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Ariel 3in1 Pods (Biological) 24/07/2016

Pods of amazingness!

Ariel 3in1 Pods (Biological) Ariel 3in1 Pods Biological There are so many different products to choose from just for the task of doing laundry these days. On the shelves in supermarkets there is the traditional powder, liquids, gels, tablets and pods/pearls/capsules. Along with this there are lots of different brands, such as Ariel, Bold, Fairy, Daz, Persil, Surf and supermarket's own brand. For one reason or another I most likely always seem to choose Ariel over the other brands, but if it's not on offer I will purchase Surf instead. To me, Ariel is the brand that I can trust for it to clean my clothes whilst caring for them. I know that other brands will do this also, but mostly I do feel Ariel does the best job. I also normally opt for the powder format, as the dosage can be adjusted and it can be used for soaking items pre washing. As somebody who always loves to try out new products, it was weird to think that I hadn't tried this particular version of these pods yet. When these miraculous pods were launched just over three years ago now (time flies!) I purchased a tub of the colour version to try out and was impressed with them (I'm sure I wrote a review on them at the time also). Whilst I liked the pods, I didn't repurchase them, I don't know why as they were really good, possibly because I like to measure out a detergent and have the flexibility which is taken away with these. Anyway, a few weeks back I was doing laundry as it had built up because our broken machine had been fixed, so we had a ...

Cif Multi-Purpose Actifizz Ocean Spray 28/05/2016

Izzy Fizzy Let's Get Busy!

Cif Multi-Purpose Actifizz Ocean Spray Cif Actifizz Multi Purpose Spray Ocean 'Oh look, here he is again with another household related review!'. Old habits die hard, eh? I really tried to find something else to review, and even had something in mind, but I've been busy today cleaning with this stuff, and since I've been amazingly impressed with this stuff by it's brilliant fizzing related cleaning abilities - I just had to write about it! Like I've mentioned in previous reviews, I clean, quite a bit. I clean our house and I also do several of our neighbour's houses also (word gets around fast you see) so I get to use a lot of different cleaning products. Despite using theirs, I do like to take my own with me also. The neighbours, like we do too, use Flash, either this or own branded cleaning products, and you can generally tell when Flash has been used, as everything 'appears' shinier and brighter, and fresher smelling. That could just be me being suckered into marketing, but you can tell the difference. In this house, Cif is occasionally used, and currently we have a bottle of the Power and Shine Bathroom Cleaner, which smells as equally as gorgeous as Flash Bathroom. I also like to use the Floor Cleaner as it smells lovely too. Anyway, we were running a bit low on cleaning and laundry supplies (shocker) so I went into town to pick some up, as well as some other bits for the elderly neighbours. I went into Wilko and had a wonder at what was on offer, and saw that Cif Actifizz multi purpose spray was slashed ...

Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner 24/04/2016


Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner Hello all, hope you're well! It's been a while since the last review hasn't it really, but I seem to have found a bit of time to rate some reviews and rate back the people who rated the last one, so thank you for those! Back at it again with the laundry products, I know! There's so many I've used recently and want to review them all so bear with! (Will try to review some other products in-between so you don't get bored). Anyway! I like doing laundry, I love trying out different products and different scents, to see what the end result is. I do about 3 wash loads a week, and normally each load gets a different detergent or conditioner (unless I really like the product and will use it constantly) so this gives me the opportunity to try out different brands and scents. Recently, I've found myself venturing back to Comfort, which is a brand I tended to not go for so much as I preferred Lenor, but after getting a bit sick of Lenor's overpoweringness (new word invented there) and very stinky conditioners, I have begun to use Comfort once again. Currently I'm liking Blue Skies (which wouldn't have got my bargepole at one point) and the tropical one (always a fave of mine), but I've been testing the new(ish) range of Intense conditioners to see if they were any good. The Brand and Product Comfort is a fabric conditioner range produced by Unilever. It was the first fabric conditioner to be launched in the UK in 1969 and they also launched the ...

Aldi Almat Laundry Gel 19/03/2016

Move over Persil, we have a winner!

Aldi Almat Laundry Gel Almat Bio Super Concentrated Liquid Wash Despite still living at home (hopefully for not much longer) I seem to be doing quite a lot of household chores and other things such as doing my own laundry. Since my parents are normally busy with work, deliveries, car boot sales or auctions and such like, they get me to do most household chores such as cleaning, washing, hoovering, dusting etc and it saves them having to do it. I don't really mind doing it as it's nice to see a clean house that you've cleaned yourself and I also get paid for doing it so it's like a job really. I also clean my elderly neighbours house and take on board tips she gives me for a clean home which are very handy. Anyway, I have been doing my own laundry for several years now and enjoy trying out different products to use on my clothes. Most of my clothes are normally from H&M or asos so whilst they're not 'expensive' so for example I will pay £15 for a hoodie or for a pair of jeans, I do find that they do come costly sometimes. It could be that I hate spending money on clothes as I normally will spend way too much in one go, so I will go into H&M or online and spend £40-£50 each time and I can't really afford to do this often, rather than just sticking to buying one or two items. The point is, even though my clothes may not be a particular brand or not expensive to some people, they are to me and I like them to last. I normally buy branded laundry products, having been brought up on Daz which is also ...

Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo Hello Hydration 07/02/2016


Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo Hello Hydration Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo When it comes to my hair I spend so much time and money buying new products it's unreal. However the amount of times I've bought a new shampoo or styling product only for it to have turned out horribly is quite astonishing, so now I tend not to buy so many new shampoos or conditioners and just try out the odd new styling product here and there. I think the main reason for this is because my hair is a good thing to test out new products on and also to experiment with. I came across an old picture from a Halloween party a couple of years ago where I dyed my hair an electric blue, I don't think I've ever cringed so much looking back at it but as you do when you're a teen you think you look amazing. I can say that because I've used all of these different products and experimented a lot with my hair I have experience of products and know what to love and what to stay away from. Herbal Essences falls into the former category, most of the products I have used from their vast range have performed brilliantly and I find that I can always rely on them. I have used Herbal Essences lots of times, even when I was a young child I remember using it and I always find the smell sticks out in my memory because it used to smell so good. I also remember a few years ago now they gave the range a complete makeover which made the range completely stand out from other products with the bright colourful bottles. One of my favourites is the Hello Hydration ...

Vanish High Traffic Area Powerfoam 20/12/2015

Cleans high traffic areas with ease

Vanish High Traffic Area Powerfoam Vanish Powerfoam Clean & Fresh With Christmas being less than a week away now and comes along the usual 'yearly house thorough clean' where no speck of dust is left alone and the house usually looks better for it! I'm sure many of you will understand that within a week of Christmas you dedicate a whole day to clean your home from top to bottom in time for drunk guests, bits of mince pie squished onto the floor and wrapping paper all over the place! I know I've definitely put more effort in this year, since I'm now at home one more day a week usually means I begin cleaning to avoid being bored, thus preventing me from eating food I shouldn't. So far it's worked and it's a winner all round because the house is cleaner than it used to be! (Not that I live in a hovel, mind...). Anyway, when mum and I went into town to purchase an army of cleaning supplies consisting of mostly Flash and Domestos we passed the carpet and floor cleaning section of B&M Bargains and mum commented that the hallway carpet was looking a bit tired, downtrodden and dirty looking. She was going to buy some 1001 hand shampoo until I picked up this Vanish Powerfoam. I said that I had used this before and it worked well, my sister had also used it and she commented how good it was. It's easily been a couple of years since I last used it but I thought I'd try it again and it was put into the basket containing a monstrosity of other cleaning supplies. The Product Vanish Powerfoam High Traffic carpet cleaner ...

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash & Mask 11/10/2015

Ideal for making your face less 'ugh'

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash & Mask Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2in1 Wash and Mask Since I am that age where spots occur without any real reason required, I have tried many different products over the last few years that claim to remove excess oil, clear spots and in general help obtain clear skin. As to be expected, they never usually turn out that way, as I have found just simply following a skincare routine with normal products that don't contain the latest spot busting ingredients with worrying chemical type names to actually work better than these products. Over the last few years though whilst trying all of these different products I have discovered a few items that actually are quite good and do work well, and this is one of them. I hate to think how much I've spent on products that claim all sorts, it's probably an absolute fortune and it wouldn't surprise me because I love trying new stuff but also to see if it works or not, however usually they don't which is disappointing and can give off negatives about that particular brand. One of the brands I've used from time to time and have usually turned out well is the Neutrogena brand. I've used the 'Visibly Clear' range in the orange colour and that has worked very well. The other products from Neutrogena I have used I have found okay but not as good as the Visibly Clear range. About the Product The Neutrogena Visibly Clear range is a range of products that are designed to give clear skin. The range includes face wash, mask, scrub, moisturiser and spot ...

Surf Small & Mighty Tropical 01/10/2015

Decent laundry detergent!

Surf Small & Mighty Tropical Surf Tropical Lily & Ylang Ylang Liquid When it comes to laundry, I do like mine to smell fresh once washed. I do also like to try different brands & fragrances, & considering there's lots of different fragrances & brands on the markets it's worth trying most of them at least once. I do tend to do laundry twice a week usually so if I have different laundry products & fabric conditioners I do tend to use different ones each time. I can though at times use the same products again if I am happy with them but usually I do like to change occasionally. Surf is one of the main brands of laundry detergents in the UK. It is one of the cheaper main brands, like Daz but it I find it works just as good as the higher end names. Surf has been around for years & tends to focus on fragrance as well as cleaning rather than other aspects such as stain removal like with other brands. They have a whole range of laundry products including Powders, Liquids & Liquitabs in a wide variety of different fragrances to suit different noses. I have recently got back into using Surf as I do tend to fluctuate with other brands, but since they gave their products & fragrances a makeover a few months ago I have gotten back into using them. They also released a new powder called 'Classic Fresh' which smells lovely & I have been enjoying using that too. I also like the Herbal Extracts variety which smells quite natural. I have used Surf on & off for the last few years & I remember constantly sniffing the ...

Lenor Fabric Conditioner Concentrate Spring Awakening 30/08/2015

Lenor - It's more than laundry

Lenor Fabric Conditioner Concentrate Spring Awakening Lenor - It's more than laundry A special offer pops through the letterbox... Back in June, I went on a weekend break to celebrate finishing my GCSE exams, the said break was in Jersey, Channel Islands. Being summer the weather was glorious there & I managed to pack a small suitcase full of clothes despite going there for 3 days! I did end up leaving the washing until the weekend so I would have more stuff to wash. When we checked the post I noticed a letter from the voucher/survey company my mum gets money off coupons from & noticed it was full of money off vouchers for fabric conditioners, presuming the ones purchased were branded ones. They had given us 10 vouchers, varying in price with a letter saying to purchase fabric conditioner then test it & let them know how we got on. Knowing my mum she just purchased Lenor fabric conditioners so hence why I have reviewed Lenor a few times recently! I do have more reviews to come as we now have used most of the variations sold. This was very appreciated considering we needed fabric conditioner anyway & as soon as I purchased some I started on the laundry that I had! Spring has sprung! I'm sure most people know what fabric conditioner is & what it is designed to do & Lenor is no different, Lenor is a brand of P&G who produce many brands in different sectors across the world & has been trusted by millions. As long as I have been doing my own laundry I've mostly used Lenor, I've flitted with Comfort & supermarket brands but ...

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser Total Moisture 27/08/2015

Soft In Seconds

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser Total Moisture Vaseline Spray & Go Even though after each time you shower, you should moisturise to help the skin, I mostly never bother because I find it quite consuming at times & I always end up with greasy feeling skin because the moisturiser never absorbs properly. Hence why in the last couple of years I've been trying a whole host of different body moisturisers, including Nivea In-Shower, fast absorbing ones & spray ones in a can. I have also tried several different Vaseline varieties which have actually worked out better than most other moisturisers. I do generally choose to buy Vaseline if I buy a moisturiser because I know it works well & I have used it for several years now when I do decide to moisturise. I should really moisturise everyday because it's better for my skin but I'm slowly getting there! This relatively new product from Vaseline does help because it works very well. Product Description Vaseline Spray & Go moisturiser comes in a 190ml aerosol can, much like a deodorant or air freshener. It now comes in a continuous spray which covers a better area whereas the original version used to just spray in a line & you had to rub it in. The moisturisers come in 3 types, Essential Moisture, Coco & Aloe Soothe. I have used both Essential Moisture & Aloe Soother but will focus on the Essential Moisture. The Essential Moisture version comes in a yellow can with the blue Vaseline logo displayed near the top. There is writing at the top which says that this product is a NEW ...

Lenor Fabric Conditioner Concentrate Summer Breeze 17/08/2015

Summer In A Bottle

Lenor Fabric Conditioner Concentrate Summer Breeze Lenor Summer Breeze Fabric Conditioner When it comes to laundry, I do like to use branded laundry products which tend to produce better scented results than the own brand variants. Usually I do choose Lenor over Comfort for fabric conditioner since I find Lenor produces better results, in softness & freshness. Plus my mother & late nan use Lenor & have done since it was first released, so I am really just following on because mums know best after all! I did try Comfort's new 'Intense' range & whilst the name does give an impression of 'super, intense freshness' I find Lenor does produce better results. Last year Lenor became 'Super Concentrated' which means that less is now used than it was before. According to Lenor you can get up to 30% more washes per litre compared to previous Lenor. Summer Breeze is the 2nd original fragrance, after Spring Awakening. I never used to like the Summer Breeze fragrance after Lenor stopped producing the regular formula, I found the concentrate one used to stink to high heavens & would never produce lovely scented laundry, so I would use the Spring version instead. However, when it changed to Super Concentrate, I picked up a bottle earlier this year & had a sniff, & thought it smelt really nice & it had a very pleasant fragrance, nothing overpowering like it used to be. So, I purchased a bottle from Tesco earlier on, I think it cost £2 or something similar as it was on special offer, as it seems to be everywhere at the moment. About the ...

Lenor Unstoppables Fresh 04/08/2015

Shake Up Your Fresh!

Lenor Unstoppables Fresh Lenor Unstoppables In Wash Scent Booster Introduction When it comes to laundry, I always tend to choose the branded products, more particularly from P&G since I like nice scents on my laundry when it has been dried. To me, laundry that smells clean is clean, & other brands like Ecover that I've used that make the laundry clean but it doesn't smell fresh. There have been circumstances where I've actually re-washed clean laundry so it smells nicer! Usually for laundry purposes I chose brands like Ariel or Bold that leave the laundry with a nice scent. For fabric conditioner I usually choose Lenor since I find it better quality than Comfort or supermarket brands. Plus since Lenor is always on offer at £2 for 44 washes at some supermarket or other then I always buy it. My favourite Lenor fragrances are the more classic varieties, such as Spring Awakening & Summer Breeze, however I do like the Gold Orchid variant too. They always blend well with Ariel detergents & produce very nice scented results. What are Lenor Unstoppables? Summer last year saw the launch of Lenor Unstoppables, a scent booster in the form of beads/pellets that you combine with your favourite fabric conditioner for scent that supposedly lasts up to 12 weeks. They did originally come in the form of 3 scents: Fresh: Marine character consisting of a watery blend of soap elements, minerals & lily with sparkling oceanic green top notes. Bliss: An exotic cocktail of red berries & cherry blended well with a ...

Is Religion As Popular As It Used To Be? 01/11/2014

No, it's not as popular as what it once was.

Is Religion As Popular As It Used To Be? Is Religion as popular as it used to be? I saw this as Ciao's 'Current Issue' & thought that it would be an interesting topic to debate about. Personally, I think that Religion has declined in recent years, most of the time it seems to be the root of most problems & is the cause of Homophobia etc. I don't really know much about religion, nor or am interested in it, to be fair this is a review written by a 15 year old who hasn't been forced to learn religion, (apart from when I attended a Catholic Primary School for 2 years, but even they weren't forcing it down our throats, just making us go to church once a month, sing hymns in assemblies etc.). Is just that the thought of this 'all powerful, all loving creature who lives in the clouds' seems daft to me. However, I do sometimes think 'does he exist?' but rarely question that statement, if at all. According to the Bible & the use of specialist words, God is supposed to be 'all loving' 'powerful' & 'everywhere all of the time'. If that is the case then why do things like Homophobia exist? Not so much in this country anymore, but in Religious countries, such as some American states & Africa? I recall watching a documentary (from 2011) several months ago with Scott Mills & he travelled to Africa after they were going to give the Death Penalty to any homosexual person there. I'm not sure if it was passed or not, as the documentary was from several years ago, but I watched it via YouTube several months ago & was intrigued at how ...

Dettol Bar Soap 09/08/2014

Refreshing Soap, but a bit drying for Sensitive Skin.

Dettol Bar Soap Dettol Anti-Bacterial Soap The past couple of months have been quite nice with the weather, here it's been an average of 21c & coupled with the fact that the water leading to the house doesn't run off the mains, but a well, & it hasn't been raining much then we haven't had much water to play around with. Thankfully now though we have a lot more water to use so it isn't as bad as what it was not so long ago. But during the 'drought' time period we weren't able to have showers everyday & that meant having to have a wash in the sink, which wasn't as bad as I first thought. I use soap anyway for washing with, alongside shower gels/creams which combined give a real clean feeling, but when I had to wash instead I just used a soap bar. Mostly the soap I use is Dove or Nivea but whilst venturing around Savers I found myself looking at Dettol Bar Soap. There were three kinds - Original (the one I purchased), Sensitive (purple) & Skincare (pink).The latter two have a nicer fragrance compared to the Original one which more or less smells like the disinfectant! The Soap itself cost £1.19 for a twin pack of 2x100g bars, the other two are 59p each since they're more 'luxury' than this one. I have seen Dettol Soap on sale in other stores such as Superdrug, Boots & all the Supermarkets for around 50p-60p a bar, or £1.29 minimum for the twin pack. It is quite reasonably priced, & the soap lasts a long time compared to Dove, which can become a soggy mess quite quickly. Dettol claim that ...

Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Refreshing 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner 10/05/2014

For when I have nothing else...

Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Refreshing 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner Nivea Daily Essentials 2 in 1 Cleanser / Toner Even though it is important to wash your face twice a day, there are times when you can;t be bothered, say you have about 5 minutes to get ready because you've overslept, or you've had a late night at work or school & are too tired to do it. Believe me I have been in this situation many times & only last week I had a catering event, in which this came really handy! Usually Facial Wipes are my first choice, Freederm to be exact, & usually I don't worry about shelling out on them because they last so long. But currently I am using Clean & Clear's Truly Gentle Wipes, which have come a close second, however that's about the only Clean & Clear product that has only worked for me! Facial Cleansers I tend to use if I can't buy any Facial Wipes. I never realised that Facial Cleansers are supposed to be used after facial wash, I always used them instead of it, not after it. Nivea, as a brand, I have always expected & received good results. My dad has used the Creme Soft Soap for years, with mum using Nivea Soft religiously, before she began using No7. I currently love using their Men's Sensitive Deodorant, it comes at £1 a can & it works amazingly well, despite it not smelling like Lynx, which has got to be a good thing. The other week the whole range of Nivea items were on offer at Boots, & I was searching for Neutrogena products, which weren't on offer, sadly. So I saw the Nivea Daily Essentials 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner, priced at ...
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