awkward because of how low the seats are compared to the average people carrier. After you get into the car however, the sports seats are remarkably comfortable because they support all of your main muscles. Anyway I managed to get in, and as I buckled up, the car lunged forward with is mighty acceleration. The car can take corners as if the car was on rails and you would expect at least one G acting on your neck, I would probably find it hard to tip one of these top of the range sports cars. The speed we did in this car I would not repeat due to the fact that one could get locked up because of it. ~~Engine~~ The engine is absolutely incredible. It is a 60 degree V-12 with a light alloy block. It is mid mounted and longitudinal which gives loads of power to the rear wheels. The 5707cc engine emits a maximum power output of 510bhp at 7100rpm and a maximum torque of 580Nm at 5200rpm. The engine has a pressurised water cooling system. The ignition is electronic and has an integrated fuel injection system which is an original L.I.E Lamborghini electronic sequential multi-point injection system. The engine runs on premium unleaded 95 R.O.N. (As of 1998) and can do 100km with 16 litres ...

Ferrari 355 F1 03/11/2002

F1, what more to say

Ferrari 355 F1 One word can sum up the whole car, Ferrari. Ferrari have been making cars for a long time now and have become pretty good at it. The Ferrari 355 F1 was made in 1997 and is the car that pops into your head when you first think of a Ferrari. The long, streamlined and red ferrari that they are renouned for. The only thing not sporty about this car is its interiour that would normally be found in an old Jaguar. Light brown leather seats, but the only thing that lets you know that you are not in a Jag is when you look at the stearing wheel and see the staring back at you. Now for the statistics and the fun stuff that makes all men quiver. The engine:- The engine is a Longitudinal 90° V8 with a light alloy cylinder block and head and has a total displacement of 3,496cc. This pumps out 380bhp at 8,250rpm. This gives out a maximum torque of 363 Nm at 6,000 rpm . The one thing that is very unique about this car is that it has a steering-wheel mounted F1-style paddle change transmition which is very uncomman. Now the performance. The top speed is 295 km/h (183 mph) and can do 0-60 mph 4.6 secs. It can do a standing quarter mile in 12.9 secs and a standing mile in 31.8 secs. Overall the car has the performance of a race car but the luxury of a limo. ...

Adams song - Blink 182 03/11/2002

Blink go soft

Adams song - Blink 182 In comparison to the rest of the songs on their albumn Enema of the State, Blink 182 succeed in writing a song that can be taken seriously. Because they use simple feelings and lyrics to get their point across, makes it original, thought provoking without you having to get the dictionary out. Its easy listening thats enjoyable too. Not under the usual genre of pop punk with their infamous 'humour',Adam's song is a soft rock tune that expresses some pretty strong feelings and emotions. Its' a melodic tune, with sum cool guitar riffs and the singing actually plausible for this pop punk trio. The songs about a troubled youth who basically wants to lock himself in his room and let the world go by. Full of teen angst and those pretty depressing feeling we ALL have means you have been able to relate to this song at some point in your life. My conclusion is Adam's song is a chill out tune that anyone can learn to love no matter what their taste in music is. ...

NFL Blitz 2000 (PlayStation) 02/11/2002

NFL Blitz 2000, the game of the millenium

NFL Blitz 2000 (PlayStation) Contrary to what everyone else has said, I find this game a revolution. I absolutely love this game because im a big fan of NFL and now that there are hardly any rules, it makes it even more fun. The opening video is quite good showing plays and action from the past. The game has all the teams in the National Football League. There is so much fun to be had with this game because even when play has stopped, you can absolutely maul the other team by doing a handful of WWF moves on them. The gameplay is amazing and soo much fun can be had if one has a multitap. It is one of those games that a group of friends can play for hours on end and still not get bored of it ( I know cause i've done it). There is a wide variety of plays that the offense can choose from (3 pages) and only 1 page of plays that the defense can choose from. The names of the plays are also quite funny including "The Monkey" and "Meat on a Hook". There is also a wide variety of cheats that can be entered to give more time to maul people or different playing conditons which make it even more enjoyable. I would highly recommend this game to anyone because soo much fun can be had with it and a multitap. ...

Billy Connolly's World Tour Of England, Ireland And Wales (Box Set) (DVD) 02/11/2002

Britain, a Trike and a Purple Goatie.

Billy Connolly's World Tour Of England, Ireland And Wales (Box Set) (DVD) My friend recently bought this DVD and I think it is one of the funniest DVD's I have eber watched. It is full of jokes when he is on stage and even when he is touring around famous landmarks all around Britain. A lot can be learned from this man as his general knowledge is astounding. He travels through England, Ireland and Wales and does a few main acts on a stage while seeing major, or minor, landmarks which are an important piece in the lands history. There are not many extra features as the main part of the DVD is taken up on two DVD's as it is so long. You don't reolise it is long however because it is so funny that you will only know what time it is when the nurse beside your bed tells you what it is as your sides will be spliting. There is not much that I can say about the main feature as it will ruin it for the people that have not yet watched it. He takes the piss out of the English even when he is in England, he goes to Ireland where his family is originally from (the Connelly's) and sees the old house made by hand that his great grandfather used to look out for incoming boats. I would recommend this product because it is worth paying the money for the amount of jokes that you will learn from it. At the end of the DVD however he drives away on his custom made trike naked. Its funny but quite sick. ...

Let Go - Avril Lavigne 02/11/2002

Chill out tunes

Let Go - Avril Lavigne I bought this album a few weeks ago after listening to the opening couple of tracks at a friends house. The first time i heard this album I thought it was amazing for the age and inexperience of this 17 year old to write music of this quality. Her attitude changes from loving someone to hating them which gives the album such character and makes people of all ages to enjoy listening to her music. The music is very original with this different approach to writing and singing this style of music. If one was to buy this album, they would not stop listening to it because I have not let it stop playing ever since it went into my CD player. The album has 13 tracks which change in genre from punkrock to love. The names of the tracks are:- 1)Losing Grip - This song is all about a love that she has lost and that is ignoring her. The song has a lot of feelings and her opinions. The music is a down in the dumps type of song with a lot of shouting but the music changes throughtout. 2)Complicated - Im sure nearly everyone has heard this song and know what im talking about. This song is all about a boy that has made their relationship more complicated. The boys attitude changes depending who he is with. This song is a soft rocking song 3)Sk8ter boi - Is a pure punkrock song about two people who rock each others world, the two people are the steriotype boy and girl. 4)I'm with you - A very soft song about someone who has not turned up or trying to find her. This is a ...

Gumball 3000 (PS2) 02/11/2002

The heart beat of a racer

Gumball 3000 (PS2) I purchased this game over a month ago when i was in Edinburgh last. The only reason I bought it was because i saw the the Gumball 3000 on the TV and was hooked on it. As soon as you switch the game on your heart begins to race as you see clips from the actual Gumball. At the start there is a very limited selection of cars (but its not that hard to get better ones). The best of which i must say was the Ferrari 360 mondena, this is the car that i completed the gumball on first time. The is a wide variety of cars in the gumball from your usual Humvie and Ambulance to the top of the range sports car and Le Mans car. The cars characteristics change by handling, speed, acceleration and durability. There are 14 stages that have 7 types of driving conditions to test even the best of drivers from the sunny and dry North of Spain to the cold and hazardious driving conditions of Switzerland. The basic plot is that you start in Britain and travel round Europe to Germany where you turn around and head back for Britain. The only down point to this game is that a lot of the aspects are very easy to complete which really ruins it considering how good the graphics and gameplay are. I would recommend this game to people who like living life on the edge and dont mind in taking chances as the Gumball will throw them at you left, right and center. ...

Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R 22/10/2002

The fastest thing on two wheels

Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R This bike can only be described as "A Huge Leap in Technology". The bike can be fun to a person with experience but could be dangerous to one without. The engine is a liquid-cooled inline four with a bore of 81mm, stroke of 63mm and displacement of 1298cc. So this bike will pack a punch. It has a power output of 175bhp at 9,800rpm which means serious fun. At the end of a standing half mile the bike will be doing around 180mph which will scare any biker. The comfort is satisfactory but can be expected from a top of the range sports bike. The handling is surprisingly good for a bike of its size and calibre. It is not as agile as a 400 or a 600 but it can still take corners quite well. Between different people, the looks of the hayabusa changes. In my opinion, I find that the Hayabusa is quite nice looking due to the aerodynamic shell but the graphics are not that unique. Other people find it ugly due to the odd shape but it is the shape that makes the bike. It does not have a lot of features and the speedo can begin to go off and says that the rider is doing over 200mph when in actual fact they are only doing 180mph. There was a lot of problems with the chassis in the models made before 2000 as the frame would snap due to the displacement of the engine, but that problem has been solved with a new, stronger frame. All in all, the bike is good as one can have a lot of fun with it, if they are sensible of course.

Aprilia RS125R 20/10/2002

Back to the basics of riding

Aprilia RS125R I started to ride motorbikes from a young age and have grown up around them and also loving them. But the bike I have at the present time is the best I have ever came across for its size. Of course I am talking about the Aprilia RS125R. There is not mauch to say about this bike but "Oh my god". This bike has everything a 17 year old learner wants. The performance given out by the 125cc, one cylinder engine is remarkable. It has a restricted top speed of 93mph but can increase to 120mph by derestricting it and adding and Arrows exhaust system to it. But can be increased to be able to travel at speeds in excess of 140mph when the engine has been race tuned. The acceleration is good by being able to do a standing quarter mile in 15.8 seconds which is very impressive for a bike producing between 12bhp and 33bhp. The handling can only be described as excellent as this bike will beat most sports bikes in a corner situation because it is increadably light. The fuel consumption is quite good as it averages 40miles to the gallon and the tank holds 4 gallons which means fun for the whole day. The one draw back from this bike is the comfort but is alright after taking into account that it is meant to be a sports bike and therefore does not really have to comfortable. In conclusion, I must say that for any teen that is wanting to get into motorbike riding, that this should be their first bike because it is a bike that a youngster could ride on or even a professional ...
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