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Nou Camp - Barcelona F.C., Barcelona 10/06/2015

Impressive stadium, disappointing tour

Nou Camp - Barcelona F.C., Barcelona I visited in April 2015 and was really looking forward to it. I am a teacher and took a group of 30 x 16 year olds. The tour costs 18 euros each. We travelled there by coach and there were plenty of spaces for coaches, although I didn't see the parking for cars. The stadium is located outside of the city centre so if you are staying centrally you will need to arrange transport. However the stadium is serviced by frequent and reliable public transport as well as organised tours you can book via your hotel. I have been on lots of other stadium tours including Wembley and stade de France and was expecting something similar. You can't deny that the stadium was impressive but the tour was very disappointing. I was expecting a guide but no such luck. You are encouraged to buy a guide book and trail round the stadium along with thousands of others (a one way system). We weren't allowed access to home changing rooms and found it difficult to get quality photographs. This was because wherever you were there were hundreds of others in the shot! A bit more information on the website would have been useful so I fully understood what I had booked. The museum was good with a historical display of Barcelona's trophies and accomplishments over the years. I I would have loved some information on the various trophies and articles in the museum from a real person rather than a small notice in an extremely brightly lit cabinet. Most of the staff seemed to be in the very large gift shop at the ...

Dudley Zoo, Dudley 10/06/2015

A good family day out

Dudley Zoo, Dudley The zoo is located in Dudley, West Midlands, which is approximately 10 miles outside of Birmingham. It is a medium size zoo with a castle in the very centre, which is clearly visible for miles around (makes it much easier to locate the attraction). There is ample parking, I have never had an issue finding a space! Parking charges do apply however and you do have to pay a daily charge so make sure you have change (payable at pay station issuing tickets in car park). Last visit this cost £3 The zoo have a variety of animals big and small including giraffes, primates, lions, seal ions, Penguins, and flamingos. Smaller animals include a meet the critters (spiders, reptiles, furry friends) and the farm yard animals (pigs, chickens, ducks, goats). The zoo have done a lot over recent years to improve the attraction for visitors. They recently refurbished the iconic stairlift, which brings back memories from childhood. The zoo used to be known for concrete enclosures but they have worked hard to move away from this. The leemar enclosure is a must and allows visitors to get up close to the furry little monkeys. The zoos farm corner is great for little kids and big kids! Make sure you time it right so that you get there when they are open otherwise you can only view from the fence rather than going into the courtyard. There are many animals to see. Make sure you take a picnic, the food in the cafe by the castle is over priced and not great. Make sure you have money for ice cream ...
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