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since 06/10/2004


Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) 31/07/2009

Entertainment centre OR decide!

Creation Vs Evolution 01/05/2009

The tree of life!

Creation Vs Evolution Evolution v Creation This debate is getting long in the tooth now and while the arguments continue, work on establishing the truth has become ambiguous. I will not discuss creationism in any way in this review because religious texts are freely available to everyone, and anyone who wishes to believe these is welcome to do so. Data on evolutionary processes, fossil records, microbiological evidence and a map of the evolutionary tree of life however is much more difficult to come by. I will therefore focus my efforts in this area. This begs the question, why is evolutionary evidence so hard to come by. Is it because the scientists are trying to pull the wool over our eyes? Or is it because it simply does not exist. Another explanation is that some evidence does exist but this evidence is so weak and full of holes that it has not been put forward willingly by those responsible. I have heard many plausible ideas in evolutionary theory and recently the television has been full of programs about Charles Darwin. These programs seem to be telling us that evolution is now virtually a fact and not a theory. On the face of it, natural selection or "survival of the fittest" does seem to be at work in practice and you might even have been the victim of this in the real world. Furthermore, we do see a vast array of life which does appear to be adapted to its environment very well. If we consider dogs, we know there are hundreds if not thousands of different breeds and that they can all ...

Everything that starts with G ... 17/03/2008

All that glisters is not gold!

Everything that starts with B ... 19/10/2007

Black Cabs - London

Everything that starts with C ... 13/07/2007

CRT versus LCD televisions

TomTom GO 500 04/07/2006

Never get lost again.

Johnson & Johnson 1 Day Acuvue 23/04/2006

Finally got the soft lenses I always wanted.

Tristar Lateral Thigh Trainer 17/08/2005

Up and Down...ooh errr mrs

Bid -up tv 20/05/2005

Bidding is easy.

Beconase Hayfever Spray 25/04/2005

There must be a catch!

Renault Megane 1.6 Coupe 11/10/2004

Great value car.

Collateral (DVD) 07/10/2004

All in a nights work!

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