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Cat Attack! 29/12/2003

Strategy for every age

Cat Attack! Hi! My family (4 children : 5,9,11,13 years old) has enjoyed this game so much that, for the first time, I take the time to write a review on the net. Other reviewers will describe the game in details for you. Let's just say that you are a cat and you need to collect 6 items of food and go back home to win the game. So you can play it as such, and the youngest will have just enough with this easy-to-understand principle. My 5-year old plays the game at that level... The game is well designed, attractive, especially the cats which are chubby enough and thus easy to pick and move around the board. There is no money involved in the game, another bonus to avoid difficult math and a too-mercantile type of game.(important for younger ones). To make it more interesting, the game actually offers a good amount of strategy and risk assessment: do not venture too far as you might suffer a raid on your larder, or you can be victim of a cat attack! In addition, you can decide to play with less than the typical 9 lives, or you can decide that there will not be enough mice or birds to catch for everyone. All this makes each game different from the previous one. The game plays in about 60-75 minutes if there are 4 of you. But what I really love about the game is that the more you play, the more subtle the strategies get, the more you find ways to play in a different way. It's also quite revealing of people's personalities too... So I am confident that as the children grow, the game ...
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