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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise 04/11/2008

Cookie Surpise !!!

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise We was looking through the Argos for something different for our daughters 1st birthday. We came across this one and knew that my nephew had one and our daughter loved [playing with it. So off we went to buy one. ~~ Fisher Price Cookie Jar ~~ Made by Fisher Price and well known toy and baby company that have been making toys for donkeys years now. The one we had came in different colours to the one that my nephew had. Ours was very bright yellow with a purple lid with a orange surround and purple bottom. Around the cookie jar is shapes that have been cut out that the shapes goes into. Each hole also has a tiny button on the side so when the shape goes through it plays music and sounds. The shapes are heart, triangle, star, circle and square. The shapes are quite large but this makes it easier for young kids to hold. The shapes are yet more bright colours mainly all primary colours e.g. red, green, yellow, blue and purple. As your little one puts his hand inside the cookie jar there is a tiny sensor just on the rim of the lid as your hand goes by this it will set the cookie jar off singing. There is 2 songs and both are very cheery and In a sweet English women's voice. As she starts to sing the noise lights up red and flicks on and off with silly sounds. When the nose is pressed you also get silly sounds. This has to be the one of the songs that my kids love the best even I like this one. "Would you like some cookies? Here they are Five different ...

Everything that starts with L ... 04/11/2008

Gone But She Will Never Be Forgotten.

Everything that starts with L ... Well as most if not all of you will no by now that Lou aka playgirl27 died on the 18th of December 2006. Well Lou was not just my sister but also a very close friend I would go as far as to say as my best friend I have ever or likely to have again. I thought this may help me to write down how I felt and am feeling now and how I found out that Lou had been cruelly taken from us at such a young age. Before I do start I just want to say a massive thanks to the cards, flowers and messages of support that me and our family have received from people of the internet and the people that even came to say goodbye to Lou Lou. Lou would have been so touched by all of you. You don't have to rate this just read. This is my story. Monday 18th December 2006. As usual I was late up again so I had not heard the phone going off. I got up to see 8 missed calls on my mobile from my hubbys dad. I did think at the time this was strange and only being 8.20 in the morning. Though I went on to do my everyday things breakfast, getting kids dressed and so on. Though something in the back of my mind kept wondering why his dad had rang that many times. He does do that when he wants to have our kids for the weekend or to take them out but not that many times and it only being a Monday. Then I thought no they had only been their this weekend so it could not be that. Then a knock on the door. His dad came round and I knew then that something was wrong very wrong by the look on his ...

Everything that starts with S ... 02/11/2008

Strange But True

Everything that starts with S ... My challenge set by ciao member Jessi A strange challenge set by Jessi from her friend Treley Please take this challenge of weirdness and pass it to your friends. Please message me if you take it, so I can find out your answers! ODD ONES FIRST! 1. If you were a colour what would it be and why? It would have to be blue or black or red as I like them all. But do not really dislike any colour. So I would say techno colours. It's weird and fun and all rolled in to one just like me.. 3. If you were a type of bird what would you be and why? Well I love Cocktails and have a pair myself. I would love to be one. I love their little noises they make. Though best of all they have a better hair cut then me. 5. If you could do one of these things what would it be and why? a) Fly b) Breathe underwater c) Breathe fire Well pointless flying cause you can do that anyway on a plane. So I would love to breath underwater and see everything in the ocean but would love also to breath fire. Think of what you could do. ……………. 7. What is your favourite word and why? Depends What Time of day it is. Morning usually " Quick Out Of Bed Where late For School " Or late evening " Pack it In Beating up Your Sisters " 9. What is your least favourite word and why? That's easy " MUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY " usually means My Little Girl has Been hurt Again. 11. If you could design your bathroom any way you wanted, what would it look like? Well I would ...

Vivid Imaginations Design and Decorate Doodle Bear - Penny 13/09/2008

Washable Bear

Vivid Imaginations Design and Decorate Doodle Bear - Penny The Design and doodle Bear is great for young budding artist and best of all it does wash off simply b placing it in the washing machine. The idea of the bear is that children can draw anything on the bear and anywhere even the little dress and when they have done or even a few months later simply pop it in the washer and it comes out clean and like brand new. Once dry they can start all over again. The bear looks and is about as big as a teddy bear THE PENS. With ours we got 1 blue 1 green 1 red. They are small but also chunky. My daughter has had this since xmas last year and they are still going strong with plenty of life still left in them. CLEANING. Cleaning is easy and is a matter of placing it in the washing machine on a low temp. says nothing about hand washing so unsure on that one. Drying you can do this naturally or place outside. Does clearly state do not place in the dryer. Ours has been washed many of times and still looks brand new. The eyes or nose have or show no signs of coming off yet. THE PRICE. We picked one up from Woolworths and paid around £18 for the one we have. Which is a great bargain. MY THOUGHTS. The best thing about the bear is that it can be easily washable and it's only a matter of placing it in the washing machine. They do dry quickly also. The downside is that they can only be used with the special washable pens though. With the bear we brought we only got 3 small pens. Though you can ...

Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge (DVD) 14/05/2008

Nah Nah Nah Nah

Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge (DVD) Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge DVD Horrid Henry was well known before they even made the programme for CITV. Francesca Simon. Has been doing horrid Henry books for years that are just as good if not better then the programme it self. Though you cant beat a bit of Henry in the afternoon or anytime of the day to where my kids are concern. Horrid Henry is a fictional character created by Francesca Simon and Illustrated by Tony Ross. Who also does the Little Princess books and show. It is also a TV series on CITV .By December, 2006, Horrid Henry had terrorised his parents, teachers, friends, neighbours and even the Queen in seventeen books, most of which had also been released as hugely popular audio books read by actress Miranda Richardson and published by Orion Audio. Chives Audio books released the first two books read by Julia McKenzie. Also, Zubin Varla read Horrid Henry's Holiday (Horrid Henry, chapter 4) only, as part of The Puffin Book of Stories for 7-year olds audio book. As of November, 2006, more than six million Horrid Henry books and audio books in twenty languages had been sold worldwide. In May 2006 the Children's ITV Channel announced that an animated TV series based on the Horrid Henry books had been commissioned from Novel Entertainment. The show can be seen on CITV weekdays and weekends from 9.25 10.00 and weekdays 3.30. Some of that was taken from Henry's life is full of strife: when he's not battling his fearsome class teacher ...

Fisher-Price World Of Little People Pirate Ship 07/04/2008

Ahoy Matey

Fisher-Price World Of Little People Pirate Ship My kids pretty much now have the whole of the Fisher Price Little People range. This is just one of them they have. The best thing about this range is that my daughter plays with the house one moment and the train and the garage the next. My son is the same. Every single set has something different about it and all with those noises and some have music too. Though this one is a let down from the rest that we have. This is one that does not really get played with a lot as there is very few things to do with it unlike the rest of the range. I should say that this is aimed at the younger babies rather then the older ones. WHAT IS THE WORLD OF LITTLE PEOPLE. Well for anyone that does not have kids or just have not seen these sets, then where have you been for the past 5 years !!! Made by Fisher Price they are all individual play sets. Each set has something different about it whether it be the noises the sounds or the music. Each set you will get 2 or 3 little people figures that can be mixed and match with the different sets that are all available through most good toy shop and Argos. With each set you will get a 3 piece train with the train set, 2 cars with this garage and the doll house a load of furniture plus extras. As you can see by now that each set maybe the same name but has a totally different play and fun value to it. Making them fun for kids. Each set has a educational value to it too. WORLD OF LITTLE PEOPLE PIRATE SHIP. The Little People Pirate ...

Vivid Imaginations Fifi Magic Bubble Mower 04/04/2008

Bubbles, What Bubbles !!!

Vivid Imaginations Fifi Magic Bubble Mower We have brought our kids a few of this bubble toys now like Thomas The Tank one so on. Though battery VS Push there really is no contest. I will explain. So When we was looking for the kids Christmas present last year we came across this Fifi Bubble Mo. Our daughter loves Fifi and bubbles so we knew this would be a great hit with her. Well we thought at the time it would. Sadly Its been played with once and like many of the toys it been left in the toy room untouched ever since Christmas. Who Is Fifi And Mo Well for any people that do not know. Fifi And the Flower Tots Is another kids show. Normally on Channel 5 at 8.05 am weekdays. Fifi and her friends live in flower tot garden. Jane Harrocks provides the voice of Fifi. Fifi is always trying o help out her friends around flower tot garden and then forgets what she wants or needs. Mo is Fifi's special car that runs on garbage. Who also helps around flower tot garden. = What Is Magic Bubble Mo. = Magic bubble Mo is a push a long car that you fill up with bubble solution and push along the floor then bubble magically appear out the back of Fifi's car Mo. Yes sounds good don't you think ?? Well in realty it's a push along car called mo that you fill up with the tiny amount of bubble solution that you get = How to fill = This is easy to do. Though once you get the toy set up beware. There is a tiny clear plastic band attached to the yellow bucket that needs to be filled. If you don take ...

Little Tikes Easy Store Basketball Set 07/02/2008

Shoot some hoops anyone ??

Little Tikes Easy Store Basketball Set My kids love to play with balls and throw them around. So we came across this little basket ball set from Little tykes. This seem ideal and big enough for my little boy but also small enough for my daughter to play with as well. WHAT IS THE LITTLE TYKES EASY SCORE ? This is a little basketball set for toddlers from 18 months and onwards. With the set you get a little ball and a large net that comes complete with a stand. It's just like a real basket ball set but this ones for kids. The easy score grows with you child and had 6 different heights ranging from 2 feet to 4. Or some where around there. The base is weighted with sand making this quite secure for kids to play with. The sand does not come with this. You have to buy that separate. Though most places sell this for around £2,50 a bag. The net as I have said is large and over sized making throwing the ball and scoring easier for younger kids. This can be used indoors and outdoors. Though if you don't have a lot of room then probably best to leave it outdoors and just take the net off in bed weather. Though this has to be placed on a flat surface to avoid it tipping over. We have had ours on the patio and the garden and works just as well on both. ASSEMBLY This is no hard task and only takes around 3 minutes to put together. It's only a matter of slotting things together. The net just fixes on with ease. To adjust the heights is simply unclipping the back clips and pulling upwards. ...

Hasbro Baby Alive Wets and Wiggles Doll 03/02/2008

My Baby Is Alive

Hasbro Baby Alive Wets and Wiggles Doll My daughter cant seem to figure out why she has no dangly bits like my son does. Every night at bath time she keeps on saying " My winkles fell off " Why had tired to explain to her that she is a girl and they have different bits to boys but she's only 3 and does not quite understand yet. So we thought maybe we should find her 2 new dolls last Christmas one a boy and another a girl. We found a girl baby born we could not get the boy one anywhere. So looking through the Argos website we came across Baby alive boy and thought this would be prefect. Sadly though she keeps on going around and telling people her winkle has fell off. Can get slightly embarrassing that can. Who is Baby Alive?? Yes this is just another doll. One of many now that my daughter has. Though this comes in boy and girl. Who are brother and sister? As Argos say. There are quite a few dolls out like this that drink water and then can wet themselves. They do all have the same concept at the end of the day. Know really know why they called it Baby Alive as it does not really look like a new born as this one has large alien like eyes. Both the girl and boy do exactly the same thing though they wee different. I am reviewing the baby alive boy. What You Get With Baby Alive. 3 X Disposable Nappies. Rattle Towel Water bottle Baby alive doll ( Batteries supplied ) The Look. Baby alive looks so cute with his little blue hat on and his cute little blue t-shirt that's says ...

Tomy Colour Aquadraw 30/01/2008

No Mess Part 4

Tomy Colour Aquadraw Well yep as soon as September comes so do the toy adverts that seem to take over morning and kids TV. Though one advert always seem to stick in my mind and that's the Aqua Draw adverts. They are quite catchy and once you heard the advert that's it it's stuck in my mind all day long. Anyway every year there seems to be one or two new aqua draw mats out. Last year there was 3 I think. Now Aqua Draw introduce COLOUR, rainbow colours as Tomy says. Ok Ok don't get to excited now !!! The mat is smaller then average Aqua Draw, it's expensive for what it is and it's not what you think. Though you do get more things to use on this mat unlike the other Aqua Draw mats that you can buy. I could not figure this one out. Yet they give you LESS space to draw. = Aqua Draw Rainbow Colour Mat. = The Mat is only 80cm X 75 cm long. You only get half the space to draw on as there is much more pictures around the mat as with the other aqua draw mats. Though at the bottom there is a very cute little cloud on it owns that can be drawn on. As with most of the mats if you pick it up when it's dry and hold it up to the light you can see the colours in the mat. With this colour mat instead of it being just one colour it goes across the mat in strips that are different colours from the rainbow. As you draw on the mat the different colours come alive. There not bright either which was another shame. For example if you draw on the top of the mat you will get a purple colour come ...

Bumbo Baby Seat 23/11/2007

Large Foam Potty.

Bumbo Baby Seat A few years back now well 2 and a half anyway we looked high and low for one of these bumbo chairs. This was when they took the UK b storm I do believe. We got one thought in babies r us. Though the only colour left was Aqua. Which was a nice colour actually. = The Bumbo Chair. = From what I can make out. The Bumbo chair came from South Africa and is one of the most clever inventions yet. Then went onto take America by storm and then the UK by storm a couple of year backs. Today they are still taking the world by storm,. Bumbo is designed so that the baby's own body weight helps to slightly narrow the gap above its legs, which gently keeps your baby in place. especially useful at feeding time, and to allow a younger sibling to watch an older child at play. Now you baby can enjoy a comfy upright position from 4 months or when your baby can support their own head clearly of the ground. Usually around 4 months old. The Marital is soft your baby's own body weight and pressure narrows the gap above your baby's legs slightly so your baby sits comfortably He'll really enjoy the independence to look around and use his hands, plus it can be useful for bonding with an older sibling = The Look. = Well to be honest when mine 1st arrived the box was so cool I never wanted to take it out. The box is bright and multi coloured and massive. The shape of the box comes in a hexane shape. Though If I can remember right there was a carry handle on the ...

Aquadraw Thomas the Tank Engine Aquadraw 23/11/2007

No Mess Drawing

Aquadraw Thomas the Tank Engine Aquadraw Well my son is still building his shrine to Thomas the Tank Engine. He is Thomas mad everything from his bed to his pants to his clothes to more importantly his toys. This is one of many now he has. WHAT IS THE THOMAS AQUA DRAW MAT ? To be really honest this is just like all the other aqua draw mats that you buy now. The only difference with this mat is that all round the edge of the mat has pictures of Thomas and his friends going all the way round. there is Percy, James and Harold and also Thomas of course. The mat measures 90 X 90 cm so as you can tell it's quite large. With this mat you get 1 pen and 1 train track roller. You also get Thomas The Tank. So the aqua part is the pens or roller. This need to be filled with water to use them. Once the pens / roller has gone onto the mat then what ever you draw or write will go green. This will go once the mat has dried To be honest the thing that really got me to buy my son this was the NO MESS part. I thought great what they don't tell you is that the tops are easily removed by toddlers so the water ends up on the floor anyway. PENS & ROLLER The pen is a large and chunky and also brightly coloured mainly red and blue and also yellow. The tip of the pen is large and chunky and white and just looks like a oversized felt tip pen. This does not stop white for long. Around the pen is Thomas and the famous Thomas and friends logo. Filling the pens could not be easier. To do this simply unscrew the lid ...

Flair Gazillion Bubble Machine 12/11/2007

I Am Forever Blowing Bubbles !!

Flair Gazillion Bubble Machine When my son had his birthday party last year we wanted something different for the younger kids to go alongside the bouncy castle that we had hired. We came across two bubble machines from Argos. Argos one looked bigger and better then the other one but thought we would stick with a well known branded one as we thought this would be better quality. = The Gazellion Bubble Machine = As far as I know this only comes in two different colours. The green and purple and yellow and the pink and grey one. We could only get the pink and grey one which actually went down quite well at boys birthday party. Though is he'd been a couple of years older I cant see this going down well at tall. The bubble machine is quite small and light weight then I expected but still you get many of bubbles. The machine measures 8.25 in x 7.75 in x 5.5 in. There's a nice little carry handle on the top. The handle is also made of thin plastic but is also quite sturdy at the same time. Looking inside the bubble machine is the wands that are already attached on. Then the fans that are under the wands and are quite well hidden. Though even if your children have small enough fingers to stick through the holes then they wont get hurt because once the lid is lifted then the fans cut out straight away. Making them very safe. This has to be one of the safest bubble machines I have known or read out. The battery compartment is underneath the bubble machine and you will need a screwdriver to ...

House Of Wax (DVD) 07/11/2007

House Of Wax

House Of Wax (DVD) House of Wax features a cast apparently chosen from their headshots rather than any particular ability or connection to the material. Loosely remade from the Vincent Price classic, Paris Hilton herself says this film's major improvement is that "The original didn't really have a hot cast." Says it all really !! Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, This is his 1st film that he has done. In my opinion he's done a good job. The main plot is a group of teenagers on a road trip to go see a football game the next game. Of course they have to camp out in the middle of know where. This is when strange things happen. Though I would have like to have seen more strange things happen. Like kill Paris off in the 1st few minutes would have been nice. Of course with most teen horror the car breaks down and of course they have to go and find a garage. This is when they come across a very strange and quiet town. There is one person about and another 2 hidden but that is it. This is when they come across the garage owner that is in the church who they think is at a funeral !! So off they go to explore until he's done. Little by little they start to realise that the town is full of dead people that are covered in wax and placed in a display from house to shops to the church. Creating a wax museum. One by one the friends are picked off to be relived their own wax density. With a few extra twists along the way. The best bits of the film for me personally are when Paris gets a spike ...

Weight Watchers Double Chocolate Chip Cookies 04/11/2007

♥ Diet What Diet ♥

Weight Watchers Double Chocolate Chip Cookies I am not on no heath kick or am I trying to lose to weight but I do love my chocolate biscuits and cookies and I really don't care how much fat there is in them also calories. Well they are treats at the end of the day. I see these today in my local spar shop and knew that I had not had these before I thought I would give them ago as I had tried a few other weight watchers products that had been nice in the past. So I thought why not. I mean what's the worst that could happen !! They could be horrible. Though they are nice but unfortunately I got 2 cookies as the rest of the family ate them. So they went down well. ♥ Packaging ♥ The box is made of cardboard and this also can be recycled as there is a green dot on the box. It's ok I recycle most things and do look for things that can be recycled to things that can't. I tend to buy more recycled products that none you can't. The 1st thing you notice about the box is how bright it is with the white pretty much covering the box. It sounds out quite well when they are on the shelf's. Then it's the brown and blue that covers the bottom and sides that also sticks out quite well. As you would except there is Weight Watchers in bold blue letters on the front of the box with a nice little green and yellow symbol on. The Chocolate Chip Cookies words are written in a brown colour in big letters then underneath that you have the 6 individually wrapped portions of 2 cookies in small Grey letters. You have the ...
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