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since 04/08/2005


V for Vendetta DVD 08/05/2006

Revolution seems the way to go...

V for Vendetta DVD I'd never heard of this film. Sound like an action film, doesn't it? So I wasn't particularly interested when my partner suggested we see it. Let's just say, his preference of film generally isn't mine. I was especially disinterested when he informed me that V For Vendetta was written by the same people who wrote The Matrix, one of my most hated films of all time. I resigned myself to playing backgammon on my phone instead, and only started warming to the film when we were first introduced to V. It was at this point that the phone was switched off, and my attention was diverted to the screen. V (Hugo Weaving) is the masked anti-hero of the film. He is an eloquent, Shakespeare-quoting socio-political activist, bent on a terrorist attack of the Houses of Parliament in the same vein as Guy Fawkes on 5th November. V's most attractive quality is that, although he is a terrorist (which is one of those words we are all indoctrinated to loathe and fear) and a murderer, we empathise with him. His ends, although directly based on a personal vendetta, are justified by the age-old philosophies of freedom, equality and uncensorship. One of the most fascinating cinemograhic aspects of this film is that V's face is never revealed from under the Guy Fawkes mask, nor is his true identity unveiled. Paradoxically, the mask, although fixed in one expression, seems to display the full gamut of emotions, and always coincides eerily with the words his character is speaking. We are made aware of ...

Hostel, DVD 18/04/2006

Sex and violence to make up for lack of plotline

Essays 02/04/2006

What's WRONG with everybody??

Should smoking be banned in all public places? 02/04/2006

From a smoker's point of view

Should ALL drugs be legalised? 02/04/2006

Drugs DO exist, you know!

Has feminism gone too far.. or not far enough? 01/04/2006

What if I WANT to be old-fashioned?

Fraoch Heather Ale 31/03/2006

Where have you been all my life?!

Clydesdale Bank Mortgages 30/03/2006

Clydesdale Home Loan - first-time buyer

Asda Shampoo 30/03/2006

Asda Sea Vitamins & Minerals Shampoo/Conditioner

Arthurs 29/03/2006

Why does it seem so cheap?

Ford Fiesta 1.25 27/03/2006

A girl's first car - 1995 Fiesta Ghia

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (GameCube) 27/03/2006

Not as boring as it looks - a girl's opinion

The Little Prisoner - Jane Elliott 26/03/2006

A cynical view, but...

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