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Tofu Cute 22/09/2017

Cute By Name, Pink By Nature

Tofu Cute Information Address: Tofu Cute 128 Kingston Road Portsmouth PO2 7PD Telephone:02392653131/08454638638 Email: Website: About Tofu Cute Tofu Cute is a small independent business that specialises in products imported from Japan. I've only been to Portsmouth the once, but they are regular attendees at conventions around the UK and attend the Hyper Japan convention in London and every Comic Con I've been to, they've been there. They have an online store, but I haven't bought anything online yet, but having bought stuff from them several times, I think I'm pretty likely to in the future The majority of their online reviews are positive and I've always been happy with the stuff I've bought in their store, so I feel as if I would trust them if I chose to buy something online. I think it's a shame that it's far away from the harbour. It was a bit of a walk, if it hadn't had been for google maps and my love for Japanese products, then I wouldn't have bothered. But at least I get to see them at the conventions. And when I went to the store, I felt as if I had been there before because they're very popular in the conventions: always crowded. Unlike Tokyo Toys that focuses on anime/manga stuff, Tofu Cute has a wider range of plushies, stationery and snacks. As far as I know, all their stuff are genuine and there are no bootlegs. Their Stuff Their stock mainly consists of items imported from Japan. It varies from drinks, snacks, ... 18/09/2017

Cave Of Wonders For Pokemon Fans Information Site: Twitter: @pokevault Introduction Pokemon has been one of those franchises that have stood the test of time and grown over the years. What once started as a humble Gameboy game series has been adapted to more games, various movies, TV series, books and CDs. There's a lot of pokemon stuff out there, but it's not until you venture further into the Japanese market do you realise how much merchandise there really is for the series. Nintendo and Gamefreak have created over 800 pokemon - that's a lot of pokemon to make special merchandise for. "Where can I get stuff with (insert pokemon's name here) from?" One might ask. "Try eBay or Amazon," another might respond with. "Try Pokevault," the collector suggests. There are some buyers and collectors that avoid eBay and Amazon to try and avoid accidentally buying counterfeit items. Both the official pokemon company and legit vendors have lost out on sales online because of the influx of counterfeit items, forcing them to put the prices up on the good stuff. Most sellers tend to use Facebook groups and social media to sell their stuff now, but some take it one step further and set up their own site. About Pokevault Brian Grabow was one of those people. He founded Pokevault in 2010 and has continued to spread the word against counterfeit items ever since. His guide on avoiding bootlegs is a very useful guide and it one often relied on by other consumers. Pokevault is an independent company and ...

Long Live the Queen (PC) 16/09/2017

Guide The Princess Elodie On Her Road To Coronation

Long Live the Queen (PC) Introduction I think this is one of those games that you have to try before you buy. This game was a gift to me from my friend who bought it me from Steam. It's currently available to download for £6.99 on Steam, £7.89 on and £9.18 on Hanako Games' own website. So Steam is the best place to buy it, not only is it cheaper but the Steam App itself gives you access to its community section and there are many concise guides out there which I've found useful in the past. About Long Live The Queen My first impression of this game was that it was going to be a very typical Japanese visual novel with plenty of drama, romance and Disney essence in it. The game looks sweet, fluffy and pleasant. Everything about this game based on how it looks would make anyone think that this game was from Japan. Nah: this game is British as fuck! The owner of Hanako Games, Georgina Bensley is a British game designer with a passion for geeky things. Hanako Games have done several games in the past, but Long Live The Queen is by far their most well-known and popular work. I first came across the game through Steam, and I watched the trailer and my initial impressions of the game soon fell flat. I thought the trailer was really good, it tells you everything that you need know about the game and shows both the light and dark elements into this game. The plot whilst simple is really well executed and you can explore many directions. The idea is to help Princess Elodie live to see her ...

What is the best memory of your 2017 holidays? 15/09/2017

Holiday Highlights 2017

What is the best memory of your 2017 holidays? In terms of travelling, 2017 has been an okay year for me. My main big holiday this year was the four-day trip around Europe in July. I stayed at the Ibis hotel near Amsterdam Central Station and travelled around using the trains and buses and also by foot. In those few days, I was in five different countries. The UK, of course, since I live there. I might not have been in France very long, but the train did stop at Paris, Calais, and Lille. I changed trains at Brussels and got to make as most of my short stay in Belgium as I could by exploring the shops, and mainly stayed in the Netherlands, but got to see Germany for the day. Being asked what was hands down my best holiday memory of 2017 is a tricky one, as there's quite a lot to choose from. One thing I can say for sure is that the cannabis ice cream isn't one of them. Other than that, I think the Europe Trip was one of the best holidays that I've had. It was great to meet up with my friend and try out some of the hidden scenery you don't see from regular touristy stuff. I've had some other short trips around the UK, which have mainly been in the big cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, and London. I'm planning on going to Bristol at some point. I've also attended several conventions and met up with some friends which were a lot of fun too. Bizarre Auctions Anime League considers their cons to be the party cons for anime and gaming fans. What it basically means is that people go to their cons to get ... 13/09/2017

Making Audiobooks Audiobook Creation Exchange ACX is short for Audiobook Creation Exchange.It's owned by who in turn own It is a platform to create audiobooks. It aims to cater to everyone; from self-published authors, publishers, and literary agents. Basically, if you have the rights to a book and you want to create an audiobook, then this site will help you out. According to their site, only a handful of books published ever get made into an audiobook, and they want to change that. Lots and lots of books get published every day on Amazon Kindle, but I don't know how many people actually use ACX. I don't think it's quite that well known yet, but I think it will be in the future. Navigation I dabbled in self-publishing and got some poetry books out. I can't remember how I found this website, I think it was by pure chance. I already had an Amazon account and books on Amazon, so I didn't need to sign up and I could already pick the books I wanted as an audiobook from the menu. I found the site really easy to navigate. The site wants to put you in power and I think it really does do this. You can choose what kind of voice you want for your voice, the style and then you pick which one you want from all the auditions you get. So far, I've got one audio book out and it took about a month to get it processed. But that was a poetry book with less than 5000 words. A fully fledged novel would probably take a lot more time. All audiobooks have to be approved by you and ...

What is your Summer Drink? 08/09/2017

Drinking In Summer

What is your Summer Drink? Alcohol I only drink alcohol on very special occasions. What would I consider a special occasion? Well, I only drink on two very important occasions: when it's my birthday, and when it isn't. I like drinks of all kinds: alcoholic or non-alcoholic, tea and coffee and I'm even happy with just plain water. I was at a convention in Manchester and I tried all sorts of cocktails, drinks and shots of drinks that I never tried before, I also ended up getting drunk. I was assuring people that I was alright as I only had 10 shots, forgetting about the bottle of Dissarano, a glass of wine, countless cans and half the cocktail jug. If I had to pick just one alcoholic drink, then I would go with Baileys, and I would settle for the Aldi imitations as well. There have been occasions where I drank a whole bottle of Baileys to myself. Apparently, I am entertaining and funny when I'm drunk. Maybe that implies that I'm dry and boring when I'm sober. Tea & Coffee I love teas and coffees. I like trying a variety of teas and coffees. I like my coffee black and my tea green with no milk or sugar in either. At work, I'm known as Miss Green Tea for how much green tea I can consume on my shift. On one shift I drank 10 cups of green tea. On one night shift, I survived on 10 cups of black coffee. I'm also very fond of Earl Grey, chamomile, lattes, frappuccinos and the Taiwan bubble teas. The bubble teas are sort of like puddings in themselves depending on what toppings you get. If I had to ...

Zushi, Banbury 07/09/2017

Zushi Sushi

Zushi, Banbury Resturant Information 12 Parson's Street Banbury Oxfordshire OX16 5LW Number: 01295 278890 Email: Site: About The Resturant Zushi has been around for about two years now and was very popular when it first opened. It's the first Japanese restaurant in Banbury and remains the only Japanese restaurant in Banbury. It's still pretty popular now, especially at the weekend and lunch times. It's open for lunch from 12 PM till 3 PM, then reopens for evening services from 5:30 PM till 10 PM. On Saturday and Friday, they're open for an extra hour and they're closed on Mondays, most likely because most sushi restaurants in Japan close on Monday. They're heavily praised for their sushi dishes, which I can strongly agree with. The restaurant is extremely busy during the evenings and weekends. It's best to book in advance if you've got a big group. It's had a lot of reviews online, with the majority of them being overwhelmingly positive. Why I Chose To Go Before the place opened, I had to venture out to the cities if I wanted to dine at a Japanese Resturant. I know they have sushi in the supermarkets, but it's not the same experience. Sushi is one of my favourite dishes and I'm also fond of Katsu Curry and ramen. I consider myself to be a regular customer of the restaurant. I go there at least twice a month. The last few times I visited was last week with a friend from work and yesterday with my family. I love Japanese food, and ... 22/08/2017

Getting Vocal About Vocal.Media I found out about this site through a facebook ad and decided to give it a try. Vocal.Media is pretty much a newly established site by Jerrick Media. It was set up in 2015, whilst that was two years ago, time seems to be going so fast that it only felt like yesterday when we celebrated the new decade. Its popularity has been on the steady rise since its inception. Its main Facebook page currently has over ten thousand likes. I've only seen one full review of this site and that was on and it confirmed its legitimacy. The site describes itself as a platform people can create and share content and get monetized for it. It contains thousands of articles written by people all over the world. The site is split into eighteen different communities and they are planning to make some more. I've been a member of the site for a couple of months now, and I've enjoyed the experience so far. What You Can Write About? You can write about pretty much anything! They have their own section for drugs and their own section for erotic stuff correctly named filthy. They also accept product reviews and fiction. All articles and stories have to be approved by staff before they can be published on their website. They say this can take anything between 1-3 days, but in my experience, it's only been a couple of hours and they send you a notification of whether your work has been approved or not. There aren't many requirements. Here are the main the ...

Tokyo Toys 21/08/2017

Tokyo Toys From Taiwan

Tokyo Toys Shop's Information Adress: 31 Corporation St Birmingham B2 4LS Opening times:10am–6pm Phone: 01212937292 Site: About The Shop Tokyo Toys have a huge presence in the Anime community in the UK. They first opened in London and became extremely popular ever since, becoming sponsors for MCM Comic Con and voted best anime retailer in 2009 by Neo Magazine. Their Birmingham branch opened in 2015 and they've recently celebrated their 2nd birthday. They're considered the number one manga shop in the UK. Comments and reviews about the shop are mainly positive. There are some negative points raised as well which I will go into detail in. But despite the negative aspects, many people still flock to the shop daily. Every time I go in there, it's always crowded. Their lovable mascot is Coco the monkey. You'll often see him dressed up or sitting on the till. Reminiscent of a lot of Japanese companies who use cute mascots to sell their products. Their London store is now closed, but they're planning on re-opening in London soon. They also have a branch in Glasgow and they have pop-up stores in many of the top conventions in the UK. Why I Go I'm a big fan of anime and manga and I also love shopping in Birmingham, so it's pretty much a perfect match. I like going in and looking at what they've got. I've attended a couple of geek meet events organised by people that I know and the first stop is normally this place. Products They're famous for their wide ...

Caffe Chino, Birmingham 19/08/2017

Authentic Chinese Cafe Experiance In Birmingham

Caffe Chino, Birmingham Café's Information Unit B107 Arcadian Centre 70 Hurst Street Birmingham B5 4TD Opening times: 10:00-21:00 Number: 01216221144 Site: About The Café After my review on one of the Ibis hotels in Birmingham, I decided to go back to the city and do some shopping. I have visited the Arcadian Centre several times now, but have never visited Caffé Chino before. That is until recently where I decided to have a rest before the train ride home. Caffé Chino is a café hidden in the Arcadian Centre in the Chinese Quarter in Birmingham. It's actually quite easy to find if you go through the entrance near the Ibis hotel. It's less than a ten-minute walk from the train station and not far from the Bullring. It's a green building with a pink crest, I thought it stood out a lot. If you come to Caffé Chino, expect to find teas, coffees, Taiwan bubble tea drinks and cakes and pastries. They also do puddings and snacks and they have a section where you can buy special imported stuff from Asian supermarkets. So it's actually a mixed bag. The decor in the room very feminine and regal. I can see the Victorian influence with the chandeliers but also a modern mix with the use of neon green, pink and white as it's theme. It reminds me of something I would expect to see in an Asian bakery. Why I Chose To Go I've walked past the place several times and never been in it before. I had a gut feeling that it would be a nice place as I have tried bubble tea before though ...

Ibis Birmingham City Centre, Birmingham 08/08/2017

Convenient Hotel

Ibis Birmingham City Centre, Birmingham Hotel's Information 21 LADYWELL WALK ARCADIAN CENTRE B5 4ST - BIRMINGHAM Telephone:0121/6199000 Email: H1459@ACCOR.COM About The Hotel Ibis has a plethora of hotels around the world. I've always had pleasant stays in them so far and felt the service is very good. I've stayed in quite a couple of Ibis hotels around the world, but this is the one in the UK that I've visited the most. It is situated in Ladywell Walk located in Birmingham's Chinatown. With the colourful Chinese architecture around the area, the building's plainness makes it easy to spot. If you're looking for this hotel, it's good to know that it's also known as Ibis Birmingham New Street Station since being of walking distance within the station. I personally don't see the point of having more than one name though. Birmingham City Centre makes more sense to be as it's not really adjacent to the station. Why This Hotel? The first time I went to the hotel I chose the hotel because I had stayed in Ibis hotels before and found them reliable. I chose to stay there for the night after seeing Seal in concert. The second time was because I was going to an event that was due to take place in The Holiday Inn across the road. I chose the Ibis hotel as cheaper accommodation was offered at Ibis. Again, I have stayed in Ibis hotels before and Holiday Inn not so much. So chose the one I had the most experience with and trusted the most. I'm sure Holiday Inn is quite nice though. It's actually been a while since I last ...

Wylerbergmeer, Beek 02/08/2017

Gelderland's Best Kept Secret

Wylerbergmeer, Beek Information Address Alde Weteringweg 6573 Ubbergen Netherlands Opening hours: 7am–10pm Phone: +31630119344 Contact Email: Website: (In dutch) Wylerbergmeer Miles away from the sparkling red light district and the weed scented alleyways of Amsterdam, there's a lake that lays between the borders of The Netherlands and Germany. If you move around enough near that area, you can say that you've been to two countries in one day. Wylerbergmeer is located in the small village of Beek located in the municipality of Berg en Dal. On google, it will come up as a park in Beek-Ubbergen. It's a very quiet and rural area and is a lovely village in itself with the lovely architecture of the houses and the gardens. It's kinda hard to get some information about the place that is in English as the main site for Wylerbergmeer is in dutch and the English Wikipedia pages are very brief and don't give you any idea that the place is like. Luckily there are some comments of the park on google maps and the majority of them, in my opinion, are reliable. There's only one negative rating, but they didn't leave any comments. Some reviews mentioned that the place isn't always clean, but when I went there I found the place to be very clean. There are public toilets, but I missed them during my visit. But there is a map that has information in both Dutch and English which shows you where the toilets are. I visited the park in the middle ...

Dordrecht, The Netherlands 28/07/2017

Lovely City By The Waters

Dordrecht, The Netherlands Introduction In my trip to the Netherlands this year, Dordrecht was one of the many lovely places I went to for the day. It's an old city with a strong economy located in the south of Holland and is a place that not many people outside of The Netherlands have heard of very much, but it's easy to find lots of information about the area with a simple google search. It's technically an island, but because of the strong transport links and because it's not very isolated, it doesn't feel like an island. I think it's a shame that not many people know about the place, and I think it looks like a lovely place to live. Prices I got a ticket to travel on the buses for about 13 euros. Not only did it include all the local bus routes, but it also covered the boat trip as well. That's because across the waters is Sliedrecht, and a lot of the locals use the bus to commute to work. I thought 13 euros was really good value especially in some places where it's from 16 euros just for one boat ride. I had a look around the shops as well and I thought the prices were decent. Managed to get quite a lot of souvenirs of Holland without breaking the bank. The restaurant prices varied, but I did have a nice salad at one of the local restaurants which I thought was nice and was good value for money. From Amsterdam Centraal Station to Dordrecht, a return was about 30 euros and then it's an extra couple of euros for the quick service when you change trains at Rotterdam. It takes about an hour to ...

Utrecht (Netherlands) 27/07/2017

Utrecth & Me

Utrecht (Netherlands) Utrecht This is a gorgeous city resting in the middle of The Netherlands. It takes pride in its canals and boats. It's one of the biggest cities in The Netherlands and also one of the oldest. Like Amsterdam, it is very easy to rent a bike or hop on a boat. It also boasts a string of great bars, shops and restaurants and many of them rest upon the canals. Luckily, many of these places don't hold the hefty price tag of the country's capital city. I've been to the city twice. One last year when I spent a whole day there and this year but wasn't there for as long. It's one of my favourite cities in Europe because of its nice shops and lovely scenery. Utrecht sort of reminds me of a mix between Birmingham and Burton-On-The-Water. I think of Birmingham because when I leave Birmingham Moor Street Station, it's right next to the Bullring Shopping Centre and I can start shopping straight away. It's the same feeling I get with Utrecht. Utrecht Central Station is close to Hoog Catharijne, one of the biggest indoor shopping centres in the city. And Burton-On-The-Water because it's tranquillity. It's an odd mixture, but Utrecht has a lot of charming characteristics that I like about the place. Prices Comparing hotel prices in Amsterdam and comparing hotel prices in Utrecht, it's clear that the hotels in Utrecht are a lot cheaper. I'll use Ibis as an example. Ibis Utrecht was listed as £69 whilst one of the Ibis in Amsterdam is listed as £133 a night. If you stay there for more than a ...

Amsterdam (Netherlands) 24/07/2017

The Weird, The Beauful, And The Coffee Shops.

Amsterdam (Netherlands) Amsterdam When I first said I was going to visit Amsterdam, many people thought I going there purely to get stoned. I did try the stone cakes and cannabis ice cream, but I think they're a waste of money. Not only did they not taste very nice, but they also didn't make me high. Maybe there wasn't enough to get me high or maybe I'm just that crazy that they have no effect on me. Drugs aside, I mainly went to Amsterdam to meet up with a friend who lives in Eindhoven. Another thing that Amsterdam is famous for is its lively red-light district. It's the perfect place for a stag do. Needless to say, there's a lot more to Amsterdam than hookers and weed. But Amsterdam is what you make of it. One very good thing about Amsterdam is that a lot of people have good English. And being bordered by Germany and Belguim, also have a good grasp of French and German. So it's quite easy to do things like ask for directions and order things at a restaurant. It's got some good shops, restaurants and travel links. Some of the museums are also really interesting. The Anne Frank Museum is a breathtaking experience along with the Van Gogh, Diamond and Sex Museum. There are lots of canals and tram lines so it's easy to catch a boat or a tram around the city. I think Amsterdam has something for everyone. Even if you don't go into the attractions, even a simple walk around the city streets was enough to stimulate the mind. There's plenty of nice gothic architecture to enjoy. Prices On the whole, ...
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