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Sapphire - Jeffe Kennedy 30/07/2014


Sapphire - Jeffe Kennedy Sapphire is an erotic romance novella by Jeffe Kennedy. I wasn't familiar with this author before reading this book but the plot synopsis really appealed to me. This story is about an executive called M. Taylor who has little time for anything outside of work. She has a ten year plan, and that plan does not include getting side tracked by a sexy colleague. Fortunately for Taylor you can't plan for everything and Adam definitely has plans for Taylor. When Adam handcuffs Taylor to the railing of the boat it's the start of something that's unlike anything Taylor has ever experienced. Adam is determined to break down Taylor's barriers and make her his. But Taylor isn't going to make things easy for him. This book does contain bondage, domination and submission, mild s&m and lots of sex. If this is not your cup of tea then you have been warned. This novella proved to be an easy, enjoyable read where the pages just seemed to turn themselves (metaphorically speaking, I read this in ebook format). I love novels with strong female characters and I found Taylor to be very easy to relate to and empathise with. Kennedy portrays her in such a balanced way, she shows her flaws and her strengths but does so in a way that helps you to understand Taylor. So even when she did things that I thought weren't the right thing to do I still understood why she did them. I think that this is important because like any good romance novel there's the dramatic will they, won't they part of the novel ...

Scoring (Kindle Edition) - Mari Carr 27/07/2014

Short, Sweet and Sexy

Scoring (Kindle Edition) - Mari Carr **Warning! This review is of an erotic story and is intended for adults only** After reading a book by Mari Carr recently I find myself addicted to her stories and I am devouring everything I can find that is written by her. I generally like stories that I can really sink my teeth into and although I sometimes like novella's I don't tend to go for really short stories. However, I was in the mood for something short and erotic the other day and Scoring was available from Amazon for less than a pound so I thought that I might as well give it a read and see what I thought. My expectations were low, it is a very short story and I don't think you can do much in so many words. Scoring is a short story about high school teachers Melanie and Tony. Melanie teaches music and Tony is the gym teacher. He has been trying to get her to go out with him for ages but Melanie has never accepted, she states that she doesn't think that they're compatible but really she doesn't think that he's serious. This story begins with her agreeing to go on a date with him and progresses quickly to the actual date and of course sex. With a story this short I thought that things would feel quite rushed but they didn't feel rushed at all. Everything does happen really quickly, it has to because of the length of the story but it didn't feel like the story itself was being rushed. If this was a full length erotic romance novel then I would expect the story to have begun a couple of months ago and honestly I ...

Dungeon Games - Lexi Blake 03/07/2014

Lexi Blake's Dungeon Games

Dungeon Games - Lexi Blake Warning! This review is of an erotic novella with BDSM themes. The Series Dungeon Games is book 6.5 in Lexi Blake's wonderful Master's and Mercenaries series. This is a series of erotic BDSM romance novels. The series consists of a number of full length novels and novellas. The stories are all based around a group of characters who work for McKay Taggart, a private spy organisation, or who play in the private BDSM club owned by Ian Taggart. I absolutely adore this series of books. I don't remember the last time that a series of books kept my attention for so long. I literally count down the days until the next book is released. I like romance novels with some BDSM but for me the balance always has to be right because some BDSM novels tip the balance into domestic violence and abuse. For me Lexi Blake has always struck the right balance. In her novels the males are always dominant and the females submissive (which is neutral point for me, neither a positive or negative) but the women are always strong and the men are always respectful. I have never once read one of her novels and felt uncomfortable. In fact, one of the reasons why I prefer to read well written BDSM novels rather than traditional romance, is that the consent is so explicit in well written BDSM novels. For me Lexi Blake's novels tick all of the boxes of a well written BDSM novel...the dominants are dominant, the submissive's are a bit bratty and there's always informed consent. Lexi Blake's novels have a ...

The Devil's Playground - Jenna Black 11/04/2012

The End

The Devil's Playground - Jenna Black The Devil's Playground is the final book in Jenna Black's Morgan Kingsley series. This is one of my favourite series and I am very sad to see it's at its end, especially as I didn't realise until quite far into the book that it was the last. For those of you who haven't been following the series this is obviously not the place to start. This series focuses on Morgan Kingsley, an exorcist who is possessed by Lugh, the king of the demons. The world that this series is set in is just like our own except in that world people can be possessed by demons. Lugh's brother is trying to kill him so that he can take the throne and basically enslave humans. Lugh and his council are working to defeat his brother. This book is really just a continuation of previous books. Lugh is still possessing Morgan. Lugh's brother is still trying to kill him. Morgan is still having boyfriend troubles and still stuck in a strange kind of love triangle with Lugh and Brian. The thing that really struck me with this book was that it felt very comfortable. It wasn't as exciting as earlier books but I felt comfortable reading it. The characters are familiar and I really like most of them. It was proving to be an enjoyable read. It certainly didn't have the same hold on me as the very early books but I felt like we were just getting into a comfortable part of the series. Then of course I found out that it was last book and suddenly it went from being an enjoyable book to a disappointing book. I expected the ...

Wai Kika Mau Kau, Brighton 07/04/2012

Wai Should You Eat Here?

Wai Kika Mau Kau, Brighton Wai Kika Mau Kau is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the heart of Brighton's North Laine's. Wai Kika has been a firm favourite of ours for years now and while the menu seems to change frequently what remains consistent is the good service and excellent food. Like many places in the North Laine's Wai Kika has a homely charm to it that it couples with a certain quirkiness that you come to expect from anywhere in this area of Brighton. It doesn't look up market or expensive but it's comfortable and clean. The main thing for me when we go to Wai Kika is where we sit. Sitting by the door tends to be a bad idea, it can be quite drafty and as it isn't a particularly spacious restaurant I often find myself continually having to push myself tighter against the table to allow people by. Wai Kika can be a little bit on the cramped side but I find that with most places in the North Laines. Buildings aren't particularly big and everywhere seems to cram as many tables and chairs in as possible. This is not an accessible building. There are steps and the space is so restrictive that even if you are not a wheelchair user but have mobility problems you may struggle. I have seen a few people with buggy's so parents do seem to manage but I would say that it's not a comfortable fit. I love the food in this restaurant. I keep flirting with vegetarianism and I think that if I was still living in Brighton I would have no problem being a vegetarian, when I visit I tend to eat mostly vegetarian ...

Trinity Broken - Jamie Craig 01/04/2012

Trinity Reunited

Trinity Broken - Jamie Craig Trinity Broken is a paranormal romance novel set in a parallel universe in which shifters and humans live together. Shifters in this universe can change into anything, from other people to animals. Sometimes they live in their own communities and sometimes they live among humans. Josh is a human scientist who meets shifters Sara and Cameron when he's doing a study on shifters. Soon they become more than just research subjects to him and he gives up his life and his career to move in with them. They three of them live happily together, in a community where three way relationships are accepted, until Sara is kidnapped. This book starts two years after Sara is kidnapped. Josh and Cameron have been doing everything they can to find her. When they get an anonymous tip about where she might be they find her and rescue her from the hellish prison where she's being held and tortured. When she wakes up they realise the people who tortured her had a shifter working with them and that shifter took on the form of Cameron. Sara can't stand to be around Cam, when she looks at him she sees the man who tortured her. Cameron and Josh try to solve the mystery of who kidnapped Sara and why, hoping that by doing so they may be able to repair their relationship. I was interested to see how this story would read because Jamie Craig are actually two authors who write erotic romance novels together. I haven't read a novel written by two people before and I expected it to be a bit disjointed but it ...

An Angel for Emily - Rude Devereux 08/11/2011

A man sent from heaven

An Angel for Emily - Rude Devereux When Emily's guardian angel comes to earth in human form to save her from something evil she can't imagine what that evil could be. A small town librarian who is pretty close to angelic herself doesn't attract many enemies. In fact with her perfect fiance and a job she loves Emily thinks her life is pretty perfect. Michael, her guardian angel changes everything. Soon Emily realises that her life is not as it seems. Worse than this she's falling in love with an angel who she can never be with. I think it's fair to say that this novel was pretty awful. The plot, the characters, the was all bad. Let's start with the plot. This is a romance novel and therefore a plot is optional. In romance novels where there is a plot it doesn't, in my opinion, need to be a terribly plausible or well written plot. Really, it is there to push the romantic side of the story along so I don't tend to let the plot side of a romance novel dictate how highly I rate it. If a plot is good then that's a bonus, it's the other things that really count (for this genre). So the fact that the plot was so awful in this book doesn't really make much difference to how I've rated it. Yes, the plot was unrealistic (an angel coming to earth and falling in love with a mortal who he has looked after through many lives) but I quite like to suspend reality when I read these kinds of books. It did raise all kinds of theological questions for me and did contradict my own religious beliefs surrounding angels ...

Dark Need - Lynn Viehl 06/11/2011

You need to read this.

Dark Need - Lynn Viehl Dark Need is book three in Lynn Viehl's Darkyn series. Although this is only the third book in the series there is no way you could read this one without having read the first two. The books in in this series do not work as standalone novels because the plot is far too complicated. I'm going to attempt to give some background for this review but whatever I write here could really not do justice to Lynn Viehl's Darkyn world. The Darkyn On the surface the darkyn may appear to be just like any other vampires. They're immortal (unless you decapitate them or destroy their heart), they live off of human blood and they prefer to be around at night because the sun weakens them. A long time ago, before they died, most of the darkyn were templars or the family of templars. Then the plague came and somehow they survived, rising and becoming the Dark Kin. Over the centuries the darkyn have survived attacks from the evil brethren and managed to prosper, although they have for the most part lost the ability to make humans immortal. They live in a feudal type system with an overall leader who lives in Ireland. Each country is split into "jardins" and each jardin has a leader. Democracy does not exist in the world of the darkyn and they are very resistant to change. Each darkyn has a special power that they can use on humans; mind control, entering dreams, reading minds. The abilities seem to be endless. Each darkyn also has his or her own scent, usually something like roses or ...

The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Butter 22/10/2011

Rose Scented Body Butter

The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Butter I have been slowly working my way through the Body Shops body butters trying to find the perfect one for my skin type. I bought the Moroccan rose one recently because I generally quite like the smell of rose scented products. Community Trade The body shop have a community trade programme that ensure that their suppliers get a fair price for their products. This is the primary reason why I shop in the Body Shop. This product includes community trade soya oil that they purchase from a cooperative of 500 farmers in Brazil. This trade has provided funding for a training programme that teaches about organic farmer and water preservation. For more information on community trade and the community trade ingredients in this product you can check out the body shop website. What it promises The Body Shop promise quite a lot with this product. Of course it promises that the body butter will leave skin feeling softer and smoother but it also promises that it will provide 24 hour hydration. I think that's a lot to promise and very impressive if a product can actually do that. It also claims that the body butter is quickly absorbed into skin. My Experience The first thing that I noticed when I used this product was the smell. When you put this on your skin the scent is much stronger than it is when you just sniff it in it's pot. Even in the pot the scent could never be described as subtle so if you are going to try this product make sure that you really like the rose scent because it ...

Mine To Possess - Nalini Singh 17/10/2011

Perfectly Possessive

Mine To Possess - Nalini Singh Mine to Possess is the fourth book in Nalini Singh's amazing Psy/Changeling paranormal romance series. Mine to possess tells the story of Clay Bennet and Talin McKade. Clay is a powerful changeling who was raised by his human mother in the human world. Talin, is a human and was Clay's best friend when they were children. After an unpleasant event separated them as children Clay was told that Talin was dead. When she turns up in his life years later, a grown woman who needs his help, Clay is stunned but can they both make peace with their past? I love this series, this is one of my favourite series of books ever. So when I say that this book far surpassed any other book in the series so far, that's really saying something. The other books were great, this one was phenomenal. I think the main thing that I liked about this book was the romance. It's a romance novel so I guess that's what you expect. All of the couples in this series have been really compatible but Clay and Talin were just perfect. I think part of it is that they do have a history together and that background makes the relationship that they have now deeper somehow. There was this...I can't even say spark between them, it's more like a full on fire burning. Their relationship managed to be extremely hot and sexy while maintaining intimacy and tenderness. On the romance side of this novel Singh gets full marks. Although the romance part of it was what really made this book stand out for me, the other aspects of ...

Double Shot - Christine D'Abo 10/10/2011

Double the Pleasure

Double Shot - Christine D'Abo Double Shot is the first novella in Christine d'Abo's Long Shot series. This is a trilogy of erotic romance short stories featuring three siblings. Each of the novella's features a different sibling and tells their romance story. First up we have Sadie Long. Sadie owns a coffee shop with her brother and sister. When her close friend Paul asks Sadie to provide the food for a function at the sex club where he works Sadie is happy for the opportunity to expand her business. But Paul wants more than her food, Paul wants to know what Sadie's fantasy is. Sadie has lusted after Paul for years, but she's not about to tell him that. However, soon Sadie finds herself living out her fantasy of being with Paul and his friend Josh. Sadie wants more than one night of great sex, she wants Paul but what will happen when the party's over? I have to say from the start of this review that Double Shot doesn't exactly cater to my own preferences when it comes to erotic romance. I like dominant men and in this Sadie seems to be the one kind of taking control. I only mention this because I think it's saying something that even though this wasn't exactly my cup of tea when it came to the sex I really really enjoyed this novella. From the start I found myself hooked on the romance side of the plot rather than the erotic side and I think this was in part because there was such a big build up to any actual sexual contact. D'Abo knows how to tease! There's the thoughts, the desires, the fantasies but ...

The Body Shop Moringa Body Scrub 05/10/2011

A Light Scrub

The Body Shop Moringa Body Scrub I recently went on holiday to Cyprus and I bought a Body Shop Moringa gift set to take with me for me and my sisters to use. I chose moringa because the scent just seemed summery and I thought that it would be a lovely scent for our holiday. The gift set included a 100ml pot of moringa body scrub. Ethics The main reason why I shop at the Body Shop is that I like their community trade programme and their attempts to make their products ethical. The Brazil nut oil used in this product was purchased from a co-operative in Peru and the Body Shop state that trade with this co-operative has helped to protect 3,000 hectares of rainforest. The co-operative use sustainable harvesting which supports indigenous species. The Body Shop have more information regarding their values and community fair trade on their website. What it is and what it claims to do This product is an exfoliating scrub that it supposed to leave skin feeling smooth and soft. The Body Shop claim that it removes dead skin cells and stimulates micro-circulation of skin. They recommend that it is used two or three times a week but I actually used it a bit more frequently than this when I was on holiday. My Experience If I had to use one word to describe this product it would be light which may give the impression that it's ineffective, which is not the case at all. The first thing that I noticed with this scrub was the scent. I bought the gift set because I loved the scent of the moringa, it has a really fresh, ...

Lost and Found - Jayne Anne Krentz 01/10/2011

This book lost it's way

Lost and Found - Jayne Anne Krentz About three years ago I picked up my very first adult historical romance novel. It was written by an author called Amanda Quick. Prior to reading her novels I had no interest in reading any historical fiction, I always thought that there were enough real stories in history without having to read fictional historical novels. Amanda Quick changed that for me and as those of you who regularly read my book reviews will know I am now a fan of historical romance novels. So, when I found out that Amanda Quick writes contemporary novels under the name Jayne Ann Krentz I had to read them. The first one that I read was a big disappointment but being a fan of her historical novels I had to give her contemporary novels a second chance so I bought Lost and Found. Unfortunately it hasn't changed my opinion and this is the last contemporary novel of hers that I plan on reading. Lost and Found is a romantic suspense novel. Cady has grown up in the world of art, it's in her blood but she has no interest in the business side of things and has little to do with her families art business, Chatelaine's. Her great aunt, the owner of the family business, is aware of this and seemingly happy to let her niece do her own thing. So when Cady's great aunt dies it's a great shock to everyone that Cady is left her aunt's shares in the business. Chatelaine's is about to merge with another art company but Cady knows that her aunt was undecided about the merger and suspects that someone murdered her to ...

swindon designer outlet 30/09/2011

Swindon Outlet

swindon designer outlet As the name suggests the Outlet Village is a shopping centre in Swindon that sells a range of designer labels at a discounted price. When you first enter the outlet (providing you enter through the food court) you will find the information desk and if you have any questions there are always people there to answer them. -The Shops- Most people who visit this shopping centre (or any shopping centre) probably go for the shops. I'm not a fan of clothes shopping, in fact I can't think of anything more boring. However, the outlet does have a good selection of shops and if I really have to buy clothes when I'm in Swindon I will take a look around the outlet. I find that although the designer labels are discounted they're still very expensive. The outlet makes designer clothing more affordable but still not within my limited budget. However, not every shop is what I would call a designer label and these are more affordable. I have found though that the discounts aren't always that big and most of the time I'm better off just going to the usual high street shops. As I have said I don't really clothes shop for pleasure but I do enjoy other kinds of shopping. In particular I enjoy shopping for books. The outlet village has a discount book shop (the works) and I always love looking around it. It's always full of a good selection of fiction and non-fiction books and always at decent prices. I do find that this shop is always a bit crowded. It's one of those shops that tries to fit as ...

Cafe Rouge Hays Galleria, London 30/09/2011

Cafe Rude

Cafe Rouge Hays Galleria, London This review was written two years ago but I visited this restaurant again two weeks ago...and nothing has changed! The menu has altered slightly but everything that I said two years ago still stands. My visit to Cafe Rouge in Hays Galleria was not planned. My friends and I were walking along the Thames when it started to rain and we decided it would be good to take shelter. We found ourselves in Hays Galleria and decided some lunch would nice. Located in Hays Galleria is a Cafe Rouge and having had an excellent experience at another Cafe Rouge the week before we decided that it would be a safe option. -The Restaurant- This cafe rouge has a small seating area outside of the restaurant but inside Hays Galleria and another small seating area inside the restaurant. When we first arrived it was very busy and making our way around the tables outside to get inside was a little bit awkward with people having to move their chairs and us having to breath in to squeeze through. The inside of the restaurant wasn't much better. The tables were all quite close together and it felt very cramped. As I have said, when we arrived the restaurant was very busy and this was quite evident in the number of tables that had not been cleared. Although I understand that the staff were very busy I really dislike going into restaurants that do not feel clean and the presence of several tables that had not even been cleared, never mind cleaned, close by made me feel very uncomfortable. I did like the ...
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