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121 29/03/2007

One for the ladies, short for "As Seen on Screen" is a web site selling clothes, jewellery and accessories mainly for women that stars have been seen wearing. It was brought to my attention by my girlfriend who had heard about it through a friend. The web site is stocked with items that either mimic or are those worn by celebrities in real life or on screen, but at a lower price. My girlfriend was amazed at the choice that was available, and that the prices were good, she spent a good hour browsing. To be honest, I see it as a jump on the band wagon of how modern society worships celebrities, and this is just another attempt to empty peoples pockets for this cause. But, the web site does have a vast amount of items, everything from socks to hats and it's good at what it is trying to achieve. So if you're into your fashion and celebrity fashion, this is definitely the site for you! So what did I buy? I brought some earrings. They were reasonably priced and they were very good quality once we received them. Delivery took a couple of days, which is standard and on time for first class delivery. The item came in a branded ASOS catalogue bag, and the earrings themselves boxed to prevent them being damaged. The order process is very quick and standard to most e-commerce web sites. You are also assured of security when placing credit card orders. After placing your order you receive a confirmation that your order has been placed. The best thing I like is that confirmation e-mail ...

The Simpsons - Series 9 - Complete (Limited Edition Head Packaging) (DVD) 18/02/2007

One of the best seasons!

The Simpsons - Series 9 - Complete (Limited Edition Head Packaging) (DVD) This is my review of the ninth season DVD, I've reviewed the proceeding eight seasons as well as other DVD releases and all video releases, so why not yet another! On the back of my last review, this was the time that the Simpsons were at their best, great animation, great voices, jokes and story lines. Being in the Simpsons online community, some would say that the Simpsons went down hill from this point, but I say every episode has something to offer! And as long as the Simpsons are being made, I'm happy. This DVD collection comes packed with twenty-six episodes, which originally aired between 21st September 1997 and 23rd August 1998. They are pretty old in television years, but these episodes are timeless classics. Some of my picks are "The Cartridge Family", an episode that was banned in the UK because Homer buys a gun. "Bart Star" where the cast of King of the Hill make an appearance and "Trash of the Titans" where Homer takes control of Springfield's garbage disposal. If you're a fan, you'll know these episodes! Each episode offers something. A great line up celebrity guests feature throughout this season. Martin Sheen , Fyvush Finkel, Joe Namath, Roy Firestone, Mike Judge, Jan Hooks, Andrea Martin, Stephen Jay Gould, Alex Trebek, Jim Varney, Jack Ong, James Earl Jones, Bruce Baum, Janeane Garafolo, Bobcat Goldthwait, Steven Wright, Jay Leno, Hank Williams, Jr, Helen Hunt, Bob Denver, Rod Steiger, Paul Winfield, U2, Steve Martin, Brendan Fraser, Steven Weber and ...

The Simpsons - Series 8 - Complete (Limited Collector's Edition) (DVD) 17/02/2007

One of the greatest seasons!

The Simpsons - Series 8 - Complete (Limited Collector's Edition) (DVD) The Simpsons complete 8th Season, these episodes originally aired from 27th October 1996 to 18th May 1997, making some of these episodes over a decade old. This is personally one of my favourite seasons, it's a season when the animation and sound seriously moved from grainy animation to the Simpsons that we know today. This DVD is made up of twenty-six episodes and includes some special features, which are always included on the box sets. Anyone who knows the Simpsons will know some of these episodes, how about the episode "You Only Move Twice"? Where Homer gets a new job outside of Springfield and his new boss is a terrorist and Homer is oblivious to it. How about "The Springfield Files" starring X-File stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson? Where Homer see an Alien, but all is not what it seems. Or the Mary Poppins based episode, where a nanny called Sherry Bobbins comes to stay with the Simpsons? If you're a fan, you know what episodes I mean! These are my highlights from the season, but every episode is a classic and can be watched again and again. With the popularity of the Simpsons at its peak, celebrity guests were and still are queuing up to star in the Simpsons. The special guests in this season are Albert Brooks, Michael Buffer, Paul Winfield, Rodney Dangerfield, Jon Lovitz, Johnny Cash, Leonard Nimoy, Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Jack Lemmon, John Waters, David Hyde Pierce, Dave Thomas, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Sab Shimono, Gailard Sartain, Tim ... 15/02/2007

Hmmm, Firebox. offers a range of fun gifts and gadgets. They have a good range of items for all budgets, and is a great site for finding something original. The prices are pretty good, but I only used this site a couple of times because I had a couple of gift vouchers. This web site is always offering gift vouchers through it's own web site and others online. It is a great way to save some money. The first time I used this web site was just before Christmas. I was really impressed with my first purchase, I placed an order at 5pm, and it was delivered the next morning! And they had even thrown in a couple of free bags for sweets! You can't much better than next day delivery when placing an order so late in the afternoon. My second purchase was for Valentines Day, this order I received within a couple of days. Orders placed through the web site are sent first class. This web site doesn't offer an order tracking service, you receive a confirmation of order email, but you won't receive one when your order has been shipped. If they are quick on all orders like they have been with mine, I suppose order tracking isn't really necessary when you can get goods out the door that quickly. The packaging that had been used on my orders was more than enough to prevent damage. It seems all orders come with a catalogue each time you make a transaction. The web site design is suited to what they sell and everything is laid out nicely with bright colours. You can search on items, but ... 14/02/2007

I'm an Ebuyer. a huge range of computer and technology related products, with some of and in most cases the best prices on the net. You can't fault delivery times either! I was after a new internal SATA hard drive, I needed a decent capacity and had a budget. After previously visiting this web site, I knew I would be able to find something here. The range of just hard drives is massive; there must be thousands! There are all capacities, manufacturers, types and interfaces. This is like all other categories on the site, there is so much choice. I brought an internal hard drive. To place an order you have to first sign up for an account, it's just like any other registration it is pretty quick. Your first order has to be shipped to the same address that is on your credit card, after your first purchase you can have your products sent to any address. You can choose your delivery date when you checkout with your purchase, it ranges from next day to five day super delivery. I choose the super saver delivery option, which is free. After placing my order I received an email confirmation that it had been placed. This is one of the best things about this web site, the confirmation emails keep you informed all the way through the transaction. You have a payment taken confirmation and then a confirmation that your purchase has been despatched. This isn't the only order tracking confirmation that you receive, the account page comes with extras to see how far your order has progressed. My ...

Freecom Classic 24938 320 GB 13/02/2007

Classic but modern.

Freecom Classic 24938 320 GB After a previous experience of my operating system needing a complete re-install and my internal hard drive nearly full of applications and media files. I needed a storage device I could back up and move all my files to, speed up my hard drive and have programs stored in case my operating system would decide to give up on me again. External storage has come down in price a lot lately, and I thought now was a good time to buy. I needed a good amount of space, something that could move files from one device to another quickly, something affordable and something with a recognised name. I've used Freecom products before and I've never had a problem with them. During my search of external hard drives, this hard drive came in a range of sizes from 40gb to 500gb. The 320gb were available at Amazon for £79.99, which was the best price around after time using price comparison engines. This drive is currently available at for £74.99. Which is going to be the best price you will find for a capacity of this size and with a recognised manufacturer, you can't even buy it at that price through the Freecom web site! I was impressed with the design of the device, I have the silver version which fits in with my other computer peripherals. It's about 20cm by 14cm by 5cm in size, so it doesn't take up a lot of desk space. Installation is very easy with an XP machine, you plug in the power cable and the USB cable, connect to your PC and switch it on. XP will automatically find ...

Toshiba Portégé M100 26/07/2006


Toshiba Portégé M100 Toshiba are a leader in the notebooks and this s a laptop that backs this statement up. On first impression you can't help but be drawn in by its sleek, silver and black design. It has all the features all could want from a laptop and you can read the technical specifications below. I am so impressed with this laptop that my esktop PC has been packed away, as this small notebook out powers everything on it by double. I'm not a businessman so I'm not on the move with this laptop, but I can tell you what I use it for and how it measures up. How does it look? *************** ****** Design is a big thing nowadays, and with the old beige colour out of fashion, silver and black is now the way forward. This Portege is based on these colours and it is very, very attractive. The M100 has been beautifully designed, its compact but all the power and utilities are still there. The keyboard is small, smaller than most as the creators have tried to squeeze everything down into a smaller unit and successfully so. The 12.1" TFT monitor is small but very clear, and after previous laptops I have owned, I was really impressed. You do have to have the screen pointing at certain angles to your eyes or the picture is unclear, but this usually is the case with notebook TFT monitors, so don't let this put you off! Internet Browsing *************** ****** The first and main use for this laptop is for ccessing the Internet, it comes with a built in 56k modem, which is very reliable ...

The Simpsons - Series 7 - Complete (Marge Head Special Packaging) (DVD) 02/05/2006

Another collection of great episodes!

The Simpsons - Series 7 - Complete (Marge Head Special Packaging) (DVD) This is the latest DVD offering from Fox of the Simpsons, and this collection includes 24 episodes from Season 7. This is one of the seasons when the Simpsons was at its peak, these collection of episodes are still over ten years old, but some great classics are included, and any fan will be able to spot these! The thrilling conclusion to the Who Shot Mr Burns is included, which was the biggest mystery of the summer and had everyone wondering who done it. 22 Short Films About Springfield is also available, which gives an episode never before done in a cartoon, including it's parody of Pulp Fiction, and what about the episode entitled Homerpaloza which features a massive line up of pop stars. This box set comes in the shape of Marge's head, and continues the theme of the previous one of Homer, and the other family members are to follow in future releases of the Simpsons. Episodes ************ There are a total of 24 episodes that originally aired in the USA starting on the 17th September 1995 and ending on the 19th May 1996. Here is an overview of the episodes that are included [2F20] - Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two [2F17] - Radioactive Man [3F01] - Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily [3F02] - Bart Sells His Soul [3F03] - Lisa The Vegetarian [3F04] - Treehouse of Horror VI [3F05] - King-Size Homer [3F06] - Mother Simpsons [3F08] - Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming [3F31] - 138th Episode Spectacular [3F07] - Marge Be Not Proud [3F09] - Two Bad Neighbours ...

The Simpsons - Series 6 - Complete (DVD) 21/12/2005

New box design with the same great content!

The Simpsons - Series 6 - Complete (DVD) This is the latest DVD offering from Fox of the Simpsons, and this collection includes 25 episodes from Season 6. This was one of the most popular seasons of the Simpsons, with some of the biggest viewing figures. This is a great season; the animation and character voices are better than previous episodes. There are some classic episodes that long-term fans will appreciate. Episodes ************ There are a total of 25 episodes that originally aired in the USA starting on the 4th September 1994 and ending on the 21st May 1995. Here is an overview of the episodes that are included [1F22] - Bart Of Darkness [1F17] - Lisa's Rival [2F33] - Another Simpsons Clip Show [2F01] - Itchy & Scratchy Land [2F02] - Sideshow Bob Roberts [2F03] - Treehouse of Horror V [2F04] - Bart's Girlfriend [2F05] - Lisa On Ice [2F06] - Homer Bad Man [2F07] - Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy [2F08] - Fear Of Flying [2F09] - Homer the Great [2F10] - And Maggie Makes Three [2F11] - Bart's Comet [2F12] - Homer the Clown [2F13] - Bart vs. Australia [2F14] - Homer vs. Patty and Selma [2F31] - A Star is Burns [2F15] - Lisa's Wedding [2F18] - Two Dozen and One Greyhounds [2F19] - The PTA Disbands [2F21] - The Springfield Connection [2F22] - Lemon Of Troy [2F16] - Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One Here are my personal episode descriptions [1F22] - Bart Of Darkness A heat wave hits Springfield and Bart becomes the most popular boy in town when he gets his new ...

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Media 17/12/2005

The Ultimate.

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Media Adobe Photoshop is world renowned for it's uses in magazine and photo editing, it is a program that sets the standards of other applications of this nature and nothing even comes close! I have been using Photoshop, from version 5.5, and the latest version is 7, which is the one I am reviewing. I have been able to see how this application has evolved over the last few years, through it's different releases and give a great opinion on why this is a must have. I have used Photoshop mainly for web page design, it is fairly easy to use, and with the massive online collection of tutorials on how to use this package to create graphic and textures, you will always be able to find a way of doing what you want. This program also comes bundled with another program called Adobe Image Ready, which is a program that is used to utilise images for the web, everything from compressing images, slicing, image rollovers and animations! It is worth a review on it's own. But, for the sake of this review the two go together great for what I do, I design a web page and images in Photoshop and turn it into a web page using the other program. On first look of this application, it looks like your normal image-editing program with a tool bar that you can use. It can be a daunting, but once you start playing around with features and having a basic understanding of the tools, you can then progress to use books or online resources to start creating technical images and layouts. Things I like ... 11/08/2005

Information Technology, Information is a web site for people who have an interest in technology, mainly computer related technology. The latest news can always be found and the updates are very frequent. There is a comprehensive library of reviews, tutorials, news, and information and downloads. It is one of the big boys online for this sort of material. Plus lots of extra features like a price comparison engine and video downloads. My Experience with *************** *************** ********** I first came across while I was looking for desktop wallpaper downloads, and through a search engine one of the links guided me to CNET where information on a download was listed. I always noticed a link in my favourites to this web site but I never used it. When I was doing my course for I.T. this was a great resource for information. I particularly used the tutorials and the download links. The information was precise and the user reviews and ratings honest. The Web Site *************** *************** **** Here is the part of my review that covers's web site as a web site, for example the navigation, design and ease of use. -- Design -- The design is what you would expect for a place this size, it is professional with lots of headings and graphics. It's mainly orange and different shades of yellow with black text, but text colour alternates throughout the design depending on the background. Because of all the different sections of this web site, the ... 10/08/2005

A very wide range of products! is a web site for all your computing needs. The categories of this site are endless and you are sure to find what you are looking for from here! I have used this web site a couple of times now and this is one of my main sources for when ever I am looking something technology wise. My Experience with *************** *************** ***** -- First Contact -- I first heard of from a friend at school, who was building their own computer. They found this web site and were amazed at the great prices. This was before many other sellers started up online. I am always seeing advertisements for this web site in magazines and through other web sites, as this is a great site that stocks near enough everything! -- What did I buy, how much did I pay and why? -- I brought an internal modem, and I paid around £10. This was a few years ago and internal modems were the craze so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and buy one. A colleague of mine is always using this web site for the service that it provides. He doesn't really venture away from it as he knows he will always get a good price (maybe not the best online price) and he knows that he will receive his goods taking a lot of stress out of buying online. -- Postage and Packaging and Delivery times -- Items come well packaged and I received my item within a few days, which is what you should expect with a small item. I have no complaints with delivery time. I'm not sure what the web site ...

Macromedia - Dreamweaver 09/08/2005

The Ultimate Web Page Design Tool

Macromedia - Dreamweaver The creator of Dreamweaver is Macromedia and there slogan is " what the web can be" and the possibilities with this program are quite endless, it's only your imagination that can make the most of this program. This is the ultimate tool in designing your web page. You have your basic features that are included from other designing programs like the opportunity to insert images and create links (which are the very basics of designing web pages). But Dreamweaver comes bundled with lots of other beneficial tools from reference libraries, debugging tools, advanced development tools like cascading style sheets, integration with other Macromedia product like Flash and Fireworks, it's impossible to list everything or even understand it all! And everything can be done through great, inviting graphical user interface! I have been using Macromedia Dreamweaver for about three years, and only decided to make the move after hearing about how good this product was and how it was a leader in it's field. I had been using free web page builders, and once I made the move to this more advanced application is was very daunting. But once using the guides, tutorials and lessons with the product I was able to incorporate previous knowledge and build on it with this program and learn a lot more and created and maintained some great web sites. Things I like most *************** ******* There are plenty of things that I like in Dreamweaver but these are the ones I found and find most ... 09/08/2005

Strange name, decent content's is a portal to all the best downloads available on the net. It is one of the biggest and best sites in it's field with a wealth of information about computer related issues. A great web side that is easy on the eye and very easy to navigate. If you are looking for the latest or most popular downloads, this web site has it's own system that keeps count of downloads for the week, so you won't miss out on what the latest application craze is from spyware removal to games and office suites. With honest user reviews and ratings you can be sure of finding the best possible software for your needs and how well it works! My Experience with *************** *************** ********** On my quest for Simpsons related downloads, I was searching through search engines and one of the links that were listed linked to I hadn't heard of this web site before, but it was one that I would continue to use. I found the user ratings and reviews useful, the files on offer aren't hosted at this web site, but I found that this site has direct links to the creators web site. All downloads are accompanied by a wealth of information, including license fees, the creators description, a tucows reviews and sometimes other users reviews. There is plenty of information available. The Web Site *************** *************** **** Here is the part of my review that covers's web site as a web site, for example the navigation, design and ... 08/08/2005

As stated, Where Technology Means Business is the best web site for computer related issues. It is one of my favourites. The latest information technology news feeds are found on the main page and are always up to date and are added as they are happening. The download area links to thousands of downloads, with ratings, reviews and important information. Business professionals will find this site very useful for the white papers that it offers. To help users with having the most up to date news there is a newsletter service available, with dozens of interesting newsletters available, I am a subscriber to many of them. This web site is my number one source. My Experience with *************** *************** ********** I am a reader of the magazine Computeractive, and while looking at their web site I found that all the latest news and downloads were supplied by, so I had a look at the web site and found it to be very useful. There are plenty of honest reviews on products and downloads. I found out about the newsletters, and I have been a subscriber for over a year, the newsletter give a brief overview of the latest news, but if there is anything of interest I can click the links in the newsletter and read the full story. Another useful newsletter I use is the latest software arrivals and reviews, and with anything of interest can be looked into further by visiting the web site. Zdnet employees add their own views on everything from products to downloads and it is very ...
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