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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PlayStation) 26/05/2017

This brings back memories

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PlayStation) Introduction To celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter series, I decided to do some Harry Potter themed reviews to celebrate. I've been a fan of the series for the very long time, but noticed I haven't written any reviews about any of the Harry Potter products, mainly because I try to avoid products that already have lots of reviews, but this time, it's an exception. Price & Availability Being an old game for a console that is now out of production, the prices are fluctuating. And I can see this becoming a collector's item for retro gaming fans and Harry Potter fans. As of now Amazon is selling a copy between the enormous range of £3-£80 and that's excluding shipping. On eBay you can get it under a tenner easily with free shipping. Game Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone is a single player game for the PlayStation one based on the novel by J.K Rowling. Now this series is so famous that it has a Lego game dedicated to Harry Potter. I don't see the magic dying anytime soon. There's been a lot of Harry Potter games out there and this was one of the first ones I've ever played. I remember renting it at blockbusters and eventually owning my own copy. Sound One thing I've always remembered about this game is the sound and the soundtracks. The music is enchanting and suits the atmosphere of the world quite well. The sound effects are easy to remember because they and make an impact. The voice acting seems to fit the characters, the only thing I ...

Which sport do you practice most and why? 26/05/2017

Swimming, anyone?

Which sport do you practice most and why? Swimming and me It's no big secret that swimming is considered one of the greatest exercises you can do, but I've always considered it as one of my favourite sports. Well, I'm not really a sporty person, but I've always loved swimming. I've found it a nice way to relax and the best way for me to get rid of my stress. And while I am body conscious, it doesn't really bother me as everyone is in their swimsuits too and since we're underwater it's not that much of a bigger deal. P.E was one of my least favourite lessons at school, partly because we never had swimming in the curriculum, which was a great disappointment. I did like dancing, even though I was let down by two left feet. I enjoy swimming the most because of the lack of rules. Well, of course there are certain rules for the sake of health and safety. But what I mean is that you can move about in the water at your own pace and you can spend as long or as little as you want. The longest I've ever been in a swimming pool was over 3 hours in a camping site in the Isle of Wight. I've never been able to beat that record ever since but I aim to spend between an 30 minutes and an 90 minutes each time I go in. Swimming Membership I have a swimming membership at my local sports centre. I've had it for about three years now. It costs me £23 a month. If I didn't have the swimming card, it would cost be £4 each time. That covers 6 swimming sessions there. I can cancel it or upgrade it to a full gym membership for double ...

Puddinghams 20/05/2017

Nice place

Puddinghams About Puddinghams Puddinghams opened some time last year. My first impressions were that it was a big chain of pudding houses, so I was pretty surprised that Puddinghams only had the one restaurant in Banbury. As it's name suggests, it's a Dessert House catering for those with a sweet tooth. There was a bit of hype for this place as it's probably the only place in Banbury that focuses on only desserts. They didn't offer any savoury food when I was there but since my last visit they've extended their menu and added a brunch and breakfast menu. Location It's located at Calthrope Street in Banbury and is next to Iceland. There is plenty of parking available via the Iceland car park or the TK Maxx Car park on the other side of the road. Postcode: OX16 5EX It's not that hard to spot with the bright lights in the window. It's pretty close to the centre of Banbury and it's about a ten minute walk from the shopping centre and the public transport. They really make the most of what they've got and they've done it up pretty well. I could see this place fitting in well in the cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester where it would attract more people. But because it's not in a major city, I think it could also be a unique trait about the place as well. I've seen a lot of people on my Facebook feed check into the place and say how much they loved the place. I personally like the place as well, and wouldn't mind going again. Service I remember the first time I walked into ...

Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema? 13/05/2017

Cinema Vs. Home

Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema? In the blue corner Chilling on the sofa or the bed and watching your favourite movies. Home cinema has expanded quite a lot over the past thirty years with formats such as Blu-ray and DVD. Some people might still have the old VHS tapes, I know I have a couple. And then there's the steaming platforms like Netflix, Now-TV and Crunchyroll to name a few. And if you don't want to pay, there are some pirates who will try and stream the movie for free via YouTube In the red corner Kissing in the back row in the movies on a Saturday night? The old traditional movie theatres. Grab your drinks and popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show. Despite the new platforms available at the moment, I don't think that the cinema is going away anytime soon. With the success of movies such as Beauty & The Beast and the Beast, I think it will rekindle more people's love for the cinema. Round One: Price For the first round, I want to discuss pricing differences between watching movies at home and watching them at the cinema. There are so many places you purchase films to watch at home. Sometimes you don't even have to leave your home to watch the film. This means that the cost to watch a film at home can greatly fluctuate depending on how new the film is and the cost of the actual film you're watching. I've seen films in CeX and Cash Converts sell for as low as 50p. I have a Crunchyroll subscription and a now TV subscription And I only pay £4.99 each. As I don't watch as much TV as I used to, ...

Covered Market, Oxford 04/05/2017

A very good experience

Covered Market, Oxford About The Covered Market The Covered Market lies within the heart of Oxford City Centre. It is an indoor market that has made it's place in Oxfordshire History for showcasing local talent and independant stalls. The video on it's website claims over 50 shops do buisness in their premises. I knowit has a lot of shops, but I was gobsmacked when I saw this. I didnt expect there to be over 50 places. I actually counted them myself when I looked at the site and it is indeed acurate. The 55 shops includes little cafes and stalls. I never realised how many businesses there were packed together in one place. It's a nice indoor shopping place and something worth having a look round if you're in the Oxford Area. Interior I think the interior in this place is really beautiful. I love the traditional feel to it because in my opinion it really adds to the atmosphere. It also helps make the little shops stand out. With more than one way to get in and out, I felt that it was a bit of a maze at first but I did get used to it the more I visited. However sometimes I do get disapointed when I'm looking for a particular shop only to find that it's not there anymore. Market places seem to be dying, but it's so great to see this one still going. Such as the little sushi bar and the pet shop that used to be there. However, I think this is a really pretty looking place especially the shiny fish and the colourful fruit. Can't say that same about the fragrance from the fishmongers though. ...

Yo! Sushi, Manchester 28/04/2017

Yo! Sushi Piccadilly

Yo! Sushi, Manchester Clarification There's actually two Yo! Sushi restaurants that I know of in Manchester. One in Trafford Centre and the other in Manchester Piccadilly Station. To clear things up this review is for the Yo! Sushi in Manchester Piccadilly Station. Yo! Sushi As you could tell from the title, Yo! Sushi is a chain of Japanese restaurants that specialise in conveyer belt sushi. They have a big selection of food available as well as drinks. All dishes are small and have different colour plates. The colour plates match how much they will cost. You can have as much or as little as you like and the waiter will add all the plates up and that's your final bill. Something that I've never seen in other restaurants before is the button on your table. If you need something, weather you'd like to order a drink, pay a bill or something you can't find on the conveyor belt you can press the button and the staff will come. It's useful. Usually Yo!Sushi have taps on their table. For £1.10 you can help yourself to unlimited water or sparkling water. My table didn't have this but they had drinks on the conveyor like water and cold green tea. Prices Blue and green plates tend to be the cheapest. They're usually salady stuff and tiny sushi rolls. Grey and Yellow are the most expensive. The best day to come to a Yo!Sushi is monday where you can take advantage of their Blue Monday deal. It's very easy to spend a lot of money in this place. As of writing the current plate prices are as ...

Ibis London, Wembley 22/04/2017

Might Be Third Time Lucky

Ibis London, Wembley I've stayed at this hotel twice: December 2015 and April 2016. Depending if there's another act playing in Wembley that I would like to see I would consider making it the third time lucky. There are several hotels around Wembley but I chose Ibis as I've stayed in other Ibis hotels and had no issues with them. And also because it was the cheapest out of the others that were close by. I would easilly reccomend this hotel for those who travel to Wembley on the train like I do. Do keep in mind that there is no on-site parking availible, which would suck for people travelling to the hotel by car. However, the location is great for people that commute to Wembley on the train. As soon as you climb the stairs to the station and cross the bridge, the Ibis hotel is pretty much staring at you right in the face. Wembley Stadium, SSE Wembley Arena and London Designer Outlet. Ibis is a pretty big building and has a lot of stairs, but only one lift. If you're afraid of lifts or/and don't like climbing stairs then I reccomend that you suggest to staff at the lowest floor possible. I found the staff to be helpful and efficent. The first time I stayed at the hotel, I was with my friend who had a fear of lifts. Our room was on the top floor. So we took the stairs. I thought of it as a free workout. The next time I booked the hotel I asked to be put on the lowest floor availible and they put us on the first floor. I found my hotel room to be clean and tidy both times I stayed there. I ...

General: Japan 22/04/2017

My first steps into Japan

General: Japan Ever since I was little I always felt that Japan was my home. It was strange, I was born and bred in jolly old England. I always felt as if I was from another country. I liked my tea without milk and sugar and I preferred spontaneous meals and food as opposed to the traditional meals. I also loved green tea, Battle Royale, Sushi, Pokémon, Sailor Moon and other iconic manga/anime like Naruto and Digimon. What did they all have in common: They all originate or at least are associated with Japan! When I studied Japan in Geography I became interested in the country even more. I loved the sound of the cherry blossom trees and trains that actually came on time. I thought that Japan would be a perfect place to visit to. Two years ago in the summer of 2015, I finally got my opportunity to go. I went with a company called Inside Japan Tours on the Hyper Japan's J-Pop and Go tour. It really opened my eyes. Of course not every country was perfect and had it's own rules to live by but even that didn't stop me from the big culture shock. Japan is reported to have a very low crime rate, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. But I am pleased to say that throughout my two weeks in Japan that I always felt safe. Even when I lost, I was able to find my way back to the hotel. In my two weeks in Japan I discovered many shrines, shops and restaurants. We took full advantage of the public transport available to us. We went to so many places that I can't remember of the back of my head ...

Baby Metal (2015) - Baby Metal 21/04/2017

A Future Classic

Baby Metal (2015) - Baby Metal Even though my days of Dooyoo and Ciao are long over, my passion for writing and music never left. Dooyoo's decision to stop paying for reviews kinda caused me to stop writing reviews for a while, but I still liked writing other stuff and listening to music. I've started travelling more now. One of the places that I went to was Japan. Babymetal have been around in 2010. They were sub unit from an idol group called Sakura Gakuin (Cherry Blossom Academy) they graduated and Babymetal started fleshing out on thier own too feet later on. Whilst I don't understand how idol groups work, I've always found their blends of genres interesting. I've seen some bands try to cash in on Babymetal's blend of bubbly pop and heavy metal which is now known as Kawaii metal, but no other kawaii metal captures my imagination more than Babymetal. I saw them in Wembley last year and I enjoyed their performance. They really pulled off a magical show. Everything was spot on from the vocalists, dancing and the music itself. I will always have fond memories of this album because it takes me pack to my time in HMV in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. I bought this record in that store. I've always enjoyed a lot of shows, books and music that have originated from Japan but this was the album that made me want to study Japanese. I can only write basic sentences but I hope to be fluent one day. To put it bluntly this album is fantastic. It's full of catchy tunes that get stuck to your head. While some of the ...

The Ultimate Collection - Paul Simon 20/04/2015

A Pretty Sweet Collection

The Ultimate Collection - Paul Simon The Ultimate Collection shows the musical journey of Paul Simon and his extensive and wonderful career. He's not one of my favourites, but I won't deny that he's got a very good voice and very thought-provoking lyrics. I haven't been paying much attention to the charts lately, but when I heard this this album topped the official charts I was quite pleased for him. Nice to see some good music top the charts for once. It's a very fitting product of the week I think. Because it's a big album with 19 tracks, I won't do it track by track and I'll just highlight some of my favourite parts of the album overall. I like Simon & Garfunkel's music for their wonderful folk feel. I haven't delved much into Paul Simon's solo career so this album was an interesting experience for me. I also like how the album also includes Simon & Garfunkel work as well as some of his solo work. I find that really inviting. On the whole I think it's a very good CD with a really good value for money. The folk rock is beautiful and I think it''s some of my favourite music from my parents' generation. Very acoustic and really chilled back. There's no songs that I would describe as fillers and I really enjoyed discovering 'new' old songs as well as rediscovering the wonderful nostalgic hits I remember listening to when I was younger. The songs on here are really quite original. I like the feel of the songs and the emotion in them. And the tracks themselves are quite diverse. I think it's perfect for fans ...

Design Your Universe - Epica 18/04/2015

Thanks To The Person Who Tagged This As Evanescence

Design Your Universe - Epica This review has been sitting in my draft area for at least two years. I think it's about time I actually got my act together and finish what I started. Design Your Universe is Epica's fourth album. It was released in 2009 two years before getting into their music. I had heard some of their songs before when someone on youtube said they were new songs from Evanescence and they were in fact from Epica. Not sure how it happened, but Amy Lee from Evanescence and Simone Simmons from Epica sound nothing alike. Even though their lyrics are similar in some cases, it's very much like an apple and oranges comparison. Perhaps it was a weird fan trying to promote Epica's music. Either way, I ended up liking it enough to eventually download this album. If I could describe Epica's music as a whole I would describe it an epic saga of choirs, opera, growling and heavy metal. It's no surprise that their albums are considered solid examples of pure symphonic metal. Ever since it's release it's had very high praise. But because of albums like this set such high standards in their genre and female fronted bands, the fans can be really difficult to be around when they try to pit other female vocalists at each other's throats. Some take one flaw and blow it way out of proportion. And then there's the guys that won't stop staring at Simone's chest. She's very pretty, but we're here for the music, not the boobs. It's minor things but when it starts to get annoying it does put me off a little ...

Colours in the Dark - Tarja 17/04/2015

Very colourful

Colours in the Dark - Tarja Finnish sweetheart, Tarja has been winning the heart of millions in the rock/metal scene with her warm operatic timbre. She was introduced into the world as the original lead singer of Nightwish, one of the best bands from Finland. After being fired from her band she started up a successful solo career with a growing variety of classical music, rock and metal. She's been getting more involved in the song-writing progress with every album she released. I've always loved her voice. I think it's rich in character and very enchanting. I don't know anyone who sounds like her, but I can think of several who have been inspired by her. If you like her other albums, then I think you'll love this as well. I think she's getting better with every album, even though they are all amazing, atmospheric and beautiful in their own right. The opening track and lead single, Victim Of Ritual is a classic example of how metal and classical can work very well together. The music reminds me of Swan Lake with guitars thrown in. I like the lyrics and when I was listened to the song it made me feel the spirit of Klaus Nomi, a male singer who was capable of singing like a soprano. I could see him covering this song, but unfortunately he's been dead for 30 years. 500 letters has a much quicker pace and a more haunting appeal. I love the imagery to this song, but there's not really a lot to say about this track on it's own because I think the other tracks are a lot more stronger. Then we get to ... 17/06/2013

My Favourite Place To Shop Online I stumbled upon Etsy by accident when I was looking for plush toys and I ended up finding jewellry I liked. Etsy is a website dedicated to handmade and vintage items. These can include knitted, upcycled items and art. Etsy offers the chance for small buisnesses and creative entraprenurs to create stuff and sell their items. So as you can see the possibilities are endless. Because it's handmade, sellers can charge whatever they want for the item they want to sell. According to the site we can discover over 15 million unique handmade and vintage items from over 800,000 independent, creative businesses worldwide. You can choose to be either a buyer, a seller or both. But as I do not have a shop on Etsy, I will be reviewing this site just as a buyer. I have no plans to make a shop, but I do check the website every day for any items I fancy. Now that I'm at working, I can now just go out and buy the things I want. I have been a registered member of the site for two weeks, and whilst that may not seem like a long time, I feel like I've spent a long time on the site and I feel I know enough about the site to give it a justified review. Etsy is a very popular website and it's understandable too. You can find things that you won't be able to buy in a commercial supermarket. So Etsy is a lovely place to discover talented artists and gems. So far I have bought about a dozen items on Etsy; Four necklaces, a charm, three bracelets a set of knitted dolls, two rings and a set of depeche ...

Apple iPod classic MB147ZO/A 80 GB 6th Generation 22/03/2013

Sweet beginings with a tragic end

Apple iPod classic MB147ZO/A 80 GB 6th Generation I got this for Christmas many years ago when I was new to the world of iTunes. I was in secondary school at the time and everybody in class seemed to have an MP3 Player but the most popular MP3s out there was this iPod classic. Having an iPod was a fashion statement and Apple products are still popular to this day. You can store plenty of songs, videos and photos on this, possibly more than you can imagine. At one point I had over 10,000 songs on my iPod. I also have an iPod touch that I had for my 18th birthday and I think these are big improvement. I've owned my iPod classic for a long time and in it's prime time it's been amazing. Sadly it is no longer the case. My iTunes keeps saying it is corrupted and gives me an endless list of errors. It also makes my iTunes freeze and become unable to use. I've tried restoring the iPod and trying again but it's a vicious circle. So nowadays it's an 80GB iPod that only a fraction is being used up. It's just so much hassle trying to add and take away music from this device nowadays because of how faulty it's become. I've tried looking it up and pretty much tried as much. I have a feeling the hard-drive might have died on me. iTunes has given me no real issues with my iPod Touch so I feel certain there's a problem with the device. Since it's an older model it doesn't really get any support from Apple anymore. One of the best things about iPod Classic is it's huge storage of over 80GB. It gives you the opportunity to have control ...

Macalla - Clannad 21/03/2013

Irish Masterpiece

Macalla - Clannad Ciarán Ó Braonáin – bass, guitar, keyboards & vocals (Founding Member) Máire Ní Bhronáin aka Moya Brennan – vocals & harp (Founding Member) Pól Ó Braonáin – flute, guitar, percussion & vocals (Founding Member) Noel Ó Dúgáin – guitar & vocals (Founding Member) Pádraig Ó Dúgáin – guitar, mandolin & vocals (Founding Member) Bono – vocals (Guest Musician) Mel Collins – saxophone (Guest Musician) Danny Cummings – percussion (Guest Musician) James Delaney – keyboards & synthesizer (Guest Musician) Anto Drennan – guitar & electric guitar (Guest Musician) Paul Moran – drums (Guest Musician) Steve Nye – keyboards (Guest Musician) Since it was St. Patrick's day last Sunday, I thought that my next album review could be about an album from an Irish band. Last week there was a record fair and I had a look at some of the vinyls and I came across Macalla by Clannad. So there you go, this is my review for Clannad's album, Macalla. The album was originally released in 1985 by RCA and has since then had some rereleases and a remaster in 2003. This is the band's 9th album and their first album to give them international success. The band collaborated with several artists on this album, including Bono, the lead singer of the famous band U2. The title of the album is the Irish word for Echo, which I think is lovely because it is a good word to describe the atmosphere of the album. The song has a mixture of Irish folk music and some of it is in English and there's two songs that are ...
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