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Writing 750 words a day About 750 Words is a very simple site indeed. The goal is to write 750 words per day every day. Members who have signed up before 2013 have free lifetime accounts, but for everyone else, there is a fee of $5 a month which is equivalent to £3.86 a month. They take direct payment through PayPal. They offer a month trial for new members so you can try it before you decide to buy and even if you don't become a full member, you will always have access to your work. The site was founded by a young couple in California known as Buster and Kellianne. They started the site in their spare time in 2009 and has grown in popularity through word of mouth. It relies on donations and membership fees to survive so they're constantly asking for feedback and criticism. Who it's for For people looking to be paid for their writing, this sounds very unappealing. A friend of mine referred it to me without the knowledge that you had to pay after the 30 days were over. My friend simply signed up with another email account every time her trial was over so she would never have to pay, but I've been paying the monthly fee since my trial finished. I am currently on an 113-day strike and I am aiming to get as many badges on the site as I can. I think the site aims for people who want to improve their writing or for those that need their push in writing. A friend of mine reccomended it to me and since them it's become a part of my daily routine. Features You also get access to metadata ...

Tattoos: friends or foes? 06/07/2017


Tattoos: friends or foes? Do you have any tattoos? No. I don't have any tattoos. When I was 15 I considered having a tattoo: I planned to have a heart in between two crescents with angel wings. What stopped me? Well, nothing really. Over time I started to forget about them to the point that my desire for tattoos eventually died, but I haven't ruled it out. I have many friends with tattoos and they ask me if I will ever get a tattoo and I always said I haven't found the right pattern. I've noticed that some of my friends, once they get one tattoo, they want more. It's another factor that's put me off getting one which is its addiction. It's not something I would want to get addicted to. I have however had those henna tattoos that fade off over time, I quite liked them when I was younger. But it still wasn't enough to get me a proper one. As I'm writing this, I've considered tattoos, but I'm aware of the risks, so I don't know if they're worth the risk. Bodies of art Very rarely do people go and get tattoos for the sake of having a tattoo. Many people have tattoos for very personal reasons. From my friends that have tattoos, they have one to represent their loved ones or symbols or animals that are important to them. From dream catchers on the legs to fully detailed peacocks with colour, there are limitless possibilities to chose what design to have on your body. Terry O’Neill for example, who is considered Britain's most tattooed man, used his tattoos to express his passion for Christianity. ... 04/07/2017

Rest In Peace Introduction: The Other Side I was an active member on Dooyoo UK for about three years. I loved the site and the fact that you could get Amazon vouchers out of it was the selling point for me. I think at the time, I actually preferred it to Ciao as I seemed to be making more money on Dooyoo than on here. But it's a bit hard to count your overall earnings on Ciao, unlike Dooyoo which made it really easy for you. Nowadays the site is slow and very glitchy. Reviews sometimes duplicate and suddenly you find yourself looking at your own reviews again. It's a shame that it's happened to Dooyoo, but it is lucky to have survived for this long. Dooyoo was a lot like Ciao in some retrospects: people who signed up for the site were paid to write reviews and to receive ratings. At it's prime it was a great site and served as a nice way to maximise profits earned from Ciao and cross-post them over to Dooyoo. A lot of the members on Dooyoo were also on Ciao so it helped build that community feel between both sites. I was active on Dooyoo from 2010-2013 and in those three years on and off I earned £150. I've always had fond memories of this site. In it's prime I would have rated it 5 stars and now I feel it's worth 1 star so based on that I have decided to rate this 2 stars for the fun memories, but it's also a shame that it's not the site that it was. Payments Dooyoo's currency was Dooyoo Miles. 1000 Dooyoo Miles was equivalent to £1. Once you had £5 worth of dooyoo miles, you could ...

Hand Spinner: what do you think of this new phenomenon? 28/06/2017

Can You Make A Useless Item, Useful?

Hand Spinner: what do you think of this new phenomenon? Introduction These hand spinner and fidget spinners have risen to popularity. Wikipedia actually calls them useless machines. To my surprise, they've been around since the early nineties. They're designed to reduce stress and anxiety and aimed towards children with autism and ADHD. They're everywhere in the shops and despite their popularity, I still don't get it. I think there are other toys that can stimulate the mind a lot more. As a product, I feel it is only worth one star because I think there are simply better products out there than this. You don't even need this if you wanted to fidget. You can use your fingers, the tip of a ballpoint pen, the pages of the book. You can get that same sensation with lots of items. What You Can Do On it's own, all it really does is spin. I've heard some light up, but I've only seen product photos online. It's simplicity makes it easy to use and I can see why it can appeal to school children for a short while, what I don't understand is how it's meant to be entertaining. I know it's designed for kids and that they come in many shapes and sizes, but I can't help but think the product picture is phallic. The reason I found it phallic is because I've been exposed to the meat spin video. Since then, I can never take this product seriously. Look it up if you want, but I should warn you, it's not safe for work. It's a device that's meant to reduce distraction, and yet it's distracting enough for some schools to ban it on their ...

Legend (DVD) 26/06/2017

Some Legendary Bits Here

Legend (DVD) General Information Year: 1985 Genre: Fantasy and Sci-fi Starring: Tom Cruise, Tim Curry and Mia Sara. Director: Ridley Scott Picture it, Christmas 2000 The first time I saw Legend was when it was on TV around Christmas time in 2000. At that time I was only a child and very engrossed with the TV, so when Legend came on, I was quickly hooked with the fantastic visual effects. It had a lovely mystical tone but there was also a dark and alluring one as well. I thought at the time it was different to other films I had seen before. Re-watching this film again, years later, I feel that my opinion has changed quite a lot. Whilst many things I can consider are very positive, I can now see that the film also have a lot of flaws in it as well, despite it's nice fairy tale atmosphere. Price & Availability I found it on HMV for £5.99 on the 2 for £10 deal. Amazon Prime members can enjoy it for £5.00, but non-amazon members can get it for a lower deal from second hand sellers on amazon. A simple ebay search has brought up a £2.41 DVD and a £13.99 Blu-ray. Be aware when you're looking for this product, you might get the 2012 film under the same name. But that film is very different to this one. By typing Legend 1985, the film should be easy to find at a decent price. They do also show this film on TV channels from time to time. Legend Legend is a 1985 film directed by Ridley Scott. When it was first released, it wasn't well received, nearly everybody agreed that Tim Curry was ...

Harry Potter Colouring Book - Warner Brothers 22/06/2017

Not Quite For Me, But It's A Good Product

Harry Potter Colouring Book - Warner Brothers Introduction Celebrating 20 years since Harry Potter was first released, I thought of writing a series of Harry Potter product reviews. It's amazing how it still holds the test of time and it's everywhere despite turning 20 years old. I think this is a fad that's here to stay. I bought this colouring book on the 26th December 2016 for my aunt who's an even bigger fan of the franchise than me. She still uses this project and I've had a chance to use it a few times and enjoyed it. I'm sure many of you have heard about Harry Potter, but for the benefit of those who haven't, it's a book series written by J.K Rowling about Harry Potter's experience at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It's hooked adults and children with complex characters, mystery and strong morals. Harry Potter has churned out several products including 8 blockbuster films. This colouring book is one of the many products available. I own several colouring books, many of them were received as gifts, I appreciate the art and patterns inside them but I wouldn't consider myself a colouring book fan. Price & Availibilty The recommended retail price is £9.99. This is quite a lot compared to other colouring books out there. Fortunately, this colouring book is available to buy on Amazon for £4.99 which I believe is a reasonable price. There's quite a lot of pages and also a lot of detailed pictures so those who like colouring will be expected to take a lot of time with some of these. I've also seen ...

The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux 16/06/2017

Classic Tale Of The Opera Ghost

The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux Introduction The Phantom Of The Opera is a story that has been retold many times since it was first published over a century ago by French writer, Gaston Leroux. It's been the base of countless films, plays and musicals. The most famous being the west-end musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The musical remains one of the most popular musicals in the world. The novel where everything starts off, is just as worthy in my opinion. Gaston Leroux Gaston Leroux was a French author and journalist. He graduated as a law student and worked in journalism until 1907 where he became a full time author. Phantom Of The Opera remains one of his most famous works to date, but he's also written a lot of mysteries. The most popular out of those mysteries is The Mystery In The Yellow Room. I haven't read that book yet, but it sounds like something I would be interested in. The Phantom Of The Opera The Phantom Of The Opera is a story with many themes; love, obsession, music and mystery. It takes place in a glorious opera house in Paris. The book was originally a series of articles that Leroux did as part of his investigations. The legend of the opera ghost pipped his interest and eventually the articles were converted into a full novel. When it was first published it didn't receive the love that now has today. Opera Garnier and it's staff were a huge inspiration for his novel. A lot of the decor and staff play an important role in the book. The famous chandelier is a image that comes to mind. ...

A Simple Story - Elizabeth Inchbald 16/06/2017

Don't Judge A Book By It's Title

A Simple Story - Elizabeth Inchbald Introduction This review is part of the Ciao library challenge. I had a look around the classics and found this without any reviews. A Simple Story isn't a very good title in my opinion. Why title your story a simple story when readers can read tales of adventure or about specific characters. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the book, hence my title for this review. This review will aim to be spoiler free. Author This is the first book that I have ever read from Elizabeth Inchbald. Judging by her Wikipedia page, she appears to have been quite feisty woman. She was also an actor. She's written several plays but only wrote two novels. Her writing style reminds me of the classic authors like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. A Simple Story The novel was published in 1971. It's a novel that I've never heard of before until today. It's split into two parts. The first half focuses on Miss Milner and the second half focuses on her daughter, Lady Matilda. What I find very peculiar is that Mill Milner's first name is never mentioned anywhere in the story. So it gives me the impression that everyone is polite and highly classy. The writing is rich in detail and refined words, but at times I found it hard to follow and get into. There is little world building in my opinion and the backstories are briefly outlined. At times I felt that this story seems promising and at other times, I thought this was a total bore. However, the characters are well written and kept me invested ...

Pokemon Blue (Game Boy) 14/06/2017

Violets Are Blue

Pokemon Blue (Game Boy) Pokémon I remember this being everywhere in the 1990s. Ever since it's inception in 1996, it's become a global sensation. To this day it's still pretty popular. The concept of pokémon is going out and capturing little creatures that go into balls that can fit with your pocket. The main playable character is a ten year old boy who's leaving Pallet Town to pick up his first pokémon, then he goes off into the world. It's believed that Pokémon was inspired by one of the creators, Satoshi Tajiri's love for collecting bugs as a child. That would explain why there's so many bugs in this game. I love Blue as much as Red, but I think many people prefer Red over Blue. Technically, we're suppose to have Pokémon Green and not Blue. Pokémon Blue wasn't developed until later on. The games were still well received but there was still a lot of problems with Green and Red in Japan. The main issue was the graphics as some of the sprites did not resemble the actual artwork of pokémon. There were also many glitches. Some are good and fun to exploit, but there's a big risk of damaging the save file. I believe the main reason for why we have so many glitches is because Game Freak and Nintendo were really ambitious with this project. They wanted 180 Pokémon in there, but only managed to fit in 151 because of time restrainsts. They really tried to pack in as much as possible but there still missing data in the games which made pokémon games for the gameboy a haven for glitches. So Pokémon ...

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Nintendo 3DS) 12/06/2017

Best Of Both

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Nintendo 3DS) Introduction Professor Layton VS. Phoenix Wright is a game for the Nintendo 3DS and was out in Japan in 2012 and eventually released to the rest of the world in 2014. Having been a fan of both Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright this game really peaked my interest. Even though their games are so different, they share a fan-base and even before the game was in the works. I've heard people say that they would love an official crossover with these two years before it even came out. Level-5 who produced Professor Layton and Capcom who worked with Phoenix Wright worked very well together to make this game I think. As it not only highlights the strength of the main two characters but also introduces some nice new characters. Like the damsel-in-distress Espella and Darklaw. Price & Availability Being a recent game and merging two popular video games together this game should still be available in most shops and easy to get online from £20. I remember getting thegame for about £25. The game is still on the higher end of the price range, so it's worth looking at second-hand copies which should be a bit cheaper. Either way, fingers cross you should be able to find it at a good price. Professor Layton Professor Layton and his assistant, Luke Triton are ultimate tea-drinking and puzzle-busting duo of London. Layton teaches archaeology at the fictional Gressenheller University. He's a sophisticated character who's whit inspires many including Luke his young assistant who hopes to ...

Princess Maker 3 (PC) 10/06/2017

Making Princesses

Princess Maker 3 (PC) Introduction Ciao keep rejecting my proposal for Princess Maker 2. Which I think makes so sense since they have Princess Maker 3 on here but not the other four. Come on Ciao! Stop rejecting my proposals. It makes no sense to have Princess Maker 3, but not Princess Maker 2 which is the most popular out of the series. So little rant over, here's the review of Princess Maker 3 instead of 2. Princess Maker Series The Princess Maker series is a series of simulation games produced by a Japanese company known as Gainax. Anime fans may have heard of Gainax, since they're the production house responsible for Neon Genesis Evangelion: one of the most popular animes of all time. The games were successful enough to be translated into Chinese and Korean. There are five games in the series, but only two have had an official English release, but I don't think it will be long until this game will have a proper English release date. Though the premise of the princess maker games remain the same. The main player takes the role of an adoptive father who looks after a young girl through the ages of ten and eighteen. In the first two Princess Maker games, the father is a retired knight, but in Princess Maker 3, you get to choose the father's occupation. For tradition's sake, I make the father a retired knight. Story There's lots of little girls who dream of being a princess And even if you're a fairy, then it's no exception. The story is about Lisa. Lisa is only ten years old and she's a ...

Pokemon Red (Game Boy) 10/06/2017

Roses Are Red

Pokemon Red (Game Boy) Introduction In my review of Pokémon Gold and Silver, I mentioned Pokémon Red a few times so decided to review it today. It was one of the first games I've ever played on my gameboy and it still holds a lot of sentimental value to me. To this day, I can see a lot of influence from it in modern day culture. Pokémon Pokémon is something that most of us have heard of at some point. For the benefit of those who haven't heard of it, it's short for pocket monster. The premise is to catch a creature in a ball that you can put in your pocket and train it to your heart's desire. The main objective of the game is to become what people in the pokémon world call a pokémon master. Whilst it doesn't sound overly exciting on paper, Nintendo and Gamefreak execute it well. In fact they've executed it so well that's become the international trend and one of the most popular franchises in the world. When Pokémon was first released, it was marketed that there was 150 pokémon available This is actually a lie since there are 151 pokémon in the game, and they actually planned for a lot more pokémon to be in the game. I believe they wanted 180 pokémon at first but due to restrictions had to cut it to just 151. This caused some problems, but in the long run, it actually helped them become the long standing franchise that they are today since many of the pokémon that didn't make it into the first cut were eventually transferred over to the next set of games. Price & Availability The original RRP ...

Pokemon Gold/Silver (Game Boy Color) 10/06/2017

Always Be A Timeless Classic

Pokemon Gold/Silver (Game Boy Color) Introduction I was planning on writing a review for a video game only to find that I had already written a review for it in 2012. So I thought since I've been playing this game for quite a bit that I would review Pokémon Silver instead. It's a gameboy game that I'm rather fond of, having played it since my childhood. Something about this game makes me want to come back and play it again even after all these years. Despite it's flaws, I feel that it's worthy of five stars in my heart. Pokémon Pokémon is something that most of us have heard of at some point. For the benefit of those who haven't heard of it, it's short for pocket monster. The premise is to catch a creature in a ball that you can put in your pocket and train it to your heart's desire. The main objective of the game is to become what people in the pokémon world call a pokémon master. Whilst it doesn't sound overly exciting on paper, Nintendo and Gamefreak execute it well. In fact they've executed it so well that's become the international trend and one of the most popular franchises in the world. There are 251 pokémon to choose from to have in your team. Some you have to trade with other games to get, but there's a big choice out there. From electric sheep, dancing plants, burning ponies, quirky ghosts and dangerous dragons, there's something for everyone in this game. Gold Or Silver Gold and Silver start the second gaming generation of pokémon It is set three years after the games in the first generation: ... 02/06/2017

Qmee some pennies What is Qmee? Qmee is an online app founded by Jonathan Knight and Nick Sutton in 2012. They describe Qmee as an online shopping companion. Their mission is to bring shoppers and brands closer together. Qmee can be installed in your browser and sometimes when you search for things on a search engine or on eBay or amazon, a green window will pop up showing either coupons or advertisements. In my experience there's a high chance that it will be coupons, but if you're lucky and receive a list of ads, you can click on those ads to earn pennies. Paid to click ads? Indeed! The pay rates are normally within the range of 4p-8p. Sometimes one shows up and sometimes there's a huge list of them. Sometimes you can go back to click on the other ads that you missed out on, but there's a chance that these ads might not appear again. I do think that the paid to click ads schemes is heavily based on luck. There are some days when Qmee won't show any adds but some days where it will come up with six or quite a few. It took me a couple of months to earn my first fiver on this site. Coupons Often many coupons show up when you're looking for stuff online. These can vary between theatre tickets and flight coupons and also discount for shopping chains. I have yet to redeem a coupon as I've not found one that I've needed yet. But I'm sure that someone will find the coupons useful. Recent Expansion This year, Qmee has had quite a big expansion. It's now attracted new users with it's new ...

Harry Potter & the Cursed Child - J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, Jack Thorne 02/06/2017

Who is the cursed child?

Harry Potter & the Cursed Child - J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, Jack Thorne Introduction Carrying on with my Harry Potter themed reviews, this is a book that I've always wanted to review. I've been a fan of the series for a long time and was interested in seeing this play. I've yet to see it in theatre, but after reading this book, I'm even more interested in seeing it. The beloved characters from the Harry Potter world that we know and love are all grown up and got kids of their own. The book There's a lot about this book that makes it stand out from it's seven predecessors. The most obvious one is that Harry isn't at school any more, and the other big one is in the writing itself: it's the script of the show. Those expecting a long epic novel will be very disappointed indeed. A lot of fans seemed to be alienated by the format, but I was able to take it in quite well, having been able to read the book in one sitting. I don't think this book would be appreciated by people who aren't into Harry Potter. Whilst the book captures a lot of the universe quite well, I think it can only be understood by fans. And there could be a couple of things that would come across as confusing. However, I think Harry Potter fans on the whole would enjoy this and would like to see how the characters are getting on. Plot and characters The book focuses on Harry's youngest son, Albus Potter and his struggles in life. He's struggling under the weight of the legacy of his father and the man he was named after. His relationship with his father is awkward and he isn't as ...
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