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18 20/11/2000

Has this site been tested New site, new look, very nice. It's a shame it now works like a dog. I only joined Ciao a few weeks ago and was quite happy with it. It worked well, I was writing and reading opinions, everyone was earning money and I was enjoying life. Now, what have you done Ciao? The new look site looks fabulous. The circle of friends idea will no doubt help everyone build up a group culture and earn more money because of it. BUT, and here it comes, why have you messed around with the workings of the site which now make it horrible to use and impossible in some senses for me to earn money. For example, I wrote a few articles on different albums by Prince before the site changed. Now, on the NEW LOOK site, go to Entertainment, Music, Albums, Rock & Pop, Artists M-P, Prince and you are told that the product is not found. What the hell is this all about? Why have it listed if it doesn't exist? I have written an e-mail to Ciao about this but haven't, so far, received a reply. Sort it out soon Ciao or more people will become annoyed and frustrated and decide to leave. This will make it very difficult for you to make your money. ...

Controversy (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Prince 15/11/2000

A Mixed Bag with some Belters

Controversy (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Prince Looking back, Controversy really doesn't seem to fit as the album realised before 1999. You really wonder where 1999 came from after this. But why should we be surprised? Prince has been doing this all his career. Controversy is a good album but not one of Prince's best.(In my opinion). Some of the tunes are absolute belters, some are nothing more than funky fillers. The title track is a good one and I still enjpy listening to it today. The sands of time have been fairly kind to this. The track of the album,as far as I'm concerned, is the beautiful kinky love song, 'Do me Baby'. It is a wonderful song to listen to and even better to be romantic too. Prince thumps out a heavy beat and repeats how he wants his baby to do him over and over. It is Prince's equivalent to Madonna's 'Justify my love'. 'Private Joy' is a song about Prince masturbating and is enjoyed for it's funny undertones. The rest of the album has it's merits but also doesn't set the world alight. Good try Prince, but as we see later, you can do much better. ...

Dirty Mind - Prince 15/11/2000

Dirty Indeed

Dirty Mind - Prince Dirty Mind is a very dirty album. Prince goes overboard singing about absolutely anything sexual he can think of. The title track is a corker and sets the album off nicely, sort of lulling you into a false sense of security before he hits you with the really disgusting stuff. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the lyrical content of these songs, most of the time it seems to be with such humour that it really couldn't offend, but I think you should be aware before buying. The second song on the album, 'When you were mine', could be described as one of the greatest pop tunes ever written, and not just by Prince. It is absolutely fabulous, and doesn't date a day since 1980 when it was released. This could be reason enough for buying this album. The next stound out song is track 6, 'Head'. I will leave it up to your own imagination what the song is about but it leaves nothing much to the imagination. Track 7 is 'sister', a song about incest. Nuff said. Overall, the album is a good one. Tremendous songs with tremendous lyrics, even if they are somewhat crude. ...

Around the World in a Day - Prince 15/11/2000

Psychedelic Sounds

Around the World in a Day - Prince Around the World in a Day is yet another different type of album by Prince, the man of many faces. This album followed Purple Rain and everyone was expecting more of the same. How wrong they were. This was the point of his career where he was at the top; the easy thing would've been to produce another Purple Rainesque album and everyone would've gone home happy. Oh no, that was too easy for Prince. What he actually came up with was a mixture of Beatle-ish LCD consuming pyschedelic rantings and some extraordinary hard rock tunes. The album still managed to produce a fantastic single in 'Raspberry Beret' but did little to enhance Prince's reputation on the majority of the record buying public. Special mention should be made of 'Paisley Park', the real hippy sounding tune of the album, 'The Ladder', a gospelly epic song that only Prince could seem to get away with and the hauntingly weird yet beautiful 'Condition of the Heart'. This isn't Purple Rain II but a new look on life. Not for everyone's taste though. ...

BBC Radio 1 14/11/2000

Varied Presenters, Varied Music

BBC Radio 1 Radio 1 is the radio station that comes up automatically when I start my car and it doesn't waver from there too much. I find that they have very nearly found the right balance of music and presenters throughout the day. They've also improved beyond belief at the weekends. Sara Cox is now the morning show presenter and she is fresh and funny and has the huge benefit of not being Zoe Ball. She has brought a bit of actual talent to the show and can be hilarious at times. More importantly for a breakfast show she is very rarely annoying, something Zoe managed all too often. A special mention here for Scott Mills who looks after Sara's show when she is on holiday. Scott, Fantastic mate. Simon Mayo kicks off at 9am and is one of the longest serving DJs left at the station. He has managed to stay because he has a wicked sense of humour and some fantastic parts to his show, especially the Film quiz. Jo Whiley takes over from Simon and this is the only real down point of the day. She can be O.K. at best but too often comes across as a total muso who can't stand anyone not into the type of music she is. She does have some good guests though and on the whole does a decent job of getting something interesting out of them. Up next are Mark and Lard, the stations afternoon stalwarts who, unless you've heard them before, can come across as very weird folk. Once you get used to them they can be the most wonderful listening. Their sense of humour is a bit wayward at times but ...

American History X (DVD) 14/11/2000

Shocking and Thought Provoking

American History X (DVD) Are you ready for this film? Be prepared to be left sat in your seat in a state of shock after the films ended. It hits you hard and then comes back for more. Don't get the wrong impression straight away, this isn't just a violent film. It is violent in places, unbelievably so in one, but it is the underlying message that is the important factor here. Ed Norton plays a Neo Nazi with an amazing sense of hatred and violence rarely seen at the cinema. His portrayal leaves you feeling cold. He has the look of an insane man. This is helped by the fact that the character he is playing is a well educated man. This film shows how one man can go from being a hater of all things non-white to being a respectful, honest and charming man. It doesn't leave much to the imagination in any scene where it has to make a point. Saying this, you never feel like you are being preached to, as you watch this film. You understand what is going on but just can't believe it. The younger brother of Ed Norton is also well played and watching Ed trying to unteach his brother all he had taught him before he got jailed makes for some great scenes. This is a thought provoking movie and one that should be seen. It has a good message and enough shocking scenes to make you think about it for some time to come. ...

The Long Walk - Stephen King 14/11/2000

Truly Brilliant

The Long Walk - Stephen King The Long Walk is one of the Bachman books. It can be bought along with The Running Man, The Rage and Roadwork as the compliation 'The Bachman Books'. The Long Walk stands out from the rest of the stories and rates at the top of all King's wonderful stories. The Long Walk is about a competition for young men to enter where they have to keep walking. They have to walk above a certain speed and if they don't and get warned three times they are then shot dead. This isn't really a horror but more a descriptive delight in the discovery of human feelings. King will make you laugh and cry within a page. He has surely rarely bettered his tension building than in this book. The characters involved are varied and are all intriguing. The way in which King introduces them all and then says farewell to each one that is killed is marvellous. Not all people are fans of King's writing style but I would seriously ask them to consider reading this masterpiece. ...

FHM 14/11/2000

Better than the rest

FHM I have been buying FHM for quite a while now. It's not only a lad's mag although that is obviously where it is mostly aimed at. It can bridge the gap quite often and my wife reads it just as much as I do. FHM is not Loaded. Loaded comes across as a total Lad's mag with the sense of humour of a 13 year old with the usual hormone inbalance. FHM can have it's immature moments, but because it's only every now and then they can be quite amusing. What FHM does well is combine the lad's side with greatly written articles on many serious subjects. FHM has humour, a lot of it, and most of it can make you chuckle without resorting to the Loaded level. FHM is more for your 20 to 35 year old, it's enjoyable if you just want to look at the pictures (they have some fantastic photo shoots with some of the top female stars), but the real enjoyment comes from reading it cover to cover. The readers letters are amusing, the stories are cringeworthy and side-splitting, the real life interviews can be very hard hitting and as said before, the women are gorgeous. FHM is now an institution and I hope it continues for a long while yet. ... 13/11/2000

Good, but could be a whole lot better is the web prescence of Sky, the satellite company that provides the cutting edge in television programming. I have Sky digital and am very impressed, more than can be said for their website. First things first, this is not a bad website, far from it. If you want lots of information then this is the place to go. News, Sport etc... is all there and they have some in depth articles in places. The problem is it never seems to go far enough. The navigation round the site is adequate but could be so much better. It is not truly obvious where you need to go to get the information you need, if it is there at all. Why, when it so good at Sports on the television can it not provide live scores for all sports via it's website? It manages it on it's teletext and on screen but not via the web. Is this the incentive to buy Sky Tv? Surely this company could do more, make a name for themselves on the web as well as on the TV. They need to go the extra mile to make it a must have site. At the moment it joins a hundred of other sites that can give you so much, does it want to be the only one that can give you all you want? Sky, you must have the facilities and the staff to obtain such a web prescence, have you got the ambition? I hope so. ...

Anbesol Liquid 13/11/2000

This helps, a lot.

Anbesol Liquid How can you make teething more of an enjoyable experience for your child? Sorry, nothing mouch you can do about it. Teething hurts, and it hurts your child a lot. The only thing you can do is care for your child and try and help him at least be comfortable. This is where Anbesol comes in. This liquid, which comes in a small bottle, is a huge help in trying to placate your child. It numbs the child's gums enough to help him fall asleep or at least stop sobbing. It is very easy to apply, a little on the finger and then dabbed on the affected part of the mouth. You can actually see the child becoming more settled quite quickly. Anbesol is not too expensive and proves to be a very valuable addition to your child's medicine cabinet. I recommend it without question. ...

Las Vegas 13/11/2000

Great for about 4 days

Las Vegas Las Vegas, what a sight. As we drove in late at night the views of all the neon flashing was quite breathtaking. The size of the hotels is incredible and the hustle and bustle sweeps you off your feet. That is all before you've even got out of the car, that's when the fun really begins. Most of the hotels have themes and provide great entertainment in themselves. The rides and rollercoasters, the wonderful architecture and amazing displays all are worth visiting. The highlights of these being the rollercoaster around New York New York, the vertical shoot ride on the top of the Stratosphere (only if you don't mind heights), the volcano eruption in front of the Mirage and the Pirate battle in front of Treasure Island. Every hotel provides something. Of course, every hotel also provides a casino. The casinos are large, very large, and lavish. Gambling is made easy in Vegas. Want any help on how to play Craps, it's all here. After all, once you know how to play you can start losing money. Fruit machines galore in all the hotels. Play one and wait for the waitress to ask if you want a drink. Order what you like and then tip her 50c when she brings it to you. Very cheap. Vegas is weird. It's not like a proper town or city, it revolves so much around the casinos nothing else seems to exist. It is fun and exhilarating but can get too much after a while. There is only so much gambling you can do (If you have the same budget as we did). It is definitely worth a visit ...

Tottenham Hotspur 13/11/2000

Graham, Your Time is Up

Tottenham Hotspur George Graham, please, please, please, go now. The club is in a downward spiral that looks impossible to get out of. We have a chairman that wouldn't even fork out for a hotdog at half time, let alone a decent midfielder, and we have a manager that finds many things to blame for his team's poor performance. George, you are starting to sound like Alex Ferguson. Stop it now. Why can't you admit that week in week out our players take to the field with no passion and very little creativity and look like fish out of water? Is this your fault? I think so. If you cannot motivate the players then maybe it's time to go. And on your way out take Sugar with you and tell him to sell to the highest bidder. Of course, even if someone came in with a reasonable offer Sugar would ask for twice as much because all he's ever wanted to do is make a huge profit from this club. George, you have average players, on the whole, to work with, but average players with no passion make a very poor team, which sadly, I think we are looking like at the moment. I am used to not being consistent in the league, looking great one week and rubbish the next but not all the time. George, grab your bags, your finished. ...

World Championship Snooker (PlayStation) 09/11/2000

Bored to Tears

World Championship Snooker (PlayStation) I was quite excited about buying this game. Sounds sad doesn't it. After all, how exciting can snooker be, played on the playstation? Well, after seeing the adverts for it and reading the reviews I thought this would be the game to convert snooker into a video game wonder. Wrong!!! This game is, on the whole, a decent game. It's gameplay is average and the idea is O.K. The main problem that I found with the game was that the graphics were extremely poor. Why? You only have to look at some of the fantastic games out there, the Tomb Raiders and the Metal Gear Solids, and think why can't you get a snooker table to look good? Also, you have to sit there and watch the computer player knock in a break of 100 odd, how boring. Can't they just show highlights of the break or something? The playability is O.K. but the longevity of the game is not going to go far beyond a week. All in all, I thought the game looked like a hurried together, non-thought out, amateur piece of software. I would expect more from a piece of shareware on the PC. Come on Codemasters, you can do better than this, can't you? ... 09/11/2000

Quality Information Easily Laid Out I visited this site becuase I had read the paper version and wanted to see what they had to offer on-line. I was very impressed. Why would I need to buy the paper again? This was fantastic. The level of information about every race including statistics on every horse, jockey and course just cannot be beat. If information is power then I should really be bashing the bookies after reading this site. The comments about sports betting are very useful and very true on the whole. My favourite part is the spotlight feature on each race where it gives you a short piece about each horse and even gives you the jockeys silks. It gives you news about forthcoming race meetings and the big races. It includes everything a punter needs to know before commencing battle with the bookie. Here's hoping Racing post keep up with this excellent website and that it gives me the information to win lots of money. If you are looking for the edge then look no further than ...

Virgin Holidays 09/11/2000

Made to Feel Special

Virgin Holidays My wife and I wanted to get married abroad as we didn't want the hassle. We decided to go with Virgin because we had heard good things about them. They certainly didn't disappoint. They bettered our expectations by some way. Everything they did for us made us feel special. We had arranged to fly to San Francisco, stay for a week, drive to Las Vegas where we'd stay for 5 nights and then fly to Hawaii for 10 nights where we would get married 2 days before we flew back. This was obviously a holiday of a lifetime and one we had saved ages for and looked forward to for even longer. It was also our wedding and honeymoon rolled into one. We arrived in San Francisco after a very pleasant flight where the food had been extremely enjoyable and the staff polite. The entertainment on the flight was the usual top notch Virgin seat TVs. Our hotel room in San Francisco was upgraded by Virgin as we were on our honeymoon and it was unbelievable. We found ourselves with a roof garden and a large room with kitchen. Much more than we had bargained for. The reps in San Francisco were friendly and helpful without being too pushy. We had to cancel one trip as my wife was ill and they refunded all our money with no fuss at all. We had sorted the car hire through Virgin and there were no problems at all. We arrived in Las Vegas to be told we had been upgraded again. The room was again wonderful and the service of the reps was one of discreet politeness. The reps in Hawaii were very ...
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