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Sale el Sol - Shakira 21/12/2010

& I'm crazy but you like it (loca,loca,loca) Sale el sol-Shakira!

Sale el Sol - Shakira Being a massive Shakira fan (I do claim to be her number 1 fan) I naturally couldn't wait to get my hands on her new (mostly) Spanish album 'sale el sol' (meaning the sun comes out). I was lucky enough last week to see her in concert in Manchester and got there 3 hours early to secure a front row position (that's dedication for you) and Shakira did not disappoint! ~~~Background~~~ Well I'm sure you are all very familiar with Shakira by now, having had success with some massive hits such as Wherever Wherever, She Wolf, Hips don't lie and more recently Waka Waka (this time for Africa). Shakira was born in Columbia and started writing songs at 5, she has since gone on to achieve great success worldwide which is partly down to her ability to sing in Spanish & English-reaching massive audiences worldwide. It is also creditable to her hard work and determination, her ability to dance so well (especially the belly-dance) and probably, lets face it..her good looks! #Track listing# Loca Feat. Dizzee Rascal (English) Antes De Las Seis. Gordita Feat. Residente Calle 13 Addicted To You Lo Que Mas Mariposa Rabiosa Feat. Pitbull (English) Devocion Islands Tu Boca Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) Loca Feat. El Cata (Spanish) (Bonus Tracks) Rabiosa Feat. El Cata (Spanish) (Bonus Tracks) Waka Waka (Esto Es Africa) (Spanish) (Bonus Tracks) I am not going to review each song individually as it may get a bit tedious but I am going to select a few to review. ~Loca~ This song has been ...

Maybelline Falsies Mascara 09/04/2010

"Not quite "falsies" but not bad....

Maybelline Falsies Mascara I decided to buy this when I saw it on offer in Boots and needed a new mascara. I am very particular about mascaras. I have tried about a hundred, and am still seaching for the "perfect" one. This was reduced to £5.99 and as I tend to quite like Maybelline mascaras I though I'd give it a try. ~~~The promise~~~ According to the Maybelline website: "The Falsies Mascara delivers a false lash look; giving you a full set of voluminous, bold, fanned out lashes and the appearance of no gaps from any angle. The Pro-Keratin and Fibre enriched formula is designed to deliver immediate results, distributing volume and visible intensity to your lashes. The patented ‘Spoon’ shaped brush helps fan lashes out." ~Packaging~ I actually really like the packaging as it's bright and funky. I think it's definitely aimed at a younger audience such as those in their teens or early twenties. It's bright purple with blue metallic writing saying "the Falsies Volume express" and the kind of tube I can imagine seeing Lady Gaga advertising. ~Brush~ The brush is an interesting "spoon" shape. It claims to be the first of it's type and I must admit I haven't seen any mascara's with this shaped brush before, despite having tried various brands. The "spoon" shape technology is meant to reach each, individual lash, coating them and making them thicker and appear like false lashes (hence the name "Falsies) ~Verdict~ So the important it any good? and in a word I'd say yes! It ...

Barry M Lip Paint 20/02/2010

The best in staying power-ever!

Barry M Lip Paint I first bought this lipstick last summer when I saw a friend with bright pink lipstick and found out that it was Barry M. Before this I had never purchased anything from their range, and knew very little about the brand apart from that their products were cheap and the colours were bright. So I went along to my local Boots store, found a colour similar to the one she was wearing and purchased it. I was pleased to find that it only cost £4.25. Although I was slightly sceptical about whether the colour would suit me and whether it would be any good for such a cheap price. ***Packaging*** The packaging is simple; black all over with a gold "Barry M" sign on the lid. While it is simple and slightly boring I like it as it makes it look fairly classy. It's also the type that is unlikely to crack as it is quite strong. ***Colours**** Barry M is famous for doing bright colours in all of their make up-(eye shadows, nail varnish's and lip paint.) While other brands seem to stick with more "safe" colours such as subtle pinks and reds Barry M make bright make-up for those that want to be noticed! Their lip paints would be perfect for dancers/actors and theatre because of the intensity of the colours and the staying power. These "lip paints" come in a range of shocking colours (there is even a bright blue!). ***Pro's and Con's*** I love this lipstick because despite being slightly sceptical at first it is amazing and I can safely say the best lipstick I have ever used. The ...

Estrella De Mar - Amaral 29/12/2009

Amaral-Spain's greatest band since Las Ketchup!

Estrella De Mar - Amaral Well that title was a joke, Las Ketchup are of course not a great band. Amaral on the other hand are 1 of Spain's biggest bands and have been going for years. The band consist of Eva Amaral (lead singer) and Juan Aguirre from Zaragoza. I think that they are an amazing band and I really got in to their music last year while living in Barcelona on my year abroad from uni. Their music is a mixture of light rock/folk/pop and they have some really good songs. Eva's voice goes well with the kind of songs they sing and my favourites are the ballads as you can really hear the emotion in her voice. I also love the lyrics because they are so well written (unfortunatly you wouldn't appreciate this if you can't speak spanish) but I still believe you can appreciate their music as I put in on in my dad's car and he really likes them (yet he cannot speak 1 single word of spanish) Right on to the album. It's titled Estrella de Mar which means Starfish. I will go on to review some songs but not every single one as I think that may be a bit boring. ***Tracklisting*** 1. "Sin ti no soy nada" — (Without You I'm Nothing) 2. "Moriría por vos" — (I Would Die For You) 3. "Toda la noche en la calle" — (Out All Night At The Street) 4. "Te necesito" — (I Need You) 5. "¿Qué será?" (What Will Be?) 6. "Salir corriendo" — (To Leave Running) 7. "Estrella de mar" (Starfish) 8. "Rosa de la paz" (Peace Rose) 9. "No sabe dónde va" (She Doesn't Know Where She's Going) 10. "De la noche ...

She Wolf - Shakira 13/11/2009

There's a She Wolf in your closet....(she wolf-Shakira)

She Wolf - Shakira After eagerly awaiting the return of Shakira to our radio's she is finally back with her 3rd english album to date. Being Shakira's biggest fan (and that is true-she is probably the reason I study spanish) I naturally couldn't wait to get my hands on her new album, She Wolf, named after her 1st single from the album. After buying the cd from Tesco's on my usual weekly shop, I couldn't wait to play it and see what she had to offer this time around-and it didn't dissapoint. After hearing (and loving) her latest release She Wolf, I suspected a slightly different sound in this album-and I was right. This album is very different to her first english album, Laundry service and her 2nd Oral Fixation 2. She has clearly changed musically, and while her 1st album is very emotional with some outstanding track such as (Whenever, wherever, Underneath your clothes & Objection (tango) this album is slightly more salsa-esque and slightly R&B helped along with her 2nd colaboration with the legendry Wyclef Jean on track 8, called Spy. Unfortunatly it's not quite Hips don't lie but it is worth a listen. I will now review a few of the tracks individually. "She wolf" is Shakira's first single to be released from this new album. I'm sure most of you have heard it but it's a upbeat number with Shakira howling like a wolf and a raunchy video. It's a great song to dance along to and has some good lyrics such as: "I'm starting to feel just a little abused like a coffee machine in an ...

Fame - Lady Gaga 20/09/2009

Beautiful and Dirty, rich! (Lady Gaga-The Fame)

Fame - Lady Gaga This debut album by Lady GaGa entitled The Fame is a great album and I'd even go as far as saying that it's my favourite album of the year. It has a great mixture of songs from different genres. Although the songs are mainly pop, there is also a bit of R&B, dance and even a hint of blues. I was surprised to find out that Lady Gaga actually plays the piano as has been trying to get famous for a long time. Her debut single here in the UK was Just dance which was Number 1 and is still a great dance song. Just Dance (4.04) I'm sure you're all familiar with this song as it has done really well. I still think it's a great tune-very catchy and a good song to dance to when you're out with your friends. The chorus begins with "Just dance, gonna be ok" and is about forgetting all your worries and just having a good time on the dancefloor. 4/5 --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------------ Love Games (3.33) This is Gaga's most recent song and is doing quite well in the charts at the moment. I must admit it took a few listens for me to like this, but I have grown to love it. The video is classic Lady Gaga with a good dance routine, and sexy outfits. 4/5 --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------------ Paparazzi (3.30) I LOVE this song. This was her 3rd song to be released and is slower than her usual upbeat-type ...

Love.Angel.Music.Baby. - Gwen Stefani 31/07/2007

Gwen Stefani: L.A.M.B

Love.Angel.Music.Baby. - Gwen Stefani Well I'm sure everybody knows who the iconic Gwen Stefani is by now (unless you've been living on another planet for a good few years that is!) Gwen shot to fame with the band No Doubt and had many hits such as "Don't speak", "Underneath it all", "Hella Good" and "It's my life." No Doubt did well around the globe which is mostly thanks to front-person Gwen Stefani, who was to No Doubt as Freddie Mercury was to Queen. 3 years ago Mrs Stefani decided to go solo releasing her debut album L.A.M.B which stands for Love, Angel, Music, Baby. L.A.M.B is also the name of her fashion brand which she designs. This album has a mixture of styles, experimenting with 80's pop, rap, R&B and many more. ***Tracklisting*** 01. What You Waiting For? 02. Rich Girl 03. Hollaback Girl 04. Cool 05. Bubble Pop Electric 06. Luxurious 07. Harajuku Girls 08. Crash 09. The Real Thing 10. Serious 11. Danger Zone 12. Long Way To Go I'm not going to review each song individually as it would take too long and could be a bit boring to read, so I have just chose my favourites/stand out tracks. "What You Waiting For?" was Gwen Stefani's first solo hit and was a huge hit. In this song she sings about starting her solo career so late in her life and how she feels time is running out in regards to having a baby, going solo etc. The song begins simply with a piano and voice, giving the impression that it's going to be a ballad, until a funky beat kicks in making it the complete opposite- ...

Inside In/Inside Out - Kooks (The) 26/06/2007

"I love them because they sing in their own way!"

Inside In/Inside Out - Kooks (The) Background information: The Kooks originate from Brighton and formed at the “Brighton Institute of Modern music” where they all studied. The band is made up of 4 members: · Luke Pritchard – vocals and guitar · Hugh Harris – backup vocals and guitar · Max Rafferty – bass · Paul Garred – drums This album “Inside in/inside out” was released in January 2006 ***Track by Track:*** 1. Seaside - The album begins with an acoustic and the lead singer only. It's a very mellow song and sounds very raw. It's a short track (around a minute and a half long) and a nice introduction to the album. 7/10 2. See The World - This song is a complete contrast to the first song, with loud guitar's, heavy drums and the lead singer Luke Pritchard singing at his best. It's a fast and catchy song that'll have you singing out-loud and playing it at the top volume. 8/10 3. Sofa Song - This is another catchy song that'll have u singing along. It was released last year although I must admit I do not recall hearing it before I bought the album. It's quite a good track but definitely not the best on the album. 7.5/10 4. Eddie's Gun - This is another short track but get's you singing along all the same. 7.5/10 5. Ooh La - I love this song-from the beginning, with the strumming of the guitar, right through to the end. It's a song that'll definitely have you singing along. The song is written about a woman (apparently Luke Pritchard, the lead-singer's ex-girlfriend Katie ...

Razorlight - Razorlight 18/06/2007

Razorlight's Self-titled amazing album!

Razorlight - Razorlight "Razorlight" the self-titled second album is a very well written album which doesn't fail to dissapoint. I must admit before buying this album I wasn't a big fan of Razorlight and knew very little about them. I'd heard the song "America" from it's excessive airplay and had fallen in love with the song. I then decided to buy the album and on doing so realised that Razorlight sung many song that I'd heard and quite liked not realising that it was them who sung them. I love this album and don't think there's a bad song on the whole album. The songs roll nicely into each other and there's a good combination of mellow slow tracks and get up and dance/play the air guitar, pumping beats. ***Background information*** Razorlight were formed in 2002 by the amazingly talented singer-songwriter Johnny Borrell. The group is made up of 4 musicians: the Swedish Björn Ågren (guitar, backing vocals) and Carl Dalemo (bass, backing vocals) , half Peruvian, half English Christian Smith-Pancorvo (drums) and of course the cockney legend Johnny Borrell. Razorlight's debut album titled "Up all night" was released in June 2004 and reached number 3 in the album charts. The album did well and includes hits such as "Golden touch," "Somewhere else" and "stumble and fall." ***The tracks*** 1. In The Morning I'm sure most of you know this song after it being released last year. It reached number 3 in the U.K charts and has been played a lot. The famous introduction of a few bars repeated ...

Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Wipes 16/08/2006

Olay-a daily facial for your skin!!

Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Wipes ~~~What is it supposed to do?~~~ These daily facials cleansing cloths promise to remove all make up including waterproof mascara! Olay's promise: "Wet cleansing cloths thoroughly cleanse dirt and make-up, even waterproof mascara. Effective, yet gentle enough for everyday use." They are suitable for normal/dry and combination/oily skin, so that covers just about every skin type. ~~~How to use....~~~ Simply wipe over your face and they will remove all traces of make up. The cloth is textured in sort of squares, and they are lightly scented. ~~~How long do they last?~~~ Well there's 25 wipes in each pack so it depends how often you use them. If like me you just use them after being out when you can't be bothered to properly cleanse, tone and moisturise then they should last a few weeks. ~~~Packaging and Size~~~ The packaging is an oblong shape with a bluey, sea like background and with a white pannel with Olay daily facials express on the front. They're alcohol free and 16.2 by 19.1 cm. ~~~Fragrance~~~ I can't really describe the fragrance but it's light and pleasent and just smells clean! ~~~Price~~~ I paid £4.49 for mine at Boots, but luckily they were on buy one get one free when I bought them so look out for any offers. ~~~Website...~~~ ~~~Where are they available?~~~ They're available from Boots, Superdrug and perhaps stores like Savers too. ~~~Do they really work?~~~ Yes I really like these face wipes as they deliver ...

BaByliss 2330U 01/07/2006

Curl 'n go!

BaByliss 2330U I bought these tongs over a year ago now, after deciding I was fed up with my straight hair all the time. And despite using them only a few times due to the length of time it takes, I've found them very effective, although generally I keep my hair straight most of the time. History of Babyliss: Babyliss was established in 1960 in Paris. Their aim was to create hair drying and styling appliances for the hairdressing world. However by the mid 60's, after much sucess they began exporting products to the UK, and have since become a well known leading brand worldwide. Features: *2 year guarantee *Moving spiral presses the hair to give more curl definition *High heat, and heats up in around 5 minutes *Automatic temperature control, no need to change the temparature as there's only one setting. How easy are they to use?: I clip my hair in sections, and curl just less than an inch section each time. You simply wind the hair round, clipping the ends as you would with normal tongs, and then press up the button which sets the curl better. They are realy effective and you can also change the amount of hair you curl depending on whether you want tight curls (less hair) or loser curls (using thicker sections of hair.) Are they any good: Simply YES! They're brilliant, they curl my hair and the curls stay in place all day. I also use a L'Oreal curl spray to help the curls stay in place all day. At first the curls are a bit too curly at times but they soon drop to a nicer, ...

Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara 18/06/2006

Your eyelashes will become a Masterpiece!

Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara This mascara first came out a few months, but while browsing in Boots on the weekend I needed a new mascara, and after seeing that my usual favourite had sold out I decided to give this a try. This mascara came out around the time of the film Memoirs of a Geisha, and according to the Max factor advert out at the time this mascara was used to create the dramatic eye make up of the actresses. Whether that's true or not this mascara is very effective and I'm glad I bought it! ~~~New brush technology~~~ This mascara has a special brush, which is the first of it's kind on the market. It's sort of rubbery and is more flexible than the average mascara wand-designed to reach even the smallest of lashes to define and frame your eyes. "Smoothly covers your lashes even the tiny ones - corner to corner, base to tip. The secret is in the brush." NORIKO WATANABE CHIEF MAKE-UP ARTIST, 'MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA' ~~~Does it really work?~~~ Yes, this is a very effective mascara, and as promised reaches every single lash. It has definitely given me the effect of more lashes and lenghens and volumises too. The result is lovely long lashes. However they don't look fake-which perhaps is a good thing, but for me when it comes to eye lashes I think the bigger and longer the better! As yet though I've yet to find a mascara which gives me the effect of false eye lashes, without the hassle. This does come close though and does make my eye-lashes look 10 times longer and ...

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion 12/06/2006

Get a summer body!

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion I first saw this product about 2 months ago on buy one get one free in Superdrug, and decided to try it. Every company seems to have a moisturiser that builds a tan at the moment, the list is endless: Dove, Nivea, L'Oreal, Avon, Olay, and probably the most popular after being the first and succesful last year, Johnsons holiday skin. Being such a huge Garnier fan anyway I couldn't wait to try it. This only comes in one variation, so there's no colour options unlike some of the other brands which come in light/normal and normal/dark. So this is suitable for all skin tones. ~~~Garnier's claim~~~ "Garnier have combined their expertise in skincare and self-tan to introduce new Summerbody - a kiss from the sun in your moisturiser!" I used this for the first few days and at first didn't see a noticible change but after a few days it built a nice natural looking tan. Having used so many fake tans in the past I didn't have any obvious streaks, as I think i've more or less got the method worked out! I found it easy to rub in, and wasn't sticky unlike some. It also has a really nice, light summery scent like most Garnier products, and doesn't smell like most fake-tans which leave an odd after-smell. Direction: The bottle doesn't contain many instructions only: apply to body and wash hands after use. However I start at the bottom of my leg working up in circular motion and using what's left on my hands to cover the sections that sometimes go wrong such as feet and ...

Braun 3170 SILK-EPIL-3 21/05/2006

Braun-not totally pain free!

Braun 3170 SILK-EPIL-3 I've had this Braun epilator for a while now, so I decided to write a review on it. I purchesed mine from Boots for £39.99, however it might have since gone down in price. ~~~What does it include?~~~ The Braun epilator comes in a silver mesh bag, which is handy to keep in or to take away. It also includes 2 removable heads one which is pink see-through and one with a thicker white/pinkish head. There are 2 as they are for different pain levels. Most people start with the pink/white one as it's less painful, however the other head removes more hair in each stroke, so is quicker and easier to use. It also includes a brush to remove the hair, as there's no need for anything else or to wash it as it's electrical. There are 2 settings one slower, and a faster one. ~~~Is it easy to use?~~~ Yes, that's all you need is a mains operator, the epilator and off you go. You usually have to go over the same patches a few times to remove all the hairs. But it doesn't take much getting used to. ~~~What's the pain factor like?~~~ Well I won't lie, the first few times I used it it did hurt. However after using it for nearly a year, it hardly hurts at all. When I'm doing my legs it doesn't hurt at all, but my underarms do hurt at times (as they're more sensitive). It's advisable to use it the night before if you're going somewhere the next day as it does leave red bumps at times immediately after. ~~~Is it any good?~~~ All in all I would recomment this product, as it is good. ...

I Am Me - Ashlee Simpson 19/05/2006

" I am me", and nothing like her sister Jess!

I Am Me - Ashlee Simpson This is Ashlee Simpson's second album, and the follow up to Autobiography. It's more mature than her first album, and many of the songs are about her personal bad experiences like break ups. ~~~Track listing~~~ Boyfriend In Another Life Beautifully Broken L.O.V.E. Coming Back For More Dancing Alone Burning Up Catch Me When I Fall I am Me Eyes Wide Open Say Goobye Kicking And Screaming I won't talk about every song as it may be a bit boring, so I'll just chose a few of my favourites. ~~~Boyfriend~~~ This was Ashlee's first released song from this album. It begins with the electric guitar and has a catchy tune with a good melody and well-writen lyrics. "Don't be worried, I'm not with him, And when I go out tonight, I'm going home alone" This is the chorus: Hey, how long till the music drowns you out? Don't put words up in my mouth, I didn't steal your boyfriend, Hey, how long till you face what's goin' on, Cause you really got it wrong, I didn't steal your boyfriend, ~~~L.O.V.E~~~ This is an upbeat catchy girls anthem, and is about being independant and not needing to rely on any man/her boyfriend: "Grab my bag, got my own money Don't need any man in this room My boyfriend he'll be calling me now anytime I need all my girls to keep him off my mind" It's got a lot of attitude and is a nice upbeat song. ~~~Coming back for more: This is one of my favourites from the album. It has a guitar playing a repetitive few chords in ...
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