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since 09/04/2001


Arai Quantum/f Helmet 09/04/2001

The best Head Protection Money can buy

Arai Quantum/f Helmet I bought myself an Arai Quantum/f helmet about 6 weeks ago. In my opinion, it was £400 well spent. Go for the Crafar Rep, they don't seem to be so common. If you wan't a black visor, visit, they can ship you one in a couple of days. The helmet is comfortable, easy to get on, and great at reducing the wind noise I experienced with my old Nolan helmet. Just watch out your mates don't try and steal it from you! To keep clean, I use a bit of furniture polish on a cloth, although I don't know if the manufacters would recommend this. ...

Honda CBR600F4 09/04/2001

Probably the best 600cc bike on the Planet!

Honda CBR600F4 I bought my 2000 model CBR600 in June of ..... 2000! Well, its been the best fun i've had on 2 wheels, and i've had a few bikes. I am only 5'7" and so reaching the ground on the CBR is a bit of a struggle, but once you have got used to that throwing the mere 174kg around the twisties is second to none. I have 2 friends that also own the same bike. I would recommend it to anyone. The only improvement I made was the addition of an aftermarket end can - get a Scorpion, from Scorpion Motorsport of Manchester (number from

Nokia 6210 Navigator 09/04/2001

Not Very Impressed

Nokia 6210 Navigator I was given a Nokia 6210 by BT when my old 7110 broke down. I have to say that I am not very impressed. I have lost some of the features that I had on the 7110, and it keeps crashing on a regular basis when using the games feature. I have also suffered with the Semi-Installed Car Kit - basically the only people that make one for the 6210 is ORA, and the one they sent me didn't work properly. Not a very good start...... That said, the battery life and call clarity are very good, and it has a nice loud ringer. I would rate it a middle of the range phone. If your looking for a business phone, its fine, but if you want if for anything else i'd shop around a bit further! ...
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