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It's taken a long time for which I apologise, but I think I've finally returned all reads and rates. Give me a nudge if I've missed any. Still working through alerts and getting my notes together to start writing again - maybe!

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since 21/11/2003


AC Barcelona, Barcelona 21/09/2008

City and Seaside - best of both worlds

Holiday Inn Express Folkestone Channel Tunnel 31/08/2008

Tunnel or Ferry - handy for both

Bewley's Hotel, Leeds 14/06/2008

Sweet stay in Sweet Street

Holme Lacy House Hotel, Hereford 15/05/2008

Would I pay for it?

Eyewitness Travel Guide: Delhi, Agra & Jaipur - Kate Poole 02/04/2008

Triangular Guide

Premier Travel Inn Oldham - Central, Oldham 28/03/2008

Premier Inn - Oldham Central

Alberto 3 Minute Miracle 11/02/2008

Miracles Do Happen, even on burnt hair

Discovery Mexican Wicked Chilli 06/02/2008

Inconsistent Wickedness

Hilton, Maidstone 10/01/2008

Hilton, Maidstone - A Good Option

Holiday Inn Express Liverpool-Knowsley, Liverpool 10/01/2008

Cheap and Cheerful

Aurora, Tivoli 09/01/2008


Hotel La Pace - Rome/Naples, Cassino 09/01/2008

Hotel La Pace - peace in an area famous for war

Esperidi Resort, Sant'Agnello 28/09/2007

Esperidi - better than I hoped

Hotpoint WD640G 23/09/2007

Super Silent - it certainly is!

Albena, Bulgaria 05/02/2007

A week in Albena

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