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Working Wonders - Jenny Colgan 19/10/2004

Amazing characters, espically sandwiches!!

Working Wonders - Jenny Colgan The story was easy to follow and the characters were all described well. I could see whole figures! Full of actual 'working in an office people' and the humor behind it was brilliant!! The story was full of action and adventure and never a dull moment! Laughed a lot the whole way through this book. It was good hearing this type of story from the males point of view. I still dont really get who the occupational health woman was (I kept thinking she was a ghost, right to the end!!) I liked the dogs personality throughout the story, it made me laugh!! And the wee woman who's husband and family didnt really like....she was so cute and you could just see her little face and I'd of give her a big hug if I was in the story myself!! ...
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