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LIFX Smart Light Bulb 06/10/2017


LIFX Smart Light Bulb My husband is very keen on technology and over the past two years has built a small collection of home technology products, his aim eventually is to have as much of our home "smart" and connected to other devices but the products are so expensive that this is going slower than he hoped. We have Alexa, I don't use it very often because I don't feel comfortable talking to objects in the house when I'm in on my own but my husband and our teenage son have taken to this new technology well and it does help them in their day to day lives. We have had our LIFX Smart Light Bulb for about six months, it cost £55.99 when my husband bought it and the price is now £49.99 so it's still very expensive for a single light bulb. It's a good thing to have at home, ours is in the living room and I like the relaxing effect but our son has said he'd like one and we also have a much younger daughter who will also want one of these bulbs if she see one in her brother's bedroom. So before my husband has had the chance to look at the other high tech smart home products he could easily spend £200 - £300 just replacing the light bulbs around the house! The light bulb works through wifi and part of the set up instructions includes downloading an app for your phone or tablet and also connecting the bulb to Alexa, or whatever control system you are using. It works with Hive and other brands but you should check before buying a LIFX light bulb that it definitely works with the system you have installed, ...

Hama Beads 3,000 Beads in a Tub Pastel Mix 12/09/2017


Hama Beads 3,000 Beads in a Tub Pastel Mix My daughter loves to play with Hama beads and make her own designs that she then gets me to iron so that they are made permanent and can be used as ornaments or even keyrings or hair decorations. She had some of the Hama sets but it didn't take her long to learn how to design and make her own creations, that was when it started being cheaper to buy the tubs of Hama beads because she wasn't making use of the sets and just wanted the beads out of them to make her own things. She's only 5 but now can make a lot of things by watching videos on You Tube, she is always supervised and I have control of who she watches and I recommend this as a very good way to get Hama inspiration because there are so many easy to follow videos on there that there's no need to buy books or download patterns from other websites. I bought her some beads for her birthday, these pastel ones and the brighter rainbow mix. The offer was two tubs for £10 so I saved about £2 because the 3000 bead tubs are usually £6 each. It's obvious looking at the two tubs side by side that these are pastel colours, in the other tub you have primary colours plus green, black and purple but in the pastel set there are light pinks, green, baby blue, lilac and lemon. There are two different pinks and my daughter has found these good for using as skin tones when she is making human characters. You use a peg board with the beads and place the beads onto the board to create your design. Designs can be made permanent by ...

Michael Kors Wonderlust Body Wash 11/09/2017


Michael Kors Wonderlust Body Wash I won my 100ml bottle of Wonderlust body wash in a tombola at the hospice near where I live, I only know about Michael Kors vaguely so didn't know how much the body wash cost until I sat down to write about it and now I know it would have cost me £15 to buy I'm even more appreciative of my small 50p initial outlay for three tombola tickets! It's a very nice body wash that gives me plenty of lather as I'm washing, I use mine in the shower but like any body wash you can use it for spot washing at the sink or in the bath. I think body wash is wasted when you use it in the bath because it just ends up going into the bath water and this is much more expensive than the shower gel and body wash products I usually buy so I'm trying to make it last for as long as possible. It smells floral, there is a Wonderlust perfume but I haven't smelled that so don't know how well the two of them compare. This does smell more like perfume than shower gel so I think they would probably match very well, I like the scent but would not choose to buy such a heavily perfumed body wash like this myself because I prefer softer smells such as cherry or cotton fragrances for when I'm showering and then I have the option of adding perfume if I want to. I do not wear perfume every day and when I do wear it it is not usually a very strong perfume, this Wonderlust body wash lingers for quite a long time after my shower and for at least half an hour is stronger than the perfume I would wear on a normal week ...

Feber Dareway 30/08/2017


Feber Dareway My husband bought our daughter a Feber Dareway for her 5th birthday because she'd seen people on Segways in the park and kept talking about it. We like encouraging our two children to play outdoors but our daughter is not as naturally active as her brother was at that age, she can easily be encouraged to play outside but prefers to be doing something and loves to play on exciting new toys like this. The Dareway was made to be a 12 volt version of a Segway and is for children from three years and older with the maximum age given as eight. My daughter isn't very tall for her age and I always think the Dareway looks a bit too big for her but as long as the child can reach the single curved handlebar they will be able to use it. Me and my husband put the Dareway together and it wasn't an easy task because some of the screws are in very inaccessible places, my husband had to go out and buy a very short screwdriver so that we could have it ready for our daughter when she got up the next morning but even then it was hard to reach inside to do some of the screws up fully. It took about three hours to put the Dareway together, not including the time my husband spent trying to find somewhere that was open to buy a specific screwdriver from at 7pm on a Friday night! My disappointment in the product began while we were assembling it because it hadn't looked as plastic as it felt when we watched the adverts and looked at the online photos of it. There was some charge in the battery but ...

Lego City 60048 Police Dog Unit 17/08/2017


Lego City 60048 Police Dog Unit My son is a teenager who is almost a man now, he loves Lego and has done since he was a little boy so I'm not very surprised that now he earns his own money and buys presents himself that he often treats his little sister to a Lego set. She has quite quite a lot of Lego now and even though she doesn't enjoy it as much as her brother did at that age there's always something for her to play with in her Lego corner! He bought her the Police Dog Unit a few months ago but she didn't open the box until recently when it rained for three days and she couldn't go out to play in the garden. The Police Dog Unit set is made up of 273 Lego pieces and it is part of the Lego City range of sets that can be played with together to make up a whole city of Lego buildings, vehicles and mini figures. You make everything yourself by following the instructions, the thing that takes the longest time is the hideout because you have to build that and even though it's a square building there are things like staircases and periscopes to add so it is more complicated than it looks. The children worked on this set together because she needed some help first of all in building the police dog van but once my son starts playing with Lego he can never stop so he carried on helping her until this set was finished. Even though this is quite a small Lego set with less than 300 pieces there is lots to do when you're building it and also when children are playing it after they've made it. When my daughter plays ...

Dyson Supersonic 06/07/2017


Dyson Supersonic A SUPERSONIC HAIRDRYER I won my Dyson Supersonic hairdryer in a competition on Facebook earlier this year, if I hadn't won it I would never have owned one because these hairdryers cost £299 and that is a lot more than I usually pay for a Bayliss or even a supermarket own brand hairdryer! My hair is quite thick so when I wash it even though I like to let it dry as naturally as possible I have to use a hairdryer most times, especially now I'm working and don't have as much free time for myself as I once did. When I read about this hairdryer I found out that it was made to be kind to the hair and would also dry hair faster because of a faster air flow than most other hairdryers. I don't think it dries my hair any faster than when I've used a much cheaper hairdryer but I like the way this one doesn't make my hair feel overheated and the hot air doesn't make my scalp burn and feel uncomfortable as very often happens for me when I use a hairdryer. Even when it's in the best condition my hair is never very shiny and I haven't noticed very much difference since I started using this Dyson hairdryer, I have noticed that my hair is easier to style recently but I think that is a combination of using this expensive hairdryer and also growing out an awkward layered style that was causing me problems. For the moment I have been wearing my hair up but now it's grown a bit I've started experimenting with different styles and the smooth finish this hairdryer leaves my hair with helps me to ...

Draper Garden Hose Reel Cart 03/07/2017


Draper Garden Hose Reel Cart My husband bought our garden hose reel on wheels from a car boot sale several summers ago, at that time I did not know that these reels were available without the hose and I thought it was a funny thing to buy because to be it seemed like he had bought half of an item! I didn't know you had to buy the hose separately, and I didn't know he already had a very long hose in the shed so had bought this so he could use that hose. The cart is to be used with hosepipes that do not already have a holder and the best thing is that it's on wheels so you can pull out as much pipe as you need and wheel the cart around the garden instead of having metres of hosepipe kinking up along the ground. When you first wind your hosepipe onto the cart you have to push the end through a small gap so that you can connect it to the tap, we have got two outside taps in our back garden and I am pleased to say that the cart works well with both of them. My husband chose our hosepipe to fit our 12mm diameter standard garden hose, it can also be used to hold larger diameter pipes but you will not be able to put the full 60 metres onto the reel like we can with ours. The bigger diameter pipes are held just as securely but it is obvious that there will not be as much room to reel the garden hose up for storage. When my husband is hosing the garden now all he has to do is pull a length of hose from the reel and then he can wheel the rest around without undoing it all. The wheels are only small so it wheels ...

Find Me A Gift Big Hug Heart Cushion 12/06/2017


Find Me A Gift Big Hug Heart Cushion When my son was a toddler he was very loving and the phrase he kept repeating over and over again was "Big Hug", it turned into a catchphrase and eventually a lot of our family and friends were repeating it as an in joke. Now my son is a teenager we still say it, it doesn't embarrass him because he's a confident boy and I know he's pleased that we all remember his childhood with such fondness, he made me smile two years ago on my birthday when he bought me this Big Hug Heart Cushion from the Find Me A Gift website. It was one of the first thing he bought with his own money from a Saturday job he had at that time, it cost about £15 and even though that's a lot for one cushion it's a high quality item that holds unintentional special meanings for me and my son. It's a heart shaped cushion with arms coming off each side for the Big Hug. It's not such a novelty that you can wrap the arms around yourself but you can see straightaway from the design that it is a product that promotes a loving and warm feeling. The arms get in the way sometimes if you use the cushion actually in the home but they're stuffed firmly like the cushion so once you get the cushion into a comfortable position they won't poke into your back or fold up on themselves awkwardly. I use my Big Hug cushion decoratively on a footstool in the lounge, it is comfortable to use as a cushion but we have a set on our sofas and this one looked too much like a novelty cushion and didn't fit in with the decor. I also ...

Hasbro Trolls Hug 'N Plush Branch 08/06/2017


Hasbro Trolls Hug 'N Plush Branch My daughter watched the Trolls movie last year and talked about it to our extended family so much that I was not surprised when she got some Trolls toys for her birthday. This one was given to her by her auntie and it's Branch, one of the main heroes from the Trolls movie. This toy is about 10 inches tall and looks like Branch does in the movie. It's a plush toy with the shock of fluffy hair that you think of when you think about the old Trolls toys that used to be available, I had lots of those because I used to collect them and the feel of the hair hasn't changed very much even though now it's a lot easier to keep tidy because the quality of the hair feels better. The age recommended for this toy is 3 years plus but I think if your three year old child is still at the stage of putting things in their mouths then you should wait for a while as fibres of the hair come unattached sometimes. The hair is stuck firm to the Trolls head but a child biting it or sucking the hair might encourage the fibres to become looser and a choking hazard. The toy is stitched together very well and the arms, legs and head are all attached to the body firmly. My daughter has played with Branch a lot and he very often is invited to her regular tea parties, she also carries this toy around the house and it has become one of her favourite toys to play with and hold so I think it's a good sign that it will last for as long as my daughter wants it to. I like how soft and cuddly the Branch Troll is ...

Hotel For Dogs (DVD) 08/04/2017


Hotel For Dogs (DVD) HOTEL FOR DOGS My daughter saw this DVD at a sale organised by her nursery last year, it was only 50p and she loves dogs and puppies so even though she was only three years old then I bought it for her. I was surprised straight away because she watched it and loved it so much that she has watched it at least another 50 times since then! It's a U so is suitable for all children but because it had real actors in it I didn't think my daughter would enjoy it so much as she liked cartoon animated movies up until she first saw this. Hotel For Dogs was released in 2009. On today the DVD of Hotel For Dogs costs £2.72 for a new copy or used copies are available for 1p with postage on top. I think this is the sort of DVD you will find at car boot sales or in charity shops so it is worth looking around if you do not mind a second hand copy and as long as you're not in any rush to watch it. The 50p that I paid has been worth it because my daughter loves the movie and has watched it so many times that I think it is one of the best bargains I bought through the whole of last year. PLOT Andi and Bruce are orphans, they're brother and sister who have luckily been placed with a foster family together. They both love dogs and want one of their own but their foster parents will not allow it, unknown to their foster parents though Andi and Bruce do have a dog, a small Jack Russell who they are looking after secretly. After nearly getting caught with the dog they have the idea of ...

High School Musical (DVD) 03/04/2017


High School Musical (DVD) HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL Sometimes our niece comes to stay and when she does we always end up watching High School Musical, she's a musical child herself and has watched this all her life and now at thirteen still loves it as much as she ever has. I know I said we above but we don't sit down as a family to watch it, when she comes here it is for a week so she makes herself at home and finds my copy of High School Musical out of the DVD cupboard to watch with friends from this area that she invites in to catch up with. I watched it myself most recently about a month ago when it was shown on the TV as my daughter asked to watch it when I was scrolling through the channels, she's only four so I was surprised that she wanted to see it but I know it's innocent even though it's a film full of teenagers so we both sat and watched it. STORYLINE The storyline is a lot like Grease as Troy is a basketball star and his girlfriend Gabriella is a more serious science student, they meet on a holiday where they sing karaoke but when school starts again after the summer holiday Troy isn't very happy to find Gabriella has moved into his area and now going to East High School. Troy is embarrassed about his singing because even though he is not exactly a jock he knows his friends and teammates would tease him if they knew, especially if they knew he had been singing with a girl! A singing competition is announced and after a lot of soul searching Troy takes part, the competition is quite bitchy ...

Funko Five Nights At Freddy's Foxy 02/04/2017


Funko Five Nights At Freddy's Foxy Before Christmas the game my son and all his friends were playing was Five Nights at Freddy's, a computer game that features frightening looking animatronics that come alive at night to try and kill the night guard. The name of the game is because if you can survive for five nights in your job as night guard then you are considered a winner because these animatronics are murderous and very good at killing! Foxy is an animatronic fox and this toy looks like the Foxy in the game, it's made of plastic and both its arms and legs can be taken off to provide the same appearance as in the game where the animatronics often have the tables turned one way or another and lose limbs or even there head sometimes so it's a good thing this Foxy toys head will also come off. Foxy has a hook for one hand and even though you can see that this is a fox you can also see that some of his parts are robotic, in the game his metal legs and the robot looking joints of his elbows help Foxy to be so vicious but the toy doesn't act any different as it's a simple plastic action figure with no special features at all. I like the way the silver and black paints have been used to create the illusion of Foxy being part robot, this toy is hand painted and that shows because the cuts and scrapes that are all over Foxy's body and clothes look very realistic. This is a very unattractive toy and it isn't one that I like to see when I go into my son's bedroom. He's a teenager so when he buys these toys or has ...

Bahco Tree Pruner & Pole 22/02/2017


Bahco Tree Pruner & Pole We have several trees that are outside our property but some branches overhang into our garden, our local council is very good at keeping the trees pruned but sometimes we have to do a little bit of work from our side of the fence to keep the property lines looking as neat as tidy as they should be. We've had our Bahco Tree Pruner for a few years, it's used at least twice a year to carry out a full pruning job (but only full as in the branches we need to cut, we don't ever prune a full tree using it) and a few times through the summer and autumn to tidy up the trees. The tree pruner is a large hook that you position around the branch you want to cut, it is mounted on a long 3 metre pole so you can prune the branches of trees that are quite tall. To work the pruner and cut the branch there is a long nylon cord that you pull after the blade is in position, this pulls the blade towards the pruner and allows you to cut through the branch. You have to pull the cord quite hard and firm but the blades is so sharp and the mechanism of the pruner is very smooth so it's easier than you would think to cut through even quite thick branches. The pole is telescopic so you can use it at a shorter length than 3 metres but I usually extend it fully because of the type and size trees I am pruning. It's easy to adjust the length of the pole and whatever length I set it to the pole stays there, it has never collapsed while I'm using it and I am confident that it will not start to shorten all ...

Schleich Spinosaurus 11/02/2017


Schleich Spinosaurus My son made me laugh last week, he's a teenager and even though he's ok for money because he has an allowance off us and also has a part time job you can never have enough cash at his age! His little sister received some Schleich toy figures for Christmas and he knew he had some of his old ones in a box in his room so offered to sort them out for her to play with with her new ones, I remember the figures he came out with but didn't know they were Schleich then (I've only heard that name since being on Ciao and it shows what a good company they are that we've got toys already made by them but don't need to know the name!). What made me laugh is that he looked online for the names of the dinosaurs he had as Schleich toys and saw they were on sale for £30 and £40 so has decided to sell them instead and buy his sister some new Schleich as well as having quite a lot of money left over! The Spinosaurus was bought by us about 10 years ago and I remember these figures cost £4 in the toy shop where we used to get them from, this one is on sale for £35 on Amazon and I think it will be being sold on Ebay tonight because my son has just taken it away from me in case his sister gets hold of it! It's about 8cm high and looks exactly like the one in the photo, the colour is handpainted onto the dinosaur so it's unique in that way and I like the dappled shades that are very subtle across the body. I don't know how big a real Spinosaurus was so can't say if it's in scale but Schleich say it ...

LG CCL-240 31/01/2017


LG CCL-240 I had an LG Cookie smart phone until recently and because I've got quite a busy lifestyle I had to buy a case for it, I've always bought cases for my phones and I think they've been saved by them as I manage to keep my phones in good condition for a lot longer than my husband and son who do not use a case. I've always thought the Cookie was quite bulky so wanted a slim case, I couldn't find one I liked though so when I saw this pouch case in a phone store I thought I would give it a try as the pouch would protect my phone well but I wouldn't have the added bulk of a case when I was using the phone. The pouch is definitely a pouch and not a flip cover as Ciao have made it look with their photo, it's made by LG and has the product code CCL-240 as is detailed inside the case on a small label. It is made to fit a number of LG smart phones, my Cookie fits inside in a manner that I would call snug but it is easy to slide out when I need to. I don't think a phone bigger than that would fit inside the pouch but I think a lot of LG phones are all about the same size so there's a good chance your phone will fit. My case is dark brown but tan and black colours were available when I bought it, they were all the same price at £14 but that was a year ago so the price might be different now and there's nowhere I can find online that still sells them. They were available in the phone store we use up until two months ago but I haven't been in there since, if you can't find this exact model ...
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